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Democrats advocacy for poor people has been a miserable failure

To The Daily Sun,

As one reflects back on the endless political disputes in this paper, like the minimum wage, one has to ask is the first aim of Democrats to really help poor, or is it just politics 24/7? I suggest, it is only politics.

I keep asking people if the ideas of Democrats worked, why is inequality flourishing after seven years of Obama and 70 years after FDR.? I get silence. I can assure you Bernadette Loesch, Dave Pollak, James Veverka, Scott Cracraft and Henry Osmer still believe the suffering of the poor is a Republican inspired "Bush conspiracy". One has to ask these people, "Is it you can't think, or you simply refuse to?"

As history looks back, it is the programs of Democrats, almost unilaterally, over the decades that promised to deliver the poor and improve equality. Is it not? Maybe those I mentioned can inform us why poverty still haunts America today, and inequality flourishes while strangulating, entitlements of every kind they dreamed up are in place, and the the cost of government to fund those promises has exploded over the past 70 years with zero results, except slowing the economy. Every CEO in America would be fired within six months with results like Democrats produce. Boards of directors don't accept today's failure as the fault of the CEO eight years ago. Directors are not as gullible as the voting public looking to get its slippery fingers, but pure hearts on others money.

Democrats owe you and I an explanation why their promises failed the poor. Democrats have run government as often, if not more often than Republicans. It is Democrats who purport to be the saviors and protectors of the less fortunate. Now Hillary is on screen every 30 seconds promising to save the middle class. Hillary, the slick-talking, double-dealing, easily bought, billionaire-backed, multimillionaire is a laughing stock. America sees through her. This election Democrats think they can throw the poor under the bus again and still get their vote. I ask you, why would any person with an IQ above 1 believe Hillary is going to save the middle class, given how poorly Democrats have done saving the poor over the past 70 years. Tell me who is impressed with that? Maybe the people I mentioned can tell us in detail.

There is no advocacy as failed for any group as badly as Democrats have failed the poor. No group of poor have been failed more politically than blacks. Yet blacks are still voting for them by 90 percent. Why? Almost 100 percent dependence on government to eat. Democrats have appealed to blacks, not by the their heads, but by the stomachs. Why would Democrats ever really save blacks? Keeping them hungry and dependent keeps them voting Democratic. Every dollar increase in a person's wealth increases the likelihood that person will vote Republican. That is well known. Why would Democrats ever save the poor knowing that.?

It is also why racism can't die politically. Without 90 percent black votes Democrats become shaky politically. If even 50 percent of blacks vote Republican in 2016 Democrats are in deep trouble. Racism Has to live for Democrats to win.

A young black male is 100 times more likely to die from a young black peer, than any cop black or white. But all Democrats want to talk about is police racism, not the disintegration of the black family unit, which is the heart of the problem. It is all politics 24/7 with Democrats. If you need to be bused — that means put under it — you will be.

Tony Boutin

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Establishment has gained too much from illegal immigration

To The Daily Sun,
We often hear demands to do things "for the children." When we hear of children being shot, stricter gun control laws are demanded. It's said "to save even one child's life" it's worth further limiting the freedoms of the American people, even with new laws that wouldn't have saved a single life.
But the politicians and media are selective in their concerns "for the children". If an American, who isn't a known criminal or gang member, shoots a child, even if current laws should have prevented the gun sale, then they demand restricting the rights of all Americans who use guns legally and responsibly.

But the politicians and media don't seem to care about the more normal situation when illegal aliens (or known criminals or gang members) kill children or other Americans. The number of illegal aliens alone incarcerated for homicide is surprisingly high, about 25,000 according to a 2011 GAO report (compare to 16,000 annual homicides).

Just enforcing our current immigration laws, requiring changes in policy but no additional funding, could significantly reduce the killings, rapes, kidnappings, robberies, brutalization, and other crimes against Americans, including children, without reducing the freedoms of law-abiding citizens.
Democrat and Republican establishment politicians apparently gain too much from illegal immigration to stop it, no matter how many American children and adults suffer. It's time to drive those politicians from office and replace them with people who will stop illegal immigration and save many thousands of Americans from harm.
Don Ewing

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