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The credentials of Hunter Taylor & his opponent are very different

To The Daily Sun,

Hunter Taylor, incumbent, is the obvious best candidate in the Republican primary contest in District 3 (Alton, Center Harbor, Gilford and Meredith) for the Belknap County Board of Commissioners for two reasons: (1) Months before being appointed to the board to fill a vacancy, Hunter did the extensive research to reveal that we could build and operate a county learning center in connection with our county jail at a fraction of the then estimated cost. He verified that Belknap County could thus reduce recidivism from more than 60 percent to nearly 20 percent, a savings to our criminal justice system of hundreds of thousands of dollars or, better stated, huge reallocation of funds for the benefit of tax payers! And (2), now as a county commissioner, Hunter is a key mover in the planning, building, and operation of our new correctional learning center that will come on line in 2017. He understands, perhaps better than anyone else, what the learning center can contribute to our county and what it takes to make it operate efficiently. Surely, he must be elected to a full three term on the Board of Commissioners!

Yes, there is another reason to elect Hunter Taylor. All you have to do is to look at the credentials of the two candidates; they are like black and white. Hunter's has an admirable reputation for honesty, integrity and openness to the search for the best solutions, focused in the best country internal operations and the best interest of taxpayers including low taxes. Compare this to the revelations in the press about the other candidate and the shallowness of the principles on which he is running.

We urge you to vote in the Republican primary for Hunter Taylor. I hear from the "grapevine" that Hunter has strong support from independent voters and even Democrats!

Miller & Ginny Lovett

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Thanks to all of you who came and enjoyed Gilmanton Old Home Day

To The Daily Sun,

The Gilmanton Old Home Day Organizers would like to thank all of the people who helped make the 118th Gilmanton Old Home Day such a success.

Thank you to the volunteers that come and set up the grounds, to the bean sorters, to the wonderful folks that put on a beautiful art show, to the fantastic organization of the crafters, antique car show and car parade, our master of ceremonies, our bean dinner and food booth volunteers, our dinner ticket sellers, our presenter of the Smith Meetinghouse history, our raffle hawker, our golf cart driver for the handicapped, our grounds organization and parking people.

Special thanks to the local businesses that helped us provide a fun-filled day and to all of our participants whether advertising, donating or participating in the event. The winners of our two raffle baskets were won by Linda Womack and Margaret Roberts.

Thank you to all of those who came and enjoyed the day on the Smith Meetinghouse grounds.

Barbara Angevine


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