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Browning Laboratories made CB radios on Union Ave until 1979

To The Daily Sun,

I am looking for info on Browning Laboratories (1958-1979) located in Laconia. They manufactured a very famous line of CB radios. I'm out here in California making research a bit difficult. Hoping to find some old photos, number of employees or anything else business related, perhaps some little-known Browning Labs history.

I know Browning Labs had at least two Laconia locations, Guild Mill building at 100 Union Ave., and later in Lakeport at 1269 Union Ave. I'm very curious as to employee numbers and other aspects as to their 1979 closing. I write radio repair manuals, doing one on a Browning product, though it would be fun and informative for the radio community to know about Laconia's famous little radio factory.

I can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gregg Howe

Running Springs, Calif.


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Bill will make oral chemotherapy no costlier than intravenous drugs

To The Daily Sun,

Recently, the New Hampshire Senate voted unanimously to support legislation which will ensure affordable access to potentially lifesaving cancer treatments for Granite Staters. The Senate's support of this bill, which would prevent health insurers from charging a higher cost-share for an oral anticancer medication than for one administered by IV, is a step in the right direction — but there is still work to be done, as the bill must now be voted on by the House of Representatives.

Oral treatments can offer patients advantages over traditional IV chemotherapy, including the fact that they are targeted therapies which attack only the cancer cells. Oral chemotherapy also offers the flexibility and convenience of not having to drive long distances to a treatment facility for IV infusions.

For the more than 8,000 people who will be diagnosed with cancer in New Hampshire this year alone, it is imperative that the House of Representatives vote in support of this legislation, SB-137. It simply isn't fair that any cancer patient would have to forgo the most effective course of treatment due to out-of-pocket costs.

I urge all members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives to support Senate Bill 137.

Gary Maheu

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