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A lot of us had tough childhoods but we don't threaten with guns

To The Daily Sun,

I was reading the front page article in Friday's Daily Sun about the person who the police are looking for, which sparked the standoff the other day. I read that this man has a lengthy record and has committed many crimes. Let me ask you this, why keep letting people like this out of jail? Leave them there!

Unless they show they are willing to make an improvement in their life and have a viable plan to do so, there's no reason they should be let back out onto the streets. He's obviously a very dangerous person who should never have been released from prison. I hope they find him real soon and get him back in a concrete room where he belongs.

By reading the article, I think it would be safe to say he's lived a life of crime and isn't ever going to change. I'm sure some of you will stick up for him and say he had a messed-up upbringing, or he's a troubled person in some other way. BS! There's a lot of us like that but we don't threaten people with guns and have total disrespect for law enforcement.

Dee Morrissette

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Human life is easily ended by those who are the strongest

To The Daily Sun,

Recently the CIA disclosed that it had killed 100 prisoners by torture. The number may be an abstract figure, it could very well be a lot higher.

In admitting to this heinous crime, the CIA is well aware that every International War Crimes Court (in which we are a signee) has ruled that killing prisoners is an act of murder. United States military has demonstrated, in a decade of war (undeclared) total disregard to what the rest of the industrial world has judged as criminal. We do as we please and the rest of the world can be damned. We rationalize our warped claim to morality by the misconception that it is acceptable considering the fanaticism of the enemy we face. This bizarre concept is totally erroneous — but many people accept it without question.

The crime should be fully disclosed to the public. How did these prisoners die We should know the specifics.How many were starved to death, electrocuted? How many were water-boarded to death (drowned.) How many bled to death by repeated stabbings? How many hung on a cross and died of suffocation as Jesus did? Were they attacked by crazed dogs?

Is this the country I grew up with? Are the torturers men I once admired? The worst thing that comes out of all of this is: human life is easily ended by those who are the strongest, and have widespread support. Our nation has given their silent consent to brutality and systematic murder with hardly a word of protest. God help us to see our hatred and inhumanity is entirely outside of what many call patriotism.

Leon R. Albushies

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