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Trump is an imbecile but travel is wrong issue to hang him with

To The Daily Sun,

I remember every president since Eisenhower, who loved golf as much as any. Having a president is expensive.

I was on the island of Grenada when Ronald Reagan visited for six hours. I saw the two weeks of air transports delivering Secret Service vans and limousines beforehand. I saw the helicopters overhead and the destroyers offshore. But, as my Dad said at the time, "All those people are on the payroll anyway, and they have to be somewhere."

Obama was elected president. His home state is Hawaii. So, he got to vacation in Hawaii, despite the long, expensive flight. Trump's living and travel arrangements are expensive. Is this a surprise to anyone? Should we pick a president based on the length of his (or her) commute?

I'm radically liberal and think Trump is an imbecile, but this is the wrong issue to hang him with.

Johan Andersen


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Please help us stop this campground project while we still can

To The Daily Sun,

In one of the most unspoiled and bucolic areas of Laconia, there is an ill-conceived and ill-advised attempt to place a campground, eating and drinking establishment, and two stores. The address is 3160 Parade Road and the site is presently zoned rural-residential.

After two public hearings before the ZBA and two continuances owing to the lack of preparation and detail by the applicant, there will be a third and final hearing at City Hall on Monday, April 17 ,at 7:00 p.m.

Opposition to this proposal is vehement and unanimous within the immediate neighborhood and beyond. Since the environmental, safety, and commercial implications of this proposal are ominous and far-reaching, we want to urge all residents to attend. This is our city, and we must spare no effort in ensuring that it's scenic and unique qualities be preserved for future generations. If the request for a commercial variance were to be granted, any and all future commercial ventures would be on the table, including but not limited to restaurants and bars, presenting unforeseen consequences affecting traffic congestion, wetlands preservation, and perhaps most importantly, air quality.

The applicant's intention to feature one-hundred plus campground sites fails to take into account water, sewage or traffic impact at an already congested, dangerous, and unlit intersection. If you think Parade Road/Rollercoaster Road traffic is congested during the summer and especially Motorcycle Week, you can only imagine the traffic this will bring to the area.

This campground traffic will also make it extremely difficult and dangerous for those who choose to take a scenic bicycle ride from Laconia to Meredith.

Please join us on the 17th and stop this project while we still can.

Peter & Sharon Spanos


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