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Lakes Region Community College wanted me to teach for $8 per hour

To The Daily Sun,

"Quality costs, but quality wastes,
So I'm giving up all of my expensive tastes."
— Low Budget by The Kinks

The New Hampshire Community College System pursues a policy of laying off full-time faculty and replacing them with low paid adjuncts and six figure administrators.

Laid off from my reasonably paid job as a professor at Lakes Region Community College in August, I recently applied for an adjunct teaching position in the same system. To do a good job of a class new to me takes me about three hours of preparation, for each hour I spend in the classroom. With repetition that can drop to two hours per hour in class.

I was all excited by the prospects of teaching again until I did the math, just over $8 an hour. My daughter makes more than that cleaning up poop for the local veterinarian. It is clear how much the system values its biggest asset, teachers.

Two hours prep per hour teaching and not counting commute time or gas, raised that to a whopping $12.50 an hour. That's top of the scale folks. Luckily I could afford to say no. I'm sure they'll get someone to teach the class, but what quality/experience education will that pay attract?

The Community College System bills itself as a less-expensive equivalent to the first two years of college. Buyer beware! If you're a student, interested in quality education, look elsewhere. What kind of commitment and quality do you expect for eight bucks an hour?

Wes Golomb

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They sneaked in back door & stabbed Gilmanton people in the back

To The Daily Sun,

In a letter published on Dec. 15 from Gilmanton Selectman Don Guarino, he makes reference to the Gilmanton Year-Round Library's (GYRL) recent efforts to lock up funding from the town ... as deceptive. I would like to add to that. There are in fact, many shades of deception, Mr. Guarino. I shall not list them all. Some however, are much more severe than others.

In the case of the GYRL, with the help of Selectmen Jean and Hatch, after years of convincing contributors, volunteers and the town that the private GYRL would be funded by a raised endowment, and not taxes ... they've done this. After raising so much money from so many, whose only reason for giving was that it would not be a burden to the town, they've done this. After downplaying and destroying the very document, that for years was used to solicit all their monies which clearly stated they would raise that endowment, they've done this. After stating that the endowment was only a goal and ignoring the fact that that goal became a promise when the first cent was raised from anyone who faithfully believed that document to be sincere and honest,  they've done this. After manipulating their faithful by convincing them that those who opposed town funding were simply ignorant and misguided malcontents, thereby tearing this town in half, they've done this.

And what exactly did they do? What they have done, is that they have deliberately sneaked in the back door, as quietly as possible, and stabbed a good portion of the people of Gilmanton in the back. What a legacy to bear. A legacy that ignores that it's not what you do in life that matters, but how you do it. And it's not what you build in life that matters, but how you build it.

No, Mr. Guarino, in my opinion what the GYRL has done this time around, goes far beyond deception. It is something much, much worse. Thank you so much for bringing it to our attention.

Al Blake


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