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Electing Hillary means more death & mayhem here in America

To The Daily Sun,

It's funny how folks like Bernadette Loesch and James Veverka, who seem to get all their information from MSNBC and "Saturday Night Live," can actually be taken seriously by many. Bernie reminds me of one of my sisters-in-law, a dedicated Democrat, who we had lunch with last Saturday. The rule in the family is no politics at get-togethers, but toward the end of the afternoon she just had to slip in a couple shots at Trump. Well, I didn't want to get into it so I simply remarked he could "be a jerk sometimes." Well yeah, I should have just been silent on the subject, my mistake, so off she went on an a rant.

My response was to remark that "at least he wasn't a lying incompetent thief." Incensed, she denied the "lies" which I began to enumerate the documented facts. Her response was to cover her ears with both hands and start screaming at the top of her lungs "BS,BS,BS BS." So the wife and I left.

Amusing little story but rather typical of liberals who are uninformed because they just don't want any actual facts to get in the way of their prejudices and closed-mindedness. Not all liberals are like this, but the lower-level mob-mentality types certainly are. We see it so often in progressive demonstrations against anything they fear to confront with open minds. The shout downs and riots and colleges banning anyone or thing that challenges their orthodoxy.

Loesch is a perfect example; as I recall her first letter years ago told readers they should only read/watch MSNBC,, and offered a list of pure left-wing reporting and viewing. Must not cloud the purity of thought with contradictory facts.

What set me off on this was her letter to the editor on Wednesday, July 13, with its anti-NRA, anti guns solution to violence and terrorism. Pacifists, for as far back as they appeared in history, keep trying to convince societies that all we have to do is not oppose evil dictators, tyrants, thugs and bullies. I may have, yes I'm sure, I have mentioned before that I have found no historical reports of pacifism actually being a successful defense/protection from violent aggression. In fact it seems to invite it as we have seen in the past few years with the timid Obama/Clinton approach to radical Muslim terrorism.

What worries me is Hillary says she will continue Obama's approach to it. Isn't that just reassuring to folks in the gay and lesbian communities? I'm sure Jews must be having some concerns too given the obvious lip service Obama has given to U.S.-Israel relations. He clearly favors Muslim people.

As for the rest of us we are seeing just how dedicated Islam is to spreading terror and murder among globe wide in it's drive to take over the world. By the way those are the words of the Muslim Brotherhood, not mine.

Electing Hillary means more death and mayhem here in America, not just over there.

Steve Earle


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Obama has shot a poison dart of 'leftism' into our nation's heart

To The Daily Sun,

Is it beyond the realm of possibility that the Clinton dynasty has struck again? Is it because they have apparently gotten away with murder and other forms of skullduggery since the 1990s, that they feel free to continue to intimidate others even while Hillary is under the hot light of a criminal investigation?

Attorney General Loretta Lynch replaced the incorrigible Eric Holder and came with the label of someone who has great integrity and has been an honest and upstanding law officer. So why in the world would she have allowed Bill Clinton to come onto her plane and stay there for half an hour for a private meeting? My God, if not for the tenacity of a local reporter, we might not even know that these two engaged in an ex parte meeting in which one of the parties has the potential to be a witness in an ongoing investigation.

Lynch will not recuse herself while claiming that she will let the investigation continue as planned and will accept the findings. Of course, that does not necessarily mean that she will not retain the power to make a final decision. Remember, President William Jefferson Clinton appointed Lynch as U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York in 1999.

Is it just possible that Loretta Lynch might just be the one to replace Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia if she makes the right call regarding this criminal investigation? Yes we know, justice is supposed to be blind. But when it comes to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, not so much.

Well, the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics (David Horowitz line) has just provided us with the most frightening example of the deep, embedded corruption within our political system. Meanwhile, back at the GOP camp, they are too busy fighting with each other about "core principles" while acting like pussy cats with their Democratic adversaries. Good grief.

The Justice Department announced, within a couple of days of the "secret meeting" about grandkids, that the Clinton bribery investigation will just have to wait until long after the election. FBI Director James Comey decided there will be no indictment, apparently because Hillary was only "extremely careless" with sensitive and classified material regarding matters pertaining to our national security. So former secretary Clinton only breached national security protocols, deleted thousands of emails, burned her government schedules and put top secret information onto a server that can be easily hacked.

So there will be no prosecution of the eternally corrupt Clinton Crime Family Foundation. That is the nature of today's political system in the United States of America. Do I sound cynical? You bet I am! Barack Obama has shot a poison dart of "leftism" into to heart of this democratic republic. Hillary Clinton is primed to take out her progressive revolver and put to death the individual liberty of a nation that has personal freedom as its touchstone.

What's that you say, Hillary? Oh right, "It's time to move on. After all, at this point, what difference does it make." The wonder of "global utopianism" is near at hand. The "left" will not be denied. Especially if the "right" cannot find some integrity, true grit and patriotic common sense. Tomorrow would not be too soon.

Russ Wiles

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