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We're fortunate to have these dedicated pros in our community

To The Daily Sun,

I want to publicly express my thanks and gratitude to Dr. Sam Aldridge, Dr. Alan Awrich and physician assistant Charlene Kriensieck for the excellent care they gave my husband, Harold, the last few months of his life.

We are very fortunate to have these dedicated professionals in our community

Theresa Kelleher


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Timber Hill Farm wedding receptions have outraged neighbors

To The Daily Sun,

We are writing to urge Gilford Resident to vote "No" to Article 5. This article if passed would change the zoning on the lower half of Gunstock Hill Road from Single Family Residential to Resort Commercial.

It should be noted that included in all of the area proposed for this zoning change, to my knowledge, there never has been, nor is there currently any request for commercial or resort business activity, except for one, the currently proposed Timber Hill Farm wedding venue.

For the past 46 years we have lived on a typically quiet Gilford street, Gunstock Hill Road, which is zoned as Single Family Residential. We have been blessed with the beautiful vistas this land provides, paying a heavy view tax for these views, never thinking there would be any changes to our zoning.

During the past year, however, all this has been surreptitiously challenged by a commercial wedding venue. For the entire year Timber Hill Farm has run this commercial wedding business without town approval and on land which is in Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests conservation and heavily tax-abated easement.

The owners have placed their wedding venue in a location best suited to maximize the views paying little attention to neighbors. In the process they have outraged many neighbors like us. I don't believe that any Gilford resident who has purchased their home in a residential district like Gunstock Hill Road would be too thrilled, under like circumstances, to have their land and their abutting land changed to Resort Commercial. Weddings and their accompanying parties, drinking, and dancing are not what you or we had anticipated as residence of a residential zone.

Please vote "No" on Article 5. It will not only help preserve our tranquility but it could, at some time in the future, also preserve yours.

David & Paula McDonald


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