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We give thanks for all the little miracles we take for granted

To The Daily Sun,

Today we bow our heads to give thanks

Thanks to our Creator whose wisdom and strength is infinite.
Thanks to the winds, for cleansing tired and weary souls,
Thanks to the waters for life sustaining
Thanks to the Mother Earth as we lay her weary head to rest for another season
Thanks to the Father Sun for warming our souls on the long cold days
Thanks to the fires that life is reborn anew.

Yes Creator today we give thanks for all of your little miracles
we take so much for granted each day

I thank you Creator for my warrior son,
Whose proud stance and carriage has
Carried him through many dark days,
And even darker nights.
He knows the Warriors Creed and
Knows the life he lives was chosen
Long ago for him.

I thank you Creator for the many hands
Each one holding a star blue or gold, to be enfolded
In this blanket not yet made
Each star is a prayer yet unanswered
They that share the knitting of a new blanket
In life they are the ones keeping the home fires lit

They are -
The mothers who stand beside, their child
Who are so far away, but so very near
The wives who stand beside their husbands
Who are so far away but so very near
The daughters who stand beside their
Mothers and grandmothers waiting for mommy or daddy to come home.
The husbands and fathers who stand waiting for their loved one
To come home.

Creator this day we give thanks
For prayers not yet answered.
Keep all of our family near and far strong –
know in our weakest moments
we are the strongest, know in the darkest moments
we are the light to guide them home.

Yes Creator this is a day of thanks

Karen Thurston
Blue Star Mothers of New Hampshire


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Our schools truly blessed to be supported by our communities

To The Daily Sun,

As we celebrate this Thanksgiving holiday with friends and families, there is much to be thankful for in our schools that serve the communities of Gilford and Gilmanton. The first trimester of the 2016-17 school year is coming to a close. Our students and staff members have done some great things. Here are some highlights:

We started the school year celebrating the writing by a middle school student that was recognized by N.H. Motor Speedway.

Gilford High School inducted 34 eligible juniors and seniors into the Gilford chapter of the National Honor Society.

The Gilford High School Performing Arts Department had a very successful performance of "The Secret Garden" to very appreciative audiences.

The Gilford Middle School 5th grade took a trip to Manchester for education appreciation to watch a Manchester Monarchs game. Several Monarchs employees commented on how well behaved and appreciative the Gilford 5th grade students were.

Earlier this fall the Gilford High School girls' field hockey team won the Division III state championship in a double overtime win.

The Gilford Middle and High School have both started their math team competitions.

The Gilford Middle School has started participation in Lego League and the Gilford High School Robotics team has started its work.

We have two staff members that have been accepted to attend the PwC-KWHS Seminar for high school educators on business and financial responsibility at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, all expenses paid.

Two of our teachers have been asked by Special Olympics to attend the National Unified Conference in South Carolina. Special Olympics will pay all of the expenses.

The Gilford Elementary School welcomed families and friends to lunch serving over 600 lunches during Lunch with a Loved One.

The Gilford PTA organized a huge fundraiser for our district. All funds will be used to support teaching and learning in our three schools. The PTA has supported teaching and learning by purchasing a 3-D printer, playground balls, ukuleles and engaged our students in the Reflection Program connecting students to film production.

Gilford Education Endowment Foundation (GEEF) has supported teaching and learning in our schools with over $7,600 in grants given to teachers for STEM related activities.

All of the Gilford teachers have participated in teaching and learning during early release and DEW time. We have been working on writing across the curriculum at each school and have started to review curriculum.

The Gilford teachers have engaged in conversations with Gilmanton teachers to review curriculum and share instructional ideas.

We have teachers across all three schools who are trained by the National Writing Project and are working with our teachers to support writing across the curriculum.

We have more than 50 teachers engaged in districtwide (k-12) committees: mentor, math, science, professional development, and literacy working together to improve teaching and learning in our schools.

We are truly blessed to be supported by the Gilford and Gilmanton communities. There is much to be thankful for as we reflect on the first trimester of the school year.

Kirk Beitler
Superintendent of Schools



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