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Should Hillary also be willing to die at 75, so she won't be a burden?

To The Daily Sun,

Most Trump naysayers state the intellectual Republican, and any intellectual voter, will turn to Hillary Clinton as the choice of educated voters. Baloney. A intelligent person with multiple secondary level degrees understands what the future USA will be under four to eight years of continued Democratic leadership. For example, a recent (letter) in The Laconia Daily Sun reminded your readers that one of the authors of Obamacare, a physician, stated beyond age 75 seniors "should be willing to simply die and not be a burden on society." Does this include Hillary, who should be willing to simply die and not be a burden on society in the final year of a second term? Nope. Elected officials play by another set of rules.

Apparently many pundits don't feel senior citizens posses the intellect to make a decision at the polls based on their best interests, including and especially those who are still living past the age of 75. You do not have to be a septuagenarian to have concerns. What purpose would "willing to simply die" serve? To produce Soylent Green to feed the starving multitudes under a socialist totalitarian government?

If you are a senior at any age, show intelligence by voting for Trump and the potential repeal of Obamacare before it may be too late. If you don't, you might end up in a green pill when you are still in your prime at age 75.

Age 70, built a 12' wooden kit boat. Age 76, constructed a 10' x 20' storage shed (framing, siding, roofing) that is almost complete. In between years, stripped carpet and linoleum and replaced with 12" wide pine flooring throughout three rooms including staining and applying polyurethane protective covering (three coats). Also removed carpet and replace with 5/8" finished flooring (to save time to grow old and die?) in the master bedroom. This fall, 15th year teaching at university and at community college. Six classes in total. Hopefully, will not be too big a burden on society this year.

Many seniors age 75+ are not ready to be made into Soylent Green. Life can be good in your 70s. Ask Trump. He will make America great again for anyone any age.

Jim Raschilla
Alton Bay and Chicopee, Mass.

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Until you grow a womb, sir, leave women's issues where they belong, with women

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing in response to a letter to the dditor written by Harry Mitchell of Laconia.

I'm clear that there are only two sources for your letter. Either you believe some nonsense you heard or read someplace, or you are simply spouting deliberate nonsense. So you're either a fool or a liar.

If you're a fool, at least facts can ostensibly cure you. Like the fact that no one has ever advocated for an abortion at 40 weeks. Ever. Only 1.2 percent of abortions occur at or after the 21-week mark (approximately 12,000 per year nationwide), and only seven states (and the District of Columbia) allow late-term abortions. New Hampshire is one of them. It is generally for fetuses with significant developmental deficiencies, or a late term catastrophic impact on the mother.

Hillary Clinton stated that while she opposed federal legislation specifying a cut-off for a woman's right to choose, she believed that there should always simply be "an exemption for the life and health of the mother." The Supreme Court has also held that states may not prohibit abortions, "necessary to preserve the life or health" of the mother. Which means that the viability of a fetus could be jeopardizing the life of the mother — You know, the person already alive? And every website out there that is sharing this same fabrication is religiously affiliated. And as my wife likes to say, "Keep your rosaries off my ovaries."

And if you are a liar? Well then this argument is as wasted on you as it is on the religious wing nuts who seek to control a woman's prerogative. So until you grow a womb and start launching eggs of your own, perhaps you should simply crawl back into the XY chromosome parking lot and leave women's issues where they belong — with women.

Alan Vervaeke

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