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I refuse to be taken in by the doom & gloom crowd of N.H. politics

To The Daily Sun,

I am running for the state House to represent Carroll County District 4 (Moultonborough, Sandwich and Tuftonboro). It is important when considering candidate choices, especially local candidates, to know who they are, where they stand on issues and where they differ. Local offices after all can have the greatest impact on our day to day lives.

I have been an elected official in Moultonborough for nearly five years, two years on the Planning Board and currently serve as a selectman. I am a respiratory care practitioner still practicing here in New Hampshire. More details on my background can be found on my website: PaulPunturieri.Com.

We have a lot of work to do in New Hampshire, but I refuse to be taken in by the doom-and-gloom crowd who always see the glass as half empty and rarely celebrate any of the positive accomplishments we see in our great state. That is because their priorities have more to do with political ideology rather than representing the people that elected them to serve.

First and foremost, I will always put the needs of citizens and constituents ahead of political ideology. I know that we must and can do better. My one and only agenda will be the citizens I was elected to represent.

Living here in the Lakes region, our lakes are our lifeblood. I fully support efforts to protect them and keep them clean and beautiful for generations to come.

Continuing to focus on the positive, New Hampshire has a very low rate of unemployment, but employers are having a great deal of trouble finding skilled workers. We need to invest in our citizens and provide opportunities and incentives so that they can receive the education and training they need to fill those vacant jobs.

Working closely and collaboratively with the county as a member of the delegation, I will work to resolve issues and end the disharmony and acrimony. That won't happen without a changing of the guard. Some members of our current delegation have lost sight of the basic fact that they work for the citizens and taxpayers of Carroll County. In 2016 our three District 4 towns will pay 34 percent of the county property tax levy. A good incentive to work together.

I believe in our public schools and will not support efforts to defund, dilute or divert funds from them. We need to continue to invest in improving our public education system, not spending your tax dollars finding an alternative.

The defunding of the Carroll County farm, led by Rep. Cordelli, was wrong. I support a responsible plan for the future of that 153-year-old facility and one that will allow it to continue to be owned by the citizens of Carroll County. Defunding the operation of the farm before a plan for the future was even thought of is very poor leadership. Carroll County deserves better.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I hope you will consider voting for me on Nov. 8 so that we can keep New Hampshire moving forward.

Paul Punturieri

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A small number of corporations control our energy-delivery chain

To The Daily Sun,

When you flip the switch to turn on the lights, what kind of energy is being used to produce that electricity? Depending on where you live and what energy sources are available, that electricity could be produced by a coal-burning plant or a fracked-gas power plant. Maybe industrial scale wind turbines, hydro-electric dams, or an industrial solar project. Most likely, a combination of more than one energy source is producing that electricity.

More and more we are seeing a handful of corporations decide for us what kind of energy is available to us, at what price, and with little regard for the local environmental, economic, or human health impacts. This is unsustainable. Unsustainable energy projects are justified by government and industry claims about "jobs" and "energy independence," or "green" and "renewable" being clean and cheap. Many of these claims are exaggerated or flat-out untrue.

Regardless of the energy source, when a small number of corporations control what, where, and how that energy is extracted, produced, and distributed, the effects can be devastating to real people and the natural environments they depend upon for survival. Industry decides energy prices, which communities will host their projects, and the method of extracting, producing, and transporting that energy — often against the express wishes of the community.

Federal and state energy policies restrict local energy freedom and sustainability. Communities are routinely refused the choice to create a sustainable energy future. Local governments are prohibited from exercising any authority to decide their own energy policies or to reject unsustainable policies set by others. Corporations and governments have become local energy decision-makers while denying the right of people and communities to make governing decisions about their energy sources and costs.

Sustainable energy is produced from truly renewable fuel sources; used to decrease energy produced from non-renewable energy sources; governed and controlled by democratic community decision-making over the development, production and use of that energy; and the production and use of which does not interfere with the rights of nature, communities and ecosystems. Sustainable energy development can be achieved only when the people affected by energy governing decisions are the ones who make them.

Communities have organized from New Hampshire to Pennsylvania, and from Colorado to Oregon, to draft Community Bills of Rights laws that prohibit unsustainable energy development. These Bills of Rights go a step beyond prohibitions, to establish the right of communities to a sustainable energy future and the rights of nature.

Local communities and the New Hampshire Community Rights Network (NHCRN) are partnering with Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) to advance fundamental democratic, environmental, and social justice rights throughout the state.

Michelle Sanborn
CELDF N.H. Community Organizer
NHCRN Coordinator


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