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Bill Wright leads by example; he'll make an excellent sheriff

To The Daily Sun,

On Sept., 13, we residents of Belknap County have a very important primary vote to cast for the office of sheriff. We are fortunate to have two excellent and qualified candidates to choose from ... retired Laconia Police Chief Michael Moyer and Belknap County Deputy Sgt. William "Bill" Wright.

In my 36 year tenure dedicating myself to the law enforcement profession, I have had the pleasure and honor to know and work with both candidates as a member of the Laconia Police Department (14 years) and Belknap County Sheriff's Department (13 years) before retiring from full-time employment as lieutenant and operations commander of the Sheriff's Department in 2011. I am asking my friends, colleagues, and neighbors to please cast your vote for William "Bill" Wright.

Let me share with you the ascending and dedicated career path of Bill. First and foremost, early in his young adult life, he made the decision and commitment in joining the U.S. Marine Corps where he would subsequently receive an honorable discharge. But it did not stop there. Bill continued his commitment by joining the New Hampshire Army National Guard. I have nothing but the utmost respect to any one individual who makes the commitment and sacrifice in defending out great nation and state. Like many of us, we salute our veterans for their commitment and dedication in serving at any branch of our military. Any person who has served honorably standing guard for freedom, liberty, and the principles of our democratic society has my complete attention as a candidate.

Bill started his law enforcement profession as a police officer for the city of Franklin before deciding to return to his hometown of Belmont. In his service to his hometown police department, Bill would aspire to become field training officer (FTO), department firearms instructor, DARE instructor, department honor guard, and assistant team leader of the Belknap Regional Special Operations Group (SWAT). Because of his talents and perseverance, Bill would be promoted to the rank of corporal. He then accepted an opportunity to become a member of the Belknap County Sheriff's Department as a deputy sheriff under the guidance and leadership of Sheriff Daniel Collis ... probably one of the finest sheriffs this county has ever elected.

In his 11-year tenure of the Belknap County Sheriff's Department, Bill would serve honorably and proficiently in both the civil and criminal divisions. Because of his commitment and dedication to duty, he would be assigned to the United States Marshal's Fugitive Task Force. Belknap County was the first county in New Hampshire to participate in this initiative to apprehend fleeing felons and known criminals under U.S. Marshal David Cargill. As his commander, his actions, decisions, investigations, and documentation were exemplary.

One of the outstanding attributes Bill demonstrated with me was being a problem solver. Being proactive with sound forethought. He does not fear disagreement, but is always respectful in his factual and truthful response. I recognized his character as being a person who stands by his convictions. With potential and pending retirements within our own agency, including my own, I wanted to start preparing future leaders and supervisors to fill those voids for a smooth transition. I selected Bill to attend to attend and participate in FBI-based (LEEDA) supervisory and leadership training programs which he accepted without hesitation and complete enthusiasm.

Bill continues to work in a full-time capacity as a supervisor and leader. On any given Monday morning, he will report to duty as a supervisor in his designated duty for the citizens of Belknap County. He conducts himself professionally with the guiding principles of "leading by example" and "do not task someone with something you would not do yourself."

He has served as a supervisor in the criminal, civil, and communications divisions of the Sheriff's Department. On his first day as Sheriff, no job training or familiarization will be required.

In closing, the Marine Corps lives by the motto, "Semper Fidelis," or commonly referred to as "Semper Fi." For those who may not be familiar, the term means Always Faithful. This defines Bill Wright as candidate for sheriff. Bill has expressed to me he wants to be a traditional working sheriff ... for all residents of Belknap County — Republican, Democrat, and independent — and those visiting our beautiful communities. Please join me in supporting William "Bill" Wright for Sheriff 2016.

Christopher L. Cost


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I liked Rep. Gallagher's 'judgement & decision making' a lot

To The Daily Sun,

This is the first letter to the editor that i have ever written, but I must respond.

Belknap County Commissioner David DeVoy spent more words and effort attacking (state Senate District 2 candidate) Mr. Gallagher than in support of Gallagher's Republican opponent, Mr. Giuda. He said he didn't like Brian's "judgment and decision making." At the executive branch I participated on a committee in hiring Mr. Gallagher. Years later, working at the judicial branch I liked his "judgment and decision making" enough to hire him again.

It appears to me that Mr. DeVoy may have a problem with people who see things differently than he does. Mr. Gallagher is only one of 18 representatives on the county delegation. How many votes did Mr. DeVoy's plan get? Apparently zero! Mr. Gallagher has experience with all three branches of the government, which will enable him to serve the people of Senate District 2 well.

James Brickner

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