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Whatever gripes you have about the government, you can't blame Trump

To The Daily Sun,

I can't wait for this election to be over. We are being subjected to the nastiest assault on our personal self respect that I have ever seen. People are suffering from stress anxiety just from watching the nightly news. The belligerent back and forth brings out the absolute worst in a great many of those on the left who will stop at nothing to destroy anyone on their "enemy list." They poison the political process to the point that many Americans live in fear of anything and everything.

So today we have the results of a recent survey (yes, another survey) from Chapman University at the Wilkinson College of Art, Humanities and Social Sciences. America's Top Fears 2016. A random country wide poll of over 1,500 people, were asked 79 questions about what kinds of things they personally worried about the most. You may be shocked to learn that fully 10 percent of Americans truly fear a zombie apocalypse.

The survey was broken down into 11 so-called Domains of Fear. These included crime, economics, environment, government, illness and death, immigration, personal phobias, and such. Twenty percent said they were "afraid or very afraid" of crime, becoming a victim of a crime, illegal immigration, or serious illness. Thirty percent said their worst fears were of world war, nuclear attack, drunk drivers and pollution. Forty percent worried about terrorists, terrorism, money and finance, the Affordable Healthcare Act, and government restrictions on guns and ammunition. But the number one thing that we most worry about at 60 percent is corrupt government officials.

So this is where we are just two weeks away from the climax of this grotesque exercise in democracy. For better or for worse, we are presented with two damaged candidates. The Clintons' trail of dirt, lies, underhanded corruption and stink have followed them around for 30 years and woe to anyone who gets in their way.

Whatever gripes that you might have with the government, you can not blame any of it on Donald Trump. He has never held any public office. He has built a mega billion-dollar enterprise legally and honestly, providing good jobs to many thousands of people and he has a vision of bringing prosperity back to America. With Hillary we can be 100 percent certain to have more dirt, corruption and stink.

So what are you most afraid of? At this time in our history, we have only one good choice to invest in our future and he is Donald Trump.

Alan Moon


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Trump can be seen as altar boy compared to 3 past presidents

To The Daily Sun,

I won't be voting for Trump or Hillary. Both candidates are so flawed I simply cant vote for either. But I sure understand why a man as poor a candidate as Trump has gone as far as he has and why a "socialist nut case" like Bernie Sanders gained such popularity. This country desperately hungers for a "change agent" but can't find the right person to carry out the tough job.

Anyone, first beholding to business or unions is DOA. That eliminates 99 percent of all candidates, while the other 1 percent percent likely has skeletons in their closet that keeps them on the sideline. If you ran a lemonade stand at age 9 without a license, it will be discovered. if at the same age you and the pretty girl next door went behind the barn and said Ill take my clothes off if you will, you will be labeled a sex pervert for political purposes. It only needs to be "said once" to have idiots believe anything if it fits their political agenda. Surely so if increases the odds of increasing the government dole.

That someone like Sanders could run successfully on a campaign themed in hating a certain segment of society (the rich) shows just how low our integrity as a nation has fallen. If we can sanction hating one group during this election, no one is immune for the next one. I won't agree to hate anyone — even when Democrats command it. For Democrats, it has become not only politically expedient but politically correct to label all white, Obama critics as racists and all non-white haters of the rich, heroes. Inciting envy and instilling hate for those who succeed, often from nothing, has become the Democratic anthem. Shouting "hate" was the gasoline that propelled Bernie to the top of the charts.

Let me end on the hilarity concerning the demonizing of Donald Trump's sex life. The truth is Trump (as grotesque as the guy is) can be seen as an altar boy to a trio of past  Democratic presidents. Most of them still held in the highest regard no matter their "flies" went up and down more often than an elevator at Macy's the day before Christmas.

Celebrity, Democratic Presidents JFK, LBJ and Bill Clinton are the worst womanizing, philanders in all of American history all while carrying on the nation's highest business. Back in the day, the media covered up titillating presidential funny business. What presidents did after hours was seen as off limits for reporting. Not today. The first Catholic president and soul of the less fortunate JFK "scored" Monroe, Jean Tierney and others all while Jackie played the devoted, unknowing wife. The first concern with JFK was the pope would rule the White House. The actual risk was MGM and Warner Brothers would, and did. Sex for government access. Some call it corruption. No matter what you call it, none of it is worse than Trump's history with females.

But the worst likely offender is LBJ. He dragged his conquests home to the oval office to dine with Lady Bird. It is all fact, and well documented in many books. How can anyone be so low life as to bring their "one night stands" home to humiliate their wife? Lady Bird was humiliated but (put up with it) because she loved the limelight.

Hillary stood by Bill's activity. Tammy Wynette said it best: "Stand by your man" and Hillary did. She knew her ticket to the top went through Bill. She was right. Without Bill Clinton's economy, Hillary Clinton could not be voted dog catcher. Now that is a truth.

Tony Boutin

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