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Time for change before we see even more people leave Bristol

To The Daily Sun,

After getting elected to the Budget Committee in 2016, I can say that Bristol has been over-taxed for at least a decade. The fact that all the collected, and yet unspent taxes in recent years continues to be added to this unreserved fund, points to the need for a change in direction of leadership. The Selectboard has allowed this confiscation of wealth far too long. It is past time for better skilled people to manage this governmental enterprise that we call Bristol. And it is time to give back at least half of this unreserved fund to the rightful owners, we the taxpayers of Bristol.

Thank you Shaun for the best endorsement that I've seen yet for electing John Sellers to Bristol's Selectboard (your op-ed dated March 2 in the Newfound Landing, Section A, Page 6). Shaun Lagueux, you simply stated that John has done the job I expected you and Rick Alpers to do on the Selectboard: to provide accountable oversight on spending of the general fund, so that Bristol fulfills its governmental role in providing the necessary governmental services to its people. You and Rick Alpers have failed the Bristol taxpayers to the tune of $1.2 million that is now locked away in an unreserved fund. I applaud the creativity of the departmental managers for wisely spending their budgets, and thank them for their service to the town and its people.

I am encouraging all concerned Bristol residents to come to the town meeting Saturday, March 18, to vote for SB-2, which shall allow for greater participation in the democratic process here in Bristol via a ballet vote on all future spending. Furthermore, I urge you to consider who you trust for serving on the Selectboard going forward. Rick Alpers has been on this board for 14 years. Now, seeing how much he has led on this confiscation of your wealth through over-taxation demonstrates he also lacks the necessary skills to run this town's governmental services.

It is time for a major change before we see more people leave Bristol for surrounding towns. We must change to avoid the loss of property value due to unnecessary taxation. Simply put, Bristol is not growing, and this is one reason why. But it is not too late to turn this trend around. You can make a difference with your one vote.

It is time to vote for change Tuesday, March 14. I am supporting John Sellers for Selectboard, and I am asking you to join with me and cast your vote for him as well.

Wayne H. Anderson

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Year-Round Library is one of the jewels in the crown on Gilmanton

To The Daily Sun,

The old barn exterior provides a mild disguise, but upon entering you instantly see how beautiful your Gilmanton Year-Round Library really is, spacious, inviting, and comfortable — it is everything you could want in a community space. A welcoming, knowledgeable, and friendly staff greets you as you pass the latest best sellers on your way to the cozy and quiet reading nook, which is stocked with current newspapers and magazines, and comfortable chairs of course, so you can catch up on current events or settle in with a great book.

Across the central meeting area, next to the easy to navigate book stacks, are two rows of private computer stations hooked to the internet for anyone to use. The Children's Room is very impressive, filled with books, puzzles, games, and events, almost anything a child would enjoy, and a dedicated children's librarian to keep the joy of learning flowing through our next generation. Our teenagers are not forgotten, they have an area all their own on the second level where they can meet to play games, do art, or just relax with friends.

Through the hard work and generosity of many, our community has been given this wondrous building and grounds, truly one of the jewels in the crown of the small town we call home. A jewel that serves all of our citizens from the youngest to the oldest in a multitude of meaningful ways.

Please come and enjoy the Gilmanton Year Round Library. It is here for you. Please support your library on March 14.

Lew Henry

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