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Had to laugh at Philpot taking credit for record at nursing home

To The Daily Sun,

After reading Belknap County Commissioner Philpot's statements about the Republican members of the County Delegation, I have to assume he was suffering from a brain freeze. To accuse these members of being "bad people doing bad things" is ridiculous and insulting. The GOP members of the delegation are looking out for the taxpayers — the people who pay the bills. I thought that's what they were elected to do. I realize the commissioners want to build a monument to their service but what I don't understand is how that makes them "good people". I think the problem is the commissioners can't handle the fact that someone is finally looking over their shoulder. They, for too long, have considered the county and the complex their little own fiefdom, which led them to believe they were untouchable.
I had to laugh at Philpot taking credit for the "unblemished rating of the nursing facility." I have to ask, Ed, how many bedpans have you emptied? How many bandages have you changed? How many floors have you washed? How much laundry have you done? How many meals have you prepared? How many MDS's have you ever done? How many care plan meetings have you attended? How many hours have you volunteered in the activities department? The nurses, the aides, the maintenance dept., the laundry workers etc. are responsible for that "unblemished record", not you and the other commissioners. For too long the upper echelon of the county have been patting themselves on the back for the conditions at the facility and giving no credit to the people who work in the trenches.
Some other questions for Mr. Philpot: How much did the new offices for the commissioners cost when remodeled a couple of years ago and how did that project improve conditions for the nursing home residents and the occupants of the jail? How much did the granite sign at he road cost and how did that help these people?
My last question is, did Ms. Deb Shacket have the required scholastic degree when you hired her to be the county administrator and if she didn't does she have one now and who paid for it?
Mr. Philpot, please submit the answers to these questions to The Laconia Sun, the same venue you used to demean the county delegation.

Dave Schwotzer


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Convention has never said nothing should be done about jail

To The Daily Sun,

A few recent letters to the editor make the mistake of ascribing the jail impasse as the responsibility of the Belknap Convention. Unfortunately, when the prior convention voted by a narrow margin to fund the hiring of consultants by the commissioners, it was never envisioned that the price tag would double the early estimates or that staffing costs would more than double.

The convention has never said that nothing should be done and worthwhile recommendations have been made by delegates Tilton and Greemore. The commissioners have been forced to reconsider the Bennett report since it contains mathematical assumptions which are unlikely and result in the current unaffordable design.

Having failed to stuff this monstrous project down the throats of our towns, the commissioners will have the luxury of spending more time
and money to arrive at a different proposal. Let us hope that in this instance they are open to input from the delegates and from the public.

That so much time and money have been wasted is the result of commissioners blind to everything but their own narrow vision.

Rep. Dick Burchell
Belknap 5


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Obama is going to start another civil war, 1 ethnic group v. another

To The Daily Sun,
By the end of the current term Obama, Holder, et al; will have set this country back 60 years. In the end of the 50s and early 60s, as I served in the U.S. Navy, our flight squadron and 11-person flight crews we had whites, blacks, Hispanics. . .  all dominations. We worked and went on liberty together. We watched each others back. This administration and backers are going to start another war in this country, not North vs. South, but ethnic groups against each other. It is not bad enough that we have to look out for terrorists.

Richard W. Bray


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'Les Mis' runs through July 28 in Meredith & is not to be missed

To The Daily Sun,

"Les Miserables" at the Interlakes Theatre is a wonderful production and as close to Broadway as one can get in Meredith. Go for the incredible singing voices of the entire cast, they are so good that it is difficult to single one actor out, go for the creative set design that is so innovative that it is hard to believe it is on a high school stage, go and see this professional theatre company in its best production this season. It you need one more reason, take pride that Meredith native, Ashley Landroche, now a professional actress brings a different level of emotion to the song "I Dreamed a Dream" than one has heard before.

Congratulations to the cast and to the producer Nancy Barry and director Michael McKelvey. Les Mis runs thru July 28 and should not be missed.

Liz & Bev Lapham


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Thanks to Moultonborough Fire for saving our 110 slip marina

To The Daily Sun,
As president of the Quayside Yacht Club and on behalf of its board of directors and club members I would like to sincerely thank Fire Chief David Bengtson and the Moultonborough firefighters for saving our 110 slip marina. I would also like to thank the fire boat crews from Tuftonboro, Meredith, and Gilford who responded and assisted in the fire. To the unnamed Moultonborough police officer who certainly helped to save the marina by moving an adjacent boat — we are extremely grateful.
These firefighters worked under extreme and dangerous conditions. One boat had approximately 200 gallons of gasoline on board that blew up and access to the dock area was limited. This particular section of our marina is called the back dock and is a long way from the dry hydrant.
The Yacht Club would also like to thank the Moultonborough Fire Department for working with us in placing fire extinguishers in different locations throughout the marina and for helping us procure and train on an ALS life support automatic defibrillator.
Thank you, Moultonborough Fire Department, for always being there whenever we needed your assistance or advice on anything having to do with safety.
Dave Nickerson


President, Quayside Yacht Club

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