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Green Gangs always come up with new theories on global warming

To The Daily Sun,

I've been saying this for a long time and will continue to say it, Democratic politicians do not want solutions to our problems, they want issues to run on. Take the Second Amendment debate for instance. With big city Democratic mayors in charge for decades, why do statistics like this exist? In Chicago, just this year, 82 people were shot, 15 dead over the Independance Day weekend. Eight people shot to death on Sept. 2nd, 52 were shot over the weekend. Over all, more then 2,000 thousand have been shot, and 326 murdered as of the beginning of Sept. The vast majority of these were drug related but this summer Obama released hundreds of "non violent drug felons" from federal prisons. Anyone want to bet these crimes will not go down? That's more Americans then killed in Afghanistan in the same period.
Democrats, instead of addressing the problem head-on, try scapegoating legal gun owners and the Second Amendment as though that's the problem, instead of crime gangs trying to kill one another for control of the city's drug trafficking. Often some innocent person or child gets shot or killed and still Democrats pander to gangs and criminals and throw up straw men to deflect their dereliction of duty. And still people are determined to vote for Democrats, even though after nearly 60 years of false promises and failures — as if giving them just a little more time there will produce a happy ending. Folks, it's not gonna happen. There is no happy ending to socialism, just more failures and empty promises.
Now about global warming. Over the past 18 years of satellite measurement there has been no significant rise in earth's temperature. The green guys have a theory for this it's called "the pause theory". Their last theory, whereby our seacoast cities would have all been flooded 10years ago didn't work out so they had to come up with another. And even if this latest is right, the much-cited 97 percent also agree that for the world to affect change it would take many decades of every country in the world effectively coordinating all their efforts to stop it. Fat chance! In the meantime, Green Gangs want us to spend the nation and people into abject poverty and Democrats are leading the pandering to what has to be the most speculative, unproven junk science sense critics of the Suez Canal project claimed it would flood the Mediterranean cities.
So argue all you want lefty, but you can't show any real progress from liberal laws and programs. What we get from you is regressive and irresponsible. More poverty and suffering here and abroad all so your politicians can have "issues to run on."
Steve Earle


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Meredith Chamber meeting was great success, thanks to sponsors

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the membership of the Meredith Area Chamber of Commerce I would like to thank the following businesses for their sponsorship of the Chamber's Annual Meeting held Tuesday, Oct. 20, at Hart's Restaurant.

The Presenting Sponsor was Meredith Village Savings Bank, and Hart's Turkey Farm Restaurant was the Major Sponsor. Program Sponsors were Anything Goes Athletics, Cross Insurance, Donahue, Tucker, and Ciandella, Lakes Region Vale Tudo, LRGHealthcare, and Mill Falls At The Lake. Golden View Health Care Center, Lamprey Real Estate Associates, Meredith Dental, RE/MAX Bayside, Rice Law Office PLLC, and Wescott Law PA were the Associate Sponsors.

Their support was much appreciated.

Susan Cerutti, Executive Director

Meredith Area Chamber of Commerce

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