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Improvements to Meredith Center Road are great; thanks much

To The Daily Sun,

I would just like to take a moment to acknowledge the New Hampshire Department of Transportation for the work they have performed on Meredith Center Road in recent years.

Many people, me included, who live west of Laconia depend on Meredith Center Road for access to the city.

Every road in New Hampshire has its seasonal challenges and Meredith Center Road is no exception. Between dodging frost heaves and trying to take a left on to Route 104 on a holiday Friday, sometimes I wasn't sure if I would make it home. The upgrades to the roadbed and the safety improvements to the intersection with Route 104 are very much appreciated.

Casey Gordon

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Ayotte & others, with sincerity, must now endorse Trump

To The Daily Sun,

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, the former Maryland lieutenant governor and daughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy, told POLITICO that GHW Bush is voting for Democrat Hillary Clinton for president.
For the last four years of her term as our U. S. Senator,  Kelly Ayotte has lost my confidence as a Republican. Through her lack of conservatism, she has lost touch with some voters. She has kept her distance from my candidate, Donald Trump. Kelly doesn't want to lose her standing as being part of the "Establishment!"
Since they want to force me to vote for "their" candidates, and Hillary, here is what has to happen to all Republicans. Ayotte, Chris Sununu, Kasich, ALL, with sincerity, must endorse the party nominee, Donald Trump.
Oh, but, what about the other candidates? Hillary will load the U.S. Supreme Court with anti-First and Second Amendment judges. Absolutely. Then why does it matter who holds state election positions; Bingo – centralized government!

Niel Young


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