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We've a chance to vote for a man who's experienced & gifted

To The Daily Sun,

Wouldn't it be nice to vote for a person who is both experienced and passionate about public service, who has a record of reaching across the aisle in a spirit of consensus and compromise and is gifted at listening with civility? You have that by voting Charlie Chandler for state Senate, District 2.

The first thing Charlie did when he filed for the Senate was to contact his competition to let them know he was running and to assure them that he would not be talking badly about them in his campaign. He then traveled throughout the district meeting with selectmen, holding house parties, going door-to-door to share his message and to find out what's important to the citizens.

Charlie is pro-education funding including local, community colleges, and state universities as a way of creating better jobs. He will fight for ways to treat opioid addiction while stiffening sentences for drug dealers. He will champion expanded Medicaid that has already provided coverage for nearly 50,000 Granite Staters. He will push hard to improve the state's infrastructure of roads, highways and bridges. He will oppose the ever increasing trickle down policies at the State level that shifts costs to the already burdened local taxpayer.

While living in Northfield, he had been the Northfield town moderator for 25-plus years, is a selectman in his town of Warren, and was formerly a state representative.

Born and bred in New Hampshire and being a local small-town lawyer for years gave Charlie a sense of the struggles facing everyday citizens. Check Charlie out on his website: charliechandler.org. Charlie has my vote and I hope yours. He is the real deal.

Pat Clark

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Fundamental rights of human & natural communities come first

To The Daily Sun,

The New Hampshire Community Rights Network (NHCRN) was established as communities within New Hampshire enacted local rights-based laws to elevate their rights over corporate claimed "rights," and protect themselves from harmful corporate activities. NHCRN was founded to educate and empower communities and elected officials about our individual and collective right to local self-governance in order to secure and protect the inherent and unalienable rights of all inhabitants of New Hampshire to economic, social and environmental justice, including the rights of nature.

NHCRN believes that sustainable environmental and economic development can be achieved only when the people affected by governing decisions are the ones who make such decisions. We oppose for-profit corporations or other such entities, such as USA Springs Inc. and Kevin Delaney/Nottingham Springs LLC, seeking to use claimed "property rights" and privileges to violate the inherent and unalienable right of real persons to protect their natural rights as enumerated within the Bill of Rights of the New Hampshire Constitution.

Article 2. Natural Rights. All men have certain natural, essential, and inherent rights among which are, the enjoying and defending life and liberty; acquiring, possessing, and protecting, property; and in a word, of seeking and obtaining happiness...

Residents of Nottingham and Barrington opposed USA Springs' intent to use the property for the purpose of groundwater extraction since their original proposal in 2001. Nottingham and Barrington residents understand water withdrawal from a confined and contaminated bedrock aquifer would violate their natural right enumerated in the article above, to protect their private property and seek happiness in the places where they live.

Against all reason and scientific evidence, permits were issued to USA Springs Inc. that resulted in drawing contamination into one their test wells. Since the USA Springs bankruptcy proceedings, beginning in 2008, Nottingham residents have presented themselves before the court multiple times whenever there has been a potential buyer for the property. Each time, they have presented the potential buyer with a letter notifying them of their democratically enacted Nottingham Water Rights & Self-Government Ordinance which prohibits the corporate withdrawal of water within the Town of Nottingham to sell beyond the borders of the town. Barrington residents democratically enacted a similar ordinance during this year's town meeting.

Kevin Delaney's decision to move forward with the purchase of the USA Springs Inc. property even after he has been notified of the ordinances in both towns implies his intent to ignore the laws of Nottingham and Barrington. The Notice of Intended Private Sale filed by Kevin Delaney, a.k.a. Nottingham Springs LLC, with this court reveals his determination to exercise his "right" to profit at the cost of residents' right to protect their own health, safety and welfare, economic sustainability, and natural environment. Kevin Delaney plans to use the Towns of Nottingham and Barrington as resource colonies for profit against residents' democratically enacted laws.

NHCRN assists communities in elevating their right to protect themselves and the places they live, for the sake of the health, safety and welfare of residents, local economies, and environmental sustainability. Nottingham and Barrington residents impacted by the proposed sale of the USA Springs Inc. property to Kevin Delaney have overwhelmingly expressed opposition to the use of the USA Springs property for purposes of corporate water withdrawal. Approval of the court for the sale of the USA Springs property to Kevin Delaney or the Town of Nottingham accepting tax liens, does not constitute community support.

The state is charged with protecting people's rights — the most fundamental of all being the right to local community self-government, which is the right of people to collectively decide what happens where they live. When human communities find that laws ostensibly enacted to protect them, and to foster their health, prosperity, and fundamental rights, do neither; and that the very air, land, and water — on which their lives and happiness depend — are threatened, it becomes necessary for the people to reaffirm, reclaim, and assert their inalienable rights.

Residents of Nottingham and Barrington have found that our current system of government fails to protect their right to decide to what happens where they live. Their democratically enacted rights-based ordinances reaffirm, reclaim, and assert their inalienable right to access pure water and clean air; right to the peaceful enjoyment of their homes; rights of ecosystems to exist and flourish; right to scenic preservation and government legitimacy; right of local community self-government, and the right to assert the right of self-government. Using the USA Springs Inc. property for the purpose of corporate water withdrawals to bottle and sell beyond town boundaries would be ignoring the rights-protecting prohibitions enumerated within their local laws.

Therefore, NHCRN objects to the sale of USA Springs Inc. property to anyone intending to use the property for purposes that violate the fundamental rights of human and natural communities protected within a democratically enacted rights-based ordinance that establishes a Community Bill of Rights protecting the health, safety and welfare of both. The Water Rights & Self-Government Ordinances enacted by residents of Nottingham and Barrington do just that. Residents affected by the sale of the USA Springs Inc. property must have the authority to make the final governing decision as to whether or not it moves forward.

Michelle Sanborn


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