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Currier & Guarino won't saddle Gilmanton with another 13% tax hike

To The Daily Sun,

When I decided to run for commissioner in Belknap County, it was because of frustration with the prior commissioners' blatant disregard for the public purse. A mutual friend asked the then-retired Dave Russell why he was choosing to run for state representative again. He received this answer: "To support our commissioners."

These were the same commissioners, two of whom were registered Republicans, but who always followed the lead of their Democratic colleague who proposed a $42 million jail. As you may know, the state representatives of this biennium have signed on to an $8 million Community Corrections Center. Until now, it seemed rather pointless to raise this issue which was settled in favor of the taxpayer and also in favor of an anti-­recidivism model.

Mr. Russell's letter in the March 1 Laconia Daily Sun makes the politics of the last two years current. He was in favor of bigger government then and he is in favor of bigger government now. Residents of Gilmanton, if you choose to back the candidates suggested by Mr. Russell you will be asking for bigger government and more of the fiscal irresponsibility which we have seen with Ms. Hatch and Mr. Jean leading the way on the Selectboard.

I know that Brett Currier and Don Guarino would never saddle us with another 13 percent tax increase.

Dick Burchell

Commissioner, Belknap 2


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County investing in economic development work is a wise move

To The Daily Sun,

Thank you to the Belknap County Delegation for voting to restore funding for the Belknap Economic Development Council (Belknap EDC) at their work session on the proposed county budget on February 16. We appreciate your diligence, thoughtfulness, and questions asked by the delegation members to better understand our programming and economic development goals for the county.

In recent years, Belknap EDC has focused its strategic efforts on four major goals:
1. Retain and attract young talent.
2. Support creative entrepreneurs.
3. Enhance workforce development programs.
4. Be a pro-active catalyst in property development to enhance economic opportunity in Belknap County.

Belknap EDC is proud to play a leadership role in collaborative efforts to strengthen connections between our students and local businesses, to create marketing campaigns and programs that show young people the benefits of living and working here, to support creative entrepreneurs as they build their businesses in the county, and to be a catalyst for redevelopment which is highlighted by our purchase of the Colonial Theatre block in Laconia.

Belknap EDC is one of 10 non-profit regional development corporations in the State of New Hampshire. Since our inception in 1992, Belknap EDC has leveraged more than $3 million in new capital in Belknap County in the form of federal grants and loans that comprise the seed capital for our revolving loan fund. With this capital we have worked with our local community banks to make loans to 80 Belknap County businesses, which has leveraged over $77 million in capital from other sources and created or retained more than 1,700 jobs. Recent highlights of our revolving loan programs include our collaboration with Hermit Woods Winery in Meredith, allowing them to purchase new equipment to expand their manufacturing capacity, partnering with G.C. Engineering in Laconia to help them expand into new space in Laconia and hire new employees, and providing gap financing to Emerson Aviation in Gilford to expand their business operations.

The Belknap County Delegation is making a wise investment for our 11 communities by restoring funding for Belknap EDC which supports our strategic goals and initiatives. We look forward to future collaboration and commitment to our shared

Randy Eifert
Belknap EDC Chairperson
On behalf of the Board of Directors of Belknap EDC

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