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Hillary leveraged her Secretary of State position for profit

To The Daily Sun,

The Associated Press had a story Thursday. It was not covered by major networks or WMUR-TV this (Thursday) morning.

The Associated Press did some investigating. I think if this happened in the Nixon era, Hilary would not be allowed to run for president.

Now The Associated Press has found instances where at least 85 donors to the Clinton foundation met with her when she was secretary of state. The Associated Press said there was an "intermingling of access and donations." This does not include foreign donations. This does not include speeches given by Bill (where Bill was paid in the hundreds of thousands) and access to Hillary.

The Clinton Foundation finance director, Dennis Cheng, was the middle man between the foundation and the State Department.

This does not include that Huma Abedin was an employee of the State Department and the Clinton Foundation among others. She also was paid from Teneo, a group connected to the Clintons while she was a government employee.

How can employees of the State Department also be on the Clinton Foundation payroll?
This stinks.

More than 50 percent of donors to the Clinton Foundation met with Clinton as secretary of state. This stinks, really stinks.

Hillary pays no penalty. How can Democratic voters still want her as president? Do the rules that apply to us not apply to her? If so, isn't that dead wrong? How can anyone vote for her when she sold her access as secretary of state?

Hillary, this is corruption. She leveraged a government position for profit. It is morally wrong. This is racketeering if anything is. Money came into the Clinton Foundation for favors and access to Hillary as secretary of state.

Clinton says she will not take money from foreigners if she is elected president. But it was wrong for the foundation to take money when she was secretary of state. This is insane.

What would she sell as president? How can anyone vote for her as president?

Linda Riley

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Wright demonstrates the decision-making attitude we need

To The Daily Sun,

We have known Bill Wright, who is running for Sheriff in Belknap County, for many years. He's a hard-working honest policeman and family man.

His accomplishments: U.S. Marine, New Hampshire Army National Guard, Belmont Police officer, and sheriff's deputy.

This is Bill's next step in his progression for law enforcement.
Bill knows the problems of Belknap County and will take the initiative to resolve the issues, especially the drug crisis. Bill steps up to the plate as a experienced law enforcer and wants good to come to our county.

Our vote is with Bill Wright since he demonstrates the values and decision-making attitude as a officer of the law which we need in our county. Bill Wright has the integrity and experience to provide as our Belknap Sheriff. Vote Bill Wright for sheriff.

Doug and Terry Rasp

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