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Laconia Chiefs is great organization that does right by our kids

To The Daily Sun,

I wanted to take the time to write about a great program for our kids in our community, the Laconia Chiefs football and cheer program.

The Chiefs is run by an all volunteer board and coaches these amazing people take the time out of there busy lives to teach, coach, and plan games and various fund-raisers so our children can have the best of the best equipment. It is a great organization that truly does a lot for our community and kids. (A hearty) thank you to board members for donating their time to make it such a great program.

My son, a former Chief, learned grew from his former coaches and the program itself. Thank you.

Michelle Woods



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Notice lack of support for Hunter Taylor among local lawmakers?

To The Daily Sun,

My opponent in the District 3 Belknap County Commissioner's contest passes out literature in which he emphasizes his compassion. Can compassion be a code word for unwarranted expansion of human services?

His definition of compassion does not extend to those who restructure their finances because of cataclysmic events over which they had no control. That restructuring is the reason behind United States bankruptcy codes of which, as a retired lawyer, I am sure my opponent is aware. Debt restructuring does not equal evasion of responsibilities.

There are quite a few serious issues facing Belknap County. Are we having a discussion of best policies to answer our economic challenges? Are we speaking to state and federal changes which are coming to the Belknap County Nursing Home or to the grim economic realities facing young people? I suggest that we begin by defining these issues and that a discussion be initiated that includes a multi-faceted approach. It should include policy experts such as the New Hampshire Institute for Public Policy, service providers, interested taxpayers and local government officials. This approach worked successfully in fostering plans for the new Belknap County Corrections Center and to open up such a discussion is only sensible.

Has anyone else noted the remarkable lack of support extended to my opponent by sitting state representatives who also serve as delegates to the county convention? Since they meet with the current commissioner for District 3, perhaps they are well positioned to gauge his candor and legislative philosophy.

A career largely spent lecturing to law students may not provide one with humility and a grasp of the problems of everyday people.

I am such an everyday person and continuously work to discharge my responsibilities and to better myself and my family life.

Please vote on Sept. 13.

Jonathan Smolin
Candidate for Belknap County Commissioner


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