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Year-Round Library thanks voters for support of partial town funding

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of the Gilmanton Year-Round Library Association Board of Directors, I wish to sincerely thank the community for supporting our request for partial town funding. We are grateful that we will be able to move forward with plans for the coming year. Our librarians are excited to continue providing excellent programs for children, teens, and adults. We encourage you to take advantage of all the GYRL has to offer.

The board is also strongly committed to continuing our fundraising efforts. We have plans under way for our annual Mother's Day Hanging Basket Sale and the Summer Sizzle Event. Several other events are being scheduled for the coming months. Our events committee meets throughout the year to help bring in additional funding to the library. We are always seeking new ideas.

Our board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the GYRL. There is an opportunity for public input at the beginning of each meeting and we encourage everyone to come and join us. We welcome your input at those meetings or by contacting any of the GYRLA Board members. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions for our programming.

We would also like to extend our thanks to the town officials and employees as well as community members who did such an outstanding job on a very challenging Election Day. We are grateful to those who made the effort to get to the polls that day. Despite differing political opinions, the most important concern that day was for the safety of all in the community. That spirit of community is appreciated most of all.

Chris Schlegel

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According to Ms. Kelly, I should look in my closet & dress my age

To The Daily Sun,

To Marie Kelly, whose letter was published on March 31:

I own two very nice black leather jackets and I am almost 50. Hillary also had on black slacks and a floral top. The way you make it out to be, she was wearing some kind of bondage outfit. Are you a fashion editor? If so, please tell me what I should be wearing for the Spring of 2017. At my age I would hate to look foolish, you know.

As for her hiding under a rock, that's fake news. And this "dress tough" belief is just silly. Hillary's outfit is not your dislike — it is her you dislike. I thought she looked nice. At least her pants were not held on with Scotch tape.

As for the "grandmother" and "baking cookies" comment — that was sexist. And how is it you define "growing old?" Should I lose my Nikes and get black orthopedic sneakers? Should get some large cotton bloomers for myself? Should I stop wearing my leggings and beautiful long sweaters and sassy high heeled boots? Should I get a long bathing suit this summer with a skirt and cone padded top? Should I stop coloring my hair and get a perm? Should I no longer wear my fun earrings and jewelry? I guess I will have to look at my closet today and act my age according to you.

No, instead I think I will go get dressed in my nice fitted jeans, sassy top, do my hair, put on some make up, and go make some spicy hot Mexican food for dinner! Any old robe wearing grandmother can make cookies — right?

Denise C. Burke


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