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Carroll County Farm property best suited to paly educational role

To The Daily Sun,

I found a recent letter to this paper quite amazing. The author advised readers to vote for anyone EXCEPT me for State Representative for Moultonborough, Tuftonboro, and Sandwich. His only reason was that I voted to defund the Carroll County farm.

Let's take a look at the facts. There are only two county farms still operating. Eight counties have terminated operations. Isn't it reasonable to conclude that the reason would be that these farms no longer serve county residents and are a drain on taxpayers? Even one of the current Carroll County commissioners (Commissioner Babson) stated back in 2009 that the farm lost $80,000 and people would soon want to close the farm.

But what steps did the county administration take to address the situation? None. Instead the county administration tried to artificially boost farm revenue by considering inter-departmental charges for maintenance services as "farm revenue." They also "sold" vegetables and blueberries to the nursing home. I investigated to see how that was working and was told that much of the food was not what the nursing home wanted and could not use, and ended up wasted or in freezers.

Earlier this year, I voted along with 11 of 14 members of the County Delegation (state representatives) to defund the farm. We took action because nobody else would.

A consultant visited the county property to view the farm. He was amazed by the property and the opportunities for productive use. The commissioners then established an advisory committee on how the property could be used. The Delegation established a committee that I chair to look at the concept of an agricultural "learning center" as part of a 21st century county farm that will encourage and provide education for new farmers.

Just last week at a meeting of our committee at The Community School, I had a professor from NHTI Community College attend and discuss their new certification program in sustainable agriculture. We discussed having online courses available at a future learning center classroom and possibly teaching the entire certificate program at the county complex. Wouldn't it be wonderful if certificate graduates were able to lease — at low or no cost — some land at the county complex to actually start their agricultural careers? Both committees share a vision of a new model farm that will benefit the citizens of Carroll County and respect our agricultural heritage.

State Rep. Glenn Cordelli


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I have spent my career advocating for marginalized people

To The Daily Sun,

I have been asked to run for New Hampshire state rep several times since 2008, and I have always said no. This summer a good friend said, "Carolee you are really good at advocating for issues and educating people ... why wouldn't you want to do that on a larger level where you would have more impact?" How could I say no to that?

I'm on the ballot and I would be honored to have your vote on Nov. 8 as state representative for the town of Northfield and Franklin (Ward 3). My husband and I have historically been independent voters. I believe that strictly partisan politics is divisive and harmful to everyone, and nothing gets accomplished that way. I am really proud to say that I have support from Democrats, Republicans and Independent voters who helped me win my primary, and I will bring that collaborative approach to Concord. Unlike my opponent Greg Hill, who is well known for his divisive tactics and partisan politics. If you've had enough of the same old, then it's time for a change.

A recent example of the divisiveness was the candidate forum that was held at the Pines Community Center in Northfield on Oct. 24. Al candidates were invited to attend this forum, including Rep. Greg Hill. He had previously accepted the invitation and confirmed his attendance with the moderator. This was a non-partisan candidate forum, sponsored by New Futures and coordinated by the Franklin Democratic Committee. The main focus of this forum was to talk about solutions to work toward turning the tide against the opioid epidemic in our state. After the recent VFW Candidate Forum in Franklin on Oct. 18, Greg Hill made a decision to be divisive and organized his own event, a partisan "Meet and Greet the Northfield Republicans," on the same night and time as the scheduled candidate forum at the Pines. All I can say is shame on him for these tactics, for practicing partisan politics instead of coming together to discuss something that is very important to the people you wish to represent.

The opioid crisis is a major non-partisan public health issue that effects us all, in many ways! For those of us who participated in the forum, it was an excellent event. I was proud to be on the panel, and take questions from voters, and answer with thoughtful, informed responses. We came together in a non-partisan manner to talk about saving lives from the opioid crisis that is killing people in our state, and right here in our own community. I don't want us to lose any more lives from the devastation of heroin addiction.

As a community citizen, I want to personally thank Lorrie Carey, Rep. Deborah Wheeler, Senator Andrew Hosmer, Executive Council candidate Andru Volinksy, Rep. Werner Horn, and Ruth Bowley for attending this candidate forum in my hometown and talking about practical solutions to save people's lives. Thanks also to all of the dedicated community people who showed up. We had really good conversations around the five points of New Futures "Turn the Tide" initiative, and also had great conversations about other important issues such as the minimum wage vs a living wage, people — especially single mothers, who are working two or three jobs and are still living in poverty, the cost of childcare for working families, and what communities can do to help support the police. Thank you also to Sheriff Scott Hilliard for being the moderator for this event and keeping us on track.

My husband and I have lived in Northfield since 1997. It has been a great place to live and raise our family. I love the rural scenic beauty of our state, and I am very passionate about the environment and preserving it for future generations. My husband enjoys hunting and we are pro Second Amendment. I support education, and I especially support our teachers ... I know firsthand how hard our teachers work. I spent time standing at the polls at the Pines during the primary election, and unfortunately had to listen to Greg Hill make disparaging comments for almost two hours about our local public school system, and our teachers ... that teachers are overpaid for the amount of hours they work. I was totally appalled. I am very proud to have been endorsed as a candidate by the American Federation of Teachers.

I have spent my career working with kids and families, in a variety of settings. I have spent a lot of time advocating for people in our society who are often marginalized and devalued — those who suffer from mental illness, trauma, alcoholism, addiction, victims of abuse, children and adults with special needs, and the elderly. Those are the people that I have spent my career advocating for and will never forget. Those of you who know me, know that I have a strong voice and I'm not afraid to speak up, especially when it comes to people. And I will continue to do so in Concord when I am elected as your state representative, because for me it's all about people. Please get out and vote on Nov. 8.

Carolee Longley


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