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Donald Trump has his faults but we are not electing a church pastor

To The Daily Sun,

With the elections just around the corner, I have some observations.

Michelle Obama stated that Trump's vulgar comments on women "have shaken me to my core." I guess Miley Cyrus letting fans touch her vagina, Rosie O'Donnell's language and Beyonce's dress code are all role models for her daughters. What hypocrisy!

Do you remember how the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was going to change health care forever. Now, Obamacare is collapsing and is no longer affordable. We all have the Democrats to thank for Obamacare. A bunch of lies.

Clinton supporters were paid to disrupt Donald Trump rallies. Then, the new media told us how Trump was inciting violence at his rallies. More lies.

Chief Hiawatha (Elizabeth Warren) is now campaigning with Hillary. I guess Hillary is after the fake Native American vote. Cherokee nation, more lies.

In fairness, here are some positives of Hillary Clinton. I am sorry I can't lie. There are none.

Donald Trump has his faults, but we are not electing a pastor. Often, people say I like a person that tells it like it is. I guess none of them are Democrats.

When I go to vote, just the thought of Hillary Clinton, president shakes me to the core.

Jim Mayotte

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Are Mexicans voting in the Nov. 8 election, or are Americans voting?

To The Daily Sun,

I saw a TV news piece where people were asked who they were voting for. One young female, who was not voting for Trump, was asked by the interviewer why not. She said that she was Mexican and Trump hated Mexicans. Are Mexicans voting in the next election or are Americans voting? If this person came into the country legally and became a citizen, isn't she an American? My grandparents came from Ireland, Canada and France, but am I Canadian, Irish or French? No I'm an American.

People of color are called Afro-American. If they are citizens of this country, aren't they just Americans? The same goes for women, millennials, baby boomers, rich, poor, disabled, gays, lesbians, transsexuals, gender confused, right wing, left wing, liberals, conservatives, Hispanics, Latinos, deplorables, angry old white guys, etc. Politicians seeking political power and news media outlets looking to gain rating points, have labeled us and have divided this country into a zillion special interest groups and have stroked the primeval fears lurking within us.

Trump is not an altar boy and says stupid and sometimes hurtful stuff, but he's not a professional/career politician seeking office for personal political power. If you think Hillary is going to unite and lead this country back to a respected leadership role in the world, you need to tune into news media outlets that have not contributed to her campaign (which unfortunately is most of them.)

Dennis Robitaille

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