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I want a government that solves problems and makes things better

To The Daily Sun,

Hey you, you're a racist, a homophobe, a birther, a Islamophobe — this or that or whatever, as long as the leftist calling you names doesn't have to address real issues or try to defend Obama's record or Hillary's servers. And never, ever ask about Benghazi or the cover-up lies after. Progressives think everyone, except them, is stupid and will follow any politically-correct issue they can invent. Last thing they want is to discuss real solutions to real problems.

What they want is issues to run on, not solutions. If actual solutions were found and implemented Democrats would be out of business. If the economy was fixed and booming and industry returned to our country businesses would be crying for employees to fill the necessary jobs. College grads would be in high demand, folks could get off unemployment and welfare rolls and could afford their rents or even buy their own houses. We would have millions more people paying into Social Security and folks might even be able to actually afford Obamacare.

But hey, that's not what progressives are about. They want as many poor and dependent and illiterates on government handouts as they can create. So far they are doing a great job at that.

I actually want to have a government that solves problems and makes things better for all Americans? If so, it's not the establishment liberals, so beware of Democrats bearing gifts.

Steve Earle


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If you like Obama, Hillary is going to pick up his agenda

To The Daily Sun,

Hillary is going up in polls. I guess she is not going to jail. I guess this too will be fixed — where she gets away with everything, just like she did before.

Anyone who loves Obama should vote for Hillary. I just want to ask you how he has done for you as a president? If you like Obama, Hillary is going to pick up his agenda when he leaves office. So far we are on the same page.

Just think of Benghazi ("What difference does it make."). Those poor guys getting tortured and killed on her watch. What kind of Secretary of State was that? If she does not go to jail then you know it is fixed and a done deal. Like I have said before we all know that to be true.

So you see folks, we do not count. They care only of themselves and money. So beware and do not make a mistake you will be sorry for. This is our last chance to get it right. Do we want Bernie Sanders? No way. He is a communist. Do not be fooled by him and his sweet talk. Let's take America back before it is too late for any of us to survive this new world order.

Ann DeRose

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