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Now it's liberals who are all aflutter about aggressive Russians

To The Daily Sun,

Oh dear, I must owe a big apology to Alan Vervaeke because he seems to think I'm not concerned about my daughters and granddaughters or the rest of the kids, either. Sorry Alan, but I am, which is why I do speak out against the politically correct group-think he espouses. Again I'm sorry, Alan, that I have no college degrees to my name. I'm not an elite professor who knows so much more then we poor plebes incapable of understanding the greater picture. I'm sorry I'm limited to the 74 years of life experiences and history I've seen for my opinions.

On the other hand I do note one or two revisionists elements from your condemnation letter regarding my opinions. First, President Reagan spent eight years fixing the chaos President Carter created and revived the national economy, our military's ability to defend this nation and drove the USSR into oblivion without firing a shot. (A situation that progressive liberals have managed to breath new life into). Now liberals are all aflutter about the reconstituted and again aggressive Russians.

Blaming the economic collapse you neglect to mention that the Democrat-controlled Congress was warned repeatedly that the housing bubble they created couldn't last. But again, progressives new best, "Fanny May and Freddie Max were too big to fail," after all. But fail they did and so those who created the problem (progressives) scurried out from under responsibility by blaming President Bush, who had sent letters to Congress warning them of the danger. I know you didn't mean to omit those tidbits so I put them out there for you.w

About me hating things: what things are those Alan? Well, okay, there are a few, like Nazi's, pedophiles, terrorists, gangsters, thieves, rapists, bullies, communists/fascist mobs of thugs attacking free speech, so what? Why don't you, and if you do why don't you speak out against them instead of attacking those of us who do? Oh that's right, it isn't politically correct. So much for critical thinking!

Steve Earle


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Don't forget Freedom ride and POW/MIA Vigil on Thursday evening

To The Daily Sun,

Thursday is the annual POW/MIA Vigil and Freedom Ride.

Those who want to participate should line up at 5:30 p.m. at Lowe's parking lot in Gilford for the 10-mile ride to Meredith for the 24th year for the ride and 29th year for the Thursday evening awareness vigils.

If you have a son, daughter, wife, husband, mother, father, then this is your issue — an American issue because these troops belong to all of us, not just to veterans or bikers.

When one American life is not worth the effort, then we as Americans have lost.

Numbers make the difference. If you care, be there,

Bob Jones

  • Written by Mike Mortensen
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