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It's obvious that Forrester doesn't want to be a governor for all

To The Daily Sun,

Not only did Paula Trombi's April 5 letter to the editor hit the nail on the head regarding Senator Forrester's vote on Medicaid expansion, there are even more ways to study the senator's position on this issue and how it affects this state.
Senator Forrester argued strenuously that the work requirement component of the Medicaid expansion bill should remain in place so recipients have some "skin in the game" when it comes to receiving health insurance. But the whole point of Medicaid expansion is to extend health insurance to individuals who do not receive it through their workplace, who cannot afford what is offered there or who do not work enough hours to qualify.
The federal government, which currently provides 100 percent funding for our Medicaid expansion, has yet to approve a work requirement for Medicaid and is widely expected to strike it from our program proposal. What Sen. Forrester wanted to include in N.H.'s law was a provision to ensure that, should the federal government not permit the work component, our Medicaid expansion program would end, period.
How does this position square with Senator Forrester's commitment, in her announcement remarks, to "stand with the people 100 percent of the time"? It seems she is just standing with those constituents of hers who have, as she has explained, "expressed frustration that people are receiving health insurance without having to work," not those nearly 50,000 individuals benefiting from Medicaid expansion's health insurance benefits.
Additionally, Sen. Forrester has emphasized her understanding of the opioid crisis in N.H., vowing that she knows well the "seriousness of addiction." But voting against Medicaid expansion and supporting a curtailment of the program if the work requirement is disallowed means ending opioid abuse benefits for 6000 Granite Staters currently using them to get back to a healthy, productive life.
So from whatever angle you look at it, Paula Trombi is definitely right: Senator Forrester wants to be governor for some, not all, of the people!
Kate Miller

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Follow this course and band won't be part of Lacoina anymore

To The Daily Sun,

I'm an 8th grader at Laconia Middle School who is writing to you about the school district's budget. This budget should be changed so that everything can stay in place. The way Laconia is running its schools right now is great for students who want to go to college for music because we offer those programs for the people who want it.

Having the School Board cut elementary band infuriated me and something should be said. When the high school band comes to play at the schools, it gives something for the students to look forward to — joining the band. But they can't do this because there is no band and when they get to middle school they will try it but won't like it because they didn't learn the fundamentals of the music or the instrument. Now, after doing the math, in six year the middle school band won't be as good as it has been and the high school band won't either. Then, eventually, not enough kids will want to join band because it's not going to be fun, because they are going to be too busy learning even how to play. Moving band to after school won't do anything because the Project Extra teachers won't devote to it and they will have it like once a week where that isn't enough time to get anything accomplished.

Eventually, the band will not even be a part of Laconia anymore.

Nathan Pavavlo



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