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Craft Fair proceeds will provide comfort bags for cancer patients

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of The Lakes Region General Hospital Auxiliary I would like to extend our appreciation to all those who contributed to the success of our 13th annual Fall Craft Fair held at Laconia High School. Once again we were able to fund-raise the necessary amount to continue to provide comfort bags to breast cancer patients in the LRGHealthcare Breast Health Program.

Our goal was attained thanks to the many customers who attended, and the combined efforts of Auxiliary members, LRGHealthcare, several local businesses, many friends of the Auxiliary, and finally our generous vendors who not only pay a fee to participate but the many that also donate items to our raffle.

We need to acknowledge the wonderful cooperation, help and support of the Laconia School Department and Laconia High School staff.

We would like to thank the following businesses for assisting us with either a raffle donation, advertising, publicity or parking: Northeast Communications Corp., Jeff Levitan, Fred Caruso, Alan Harrison, Pat Kelly, LRGHealthcare PR and Marketing; Piche's Ski and Sport Outlet, Mark Dickson, Lakes Region Floral Studio, Roche Realty, The Home Beautiful, Tilton Veterinary Hospital, The Taylor Community, Trustworthy Hardware, Kitchen Encounters, Kellerhaus, Patrick's Pub and Eatery, Cantin Chevrolet, Lakes Region Party and Gift, Interlakes Family Medical Practice, The Laconia Clinic, Hillside Medical Park, Meredith Bay Coffee House, Forestview Manor (Joanne Parsons, Manager), AutoZone, Sacred Heart Church, AutoServ Tilton, Laconia Department of Public Works, Meredith Village Savings Bank, The Canvas Guys, Trellis Management Co., and Pepi Herrmann Crystal.

Special acknowledgement is extended to the volunteers who stood out in the cold for hours to help direct parking. We need to offer our sincere appreciation to Armand Bolduc and Bob Hamel for their assistance.

In addition to vendor space rental charges, our craft raffle and bake sale helped us reach our financial goal. Many thanks to the dozens of people who offered to bake or made a donation in lieu of baking.

Thanks again to the vendors, individuals and businesses that donated an item to our raffle.

Finally, our sincere thanks goes to the volunteers who worked long and hard on the day of the event and to the members of the planning committee.

Barbara Tuttle

LRGH Auxiliary

Fall Craft Fair Committee, Chairman

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I look forward to being strong advocate for all citizens of Senate 7

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to say thank you to the voters of District 7 for re-electing me to the New Hampshire State Senate on Nov. 4. It's my honor and privilege to serve, and your support is humbling.

I also want to congratulate Kathy Rago for her efforts in the campaign. Campaigns (and recounts) are challenging and demand a great deal of time away from work and family. I have a great deal of respect for the time and effort she and her family put into her campaign.

I look forward to serving the next two years and being a strong advocate for all the citizens I represent. I also look forward to putting the campaign season behind us and working with Republicans, Democrats and Independents in addressing the challenges facing New Hampshire.

Again thank you and please feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Andrew Hosmer

N.H. State Senate District 7


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American voters just too dumb to what is good for them

To The Daily Sun,

Good grief, James Veverka now claims our Constitution is not based on Christian values. Guess James never heard of the Ten Commandments. Well, no sense arguing with James it's like debating a flat earther. On to other things.
Now I know that none of the frequent left-wing writers have seen and heard the tape of Prof. Gerber, who is one of the authors of the ObamaCare, telling an academic group of egg heads how cleverly he and the rest of the progressives lied, distorted and misled the American people (voters) in order to get them to pass the ACA. He states clearly that American voters are just to dumb to know what's good for them so they need to be lied to. I hope all those left wing writers who supported these lairs and frauds are ready to apologize to we conservatives who told you so. No? Well guess Prof Gerber was right.

This news was broken on Fox News yesterday but the only other news source, CNN gave it four minutes on the early morning show the rest were all silent. (It's called a lie of omission folks.) See what comes of not going to Fox News, you miss really important information. Oh, what was that you were saying Bernadette about Republicans again?
Steve Earle


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Join the 'rebellion' to return our government to the people

To The Daily Sun,

Right after the recent election, Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell said, "We (the senate) haven't seen an energy bill in seven years."

Where has he been? Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Rob Portman (R-OH) drafted an energy efficiency bill co-sponsored by Senator Ayotte which was designed to help businesses and governments cut energy costs through increased efficiency. Opponents succeeded in killing the bill!

Senator McConnell also claimed there is widespread opposition to the EPA rule to reduce carbon pollution from power plants. The fact is, there's widespread SUPPORT. Seventy-percent of Americans support the Clean Power Plan, and exit polling showed that 6 in 10 voters believe climate change is an important issue.

So McConnell can grandstand on pollution all he wants, but he's just blowing smoke. The American people want action on climate change, not more obstruction from deniers in Congress. Blocking climate action and public health protections don't make sense to anyone except to the Big Oil Funders of so many of our Congress members' election campaigns. This is one of the many outcomes of our "whatever big money can buy" corrupt system of campaign financing. When will we get a handle on this system?

If Laconia Daily Sun readers are interested in speaking up against the corruption of big money in politics, the force that creates this kind of irresponsible denial and lack of action in Washington, I suggest that they look into a N.H. grassroots organization dedicated to campaign finance reform. Join the effort to return our government to the people: It's The N.H. Rebellion at www.nhrebellion.org.

Steve Rand

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We had lots of help with the eighth annual BHS Holiday Fair

To The Daily Sun,

The eighth annual Holiday Fair at Belmont High School (BHS) was another great success for the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). Accordingly, we would like to thank all of the 100-plus crafters and vendors who participated in the fair, many of whom have been returning year after year to support our event.

We would also like to thank Mix 94.1, WLNH (98.3), and MetroCast for their support in our promotional efforts. We had almost 2,500 shoppers in attendance. There were several local businesses that also supported the fair, including The Works Bakery Cafe, Brookside Pizza, Sal's Pizza, Hannaford, Shaw's, Coca-Cola, Tilton Diner, Kitchen Cravings, Pirates Cove, The 99 Restaurant, Fox Country Smokehouse, Contigiani Catering, and Uno's.

The Holiday Fair means a lot to us as students. It provides many opportunities for us to apply our business skills and knowledge to a real project working with the community, which we enjoy very much. Proceeds from the fair help us to attend NH-FBLA conferences and competitions throughout the year.

Finally, and of equal importance to us, the fair allows us to support local charities that help other students and families in need during the holiday season.

There are many more people that we owe our thanks and appreciation to for the support we have received, so please know that we appreciate all that people have done for us. Congratulations to Kristin Smith, winner of the $50 drawing, and Eileen Story, winner of the free vendor spot for next fall's fair. Best wishes to everyone for a safe and happy holiday season, and we will hope to see you for our ninth year on Nov. 7, 2015.

The Future Business Leaders of America

Belmont High School Chapter

Colton Cadarette, President

Chayleigh Cadarette, Vice President

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