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Fiddler reminds me how important theater is to a community

To The Daily Sun,

I just wanted to take the time to thank Trish Lindberg and the Educational Theatre Collaborative at the Silver Center for the Performing Arts for giving me a wonderful gift. I went to the auditions because, well, it's January, it's grey, and this "play lady" just wanted to do something different, meet some new people, do a play without being in charge.

I am so grateful! One hundred-plus people coming together every day, looking forward to being together, taking care of each other, so compassionate, so loving. Children with the warmest, deepest, most hopeful hearts. And other people, all around, who are not on stage, but there to make sure everyone has costumes, props, provisions, anything they need to keep this giant machine moving smoothly.

"Fiddler on the Roof" is about family, community, hope, strength and unity — and this show and this experience have turned out to be a heartwarming illustration of just that.

When I was a teen performing in a community or school show, I would cry my eyes out when the show ended. As a grown-up and now professional, I am more often likely to be relieved to put one show to bed and move on to the next project. But this is different. I am teary-eyed as we open this show, knowing that in a few days, I won't get to see my new friends every day.

What a joy. What a wonderful affirmation of how theater can bring a community together. I am so thankful to be reminded of how important community theater is to the community at large and hope you will all join us between now and Jan. 28 so we can share it with you as well.

Nancy Barry, Producer

Interlakes Summer Theatre
& community member of
ETC Fiddler on the Roof

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I believed Trump was an idiot but, now, he is our president

To The Daily Sun,

Wow! Sorry to say I voted for Carol Shea-Porter because I thought of her veteran-related history and voting she was the best offer. I was thinking of veterans first because presidents and political figures are always speaking of priorities and I wanted to make sure veterans were at the top.

Now she starts off by skipping the inauguration? Why, because of Trump? Democrats lost with Clinton, who was going to win, hands down? You, congresswoman, are to represent the people in your district and as the only (I think) Independent left, you have failed me. You showed weakness, and have shown to be part of the problem in D.C.

I believed President Trump, when he was just Mr. Trump, was an idiot. Now he is president of my country and has thus far surrounded himself, or trying to, with some pretty good people. You are not helping.
I didn't vote for Hillary Clinton because I couldn't imagine the thought of a Marine having to salute her as commander-in-chief as she walked off that chopper with her husband in tow.

Anyway, back to you Shea-Porter, you have let me and I'm pretty sure others down. Rep. John Lewis didn't go because he didn't believe in Trump or direction he may take the country; and because he is black and angry.

My feeling is you are not black but maybe angry because Hillary Clinton didn't win. You have every right to be angry. If I were you, I'd be angry as hell but you must represent the people of your district or step down. If you can't be honest and shed your party influence and do the right thing on behalf of country give it up to some other Democrat who will put country first and party second. This comes from an independent and proud Vietnam veteran.

Good Luck Mr. President. I, as an American, will do everything I can to support you and the policies you and your team put forth. I pray those policies are fair, equal and faithful to all. If not, I'll work with others in a peaceful way to remove your butt from office as is the way. Until then, God bless and smooth sailing.

Bob Jones


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