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Rational professionals know sex 'change' is not biologically possible

To The Daily Sun,

This is in response to the front page article in last Tuesday's Laconia Daily Sun, "Bigotry or Biology." I sympathize with the pain of that Gilford parent who is "terrified" about his daughter's well-being, as a result of a change in school policy without notice to parents, that would require her having to share school rest room facilities with boys.

But, really, what did he expect from public school officials who also required young Gilford teens to be assigned compulsory "pornographic" reading material without proper notification to parents, as happened to another Gilford family a couple of years ago.

Please allow me to address a couple of points: 1. local school officials must be reminded of the fact that they work for us. They are not the first-line authority over the moral education of our children, we parents are. Un-elected public school teachers and principals must be disciplined when they irresponsibly overstep the supreme authority that lies with us, the parents of our children, especially when it involves matters of morality. Sadly, many public officials consider themselves superior in intellect, and therefore better able to make the "right choices" for members of the less-educated general public, just because they might have advanced educational degrees. We, as their employers, who pay their salaries, need to let them know that! Can you say, "school choice!"

The second point: 2. Almost every child, at some stage in their development, experiences what is known in psychiatric circles as "gender confusion," where boys might temporarily prefer to play with dolls, or girls might choose to play with trucks. However, common sense tells us that a child who imagines he/she is the opposite sex will almost always grow out of it. And if he doesn't, he needs to get treatment from a competent therapist to overcome such delusions, not encourage them as seems to be the case in a growing number of instances.

Parents, who succumb to massive pressure from a small group of frenzied, militant hard-left, loud-mouthed homosexual activists and sympathizers, who are part of a larger, tyrannical homosexual movement that ultimately seeks to outlaw Christianity, are committing aggravated child abuse. Rational medical and psychological professionals know that "sex change" is biologically impossible.

People who undergo "sex-reassignment" surgery do not change from men to women or vice versa. They simply become feminized men or masculinized women. Most do not grow into mature well-adjusted adults. Prestigious studies from respected organizations show that those children who have this horrible and torturous surgery perpetrated on them are 20 times more likely to commit suicide at some time during their later life. Those same studies reveal that persistent "gender confusion" in children is a treatable mental disorder, and that 70 percent to 80 percent of those children soon will spontaneously lose those "gender confused" feelings.

The godless minority which is a part of this evil movement's immoral agenda, when debating their position, if they run out of legitimate arguments, will eventually begin to use name calling and "non-discrimination" laws in an attempt to intimidate and silence us.

Don't let them. The happiness of our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, as well as the health of our culture, is at stake.

Jim McCoole


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Campus rioters just can't stand anyone who disagrees with them

To The Daily Sun,

Another left wing riot complete with vicious assaults, smashing and burning and they try to call conservatives fascists. This time it was at Berkeley, home of the free speech movement in the 60s. Ironically this riot was to shut down free speech, another very fascist tactic. It was Milo Yiannopoulos, a famous gay conservative who has the audacity to go around and point out the absurdity of the liberal positions. The left make various claims against Milo, such as he is a racists. For his part Milo tells any who care to hear that he has black lovers and therefor their claim is absurd. Likewise when they call him a white supremacist he retorts that white supremacists hate him so that too is false. Researching him I could find nothing to support the claims the left make. Appears they just cant stand anyone who refuses to agree with their opinions. What a shock. Looking at some YouTube videos of his he also pretty much trashes feminists too. How in the world can the left not hate the guy?
Back to the riot now. Watching the news videos it was easy to see these punks punching and beating people, including girls. It was a vicious example of just how radical the left has become. Their signs reading things like "punch a Nazi in the face" are trying to justify and give them the right to attack anyone who has a different opinion from theirs. It doesn't and when will the mainstream media say so or are they waiting for someone to be killed by these punks? It looks at this time as though it was not only students and outside paid anarchists were involved. Many are suggesting that some professors were included in the mob. If true, I believe ever penny of federal grants or funding should be withheld from Berkeley until the president and trustees are all removed from there and responsible replacement installed. This should go for any other school, college or university that decides to follow this example. If some kind of punishment is not required of those in charge and responsible this will continue. If that becomes the standard of behavior from the left it will be clear to any reasonable person that the progressives have become a terrorist supporting movement.

Steve Earle


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