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Don't knockdown addicts, ask them what you can do to help

To The Daily Sun,

I am a lifetime Lakes Region citizen, born in the Laconia and raised in Meredith. I am writting this letter in response to the mayor's letter comments in the N.Y. Times and I'd like to start by saying, first off, Mr. Mayor, there are more middle and upper class drug addicts then we are made aware of. Would you like to know what they are called? They are called closet addicts. Why might we call them that? It's a label they give themselves, thinking they are better than the underclass addicts, solely for the one reason that they think they have a reputation to uphold. Well, open your damn eyes y'all because we all know now all you're doing is making yourselves look pretty stupid.

We have classes on bullying, NA, AA and Alanon but why not one on how not to judge or label a addict? People need to understand that one of the most crucial things you can do to a addict trying for recovery is judge or throw the past in their face. You at that point are bullying or beating a soul of a human being who has already beat themselves down till they possibly can't be beat no more — at this point they again are back to feeling lonely, have no self worth, wondering why even bother, I'll never be good enough again.

As I myself, I am recovering and have dealt with addiction throughout a wide range of my family members. I've had three years of college in addiction speciality and know first-hand the worse thing anyone can do especially when that addict is reaching, begging for help is hear or have their family or higher-class members of this screwed-up society we live in today start pointing fingers, shutting doors in faces or judging the addicts.

Y'all wanna know what we can do as a whole nation to cut back overdose rates and fatalities? Well. I'll tell you first thought that comes to my mind is pull together like we are one nation under God, and not this segregated nation that we ourselves, as screwed-up human beings, have made it. Instead of individuals knocking addicts down verbally, ask them what you can do to help. Sometimes its as simple as going to sit at a meeting with them or even on the park bench to just be a ear for them to talk to. Just because we are addicts doesn't mean we are bad or monsters. Yes, it may start as a choice with some but I promise you it becomes a horrible demon of a disease to take you over.

So everyone who isn't or doesn't have addiction, please remember God made each one of us to be the same. Unfortunately some of us lack the chemicals that other don't that keep them from becoming an addict. We are supposed to stand together as one and fight no matter what.

Samantha Merr 


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I received nearly 40% of all the votes cast, regardless of party

To The Daily Sun,

Dear voters of Grafton County, District 9:

I would like to extend personal thanks to my extensive support network and all the voters in Ashland, Alexandria, Bridgewater, Bristol and Grafton who supported my candidacy to send a conservative voice to Concord. I am ready to make the commitment to be the full-time representative of all the people in
the district. I am ready to bring to bear my experience and knowledge of the many issues we face, and the willingness to learn from those wiser than me about the things I don’t know.

I am especially pleased to have received write-in votes from some wise Democrats as well and a stunning majority of nearly 40 percent of all those cast in the entire primary with six candidates competing for your votes.

Thank you again for your confidence. I look forward to additional bi-partisan support in the General Election on Tuesday, Sept. 5.

Vincent PaulMigliore


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