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Please ask the Laconia School Board to put band back in schedule

To The Daily Sun,

This letter is in support of the Laconia High School Marching Sachems Band. Hopefully Laconia can band together to support their Marching Sachems.

Please write to the Laconia SAU office and school board to ask them to please put band back in the daytime rotation for the school schedule. If not, this will be the last time Laconia will see and hear their LHS Marching Sachems.

Laconia, please support your high school band. Both my children where in the band and color guard. I was also the band booster president for many years. Please help the band.

Lisa Moulton


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What is the harm in a bit of nipple for one weekend a year?

To The Daily Sun,

Oh boy, here comes Motorcycle Week! I love the aroma of Harley exhaust in the morning. It smells like party time!

Actually the sacred event seems rather tame the last few years. Do you remember when the crowds along Lakeside Avenue would be standing behind a snow fence knee deep in beer cans, with the traffic backed up for miles in every direction, and the raucous cries of "Show me your (chest)!" Oh, those were the days!

But alas, the powers that be have managed to stifle much of the enthusiasm that made MC week so special. The young biker daredevils have been largely replaced by shuffling old duffers trying to relive their glory days. At least the body count has gone down.

Part of the campaign to tame Bike Week was the ordinance banning women's bare breasts in public, and in my opinion has been the biggest wet blanket over the whole event. Unlike topless women at the beach where they do rightly offend the wholesome family atmosphere, the kind of people who visit Laconia on the third weekend in June do very much welcome some occasional bawdy and impromptu amateur adult entertainment.

Really now, in this era of anything goes, what is the harm in a bit of nipple for one weekend out of the whole year? When a good-looking chick flashes her headlights at a group of biker dudes, you can bet that they will go home with big smiles and great stories to tell. What better advertising is that? Do we want these guys to feel welcome or what?

Alan Moon


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