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Dismantling all things Obma alot more difficult than some think

To The Daily Sun,

Tony Boutin, known for his fairy tale ideas on economics and education, claimed last week that he never makes predictions unless he is sure. Boutin then promised, "the Obama legacy is going to get skinned alive in the next year." That's a tall order.

Three GOP Senators (Collins, Cotton, Corker) say they will not support the repeal of Obamacare without an immediate replacement. Senator Rand Paul is now trashing the GOP budget — that includes the repeal, warning the fiscal hawks of the U.S. House that it will increase the national debt by $9.7 trillion. Paul will not support the Senate budget, saying: "Is that really what we campaigned on? Is that really what the Republican Party represents?" He also wants to debate Obamacare on its own.

The GOP is staring down the barrel of the political costs of ripping the health care coverage from over 20 million vulnerable Americans. Senators John McCain and Lamar Alexander are now expressing concerns about repeal without replacement. The leader of the Freedom Caucus in the House has said they will not support repeal without an immediate replacement. Conservatives have had eight years to present a health care alternative and they have offered nothing but stupid ideas like block grants and medical savings plans. The replacement has to be better than Obamacare and that is not within their capabilities.

Will Trumpfenfuhrer shred the protections of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act? Not likely. What is likely to happen is that there will be some bipartisan tinkering and loosening of regulations to help the smaller banks.

The Paris agreement? We now install more energy capacity each year with renewables than with fossil fuels. The country is on board with climate science and clean energy. It's now a part of our DNA. Solar installations increased 2,000 percent under Obama. Twitter isn't going to change the technological trends with his science denying ignorance.

The Iran nuclear deal? Top scientists around the world are strongly urging Trumpenfuhrer to keep it. General Mattis is likely to advise him to leave it alone. Reuters reports Bob Corker, Senate Foreign Relations Committee chair, said that abrupt rejection of the Iran nuclear deal by the incoming Trump administration could create a "crisis" and is unlikely. "Instead, we will begin to radically enforce it."

Will LGBTQ folks serving openly in the military be reversed? Nope. What about marriage equality being reversed? Never. Abortion? SCOTUS ruled against TRAP Laws 5-3. Another right-wing justice won't matter presently. No anti-abortion judge will be seated at the court unless the SCOTUS filibuster is eliminated. Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and PFAW have already filed a wave of lawsuits since the election.

How about that beautiful wall paid for by Mexico? Nope. It's just going to be the same old fences and we will pay "bigly" for it. Like prosecuting Hillary, he just said that for "show." And the swamp, Russ Wiles? He said it for "show." It's being drained straight into his cabinet, which tickles me because it fulfills my predictions about the tangerine fascist being a lying conman and no friend of the working class. Will he reverse the good standing Obama brought us in the Free World after the Bush catastrophes? He already has, suckers.

James Veverka

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Carroll County can't afford to be under represented in Concord

To The Daily Sun,

Carroll County in its entirety has only 15 representatives in our state Legislature, the same number as Manchester. These elected officials are our voices in our 400-person Legislature. Much of the work of these elected officials is done during the first three months of the year. The county budget will be determined by the end of March.

In Concord these delegation members work on committees. They will attempt to have their committee work and the state budget completed before the assembly adjourns for summer.

A recently elected Wolfeboro representative, one of our 15 voices has resigned his position. To replace this member requires a special election. The process and procedure are clearly written in the New Hampshire laws. The Board of Selectmen has determined a special election is an expense the budget cannot bear. The result is our democracy is being undermined.

Rural New Hampshire needs all the voices of our elected officials in Ossipee and Concord. Wolfeboro is entitled, based on population, to two representatives. The county government needs to have 15 delegation members. I urge the (Wolfeboro) Board of Selectmen to reconsider the decision to delay an election.

Susan Wiley


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