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Politicians are too busy pandering to nutty views on extremes

To The Daily Sun,

Voters have finally had it with the partisan bickering. Republicans are beginning to see the handwriting on the wall. During this holiday season there aren't enough nut crackers in existence to crack all the nuts in their party. Talk is beginning to emerge for "non–partisan" primaries, which would be a step in the right direction and draw both parties toward the middle, where compromise is possible. Extremists need only to look in the mirror for the cause of our problems. Politicians are too busy pandering to their nutty extremist views rather than concentrate on the public good.
The advantages of "non-partisan" elections are many. To name a few:
1. Helps eliminate "extreme" candidates from the process.
2. Independents and third-party candidates have a better chance of beating traditional candidates.
3. Candidates are more free to state their true beliefs rather than pandering to the nuts in their own party.
4. Reduces the gamesmanship that goes on in party politics.
5. Eliminates blind, straight-ticket voting where uninformed voters simply bow to their party ideals regardless of the merits of the individual candidates.
6. More than anything, this is an alternative to the present system, which is broken.
Several states have already adopted this method, among them California, where Arnold Schwarzenegger was chosen on 48.6 percelnt of the ballots and won by 1.3 million votes. Think about it. Politicians beholding to their constituencies rather than the party that got them elected. What a novel idea. Perhaps then we will not see horrid legislation that cuts food stamps for veterans and other homeless people. Just for that I'm adding another oxymoron to my lexicon —"Compassionate Republican".

George Maloof


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I have seen so many people without health insurance suffer

To The Daily Sun,

I read your letter, Mr. Boutin, and all I can say is WOW! Instead on addressing points I brought up in my letter you took it upon yourself to just spend your time insulting me. You implied I was not well educated and was brain dead. I had a very good education of which I paid for. However, my choice of careers was in the field of social services. I spent most of my time working with poor and low-income people and on issues that reflected on their lives. Thus the reason for my concern for people and equality.

Regardless of what you think you will never change my mind about people, regardless of their income status, having access to health insurance. I have seen to many people, without insurance, suffer and even die for lack of care because they can't pay for it. Granted when the condition gets so bad you end up in an ambulance and in the hospital and then will get the care. But once stabilized you are discharged and told to follow up with your doctor and most uninsured people do not have doctors so in the end they return to the hospital even worse. Those expenses go unpaid and all of us with insurance end up paying because as I stated before lab fees, hospital room rates, lab tests, etc. prices all go up.

You and Mr. Ewing seem to think young people are invincible and do not have serious medical problems. Well these people do get cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and many other serious medical problems. So yes they do need insurance if they are over the age of 26 or no longer live with their parents.

I should know better after all these years to answer any of your letters because you enjoy insulting people and saying mean things to them. You do not debate an issue. It is your way or no way and anyone who doesn't agree with you is wrong. I can assure you I will not respond to another of your letters and, in fact, will avoid even reading anything you write because all you express is anger and hate.

Nancy Parsons

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Remember what happened with Medicaid next time you vote

To The Daily Sun,

I have just learned that Senate Republican leaders have walked away from the bargaining table, saying that it's too complicated, that there are "too many moving parts" to figure out a compromise to accept $2.4 billion in federal funding to give 50,000 Granite Staters Medicaid coverage. Governor Hassan has offered a compromise that is 90 percent of the Republican plan, but Senate Republican leaders have refused to budge, or even suggest a counter-proposal. Insuring 50,000 new people will take a strain off our state, and the $2.4 billion in federal funding will be a boost to our economy and create jobs. This could have been a win/win situation demonstrating honest negotiation, free from partisan politics.

When 50,000 plus New Hampshire residents are uninsured or underinsured, those of us with insurance will foot the bill with increasing cost of health care and rising health insurance premiums. Remember how that happened the next time you go to the polls.

Kay M. Anderson


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Republicans just trying to scare people with talk of income tax

To The Daily Sun,

We are all aware that the right-wing of the GOP does not want Medicaid expansion or any part of the ACA. In a column she wrote last week, Sen. Jeanie Forrester introduced the fear of an income tax resulting from N.H. passing Medicaid expansion. This is fear mongering taken directly from the Republican Liberty Alliance and
it has no basis in fact. Several weeks ago at a press conference, Aaron Day, the new chair of the Republican Liberty Alliance, warned Republicans they will have a primary if they vote for Medicaid expansion. The organization's home page has a picture of an empty Senate chamber with a box on the right titled "RINO
(Republican in Name Only) Hunting. "Join the team that's helping to stop Obamacare's Medicaid expansion and prevent a New Hampshire state income tax," is displayed prominently on the group's home page.

Sen. Forrester obviously got the message as her piece last week repeats the threat of an income tax, which is a last minute tactic to play to the worst fear of many in N.H. — an income tax! It seems that Sen. Forrester and her GOP peers are more concerned with putting the fear in NH citizens rather then addressing the fears of the uninsured and needy in our state.

Denise Doyle


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Stand up for your paycheck & for N.H.; stop Medicaid expansion

To The Daily Sun,
NH Governor Maggie Hassan called a special session of the state Legislature. The purpose is to lay the ground-work to bankrupt the state of N.H. The reputation of "no income or sales tax", if she has her way, is dead.
Our representatives and senators have been very busy expanding Medicaid. This is part of the Obamacare train wreck that the Supreme Court said states could NOT be COERCED into!
Supposedly, the federal government will cover 100 percent of the cost of this expansion — with money printed as needed, to cover it. In three years, though, N.H. has to pick up 10 percent of the costs — and can WE print that same money to cover it? No — thus they intend to ram new taxes down our throats!
Can you trust the federal "you can keep your plan and your doctor" government to cover 90 percent of expanded Medicaid? Do you think they won't saying "sorry, we can only cover half (or less), now cough up the difference"? Can you afford to pay your bills, and maybe put up a little savings, if you keep even less in your pay?
Find out who your state senator and representatives are: http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/Senate/members/wml.aspx and contact them! Protect N.H. and your paycheck: please tell them TABLE this legislation until the train-wreck that is Obamacare is cleaned up! Call Governor Hassan: (603)271-2121 and tell her "Do Not Expand Medicaid!"
A.C.R. Piper

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