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Thanks to Fish & Game officer for easing the pain of one old crow

To The Daily Sun,

Back on July 3rd I saw one of my least favorite birds (a crow) sitting on a branch extending out over my bird feeder. Later that evening I noticed he was still there, a closer viewing showed his leg was caught between the branches and he was unable to free himself. He frequently flapped his wings to try to free himself. He was too high up for for any rescue effort by us. A heavy windstorm came that evening and did not free him. He was in real trouble. The next morning we called the Fish and Game who, despite being a holiday, sent down a very capable individual — Chris Braison. We borrowed a long extension ladder that Chris was able to climb and cut off the tree limb. The bird had a lengthily piece of fishing line trapped around his legs and the tree limb. Chris was very personable and explained to my grandchildren what he was doing and where he was taking the bird for healing purposes.

A good job. Thank you Fish and Game and thanks Chris for going out on a limb and easing the pain of "one old crow".

Shirely & Hank Hayes


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I witnessed firsthand how vets are treated by their own government

To The Daily sun,

It was like a MASH unit inside the LRGH emergency room last Wednesday. They worked on me out in the hallway. There were plenty of doctors and staff around; just a lot of really sick people in need that day. I got to my private room in the ER in no time, you know the ones with the pull curtains, and for the next five hours it was nonstop.

The first guy to come in next to me was in so bad a shape they had to "medflight" him out. The next guy to come in was a local veteran with 22 years of service, wounded twice in the line of duty. His wife told me he received a Bronze Star and suffers badly from post traumatic stress. He had fallen and broken his hip that morning. Maybe that's because he's been waiting two years for the VA to schedule the knee replacement that he needs.

As we were talking, the doctor came in and told the veteran's wife that her husband needs surgery and has to be taken to the VA in Boston or Vermont, and by the way, we just got off the phone with the VA they will not pay for him to be transported. They will have to pay out of pocket.

After the doctor left I lay there not wanting to look at my heart monitor, for I could not believe what I just heard. I'm sure every disabled vet with kids has 800 bucks just lying around. As I was getting discharged this vet's wife told me he goes through this crap all the time with the VA all the time.

I wish someone would write to the papers, she said to me, about how these vets are treated.

Ma'am, I hope you approve.

Tom Sellew

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'Wake up America! We have met the enemy and it is us'

To The Daily Sun,

"It is religion and morality alone which established the principals upon which freedom can stand. The only foundation of a free constitution is pure virtue and if this cannot be inspired into our people in a greater measure than they have it now they may change rulers and the form of government, "but" they will only exchange tyrants and tyrannies." Stated by John Quincy Adams.

Pogo says, "Wake up America! We have met the enemy and it is us."

I suggest we lose today's created rights that fly in the face of God before he sends someone to destroy us. My prayers are with Israel.

Donald C. Porier


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Many hold a mirror to the world and still see only themselves

To The Daily Sun,

In political circles there is a phenomenon known as the mirror–image fallacy. It is the belief that the whole world is me, and as me, there is a radical denial of the anyone else's ideas. It is a blinding belief in common humanity and the wish for sameness over human differences.

The common thought is that if one digs deep enough beneath the surface, we will discover that people everywhere are essentially the same. Therefore, as I look in the mirror, I believe that we must all want the same thing because, deep down, we are all like me. Of course that couldn't be further from the truth, but has become the "political truth" everywhere.

This is more than just a happy vision. It is meant to have practical consequences.

If people everywhere share the same hopes and dreams and fears, they should all get along. And if they don't, then there must be some misunderstanding, some misperception, some problem of communication. Therefore, you must not be seeing things clearly, as I am seeing them in my mirror. So it is my duty to persuade you, threaten you, cajole you into seeing the "real" truth. Of course, if everyone is looking through their mirror, then each person sees things their way and only their way.

We have the county commissioners and the county delegation. Each says they want the same things for the county: lower or higher taxes (whatever suits the upcoming budget), better conditions for our elderly, the incarcerated, and lower-income families, and so on. And both say they have come to the only conclusion possible for a budget that would allow all of these things to happen in the shortest amount of time for the most people possible.

Then why can't they agree? Could it be because each has essentially put a mirror before their eyes and said, "It is impossible to believe that these things are not seen in the way that I see them. I can see everything clearly. Why can't the others?"

All one has to do is to remove the mirror from in front of your view and see what is truly in front of you. Only then can you see those who don't want a job but would prefer to be on assistance, a prison that has been left to disintegrate and now has no easy fix or answers, the elderly who have been mostly forgotten unless or until taxes for their "needs" run low, and all other 'real life' events right before your eyes.

To gloss over contradictory interests, incompatible ideologies, and opposing cultures is more than anti-political. It is dangerous. Those who have long held a mirror to the world and seen only themselves are apt to be shocked and panicked when the mirror is removed, as inevitably it must be. We have become a culture so fixed on its own image that we have become blinded to what is all around us because, of course, we are looking at life through the mirror.

Let's make changes in November. Bring in new commissioners and new state representatives. But, before we vote, let's take a good look at how they see things in the county and how they intend to resolve them. Remember a "blind vote" is equal to the mirror-image fallacy.

Elena Ball
Gilmanton Iron Works

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These children need to be treated humanely & provided safe environment while in our country

To The Daily Sun,

I have to respond to the letter printed on Wednesday, July 23, from Mirno Pasquali, PA C. I am not sure whether or not the statements made are because of a failure to pay attention to the news reports coming from the southern border states, an intentional attempt to mislead the readers to what is really going on at the border with Mexico, or a complete lack of integrity.

