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Until the Swim Club reopens, we are offering a bridge program

To The Daily Sun,

We at the Gunstock Inn & GI Fitness & Swim are truly sorry to hear about the difficulties that Laconia Athletic & Swim Club finds itself in ... both for the members and the owners. We know how much work and dedication that it takes from the owners and staff to meet the needs of their customers each day and feel for the members who now find themselves without the facility, programs and familiar faces that they know and look forward to going to on a regular basis.

In order to ease the difficulty of the club closing we are offering a new program to LASC members at GI Fitness & Swim. Until the club reopens, we would like to offer an option for members to join our club, one month at a time ... no long term commitment or initiation fee. In this way if LASC is able to reopen, their members can return without concerns of being locked into more than one contract. LASC members will also have the option at anytime to sign up for longer term commitments, at our club, at our current rates, and we will waive the normal initiation fee. We hope this helps those that are impacted by this unfortunate event.

Les & Linda Schuster, owners
Al Rozzi and Pamela Koontz, managers
GI Fitness & Swim
Located at the Gunstock Inn


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I am thinking about who was not at the Motorcycle Week forum

To The Daily Sun,

The other afternoon, I attended the public forum for the Laconia Motorcycle Week event being planned by Director Jennifer Anderson and Executive Director Charlie St. Clair. As many of you may or may not know, this time-honored tradition will soon be approaching its 95th anniversary. This is an event that lasts one full week and brings great commerce into the state of New Hampshire, while fostering the ideals of community, cooperation and planning. When properly executed, these three ideals can bring great prosperity to the state, while also helping area retailers and/or services at the same time.

I compose this letter to you now and tell you of my great dismay as I attended the Motorcycle Week meeting and saw very little participation from those who would seemingly benefit the most. While sponsorship of this event is greatly needed, so too, however, is the need for participation to ensure a smooth and pleasant event. This participation, unfortunately, I did not witness at the meeting at the Belknap Mill. I wondered to myself, although I was not vocal at the time, where was the State of New Hampshire? And where was the Laconia Harley-Davidson, Gunstock and the New Hampshire Motor Speedway representation? Their ideas were missing from this well-orchestrated meeting.

During the meeting, it was posited that a place for younger riders to stay should be sought out. Along those lines, I would suggest the speedway open its property to those traveling on a fixed budget. In the past, the speedway has opened its doors to accommodate the NASCAR crowd quite successfully; it would be nice is those camping options were available for motorcyclists during the rally, too.

The effort by local, area and state businesses that goes into this event helps ensure a positive and prosperous week for all the communities around.

I know that it is through the tireless efforts of Charlie and Jennifer, and the careful planning, beautiful magazine and marketing of Motorcycle Week, that this is still an incredibly popular event. These are two individuals, though unsung, who deserve a great deal of credit and thanks for helping not only our communities but our great State of New Hampshire as well.

I sincerely hope that the coming of the next rally meeting, planned for this spring, will bring not only great representation from our local Harley-Davidson dealership but also from our state government, New Hampshire Motor Speedway and Gunstock, as they all benefit mightily. Anything less would seem disingenuous to me.

Don Sprague




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