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I respect rights of those willing to go through process of sex change

To The Daily Sun,

If I'm in a men's room, and someone who looks like a woman walks in, I feel uncomfortable. I imagine that a woman would feel that way if someone looking like a man walked into a woman's room.

It takes a lot of effort to go through the painful process of changing one's sex, and I respect the rights of those who feel strongly enough to do that.

Dick Devens
Center Sandwich

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After a stay in the hospital, I will be back on the air on Saturday morning

To The Daily Sun,

Another stay over at LRGH, and a rebuild by Dr. Shafique and his OR people repairing a lingering problem. Some of the great people on 4N who took good care of me: Shannon, McKenzie, and Richie. Rich puts you at ease knowing the OR is your next stop!

This Saturday and then Monday, I return to AM 1350 (WEZS), hosting my daily radio talk program.

Niel Young


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