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Senator Ayotte has become 'Washingtonized', just like so many others

To The Daily Sun,

Jim Rubens will get my vote in the September Republican primary election for the U.S. Senate. Rubens' positions on key issues promote prosperity and security for Americans, and protection of our constitutional rights.

Rubens is for secure borders, enforcement of our immigration laws, and the end of sanctuary cities that allow illegal alien criminals to escape federal prosecution and/or deportation. He wants an immigration policy and enforcement that benefits Americans, not one that benefits foreigners at the expense of Americans.

Rubens wants a thorough review of our national budget to end using federal spending to buy political support and other wasteful spending and return to a responsible balanced budget. He believes passing the burden of our huge national debt to future generations is irresponsible and immoral.

Rubens believes in constitutionally limited government; and that changes to our Constitution must be made through the amendment process, not by five unelected Supreme Court justices. Thus, he supports all our constitutional rights, including our Second Amendment rights.

Rubens opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership which will cost American jobs and depress wages, and which subjects American citizens, businesses, and our government to international control, threatening our freedoms and prosperity.

Rubens believes our national government has grown corrupt, wasteful, incompetent, overly intrusive, arrogant, and far beyond its constitutional limitations. Many inappropriately exercised functions, like education, must be returned to the states, local communities, and to the people. Veterans should be able to pick their doctors and hospitals rather than being stuck in the insensitive and self-serving VA system.

In her re-election campaign, Senator Ayotte talks about representing New Hampshire values in Washington, but her recent voting record doesn't support her talk. In Ayotte's first year in office she did represent New Hampshire values, her voting record and Senator Shaheen's were usually opposite. But Ayotte's representation of our values steadily declined, last year Ayotte voted like Senator Shaheen about two-thirds of the time on key issues. Some of Ayotte's votes against the interests of New Hampshire citizens include for the gang of eight amnesty bill, for increased visas and immigration, for irresponsible spending and increased national debt, for Washington control of education, local zoning, and detention of Americans without due process; increased government regulations, etc.

I was hopeful after Senator Ayotte's first year, but she has become "Washingtonized" like Senator Shaheen and so many others.

Jim Rubens offers a more faithful representation of New Hampshire values. Please join me in voting for Jim Rubens for U.S. Senate in the September Primary Election.

Don Ewing

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So I ask, is this the type person you want overseeing county finances?

To The Daily Sun,

I know this may a bit longer than you would like but it is critically important that the facts be presented. Thus ...

I will vote for, and now endorse, Hunter Taylor for Belknap County Commissioner District 3 on Sept. 13. Having arrived at this decision after a long and painful process of investigation and reflection, a decent respect for the opinions of our Belknap County voters requires that I declare my reasoning.

Among the most critical issues facing any of our elected officials in these troubled times is the proper stewardship of our tax money and how it is spent, including, without limitation, on our nursing home and our correction facilities. In my view, proper stewardship of other people's money requires the utmost in personal integrity, particularly in financial matters.

Although I have known Hunter Taylor for a fairly sort time, it turns out that we both graduated from the same law school many years ago and had some of the same professors. I have studied Hunter's background and experience and found him to have displayed the highest ethical standards and personal integrity. In the world of lawyers (for whatever that might be worth), Hunter has achieved the aV rating for "Peer Review for the Highest Level of Professional Excellence" by the well-known Martindale Hubbell law directory, with a peer review rating of 5.0 out of 5.0. To my knowledge, Hunter has never been accused of any misdeeds, financial or otherwise, and he has retired in the Lakes Region after a successful career in private law practice and as a law professor.

Contrasting Hunter's background with his opponent has been very difficult personally for me, for I came away feeling betrayed. I was misled by his opponent to believe that the only reason he filed for personal bankruptcy was because he had become overwhelmed with medical bills incurred for treatment of his father and wife.

But a close reading of the public court records indicates that a probate court in Maine found that his opponent breached his fiduciary duties to his wife's elderly grandfather and exerted undue influence over him in order to obtain valuable property, resulting in the imposition of a judgment against him and his wife of $210,000, to which he and his wife actually consented to be entered against them. Thereafter, there were actually three bankruptcy cases filed, one each in 2008 in Maine, and in 2011 and in 2013 in New Hampshire.

The federal bankruptcy courts found that the probate court judgment, now grown to $295,000+, was not subject to being discharged in bankruptcy because it arose out of "false pretenses, a false representation, actual fraud, or willful and malicious injury by the debtor to another entity or to the property of another entity" (the words of the federal statutes). In the final 2013 bankruptcy case, Hunter's opponent filed three different sets of financial schedules purporting to disclose his financial condition, each one different from the last, with the ultimate result that the court found that his proposed "plan" was filed in bad faith, and he was denied confirmation of his "plan" to pay off his creditors.

So I asked myself: Is this the type of person we should put in a position of power over our county finances? And the clear answer is "No." Thus, I will vote for Hunter Taylor and urge my fellow voter is in Belknap County to do the same.

Norman J. Silber

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