I don't know who called Obama our 'imperial president' but it was certainly apt description

To The Daily Sun,

Fox News, the company the left loves to hate. Someone must have sent out a notice to all the "progressives" telling them to write derogatory letters to the editor slamming Fox.

Peter Davis wrote one stating that he turned on a "newscast" on Fox and the first words he heard "Our imperial president". Apparently he immediately changed the channel as he stopped with that comment. I doubt that Mr. Davis knows the difference between reporting and commentary and opinion. He didn't say which "reporter" made this statement as then someone could check the veracity of his statement.

Fox News is definitely a conservative-leaning channel with many conservative commentators, but it also has many liberal commentators on its various programs. Most of the programs on Fox are discussion sessions with various emcees and guests and not news programs, although the topics discussed are many and timely. The programs that are news programs are titled as such and you won't hear any opinion on those programs just the news. Thankfully we have Fox as all of the network channels are leftist and omit anything from their broadcasts that might in any way prove harmful to the Democratic Party.

I wonder if we'll be reading any letters from the lefties about NBC's Brian Williams being caught in a lie and then when apologizing for it compounded it with another lie. He claimed he was on an aircraft in Iraq that got hit by enemy fire. That's lie one. And then during his trying to weasel out of the lie he stated that he had to suffer two harrowing nights on the aircraft in the desert which also was proven to be untrue. This is the No. 1 newsman on NBC, who the left fawns over.

In closing let me say that I don't know who called Obama "our imperial president", but I think it's an apt description that I totally agree with.

Dave Schwotzer


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All followers of Islam are not terrorists and all terrorists are not true followers of Islam

To The Daily Sun,

Mr. Young, you guys just never give up, do you? Always trying to connect the president to some sort of controversy that would make him anti-American. Are you really trying to deny that those who practiced slavery in the South didn't hide behind religion, or the Crusades were connected to Christianity? The objective of the Crusades was to take back previously conquered Christian territory. I'm sure some of the slave owners would have called themselves religious people or Christians. They did live in the Bible Belt.

So, does that mean all religious people or Christians were slave owners or believed in slavery? I doubt it, and I never heard any sort of justification in the name of Christ for slavery or the actions of slave owners. As a matter of fact, slavery was almost outlawed before we even became a country on some of the earlier drafts of the Declaration of Independence because we were a religious country. So using that as a basis, I feel, that is the reason President Obama will not use the two words together.

All those who practice Islam are not terrorists and all terrorists are not true followers of Islam. But those that promote jihad are the ones we have to worry about those are the real terrorists, no matter what religion they practice be it Christianity or Islam.

Jon Hoyt


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Laconia Rotary's first 'U Tube' event was to benefit Boys & Girls Club

To The Daily Sun,

The Lakes Region is a community of generous and caring people, and this was demonstrated once again by the support Laconia Rotary Club received for its first "U Tube" Benefit at Gunstock Mountain Resort on Jan. 25. The event, a first for our organization, raised funds for the Boys & Girls Club of the Lakes Region. Thanks to the support of local businesses and organizations, it was a success.

The team at Gunstock Mountain Resort went above and beyond, working with us from the start to ensure a seamless event that would be fun for all. We are deeply grateful to everyone who donated to our hourly prizes and raffles, including Patricia Anderson, Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion at Meadowbrook, Gail Beane, Frates Creative Arts Center, Funspot, Great New Hampshire Restaurants, Gunstock Adventure Park, Gunstock Mountain Resort, Interlakes Summer Theater, Laconia Country Club, Laconia Ice Arena, MC Cycle & Sport, Manchester Monarchs, MS Mount Washington, Patrick's Pub & Eatery, Piche's Ski & Sports, Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center, Stafford Oil Company, The Golf Club at Patrick's Place, Russ Thibeault, and Winnipesaukee Playhouse.

Several anonymous donors made it possible for youth from the Boys and Girls Club of the Lakes Region to attend the event.

It was very evident from the many smiles and laughter that this gift made a difference for many.

Thanks to the Rotarians who volunteered for the evening, and to everyone who purchased tickets and braved the cold for a great cause. We are already planning for next year's event, and look forward to working with the community once again to make it an even greater success.

Hazel Zimmer

Committee Chair

Laconia Rotary Club

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Many geniuses were 'cavemen, liars & fools' according to Mr. Veverka

To The Daily Sun,

During the time I lived in Europe for nearly four years, it was my joy to be able to see first-hand the masterpieces of men, such as Michelangelo's David, the Pieta, and the Sistine Chapel. This genius, and other artists like him, are deemed to be "cavemen, liars, and fools," according to Mr. Veverka because they credited their inspiration to God.

I also visited the remains of the concentration camp in Dachau, Germany, where six million Jews perished as well as millions of Christians — people of faith slaughtered in large part because they refused to bow their knees to Nazi rule. Are their surviving family members to suffer further humiliation and pain because of Mr. Veverka's lack of tolerance for others' beliefs? Does he get a good laugh over the thousands of Christians being tortured and killed in these dark days?

Most writers to this paper are grown-ups who do not need to shout loudly in print that they are somehow bigger, better, and smarter than the rest of us. Insults and name-calling ended when we were 10 years old, didn't it?

For the record, my family of "idiots" has managed to amass 10 college degrees, four Master's degrees, and two are doctoral candidates. None of us is homophobic and some even vote Democratic. The trouble with Mr. Veverka is that he is scared to death of anyone who isn't just like him.

I'll be sure to pray for him.

Linda J. Wood


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Have person shooting fireworks obtain permit from local dept.

To The Daily Sun,

I love professional fireworks. They go off at a scheduled time, the fire department is on alert, police and security are there to keep the spectators at a safe distance, and most of all they are handled by licensed and experienced personal.

Now amateur fireworks scare the heck out of me; they can go off at any time morning, noon, or night. You will be lucky if they have any sense to have a garden hose available; kids of any age are handling them without adult supervision.

Maybe the solution is to have the person who is to display the fireworks obtain a fire permit from the local fire department. The permit would be good for certain days and hours. The fire department is now alert. But most of all it would place responsibility on the person who took the permit out — just like a bonfire. After all, it is not just fire in the works.

Steven Belcher


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