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Hillary will fit right with Meredith's legacy of good government

To The Daily Sun,

New Hampshire has such a unique culture of civic engagement. We expect a lot of ourselves, and it is always so gratifying when we find that right combination of intellect, dedication and service that we are not just willing to support that person but want to share the good news with our community. It is precisely for that reason that I am writing in support of Hillary Seeger for Meredith selectman.

Meredith has really had it "good" over the past 20 years or so. We have been fortunate to have educated, committed and dedicated town governance, and Hillary will fit right in with that legacy. Hillary is fiscally conservative, but also knows the value of when to make good investments in our town to maintain our core businesses as well as attract a new generation of entrepreneurs.

I've had the opportunity to see Hillary's commitment to our community first-hand and I can assure you that she will be accessible for a wide spectrum of viewpoints before making a good decision based on the facts and what she sees as the right path for our community's continued good health.

We all have a part to play in our collective future. Each of us should do a bit of research (Check out Hillary Seeger for Meredith Selectman on facebook, it looks like she is doing the job already.) and then participate in our future by casting a vote for selectman. I hope that you will join Maren and I in supporting Hillary Seeger so that we can keep Meredith heading in the direction of strength and prosperity.

Christopher Boothby

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Mike Cryans is someone who can fill Ray Burton's shoes

To The Daily Sun,

Please vote for Mike Cryans to replace the late Ray Burton on the Executive Council. He will continue Ray's advocacy of the North Country and work to bring jobs, investment and help to our area.

Mike served on the Grafton County Commission for 18 years, and is well versed in the politics of the area. We need someone who will continue working to strengthen the middle class and bring investment to New Hampshire's economy. Mike has been endorsed by Ray's brother and sisters and will be someone who can fill Ray's shoes.

Vote for Mike on March 11.

Virginia Heard


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I'm confident Joe Kenney will carry on tradition of Ray Burton

To The Daily Sun,

All New Hampshire residents seem to agree that Councilor Ray Burton was one of the most dedicated public servants we have had in this state. It is clear that he was totally dedicated to serving his constituents and made himself available to any and all calls.

Numerous letters and articles have been written supporting both Mike Cryans and Joe Kenney, the candidates running to replace Councilor Burton. From what I read they both seem like strong and qualified candidates. The big difference I see aside from qualifications is the potential dedication.

Kenney has declared he will be a full-time councilor with no other obligations to maintain. Cryans has a full-time job that I believe he has said he will maintain.

It's clear to me that Ray Burton could not have performed with dedication had he been responsible for other employment. As a result I feel Joe Kenney is the candidate I will vote for and am confident he will carry on the tradition and dedication that Ray Burton provided for us for so many years.

Harry Blinn


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Vote for Ashland ordinance on large wind energy systems

To The Daily Sun,

On Election Day (Tuesday, March 11), the Ashland Planning Board urges the voters of Ashland to approve an Ordinance for Large Wind Energy Systems by voting "yes" on Question 2 on the Zoning Ordinance Ballot. Like other land-use ordinances, this one will help to guide future development so that the results are beneficial to the town, its residents, property owners and taxpayers.

If the strict standards and procedures incorporated in this ordinance are adopted, town officials will have the authority to enforce requirements regarding height, set-back from property lines, noise and adverse environmental impacts.

With large wind-energy projects, the state's Site Evaluation Committee has jurisdiction over the approval process and may consider the impact upon the state, but not necessarily the impact upon the local community. It has already proved prudent for some towns in New Hampshire to have a large-scale wind-energy ordinance in place prior to the arrival of a developer with plans that may not be in the best interests of the town or its residents.

New Hampshire's energy policy has yet to be established by the Legislature, and consequently the state's standards for wind farms are weak and poorly defined. By approving Question 2 on the Zoning Ordinance Ballot, Ashland's voters will have a voice if or when a wind farm is proposed in our town.

Ashland Planning Board

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If we aren't vigilant, milfoil will eventually take over the lake

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing in support of Article 15 of the Moultonborough Town Warrant for 2014, pertaining to milfoil.

The milfoil problem in Salmon Meadow and Ash Coves was not addressed until 1991 and the first allowed treatment with Diquat did not take place until June 1997 at a total cost of $10,324 with Krainewood Shores Association paying $5,412, and the state of New Hampshire paying $4,912.

The association was allowed by the state to treat the coves every two years in the month of June with Diquat for the years 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, and in 2007 used 24D. The total cost to Krainewood for all these treatments was $25,808.

The only treatment in those years was confined to chemical treatments and no divers were used. The only result that I could see was that the association was spending a lot of money with very little success.

Since the town took over the responsibility for the milfoil problem I have seen a drastic change in the coves because of the additional use of the divers. I used to be able to go around the coves in a canoe or kayak and easily spot tons of milfoil, and thought that we would never get this problem under control. The last two years I have had a difficult time spotting areas where the milfoil is thriving. I know that we will probably never get rid of it, but the current process has made great strides in controlling the problem.

If we do not keep up the vigilance on controlling the milfoil it will eventually take over the lake, and property values will plunge which would affect everyone in Moultonborough and surrounding communities.

I would like to thank the Milfoil Committee for their tireless work in addressing this issue and I strongly urge every Moultonborough resident to vote "yes" on Article 15 at the Town Meeting on March 15.

Joe Keegan


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