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I'm glad Mr. Veverka isn't beheading those he considers 'infidels'

To The Daily Sun,

There are many religions in this world: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hindu, Buddhism, Wicca, atheism. Yes, atheism is as much a religion as all those other faiths. Some of the world's people are very devout in their faith, others less so, and some don't think of it as a really big deal.

In my own experience, intelligent people accept that not everybody thinks alike, and are tolerant of those who follow a different faith. As long as people treat other individuals decently, what does it matter which God they choose to follow?

However, fanatics of every stripe, whether it be Islam, Christianity or atheism are unwilling to tolerate beliefs that do not agree with their own. Their obsession about their faith clouds their ability to think clearly as they relentlessly pursue their efforts to convert others to their own way of thinking.

Your frequent (letter writer) Mr. James Verveka is apparently a fanatical atheist who seems to spend much of his life trying to prove that religion, especially Christianity, is nonsense. (He doesn't seem to devote as much effort to disproving Islam, Judaism, etc. That is certainly food for thought. But I digress.) According to Mr Verveka, anyone who considers him- or herself a Christian is either a moron or at best misinformed.

Mr. Verveka, we get it. You are a devout atheist and won't rest until every person on earth subscribes to your religion. I am just thankful you are not setting off bombs or beheading those whom you consider "infidels." (If you don't get the analogy, think about it a while.)

Religion is very personal, such as someone's personal sexuality or their dietary preferences. You may disagree, but please spare us your fanatical and obsessive internet references to try and make us feel like idiots. We can find that information for ourselves if we choose to do so.

D. M. Williamson

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Thanks to businesses for supporting Salvation Army mini-kettle drive

To The Daily Sun,

The annual Salvation Army Turkey Plunge will take place on Halloween, Oct. 31, this year. Leading up to the actual Plunge, however, we have been asking for donations all summer long by setting up our mini-red kettle displays at area businesses. We asked five merchants to do this in late spring and all five immediately joined this outreach program. Hopefully you've seen the mini-kettles when visiting these community-oriented business people throughout the summer season.

We, at the Salvation Army, want to pause and express our sincere gratitude to the businesses and people listed below for allowing us to have a display at their place of business. Next time you patronize one of the following, please tell them you appreciate their support of our local Salvation Army.

The participating businesses are: Beans & Greens Farmstand, Martina and Andy Howe; Meredith Station Convenience Store, Rusty McLear and Pat Wade; Ellacoya General Store, Steve Buzzota and Nikki Brandt; TBones/Cactus Jack's Restaurants, Jay Bolduc; Kellerhaus, the Dutton Family.

We join Tommy Turkey in saying a most sincere thank you.

Captain Scott McNeil

Captain Nora McNeil

Commanding Officers

Laconia Salvation Army

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