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How much snow are we going to allow in New Hampshire

To The Daily Sun,

Enough is enough, is enough, is enough. How long can state government sit on its hands in silence? It's time for action.

The right-wingers expound there is never a time for government action. Let the American spirit and free enterprise handle it. Well, free markets have had the ball long enough. They've proven themselves incapable. Instead of addressing our discomfort, they promoted Olympics, mergers and intrusion. Did you buy that? You did? You've been snowed. Admit it.

The God people told us they could handle it. They could not. Perhaps somebody should explain, if you're making saints out pedophile enablers and preaching generalized hatred for people you don't understand, your prayers don't carry much weight in the ultimate weather room. The prayed-for relief they seek could be warmer than they anticipate.

The lefties said only the downtrodden and minority are worthy of governmental largesse. How, they beseech one another. Can they channel relief solely to the truly needy? There's bound to be overspill to the statistically undevastated.

Only a swell of demand from the great unwashed can make it happen. We need action. We need laws. We need unequivocal edicts. We need unity of purpose, and we needed it two months ago, not next month or sometime.

How much snow are we going to allow in New Hampshire? How many days in a week will we permit it?

Don't wait. Assemble and petition. And, quit singing, "Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow." That's blasphemy, and soon, if we all act together, it will be illegal.

Robert Moran


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Gilford Rotary's Pizza Bowl was fun and we raised funds for charity

To The Daily Sun,

The Gilford Rotary Club wishes to thank all those individuals and families who turned out for our first ever Pizza Bowl competition on Sunday, Jan. 26th at the Gilford Youth Center. We succeeded in not only raising substantial funds which will be used to support area charities — but we also afforded a fun experience for the scores of families who attended.
A special thank-you goes out to the eight pizza vendors who participated: Gilford House of Pizza, Gilford Village Store, Lakeside Pizza, Papa Gino's, Pat's Pizza (Bristol), Pizza Express, Sal's Pizza and Weir's Beach Lobster Pound. Additional support was generously provided by Lakes Region Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Shaw's Supermarket (Gilford) and Taylor Rental. Lastly- the Gilford Youth Center proved to be an excellent venue for this event.

Chris Ray, President
Gilford Rotary

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I like fact Joe Kenney is willing to take $40k out of own pocket

To The Daily Sun,

Joe Kenney is running a grassroots campaign in his election against Michael Cryans in the District 1 Executive Council seat.

In Thursday's Laconia Daily Sun, there was an article regarding Cryans receiving a "2 to 1 advantage in funds raised." For those who have been watching the political left's ability to raise funds, it is not surprising Cryans is 2-1 ahead. In New Hampshire, however, the candidate with the most money is not a "lock" for winning elections. In New Hampshire, the person with ideas, integrity, and a history of service can easily win with less money.

In fact, the Laconia Daily Sun had a similar article on Jan. 4, 2014, saying, "Republican Christopher Boothby of Meredith (Kenney's primary opponent) has raised more than twice as much money..." By the way, Chris Boothby lost that race.

I actually like the fact that Joe Kenney is willing to take $40,000 out of his own pocket to serve New Hampshire. It proves Joe has no problem putting his money where his mouth is. Those of us who know Joe, know he is a man of honor. Whether it was as a colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps or a legislator with a 14-year conservative voting record, voters understand there is a real and substantive difference between the politically backed progressive that is Michael Cryans, and the humble public servant that is Joe Kenney.

Money is only one part of a political campaign. In the end, it is the voter with a ballot, that makes the difference. For those of you who are tired of government gone off the rails, get involved and make sure Joe Kenney is our representative for Executive Council District 1. Get the word out there. It is worth more than money.

Rep. Jane Cormier

Belknap District 8


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Alton voters being asked to spend more money to downsize

To The Daily Sun,

The voters in Alton who are likely to go to the polls on March 11 should be aware of three articles that will be on the paper ballot for them to fill in the oval for either "yes" or "no." To me the three are totally irrational and should receive a "no" vote.

Articles 42, 43, and 44 were placed on the ballot by a petition gotten together by a cadre of ultra-conservatives who reside in Alton and have every right to have their propositions on the ballot for more than 4,000 registered voters to agree with them — or not.

