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Unlike Bernie, Hillary is a true Yankee progressive candidate

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to speak to all loyal N.H. Democrats. Please join me in supporting Hillary Clinton in the Presidential Primary on Tuesday.

I am a proud member of a minority in state of New Hampshire and welcome the opportunity to support a candidate who has in her history a supportive view of the true democratic values of New Hampshire citizens.

Hillary Clinton is a candidate who is truly a believer of our Yankee values, in that she as on multiple occasions shown an ability to rise above the pettiness of partisan politics and exhibit those qualities of an independent thinker and progressive that is will to work to strengthen our country and to return common sense to our political system. In contrast, Bernie Sanders would have us believe that his Vermont-inspired socialist values are comparable to our New Hampshire Yankee values. A true Yankee such as myself will tell you that he is not.

I am a so called baby boomer, two-tour Vietnam Veteran, 25-plus year member of the law enforcement community, and instructor for a local university. I am proud of of my history and Yankee heritage and strongly urge to support Hillary Clinton in our primary and show people that we are truly independent Yankee voters who know a true progressive as portrayed by Hillary Clinton as to compared to a candidate who is wrapped himself in a cloak of pseudo-imagery to hide his his flaws.

Please join me in supporting a true Yankee progressive candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Wayne Brock


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Hillary has a realistic agenda that will benefit American people

To The Daily Sun,

I'm currently a junior at Newfound Regional High School, and I currently support former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton for president. I identify myself as a liberal (Democrat).

You might think, that might be unheard of that a young person, like myself, will be supporting Hillary, as typically most younger people lean toward Bernie. The reason why I'm supporting Hillary is due to the fact that she is an excellent negotiator, and is always committed to make sure that every American is being treated equality, regardless of sex, religion, nationality, and/or disabilities. Unlike Sanders, she has realistic agendas that will benefit the American people both economically and socially.

Sanders has criticized many of Clinton's past history, like her voting on the Iraq War, but if we look at it unilaterally, he too, would also be criticized for many of his voting record.

We need to work off of Obamacare. We need to make sure workers get family medical assistance, equality pay, and all of the agendas she has spoken about. She is very experienced in foreign policy, and without a doubt, would make a great commander-in-chief.

Hillary will stand for the LGBT community, the minorities, the veterans — everyone. She will fight for America.

As she has gotten caught up in many scandals, we have to set aside that some of them are untrue, while some of them are true. However, the other candidates are using these scandals for political gains. For instance, Benghazi, and the select committee that the Republicans formed — in which there were no additional findings.

One thing for sure, we cannot let the fascist Donald Trump get the keys to the White House.

Nick Crosby

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