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In GOP debate, Carly Fiorina stood very tall at 5 feet, 6 inches

To The Daily Sun,

The second debate is now in the books and for those who watched reruns of Gilligan's Island, you missed the best candidate, in my opinion, on the stage or in the running, Republican or Democrat. Carly Fiorina stood tall despite being only 5 feet, 6 inches. Not only did she give a slap-down to Donald Trump but her answers to questions directed to her were concise, intelligent and to the point. She had the most reasonable approaches to dealing with Iran, and every issue presented to her.

Even before the debates she would actually answer any question asked her and every one was well thought out and informed. Moreover, she looks far and away more presidential in her demeanor and knowledge than any other person running.

As for CNN, the strategy employed was so painfully clear by the Clinton Now and forever Network which was to get the Republicans into a nasty free-for-all to damage the brand. Leftists will say it worked. Repubs will say it didn't. As for me, it was of limited effectiveness because Hillary Clinton was the target of so many solid shots it was a complete wash. In fact, the stammering, stuttering Dem hopeful was made to look so woeful in comparison to Fiorina that it isn't even close. I really hope it comes down to the two women because Carly will make Hillary cry and run home.

And speaking of going home it appears many of Clinton's money men and women are having second thoughts given all the baggage Hillary is dragging behind her. Kind of like the chains Scrooge's dead partner Marley forged in life in the story "A Christmas Carol". For her supporters who buy her "it was nothing other Secretaries of State didn't do", get real. Neither Condy Rice or Colin Powell had private servers outside of government control. Using private e-mails for private business is far, far from using one for secured government information and then failing to turn them over to State (Department) when she left. That's a felony from what I read. Not only that, but Clinton makes her entire party look bad as they try to cover up for and excuse her terrible decisions and poor judgments while at State.

This is getting really interesting. The next debate will be the Democrats. Bet the questions will look more like they come from cheerleaders. For the last few cycles CNN reporters were only missing pom poms and mini skirts when questioning the Democratic field. Will things change this year?

Steve Earle


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Free health care for 330 million Americans? Welcome to Greece

To The Daily Sun,

Seventeen trillion dollars. That's the cost of Bernie Sanders campaign promises tallied this week by the Wall Street Journal. The number is so gigantic it makes FDR's New Deal and LBJ's New Society look like tightwad spending. This number is for Sanders' new spending, let alone the old speeding, that has us $18 trillion in debt, handcuffed to bankrupt entitlements as far as the can see.

By comparison, when JFK was president entitlement spending and interest on our debt totaled 26 percent of spending. Today, that number is 71 percent and growing larger. Every Democratic promise more and larger entitlements would improve fairness has only led to flourishing inequality, more welfare, and an incredible mountain of unpaid debt for our children.

Greece is full of Bernie Sanders look-alikes. The Greeks just went bankrupt for the second time in five years in July. The Greek economy is in shreds. They can't export because everything they produce is outrageously expensive from ultra-liberal union laws. Unemployment is 25 percent, while the young are fleeing Greece because they can't find work, and have no expectation to.

What the Greeks do have is an almost entirely unionized workforce. Much of the country works directly for the government. Government controls literally everything. No one can be fired no matter how slow, or poor their work. The Greeks get more paid holidays, more vacation days and retire earlier than any people on the European continent. The Greeks have the worst productivity and lowest economic output per capita of any country in Europe. This is where socialism of the type Bernie Sanders promotes always ends, bankrupt over and over. But free, free, free is always so appealing.

One of Bernie's old but new again promises on the campaign trail is single-payer health care. Bernie Sanders and current Vermont governor Peter Shumlin have been promising single payer, "free" heath care to Vermont voters since the state has been making maple syrup. Their exploitation of promises for free health care (for election purposes) are the perfect example of the intentional hoodwinking and deception by politicians the American people have come to despise.

Eighty percent of Americas say politicians are liars. Listen to Sanders for five minutes and you will know why.

A few months ago, after the Vermont election, Shumlin announced with a whimper the five year promises of free heath care by him, bear hugged by Sanders, was a socialist fantasy. Expert economists and consultants concluded the costs for free Vermont health care would be astronomical. Free health care required taxation so broad and so high it would destroy the entire Vermont economy. After years of promises of free health care to get Democrats elected the truth was finally let out of the bag with great delay.

Now, Bernie Sanders is going around the country trying to get elected, promising free health care, not to 2 million people in Vermont but 330 million million people across America — after just finding out free, single-payer health care would destroy the Vermont economy. Now he wants to destroy the entire American economy. The same way the Bernie Sanders' brand of socialism has reduced Greece to a bankrupt heap of economic ashes.

Tony Boutin

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