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No amount of bombing in Syria will make a dent in threat from ISIS

To The Daily Sun,

ISIS is a threat to the Western way of life. This is not because they will cause some attacks, but because they will panic us into over reacting to a perceived, but exaggerated threat.

The PBS video of them training Afghan children to be ISIS terrorists is terrifying. It is scary to me because I cannot see what will stop them from spreading around the Muslim world. ISIS will find an easy foothold in any Muslim population that is poor and uneducated.

Obama has been criticized for not doing more in Syria. He is thinking out how to deal with ISIS. No amount of bombing them in Syria, or conventional military action will make a dent. The most effective way to keep them from the U.S. is keeping our Constitution intact, and continuing the effective intelligence effort that we now deploy. We will locate the few who want to do damage to us put them out of business. All the Western countries will need to do the same.

Everyone should watch this scary documentary by an extremely lucky, talented reporter.


Kent Warner
Center Harbor

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Owner of shopping center has shown he cannot be trusted

To The Daily Sun,

I've been following the discussion about what to do about the tree on Union Avenue that appears to be blocking the sight of drivers to get out of a parking lot. I have two suggestions and think either one would make a win-win situation.

1. Require the owner of the mall to provide traffic coordinators to direct traffic. (No cost to Laconia).

2. Mount mirrors to assist drivers in checking traffic conditions. (Owner should pay to get these installed and maintained)

I believe the owner of Dunkin' Donuts has shown he can't be trusted to take care of historical buildings and landmarks, and he should not be given free rein with the care of the tree. But he must be expected to pay to care for the tree, get the tarmac removed around the tree so it can breathe and grow as needed, and provide a solution that doesn't cost the city of Laconia more money.

Deborah Sekou

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