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Elect Democrats to represent Sandwich, M'borough & Tuftonboro

To The Daily Sun,

We need a change in state government. Both the state representatives in Sandwich, Moultonborough and Tuftonboro voted to raise our health care premiums and taxes, and our state senator equivocates.

By voting against Medicaid expansion, hospitals are not reimbursed for providing care to people too poor to qualify for subsidized insurance, but they make too much money to qualify for Medicaid. These hospitals pass on their costs to those who have insurance or they need to be subsidized by our tax dollars. Our state senator agreed to extend the program by only two years. What then?

People who work for the minimum wage (mostly adults) need food stamps, housing subsidies and other welfare to survive. We need to raise the minimum wage to a living wage so we need not subsidize these employers.

Students in New Hampshire pay the most for a state college education than in any other state. These students graduate with debt, so they can't afford to buy houses, or cars, or otherwise contribute to the economy, giving us a slow-growth economy. Let's make sure they graduate from state schools debt free.

Our elected officials have made it hard for people to get basic health care services by cutting off Planned Parenthood, by not reimbursing the organization for their services to their clients. Let's make sure we make a change in Concord.

Elect Paul Punturieri and Gary Chehames as state representatives (you can vote for two), John White as state senator, and Mike Cryans for Governor's Council. These are important positions that really affect people's lives.

John Morrissey


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McCoole talks about how sacred Constitution is & then advocates a coup?

To The Daily Sun,

This letter is in response to Jim McCoole and his ridiculous letter that was printed in the Sept. 24 edition of your newspaper, but also to the right-wing nitwits who seem to abound in your paper.

Mr. McCoole has stated that he wished for a military junta to seize control of the United States government by taking our president into custody for treason. What I find most interesting about him, and the others of his ilk, is how upset they get about things Obama does, but fail to speak about their Republican counterparts who have done the same things.

It seems that Obama's treasonous act is "secret" payments made to Iran in exchange for hostages. Now I seem to recall this being an issue before, only it was a Republican president who was illegally selling arms to rebels, and then funneling the money to Iran in exchange for hostages. Not only was massive amounts of money exchanged, but also weapons. But then like all things with these people, what's good for the goose is not good for the gander.

Now this is just part of my problem with Mr. McCoole. It is the level of insanity he brings it to that really frustrates me. He talks about the Constitution, and how one must take an oath to uphold the Constitution. I'm pretty certain that in this very Constitution there is a procedure in place to punish anyone who commits the act of treason, and I know that seizure by the military is not it. If what President Obama did was so illegal and treasonous, where is the censure? Where is the impeachment proceedings?

I remember that people went to jail for the Iran-Contra ordeal, so why no cases being brought now? The answer is that no illegal act was committed, and this is just another way for the Fox News crowd to try and tarnish the legacy of President Obama.

I wish I could say that Mr. McCoole is an outlier and that most people are reasonable when it comes to our government and leaders, but unfortunately it seems time an time again right-wing supporters use a small truth and blow it up to insane levels of hyperbole. President Obama is obviously a Muslim, he wasn't born in Hawaii and should produce his birth certificate to prove he was — these are examples of the ridiculousness that Mr. McCoole and his fellow believers resort to in the slander.

I will close with a simple question: Why does Obama have to produce a birth certificate to prove he was born here when no other presidential candidate has ever been called on to do the same? Why, when President Obama has said he is a Christian, does the right doubt him and say he is a Muslim? I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that he was the first Black president. Did George Bush or Bill Clinton have to produce a birth certificate? Did anyone question whether John F. Kennedy was really Catholic?

Jeremy Kercheval

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