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Long story short, there was a real problem in Flint, and a cover-up

To The Daily Sun,
If Mr. Gene Ronikier had actually done any research on the issue (that he addressed in his letter to editor published on Saturday, Dec. 26) he would have found that there was indeed a cover-up about the drinking water in Flint, Michigan. He also wouldn't have come up with a flippant "solution" that in reality does not solve the matter. Contrary to what Mr. Ronikier states in his letter, I do not 'hate Republicans' (maybe he thinks that by throwing that line around he doesn't have to pay attention to facts). I do hate political cover-ups and Gov. Snyder (R-Mich.) and his administration are responsible for the unconscionable and unscrupulous cover-up after they switched from the Detroit water then supplying the City of Flint to the more corrosive untreated river water.

If Mr. Ronikier wanted to work with facts instead of slinging his hash, he could look at some or any of the following reports on the serious issues with the high levels of lead. They're not just from his bogeyman, MSNBC:

1. The Washington Post-article published by Yanan Wang-Dec. 15, 2015. Here's an excerpt: "These parents and other Flint residents filed a class-action federal lawsuit against Snyder, the state, the city and 13 other public officials in November for damages they have suffered as a result of the lead-tainted water. The suit, which claims to represent "tens of thousands of residents," alleges that the city and state officials "deliberately deprived" them of their 14th Amendment rights by replacing formerly safe drinking water with a cheaper alternative that was known to be highly toxic." As for Mr. Ronikier's argument that residents can take care of the problem simply in their homes, the article further states that "(the city issued a boil advisory in September 2014). This recommendation runs contrary to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's guidelines on lead in drinking water, which states that heating or boiling water will not remove lead. In fact, "because some of the water evaporates during the boiling process, the lead concentration of the water can actually increase slightly as the water is boiled," according to the CDC.)"

2. Live Science by Kate Goldbaum-12-21-15

3. U.S. News & World Report (www.usnews.com) -9-25-15

4. NPR-published by Sarah Hulett-9-29-15 then updated on 10-25-15 (www.npr.org)

5. EPA Draft Report obtained by the ACLU of MI

6. CBS-AP-December 22, 2015 (www.associatedpress.org )

7. ABC News/Reuters (www.reuters.com )

8. Fortune Magazine-Dec. 15, 2015 (www.fortune.com)

9. Detroit News/The Detroit Free Press (www.freep.com)

10. WSWS.org-12-1-15 (CBS affiliated TV Station)

11. NBC-Flint: MDEQ's (Michigan Department of Environmental Quality) Brad Wurfel and Director Dan Wyant in a recorded interview on Dec. 23 made misleading and false statements during this interview. They acknowledge that "mistakes were made" in not practicing corrosion control that caused very high levels of lead to leach into Flint's tap water, but he wouldn't apologize to the citizens of Flint."

The full report from MDEQ can be found online: search Flint Water Study Updates webpage

"Michigan Health Department hid evidence of health harm due to lead contaminated water: Allowed false public assurances by MDEQ and stonewalled outside researchers" Dated: Dec. 21, 2015

12. FOXNEWS.com 10-1-15

13. The New York Times: 3-25-15

14. www:theatlantic.com-7/15

15. www.mlive.com (Michigan Live)-Sept. 19, 2015

16. AP (Associated Press)-October 2, 2015: "Public health emergency declared due to lead in Flint Water by Corey Williams

17. www.flintwaterstudy.org (contains all of the in depth studies, reports, research, citizen input and complaints over many years)

18. The Rachel Maddow Program-MSNBC (reported and updated on few other times since she first reported this news story).

On Sept. 2, 2015 Professor Marc Edwards of Virginia Tech made a simple data request under the Freedom of Information Act. He did not get any replies after repeated requests. The Michigan Department of Health & Human Services fought hard to delay release of these documents. Full reports, updates and record of stonewalling can be found on the following webpage: www:Flintwaterstudy.org In addition, Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, Pediatrician of Hurley Medical Center had made her own data request in mid September. She too was met with resistance from DHHS (Michigan Department of Health & Human Services).

The General Motors plant located in Flint also stopped using the water supply in their manufacturing process, saying it was rusting its vehicle parts.
Long story short for Mr. Ronikier: Despite his name-calling and simplistic claims there was and is a real problem and a real cover-up.

Bernadette Loesch


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Fund-raise for the drug addicts & use the $2.2M for veterans

To The Daily Sun,

It's really interesting to see the State Police running an expensive ad on WMUR that they are hiring. Wonder how much of the $80 million will be going into advertising this year. Is this how they plan on fighting the next 100 year's war on drugs they want to keep illegal? Negative, it's more like growing a bigger department regardless of the results and we already know what the results will be. The New Hampshire fire chiefs want $1.1 million to hire four drug counselors to train emergency responders to administer Narcan. This crap is never ending. Seems to me that by putting Narcan in schools and handing it out over the counter at Walgreens sends a clear message, that in this state, heroin has been decriminalized.

I had heard a story about a mature woman who walked into a rest area up north and gave the attendant a earful of brash tongue, full of frills and dressing. It appears that she had been waiting in her car under a "Moose Crossing" sign up the road for the past two hours and hadn't seen a thing.


Sounds to me she is qualified to go down to Concord, drink the Kool-Aid and sit in the corner office, or better than that, Senate Finance.

What year is this, 1970?, 1980?, 2000? It's 2015, this country is in debt up to its eyes, and these so-called career politicians, who are living under a rock, still insist on bringing home the bacon. Senator Forrester, the state of New Hampshire doesn't need any more federal grants to the tune of $2.2 million for substance abuse. Why don't you fund-raise for the drug addicts and use the $2.2 million for homeless vets?

The Sununu Youth Services Center was started with federal grant money and here we are, some years later, spending $13 million a year of the state's taxpayer money so that 50 out of 144 beds are occupied. What a deal that federal grant money turned out to be. Tell Health & Human Services (where good money goes to die ), to start fund-raising.

Next up, more pork. Accepting another $15 million more in federal grant money to flow to cities and towns in this state will result in local tax increases when the "federal tax" grant money is gone. History on how to spend taxpayer money repeats itself once again. Just for once, senator, you might tell District 2 the whole story and stop grandstanding. You're not doing anyone in the private sector any favors. Tell us all what the return on spending $80 million fighting the "all of a sudden crisis," will be? Tell us, other than growing big government, what benefits will the taxpayers who keep getting the shaft, see. Your naivete scares the hell out of me. Tell us all, that when the "crisis" is over, all of this money will be returned to the taxpayers. Your idea of taxpayer funds being spent responsibly, is a joke.

Federal tax grant money, stolen from Joe Citizen's federal income tax, to pay for more state and local government we don't need, to keep on fighting a losing battle, is far from conservative values and totality irresponsible.

The House and Senate majority held by conservatives, in a pig's eye.

Eric T. Rottenecker

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