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Hillary will do nothing to change to Veteran's Administration

To The Daily Sun,

Why I won't be voting for Hillary:


Hillary said the VA scandal wasn't a big deal. Really? Veterans died while waiting for an appointment. I should not be surprised as you lied to the American public and the families of the men who died in Benghazi that it was due to a video and not terrorists.

Hillary says that veterans should get all the care that they need. But in her own words she said the fiasco with the VA "wasn't a big deal."

Veterans are treated horribly. Veterans were not getting appointments within the 14 days. They were put on waiting lists. Some veterans died.

Democrats and Republicans want this fixed. But two years later nothing has changed. There is the VA Choice card but many hospitals are not getting paid. It is a temporary program and it would not surprise me that the VA wants it to fail so that it will not be made permanent and the VA can keep control.

There are some honorable and hard-working people at the VA. But out of those that falsified data, only one was fired. The others retired with pensions. Nothing is being done to get back the bonuses that were falsely received.

In California the government wanted to have servicemen and women pay back bonuses that the government thought was not due. There was an uproar. Some news agencies said that veterans did not have to pay back bonuses. But that is not true. The pay-back decision was suspended and the government is investigating case by case. So some veterans may have to pay back bonuses with interest. Yes, with interest.

But did the VA employees who received bogus bonuses have to pay back? No. Yet the veterans do and with interest.

N.H. does not have a VA hospital. The Choice Card is necessary for New Hampshire veterans. Why should they have to travel to another state for care? If they have surgery and need to stay in a hospital, it is a hardship on family.

Prisoners get better care than our veterans. Welfare recipients get better care. They get dental. Our veterans don't unless something happened when they were in the service.

Why does the government take benefits away from veterans that they were promised?

Hillary would do nothing to change the system. Nothing.

When Benghazi was being attacked, was she in the situation room trying to see how the people that worked for her were being saved? This was a big deal when Osama Bin Laden was being captured.

Hillary does not care about those in service to our country. I do. I am grateful for their service. Our veterans serve so we can be free.

Hillary, you will not get my vote. You see, I think the VA scandal was a big deal, and think the system should be changed.

Linda Riley

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This veteran will be voting for Trump; remember Benghazi!

To The Daily Sun,

I can't help myself. Here are a few more observations on the 2016 election:

— AG Eric Holder stated Comey's decisions violated Justice Department policies and traditions. Was AG Lynch's decision to meet with Bill Clinton correct and according to policies and traditions?

— Gov. Kasich (R) Ohio writes in John McCain for president. I plan to write in Kasich for cemetery trustee.

— Bryan Cranston will move to Canada if Trump is elected. If you have to ask, who is he? Who cares!

— Huma Abedin is like a daughter to Hillary. Huma has been with Hillary since she was 19. Now according to Hillary, "is one of my staffers." She has Huma's back just like the people in Benghazi.

— Five separate FBI criminal investigations are being made on the Clinton Crime Family.

— Doctors participating in Obamacare falls 20 percent. Hillary continues to support. Pay your premium or be fined.

Here is a list of reasons Democrats say why not to vote for Trump. (I can't make these up).

— He is rich. (Guess Hillary is poor.)

— He will dig up Michelle Obama's garden. (I thought Trump said he would make it huge.)

— He called Hillary "a nasty woman."

— He will destroy President Obama's legacy, particularly Obamacare.

— The world will fall apart.

— He is a madman, who incites violence and racism.

— He lied about his skiing, golf and baseball abilities.

In one letter, I stated that I was a deplorable. Now Hillary has called Trump supporters, negative, dark, divisive and dangerous. This is in addition to us being deplorable and unredeemable. Boy, Trump supporters are some bad hombres.

This veteran will be voting for Donald Trump for president. Remember Benghazi. God bless America.

Jim Mayotte


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