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Quit spreading the white menace around until we actually need it

To The Daily Sun,

Sunday morning, Dec. 20, we had less than one-sixteenth of an inch of snow in spots. At 5:15 a.m. a city truck drove by my home and spread salt (oh joy) all over the dry pavement. I know it was dry because all the salt is still in little cubes everywhere. Couldn't we wait to spend taxpayer funds and pollute the rivers and lakes until it actually snows?

I know, I know, we have to make my 30 mph road safe for the morons who cruise by my house at 50 mph all the time.

The road crew does a real good job overall, but quit spreading the white menace around until we actually need it.

Steve Fiorini

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I hear my wife in the kitchen chanting 'Pago Pago' and she's not a fan

To The Daily Sun,

Yesterday I wrote about Joey Iosefa. I nicknamed him the "Pago Pago Pounder." I wished the Patriots fans would chant "Pago Pago" each time Joey goes on a pounding run, or scores a TD. This, in honor of the birthplace of Joey and Mosi Tatupu, the much loved former Patriot.

ESPN's Chris Berman loves idiosyncratic nicknames. I expect as Joey leaps over opposing lines at the end zone to score a TD, Chris will exclaim "Jumping Iosefa" (Jehoshaphat).

Oh! Oh! I hear my wife in the kitchen chanting "Pago Pago," and she's not even a football fan. Ah well!, it's a start anyway.

To whom it may concern or apply: Merry Christmas, Happy (belated) Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, Feliz Navidad, and Nadolig Llawen a Flwyddyn Newydd Dda. To all others, and there are others, I wish you peace, comfort and Joy.

John Lewis

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