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Hats off to Quick Laundry for their support of Hands Across the Table

To The Daily Sun,

Hands Across the Table is blessed to receive both volunteer and financial support from our generous community.

One business in particular, Quik Laundry & Cleaners, helps us every week making sure all of our aprons and towels are clean, folded and ready for timely pickup. We celebrate Rob and Wendy Richter for their ongoing support and wonderful contribution to HATT. They do this quietly, not looking for attention, but we feel they should be publicly acknowledged.

Board of Directors

Hands Across the Table


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Please help Year-Round Library by voting for Articles 4 & 21

To The Daily Sun,

Since its inception six years ago, the Gilmanton Year-Round Library has been living year-to-year with its annual funding campaign. Five of those years, the town has voted to provide some of the funding necessary to keep the Library open with services and programs enjoyed by thousands of townspeople.

We are now pursuing a longer-term approach to funding and program planning. As a result, we have presented two warrant articles for town approval. The first is a three-year request to not only ensure continued level funding and operation but also to allow for strategic multiyear planning and eligibility for grants that require the show of town support.

The second warrant article is a one-year request as we have made in all previous years. This will ensure operation for this year. Both articles have been discussed with and are supported by our Board of Selectmen and the town Budget Committee.

Why have we submitted two articles this year? The three-year request will secure the continuity of funding for multiple years. But if that article fails, we need the one-year article to continue operations for 2016. Of course if the three-year article passes, the one year article will be voided.

We need your support at both the Deliberative Session on Saturday, Jan. 30, at the school (please be there at 10 a.m. as our first warrant article, #4, will be discussed early) and at the town vote on Tuesday, March 8. The library will provide child care during the Deliberative Session again this year.

Please come and comment and vote in favor of both warrant Article 4, the three-year request needing a three-fifths majority vote, and the backup warrant Article 21 needing a simple majority for 2016 only funding.

Thank you in advance for your support of your community resource.

Mike Krebs

For the GYRL Board

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