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CNN Democratic debate was a breath of much-needed fresh air

To The Daily Sun,
I was privileged to be able to watch the entire CNN Democratic Debate the other night. I was intrigued and not in the least surprised that those candidates actually debated the current issues. It was truly a much needed breath of fresh air during this very lengthy political season. After watching the Republicans debate it was like going from the squabbling kids' table to the adults' table.
We've been over-exposed to the GOP/Tea Party candidates for months now, to where it's become truly mind-numbing and repetitious. Sadly, we haven't learned much in the way of concrete policy from the GOP/Tea Party since they and their sugar daddies have started spending their millions on their campaigns.

No doubt those on the right will try to spin last week's debate in a very negative light. Most people will be able to see through their usual smokescreen. Each one of the GOP/Tea Party ad buys, interviews and debates continue to convince us of something very basic. What might that be? It's that their shallow remarks, hollow promises, showboating, chest-thumping and misstatements (sometimes outright lies) show us why those GOP/Tea party candidates will only see the inside of the White House if they're invited to dinner.

Bravo to the Democratic candidates who debated. It was one of the most informative, intelligent, astute, discerning, insightful and perceptive debates that we've seen in some years. Many issues were covered. Actual, relevant issues connected to what matters to Americans. What a refreshing change from all of the misleading yada yada yada from the GOP/Tea Party candidates.

The CNN Democratic Debates held my interest for three hours. Thanks to the moderators, and thanks to those people who were able to ask questions via Facebook. That added a much needed expanded dynamic to the debate.

Bernadette Loesch


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Spruce Ridge Wind project will benefit few at expense to many

To The Daily Sun,

EDP Renewables is on track to build its $140 million Spruce Ridge Wind Power Plant. It's no surprise. What is a surprise is that New Hampshire legislators aren't listening to the public's frustration.

Remember the day when government used the phrase "spend our tax dollars"? Today that phrase has changed to "invest our tax dollars". So, if the word "spend" is allowed to be replaced with the word "invest" — shouldn't New Hampshire officials be more clear with us? Because the word invest indicates profit and comes with clear terms and conditions.

I've been frustrated, like many others, over the past four years of seeing and hearing nothing more than legal jargon. I call that lip service. I want New Hampshire officials to start listening and speaking to residents directly. It's your job.

New Hampshire residents aren't opposed to progress, innovation or energy efficiency. We're typically the early adopters in this field. Yet, we're opposed to these particular wind projects because it does not bring one single benefit to our community or the people in it. In a sense New Hampshire residents will pay for a big portion off this — in more ways than one — for a few people to benefit from it in southern states. Remember, New Hampshire's a net exporter of electricity and has been for decades. We don't need the electricity.

Does public interest matter anymore? Or is Grafton County destined to become a conduit for sending power to other places? Because if that's the case — maybe Grafton County should be exempt from paying view taxes.

Don't forget that thousands of Grafton County residents have officially voted against wind development in their communities. Don't forget your true concerns (i.e.: watersheds, economics, decommissioning funds, wildlife, transmission lines, deforestation, redirected water, property view taxes, electrical rate increases, etc). Don't forget about how we've been clearly communicating to our elected officials for help. And don't forget that New Hampshire officials have seen the transactions surrounding the Groton Wind Farm fiasco.

In New Hampshire we cherish our natural landscape and the economy it supports. And we must defend ourselves from those who would sacrifice our values for their own profit. Because building dozens more 500-foot-tall wind turbines on our ridge lines is nothing more than politics working against us ... plain and simple.

Keep asking questions, demand answers and pound the table if you don't get them.

Ray Cunningham

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