Article 42, if approved, would have the Town of Alton "not pay the estimated membership fees of $7,000 to be a member of the Lakes Region Planning Commission" (LRPC). My understanding of this is that the ultra-conservatives believe the LRPC to be a foil of the federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) agency, and is imposing federal mandates on local communities all the way down to towns in New Hampshire.

Admittedly I have not spoken to every member of Alton's Planning Board. Those I have checked with are of the view that Alton's annual dues to LRPC make it all the more possible for Alton to manage its own destiny. LRPC supplies regional data and analysis which equip our local planning board to blend LRPC's big picture information with what the board has on the table for Alton. Thusly, Alton comes out ahead of the game.

Article 43 would eliminate the position of Town Planner and Article 44 would do away with the Tax Assessor.

How crazy is this? Sure, the ultra-conservatives are of the conviction that smaller government is better. A lot of people are of that conviction, and in some case-by-case applications it may be true.

But not in Alton.

Study the warrants: Doing away with the Town Planner would eliminate "$64,040 per year plus benefits" from Alton's payroll. With the job still needing to be done, however, will call for something on the order of $120,120 to retain a consultant to do what our everyday employee does while knowing the community so much better than an outsider could ever hope.

Similarly, Article 44 would discharge the Town Assessor, who has a salary of $68,599, plus benefits. Who, then, will be doing the assessing? Certainly even the petitioners are not going to be happy with drawing a number out of a hat as to what their property tax is going to be. To farm the job out, the warrant article -- as amended at the Town Deliberative session — estimates that it will cost at least $95,000 a year to out-source the assessing of Alton's real estate.

The Alton voter going into the booth on March 11 should be questioning whether she or he wants to pay more taxes to implement a philosophy of downsizing government?

Costing more to get less.


Bob Longabaugh
Alton Bay

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Rick, Don & Shaun are honest, hardworking guys who deserve our votes

To The Daily Sun,

Next month there will be a very important election held in Bristol, and the voters are fortunate to have a number of candidates, and viewpoints to consider when they take to the polls.

I will be supporting three candidates in particular: Rick Alpers and Shaun Lagueux for Selectboard and Don Milbrand for the Budget Committee. I make these choices based on their years of experience and unselfish efforts on behalf of the townspeople of Bristol, with Rick and Don serving on the Selectboard and Shaun with the Budget Committee.

Over the past year I have been somewhat concerned that a few people have been loudly suggesting that the town of Bristol is in horrible shape, as if it were a rudderless ship drifting toward the rocks. I couldn't disagree more.

I have seen firsthand, serving on the Selectboard from 2006-2010, our elected officials working together to make Bristol a place people are proud to call home. You only need to look around.

Starting with a newly rejuvenated downtown, moving northward to a new and priceless library addition, passing a fire department with the only 24/7 fully EMT certified ambulance service in the Newfound region. Going a bit farther to the town office you will find employees, from the town administrator on down, who are as dedicated and professional as can be found anywhere. We are fortunate to have them.

All of this, of course, does not happen by accident. It takes leadership. So it begs the question: Is this really a community whose elected officials are resistant to change and lack common sense as some have suggested?

Recently a published letter stated that "our town budget has doubled in the nine years that Rick Alpers was a selectman." That statement however is not supported by the facts.

I believe the voters understand that a budget is not set by one selectman, but rather it is a combined effort of the Budget Committee whose duty requires them to offer a municipal budget for the legislative body, (voters) to approve at town meeting. A quick check of the town reports over the nine year period when Rick Alpers was a selectman shows that the average budget during those years was $5,593,000 with actual expenditures averaging $4,840,000. The highest adopted budget was in 2007 at $7,669.000 with actual expenditures of $5,054,000 in that year, and the lowest was in 2004 with a budget of $3,800,000 and expenditures of $3,563,000. Interestingly, the 2008 budget came in at essentially the average mark over that time at $5,994,000 and then steadily declined from 2009-2012. This is the same time span that Rick Alpers and Don Milbrand were serving on the Select Board and Shawn Lageuex was the Budget Committee chair.

It is quite a remarkable feat to be able to reduce the budget, or even hold the line, considering the spiraling cost of everything, especially healthcare costs, while maintaining essential services that taxpayers have a right to expect.

Rick, Don and Shaun are honest, hard-working guys that deserve our vote.

Paul Fraser


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