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How dare you criticize others for getting assistance in time of need

To The Daily Sun, 

Today, I have a few comments about local radio. Many thanks to Bill Binni for bringing back Open Mic from 9-10 a.m. weekdays. Pat Kelly does a wonderful job of bringing on guests from diversified areas, including a wide range of service information in our community. It has been very helpful to many. I also enjoy that we have Sachem football back and a very good Saturday morning sports program. They all can be reached on 1490 WEMJ-AM at 527-1490. 

We also have the HAWK-Modern Era Rock and Roll. Another station I enjoy is WPNH and WFTN at 1300-AM. Great oldies! The other station locally is WEZS 1450-AM. We used to hear a great variety of music, with Allen Harrison giving local and national news in the morning, now all you hear for the most part is FOX and the program I refer to as the "aggravator". Yuck! The exception would be Tom Brown from 9-12 p.m. weeknights. I may not agree with much of his political views, but we get to talk about out of the box subjects. So thanks to Pat and Tom, GOOD JOB BOYS!

I have another issue to discuss with regards to the letter dated May 24 in The Laconia Daily Sun written by Neil Young. Neil wrote in the letter that I put down his fathers' service to our country; that is such a lie. I have the greatest respect for those who have served and continue to protect our nation. Got it Neil! And another thing, your name calling only makes you look stuck on stupid. If you let everyone have their point of view instead of following your mantra, you might have a better and wider range of listeners, instead of the same boring subject matter everyday, and hanging up on people that do not agree with you. IT'S JUST A THOUGHT! 

I have written before, I worked hard my whole life. For you to call me a "taker" is ridiculous. Talk to people who worked in construction during their lives, as I have, and then call them names because you don't agree with them politically; I consider that small. The physical labor that I have or another person in the construction field has. Being in the construction industry wears your body out faster than the norm, so that being said, you need to understand that some of us have to go on disability earlier in life than most. In my case, I retired early, getting benefits at 60 years old. I am now 63, and collect my Social Security that I worked a lifetime for. I understand that you were getting SSI benefits from childbirth until you were 18 because of your loss of a parent. What a hypocrite! How dare you ever criticize others for needed assistance in a time of need. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. My father and you are totally different people. My father was a quite and kind person. Never bothering anyone for anything. He worked extremely hard to provide for his family of four without complaining. You couldn't carry his water. So Neil, enough of this "taker" crap, because you would be at the top of your class. 

P.S. I hope you are enjoying your Social Security!

Ray Corliss 


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I am thankful to have Jeanie Forrester representing us in Senate

To The Daily Sun,

I support Senator Jeanie Forrester as she moves forward to be elected once again as our State Senator from District 2. I have known Jeanie since 2003 when she and her husband first came to Meredith looking for a place to live. In 2005 Jeanie asked me to join her and others in an effort to help Meredith be a better place to live, work and play.

Over the past 10 years I have seen Jeanie as a leader, a listener and as someone who has the true desire to make things happen for the better. Whenever I am with Jeanie, she takes time to listen to me share what is happening in my business. At our non-profit meetings, Jeanie is looking for answers to what we can do together to make this area a stronger economically as well as to raise a family. Jeanie, I believe, genuinely wants to know what she can do to help me in whatever I am doing.

I am proud to be a family man from Meredith, a property owner in Meredith and a small-business owner in Meredith. I am thankful to have Jeanie Forrester, an active senator, representing District 2.

Chris Kelly


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Judy Wallick is a proven leader in business, service & family

To The Daily Sun,

Voters of Ashland, Bristol, Alexandria, Bridgewater and Grafton have a clear choice this November for their state representative.

Judy Wallick is a hard-working, dedicated former single mom who successfully raised her three children. With encouragement from others plus determination and self sacrifice, she has not only raised her family but was committed to helping others. Judy's community service includes Headrest Inc., Make a Wish Foundation, American Heart Association, the Governor's Commission on Employment of People with Disabilities, plus Americans Caring Teaching and Sharing — a non-profit active in rural Honduras.

Professionally Judy has worked over 20 years helping small businesses develop, succeed and grow with their ideas and dreams.

Judy's opponents are Jeremy Olson and Bob Hull of Grafton. Both are Free State Project activists from Florida. Mr. Hull and his Free State friends have cost Grafton County thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees and court costs with a frivolous lawsuit. Jeremy and Bob have no interest in New Hampshire values, education, or government.

Jeffrey Shackett, a Republican from Bristol, has served two terms and missed 310 votes, votes important to us in Grafton County as well as the whole state. Check out his voting record on http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/house/members/housevoting records.aspx.

Please, again I ask for you to Vote for Judy Wallick, a proven leader in business, community service and family. Her goals as your Representative are to reduce youth and senior poverty, help grow small businesses, improve quality education by supporting proven teachers and stop the downshifting of state expenses to our property taxes. When elected Judy will report directly to her five towns to engage, inform and encourage feedback from all her citizens.

Shirley Harriman White

Ashland/Center Harbor

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Indoor Yard Sale on Oct. 18 will benefit Meredith Food Pantry

To The Daily Sun,

It's that time of year again. The Meredith Emergency Food pantry uses its own funds to fill the shelves in preparation for the holidays. It can be a monthly bill of around $3,000 for the food pantry. The pantry cannot survive on the account funds alone. They need donations.

There are many, many families in need of assistance, and part of being a community is to reach out and support in any way we can. With that being said, the caring educational people of the Inter-Lakes school system would like to assist.

The Inter-Lakes Education Association (ILEA) and the Inter-Lakes Support Staff Association (ILSSA) are now planning the fifth annual Indoor Yard Sale. These associations are the teachers and paraeducators of the Inter-Lakes School District.

The food pantry is in need of help. Therefore, 100 percent of the money from the yard sale will be donated to the food pantry. In addition to many donated items there will also be baked goods and specialty baskets for sale. Please support this yard sale to help families in need as the holidays approach. Let's all chip in to make this event a successful one. Last year we raised $2,550 for the pantry.

The indoor yard sale will be Saturday, Oct. 18. This event will run from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Inter-Lakes Elementary School in the multi-purpose room. The elementary school is located behind Inter-Lakes High School (Laker Lane) off Route 25 in Meredith.

Donations for the yard sale may be dropped off at the elementary school on Friday, Oct. 17 from 3:30 to 6 p.m. or on the morning of the yard sale Saturday, Oct. 18, 7 to 8 a.m. (no electronics).

If anyone would like to bring a non-perishable item, we will have a collection box that will go to the food pantry after the event. Any questions, feel free to contact Alesia Parks at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The Meredith Emergency Food Pantry is located at 147 Main St. and is open for donations Mondays through Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Please call 279-1115 for any other information.

Alesia Parks

ILEA Member


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Some need be careful of wish to die while dong something they love

To The Daily Sun,

I guess my version of a freak accident, (the Uzi and the little girl, that killed her instructor) is much different from Mr. Earle's. I see it a series of unlikely events, that lead to some kind of happening. For instance, a dog jumps into a car, it somehow starts it up, the dog put it in gear, it crashes a fence and lands in your neighbor's pool. 

They say we all want to die doing something that we love. But if you are a gun enthusiast, be careful of what you wish for. 

Steve Belcher


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