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Post Office can't seem to make a simple decision for weeks

To The Daily Sun,

I have to chuckle when some citizens want the government to take over and run more programs, for the betterment of us citizens.

The reason it's a crazy idea is that the federal government can't run a single program efficiently now.

My elderly neighbors have had a post office box at the Plymouth Post Office for 40 years. Now that they are 100 and 95 years of age, they wanted to have the mail delivered to their home, to save them the daily hassle of a difficult travel to the post office. It is an established rural delivery route, the mailman drives past their house each and every delivery day.
Four of five weeks ago they had their maintenance helper install a mail box at their residence, and they filed the paperwork to cancel the P.O. box, and have their mail home delivered.
Now, four weeks later, the 100-year-old resident had died, and the 95-year-old lady still is waiting for the federal bureaucracy to "approve" the change.
Weeks and weeks have gone by, just to make a simple decision for the personnel in the Plymouth Post Office to put their mail in the deliveryman's route, instead of their post office box.

And I thought it was crazy enough, when I learned that for five-plus years now, the mail deposited into the "local mail" slot in the Post Office, still has to travel down to Manchester to be "sorted," then returned to the Plymouth Post Office, just to be hand-placed into the P.O. box slot ... that is less than 10 feet away from the original mail slot where the envelope was initially deposited. Instead of "same day" local delivery, it now took one or two days. "Snail mail" indeed.

Citizens, we need to reign in government expansion and privatize many, many functions, because the standard operating procedures of federal government is too inefficient. Wake up America.

Gene Ronikier

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Would like to read informative article about lt. governors in N.H.

To The Daily Sun,

I think it would be informative and very neat to publish an article about New Hampshire's lieutenant governors. I believe every state has one and I see no need to include in my letter specific things about which I'd love the learn. I'm sure their duties are public information but I never hear about them.

As long as the article writer is informative and knowledgeable, that's fine with me.

Bill Carberry


(Editor's note: New Hampshire is one of five of the United States that do not have a lieutenant governor. The others are Arizona, Maine, Oregon and Wyoming. In our state, the president of the New Hampshire Senate serves as the chief executive in the absence of the governor.)

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