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Professor & student political views have become indistinguishable

To The Daily Sun,

If your "elitism meter" is reading low, don't fret, you can always fill your tank absorbing professor Scott Cracraft's Daily Sun column. It is abundantly clear after years of reading the writing of professors Leo Sandy and Scott Cracraft, elitism, and arrogance are the two primary character traits taught at all colleges and universities. Students are being trained by Scott and his peers to be "CRY BABIES" needing to be sheltered on campus in a "safe place" from opposing thought on every contentious issue. Divergent ideas on campus are as welcome as Hillary Clinton is at an honesty convention. Every opposing thought on campus becomes an excuse for a traumatizing, meltdown simply because the speaker might hold an opposing view. Many of the most renowned, successful people on earth working in business, science and politics are being "disinvited" to speak on college campuses because their thinking is highly unpopular with far left, professor ELITES ( like Leo and Scott) who hold "the academy" by its short hairs.
Student protests are always joined by faculty in solidarity because student views and professor views are indistinguishable. Lunatic, liberal professors JACK HAMMER far left RELIGION into students no different than a SUNDAY SCHOOL teacher does to their impressionable audience. Professors like Scott have anointed themselves the only "truth tellers" able to discern fact from fiction, truth from lies and HONEST IGNORANCE from intentional. Ask Scott to produce his BS-detecting Geiger counter truth machine, he will run, screaming for a "safe space," assailing his intellectual superiority is being challenged. This is the height of ELITISM as STINKING and ROTTEN as it gets. The students brain-washed mind becomes a miniature Scott Cracraft mind, hog tied and hot branded with all the same stifling, smothering, biases to opposing logic he demonstrates (and Leo Before him), including the great, granddaddy of them all both men's intense, contempt and aversion to capitalism. When others demand to be the FINAL ARBITER on any issue Scotts mind goes beserk.
Don't suggest to me, Scott, that your higher-ed degree provides foolproof, superman-like powers. If you do you will surely be laughed out of town on the ELITIST EXPRESS. Come on Scott, I challenge you to debate the most important issues of our times right here in The Daily Sun. We can indeed discuss those death panels, the ongoing disaster Obamacare is to taxpayers. We can debate climate predictions backed with tens of thousands of EDUCATED GUESSES that underlie every model. We can debate the snail's pace economy that Obama has produced. We can debate our deplorable tax system in need of desperate reform that is driving our best corporations to leave. We can debate every far-left, liberal backed, bankrupt, busted, trillion dollar, boondoggle program government runs. We can debate why it is with all your intelligence you have yet to figure out how to control the cost of a college education while ruining the finances of millions of main street families in the process. We can debate income and economic inequality that Obama has driven to new heights during the last 7 years. We can even discuss the 20 million people Democrats have vaporized from the middle class following Obama's HIGHER ED, PhD thinking that mirrors your own. You lack the COURAGE to discuss the UNINTENDED, negative consequences of every position you hold. Time for you to run for a "safe place". If you DON'T, it will be a great learning experience for students. We can start with those pesky death panels.
Tony Boutin

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According to advocates, there could be 60 possible gender IDs

To The Daily Sun,

Our Constitution was designed to prevent the concentration and abuse of power. We are witnessing unprecedented overreach by the federal government. For example: North Carolina is under sustained attack over its bathroom policy. The Department of Justice (DoJ) has threatened up to $4.5 billion in federal education funding under the 1972 Title IX law, and a change in employment relations if the DOJ prevails under the 1964 Title VII law.

The Civil Rights Division at the DOJ knows that when Congress banned discrimination "on the basis of sex" in 1964 and 1972, it did not mean "gender identity." It is disrespectful of the rule of law for DOJ to hold otherwise. DOJ has threatened North Carolina because they wrote into law what most people consider simple common sense; biological men should not be given unfettered access to public bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms set aside for the needs, safety, and privacy of biological women.

Laws from the 1960s and 70s designed mostly to protect girls and women from sexism and harassment at work and in schools are now being used by the DOJ to coerce school districts to grant boys the right to undress in the girls' locker room (and vice versa), in the name of psychological comfort and acceptance.

When the president said he still has a pen and a phone this is apparently what he meant. He is using government power to coerce everyone, including children, into pledging allegiance to a radical gender ideology he deems a higher priority than their right to privacy, safety, and religious freedom.

The North Carolina law allows accommodation of people who identify as transgender, arguably less than 1 percent of the population, with single-occupancy facilities in government facilities. People who identify as transgender will have more options than those who don't. But the DOJ has rejected this reasonable approach, insisting on nothing less than total victory.

The definition of gender identity is "fluid" at this point, so the rules we are supposed to live by are constantly moving. Under proposed rules from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), sex would mean not just male or female, but also neither, both, or a combination of male and female. According to the advocates of this application of federal power, there are 60 possible gender identities.

Additionally, female victims of sexual abuse have a reasonable expectation that their voices should be heard, too. Whatever one thinks about gender identity, safety, and modesty, it is not the DOJ's role to make up the law on this issue or any other simply because it thinks it is lacking. That's why we have legislatures in every state and a big one in the District of Columbia.

Marc Abear


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