Pasquali attacks Russ Wiles for a letter he wrote that criticized President Obama for the lack of action on protecting Americans and picks out a small snippet about the children having diseases to attack him with. He bases his entire argument on the statement from Dr. Mark Ward, president of the Texas Pediatric Society, who says in an interview for NBC News, "While some of the kids are indeed ill, they don't have anything exotic or unexpected" while leaving out other portions of the interview. Dr. Ward goes on to say, "The one disease there's a higher risk of kids from Central America having is tuberculosis"

Pasquali also quotes the World Bank for saying that a higher number of children from Central America are vaccinated vs. the children in the U.S. It is true, according to UNICEF, that 99 percent of children from Mexico and 93 percent of children from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador are vaccinated against measles compared to 92 percent in the U.S. The issue is that the children of Central America are not vaccinated in these high numbers for the diseases being discussed.

You want to know sources, Mirno? How about the report that one hospital has spent over $60,000 to vaccinate approximately 50-60 children because they weren't vaccinated when they arrived? How about El Paso Sector Border Patrol spokesman Ramiro Cordero who said, "Along with scabies and lice, he said agents are seeing immigrants with fevers and diarrhea." Or do you like the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists report of health issues from illegal immigrants?

It was reported that during a recent visit to two detention centers that house undocumented migrant children, officials with the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) reported that conditions there posed a high risk for infectious disease outbreaks. It was also reported by doctors providing medical care to these children, after being released by the Border Patrol ahead of their court dates, were not appropriately screened or treated for illness while in Federal Custody by the U.S. HHS.

I even read a report that said "During a tour of detention centers in Brownsville and McAllen (Texas) last week, state public health officials identified several health-related issues, including a lack of medicine for child immigrants, no comprehensive medical screenings and no testing for vaccinations or tuberculosis.

Carrie Williams, spokeswoman for the DSHS, said, "Our staff believe the children's living conditions pose a high potential for infectious disease outbreak among the children and staff." She went on to say, "The conditions are not healthy and not acceptable for children by Texas and national public health standards."

According to officials with Homeland Security, border protection agents conduct medical screenings for several symptoms — rash, fever, cough, vomiting and diarrhea — shortly after detainees come into federal custody at border patrol stations but once the immigrants are transported to detention facilities and they are screened "for signs of illness consistent with communicable diseases of public health concern." The problem is that, according to officials with DSHS the medical screenings are not sufficient because they are only being conducted on a verbal and visual basis without medical testing. These officials also report that there are serious hygiene concerns because these children are being kept in crowded cells with no running water or soap where that they eat, sleep use the bathroom. Their department has recommended "mass shelter standards" be followed to avoid spreading conditions like scabies, head lice and conjunctivitis.

I suppose you would call Eddie Olivarez, the director of the Hidalgo County Health Department, "laughable" because he said officials there have counted five cases of chicken pox and one "concern" about potential tuberculosis among the recent detainees.

I don't suppose you could believe a report from the Texas Tribune, The Kaiser Health News, an independent program of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, and the Texas Medical Association that Texas has administered nearly 60,000 vaccinations to the illegal alien children because they weren't vaccinated?

A senior unidentified spokesman for CDC reported that when a case of H1N1 swine flu was diagnosed in late June, 2,000 flu vaccines were flown in, and since it takes two to three weeks for a vaccine to confer protection, more cases of flu are likely within the centers. Possibly the disease will spread beyond the local community.

This CDC spokesman also reports that drug-resistant tuberculosis also appears to have spread in several counties in southern Texas, reporting twice the usual average number of cases. TB is a disease that needs to be carefully monitored and screened for, a prospect that is not possible under the current circumstances.

According to the CDC, Dengue fever has been detected this year in southern Texas for the first time since 2005. Illegal immigrants, possibly from Mexico, are a likely source. If infected mosquitoes begin to breed here, we could see more outbreaks.

There have been reports of measles and chicken pox at the centers, both of which are highly contagious and can spread to other children who aren't vaccinated.

Border Patrol agent and Rio Grande Valley Union Representative Chris Cabrera says, "Agents are seeing illegal immigrants come over with contagious infections and that the detention centers and holding facilities have quarantined areas for those who come in sick." But Cabrera says the sick and healthy are separated only by caution tape.

"We are starting to see chicken pox, MRSA staph infections, we are starting to see different viruses," Cabrera said.

I hope this has provided you with enough sources to show that when Russ Wiles wrote, "And now we have children coming in with TB, chicken pox, scabies, lice, foot and mouth disease, bacterial pneumonia and who know what other diseases," there is some basis in fact.

I agree that these children need to be treated humanely and provided a safe environment while they are in our country. I don't hear anybody saying otherwise. In fact Glen Beck has taken criticism because he is using his own money to help these children. This criticism is from Democrats and not Republicans. Why?

The problem goes well beyond that, though. We need a president who takes issues of national security seriously and will establish controls over who enters our country and doesn't strictly use these children as partisan political pawns to accomplish what he wants to get done.

We already know these children are being used as pawns for the drug cartels so they can smuggle their narcotics across the border easier. Do you think any of the off-shoots of al-Qaeda realize they can smuggle weapons of mass destruction across our border undetected and attack Americans here, where we live? It is scary that our president can be so easily manipulated to forgo our national security for simple political pandering.

Greg Knytych


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