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Only thing I've ever seen coming out of that chimney is hot air

To The Daily Sun,

With interest, I did read all the various comments in regards to the issues the Motorcycle Museum owner has with Mayhew (Funeral Home).
It is simply not fair at all to say Peter Mayhew is only interested in making money.
My wife died March 1 and we needed cremation services. The Mayhew quotation was by far the best and the services were outstanding.
I'm driving by these two buildings almost daily and never had an objection to any smell coming from the Mayhew building. All you can see, while a cremation is in process, is the hot air coming out of the chimney. Still would have to search and see any evidence for ashes. Why do we never see photographs about it?
It should also be noted, that between the Mayhew Funeral Home and the Motorcycle Museum, there is a huge, green tree, showing no damages. The beautiful, green tree acts like a curtain. So much for the environment.
The only smells this long-time Meredith resident has objected to are those coming from McDonald's and the ones of Hart's Turkey Farm.
As for the museum, I believe those arguments go deeper. During a visit, our son, serving already 25 years with the Ohio police, was very much interested to see what the Motorcycle Police Museum has to offer. When he was asked to shell out $11, he turned around. He said, a $5 charge for such a small museum would have been appropriate.
Good bye Motorcycle Police Museum. Maybe the next owner of the building will open an ice cream parlor at the same facility.

Werner Rebsamen

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Catch a performance of Center Harbor Town Band; you'll enjoy!

To The Daily Sun,

If you find yourself searching for something to do on a Friday night during the next few weeks, head over to the gazebo in Center Harbor at 7 p.m. and take in a performance of the Center Harbor Town Band.

Under the watchful eye and baton of conductor Carlos Martinez, celebrating his 10th anniversary of this talented musical group, and the beautiful setting of Lake Winnipesaukee in the background, you'll be humming and singing along to music of the past and present. From Broadway to sitcom show tunes, the Center Harbor Town Band serves up entertainment for the whole family.

The award-winning band, celebrating its 138th birthday, also on any given Friday evening offers guest soloists to engage the audience with both solo performances as well as sing-alongs for all to join in. This is a special slice of Americana that we dearly need in the troubling times we live in.

If you're looking for some entertainment on a Friday night at 7 p.m. over the next few weeks, some opportunity to do a little singing, or just want to sit back and savor the view, head over to Center Harbor and catch a performance of the Center Harbor Town Band. You won't be disappointed!

Vincent Martino
Braintree, Mass.

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