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Teacher contract will cost Gilford taxpayers at least $1.7 million

To The Daily Sun,

In the wee hours of Friday morning I read an article in The Sun about the proposed Gilford School District's collective bargaining agreement. Superintendent Kirk Beitler was quoted as saying, "The amount to be raised by property taxes to cover the collective bargaining agreement in year 2018-2019 is actually less than what we would be needing to raise in the 2017-2018 school year, and it goes down each year."

Now, I know Mr. Beitler is an educated man so he must know that this statement is patently false, which means he is intentionally telling the public something that he knows is not true. Must of us would refer to this as lying, not a good thing to do when you are overpaid public servant.

Here's the facts regarding the proposed union contract that the superintendent and School Board is desperately trying to hide from the taxpayers.

Here is the breakdown:

Year        est. Increase    Total raised to cover CBA
17-18     $296,819          $296,819
18-19     $268,198          $565,017
19 -20    $245,392          $810,409
TOTAL COST OF THE CBA — $1,672,245

Note: These numbers based on the unrealistic assumption that the cost of health insurance will never increase. With a known 14.4 percent increase in just the first year it can safely be assumed that the total cost of this contract will easily exceed $2 million and then become the baseline used to build the next round of increases from.

This is by far the largest CBA since the inception of SAU 73 in 1998 and this rate of increase is simply not sustainable with our current tax base.

The good news is that the Gilford Budget Committee voted to not recommend this contract and the voters will have the opportunity to vote it down in March.

It would be nice if at least one party negotiating these contracts actually represented the taxpayer. Unfortunately the two School Board members who participated in the negotiations have no mercy on the taxpayers and one actually has an offspring who is subject to the contract. Can you say conflict of interest?

Kevin Leandro

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Time to cleanse compuses of ne'er-do-wells & enforce the law

To The Daily Sun,

When I came across this quote I thought of a conversation I had years ago with a former Hitler Brown Shirt: "In dictatorships one has to howl with the wolves...and in democracies one has to bleat with the sheep." — Hermann Funke. This quote may be applicable to the sheep today and symbolic to the wolves.

This former Hitler Brown Shirt left me this advice: "A man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument."

Living under the Hitler regime as a young boy gave him a perspective not understood by those who are repeating similar modes as young men in our college campuses today. He spent the rest of his life warning others of the signs of a totalitarian state that he had seen emerging.

Hitler knew that he had to target the children in order to build his Reich. When he came to power he passed a law requiring that all 10-year-olds must join the Hitler youth. Ring a bell? Indoctrination classes filled the day. Soon these young men and women were marching up and down the streets attacking Jews and destroying their property.

If you did not join the Nazi party you would lose your job. Many refused and lost their job. Are we there yet?

In 1938 the Jews were taken from their homes and placed in "working (concentration) camps. The media was controlled by the Nazi party who covered up the horrible crimes perpetrated upon the Jews.

The people became uninformed and looked the other way until General Dwight Eisenhower marched citizens from nearby towns to the camps. They were horrified and many cried. Hitler had mesmerized the susceptible ones. Others lived in fear.

Those who survived those days see similar signs today. No! Not Donald Trump. But our college campuses that are filled with hate and using tactics that mimic the Nazis. If colleges would seek out those who survived those terrible years they would hear the truth. Case in point: A few years back a woman who survived the Russian Gulag was scheduled to speak of her experiences to Saint Anselm College. Well! The students raised such a ruckus that it was canceled. Revolutionaries who wear Che Guevara T-shirts might have had a better chance.

In April 1983, the National Commission on Excellence in Education said in a report in "A Nation at Risk," "If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance that exists today, we might well have viewed it as an act of war. As it stands, we have allowed it to happen to ourselves." Have we improved? Being 25th in the world for math, science and history is not impressive. Perhaps we need to distance ourselves from feel-good courses and engage in productive endeavors that teaches ways to be an asset in a civilized society. Berkeley has not changed since I lived in California in the 1960s.

Have we allowed our campuses to become unsafe for the academically inclined and permitted indoctrinators to distort the young minds of those seeking an education? Our young people need marketable skills. Burning buildings and cars has no place in a civilized world. No! It is not free speech, it is terrorism.

The last eight years has been rampant with lawlessness. It is time to start enforcing the law and cleanse the campuses of ne'er-do-wells. Bring back classes that stimulate the mind in constructive ways. We have seen enough of destructive delinquents and their mentors who coach them and fill their mind with socialist drivel.

How do they affect our society? Here is one example. In 1977 there was a riot at Columbia University. A building was taken over by force, it was reported that guns were involved. Demands were made and the university gave in. No charges were filed. One perpetrator eventually grew up and became an attorney general. When rioters burned and created mayhem in several cities he did nothing but attack the police.

"'Tis education forms the common mind just as the twig is bent the tree's inclined." — Alexander Pope

It is apparent that the tree has been poisoned and much of the fruit fed our youth is not worthy of consumption.

Gene F. Danforth


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