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Money from minimum wage workers going to millionaires

To The Daily Sun,

Democrats demand big government. They demand big government carry a big stick, but amazingly, these same people hate and fear big words.

Alan Vervaeke spent an entire letter Wednesday screaming his hate and disgust for capital letters and people who use them. As I have suggested before, almost all Democrats (no need for political correctness) are indeed idiots. They certify their credentials routinely in The Sun. Alan's letter is as nincompoop, empty-minded and asinine as any letter I have ever read. But certified, wacko writing shouldn't surprise any regular reader of The Sun.

Democrats like Alan are not going to debate anyone on fact or substance on any issue. They are incapable of open dialogue and honest critique. Alan Vervaeke is simply another member of the "Chicken Little Club" that includes Bernadette Loesch, Scott Cracraft and others. Leo Sandy opened the club. Every one of these people lacks the courage and ability to stand up straight and debate.

Not one of them would recognize original thought or common sense if it steam-rolled them. If my laptop had a shrink font key to near invisible I would use it when responding to Alan. The small words with small meaning would match up perfectly with his narrow mind and miniature reasoning ability. But, I give Alan credit for admitting big words scare the living crap out of him. It's no wonder donkey, dope-heads don't want to debate anyone on the hard cold facts of any issue.

If Alan wants to prove me wrong, here is his chance. Maybe he can provide us with some big-boy, big-thinking insights from his front row seat in the donkey jalopy into the gigantic failure of Democrat Barack Obama and his full belly-flop as president?

The middle class keeps shrinking. We had our first credit downgrade in history. We are all less safe than ever. Welfare is rampant. Terrorism is epidemic. Poverty is entrenched. Inequality at new heights, all while Obama produced the slowest economy of any of the last 17 presidents as our debt from excess spending piles to the stars. All under Obama, the man of a million hollow words and as many empty promises. More questions for Alan. Trust me folks there will be "ice fishing in hell" before he has the courage to answer any of them.

1. Why has Obama increased the wealth of the top 1 percent and 10 percent faster than any president in history? Then Obama screams inequality is horrific.

2. Why is every entitlement program Democrats cooked up over the last 70 years bankrupt in the trillions of dollars?

3. Why do Democrats want to take their already bankrupt programs and make them even more bankrupt, spending the future tax revenue of our kids in the process to accomplish it. It is exactly what the Greeks have done for the last 20 years. They went BROKE TWICE in 10 the last years.

4. Why is the federal government taking hundreds of millions of dollars every month out of the paychecks of minimum-wage workers and handing the money to people with million-dollar bank accounts? I ask you why, Alan.

Your party set the programs up that do exactly that. Of course there is inequality. Democrats set inequality in concrete with how entitlements are funded. The word idiots fits perfectly when discussing important issues with those that have donkey-town addresses. Capital letters are required to HIGHLIGHT the IDIOCY.

5. After eight years of Barack Obama, 75 percent of Americans say the country is headed in the wrong direction, toward a cliff. Hillary says, "I will be Obama's third term" to complete the free fall.

Alan fears big words but loves to support skydiving off a cliff with Hillary into bankruptcy. If that isn't a donkey, hee-haw logic, what the hell is?

Tony Boutin

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The Daily Sun is helping to fan the fires of racial animosity

To The Daily Sun,

I felt it necessary to express my disgust over the publishing of a distasteful cartoon in The Daily Sun on Thursday, July 14.

The cartoon portrayed an African-American man telling his young son to "keep hands visible on the steering wheel and cooperate." The child was sitting in a toy car. If this was an attempt at humor or social commentary, it failed miserably.

Furthermore, it simply served to perpetuate the myth that police officers are unilaterally attacking young black men. It is unfortunate that much of the news media continues to push many falsehoods surrounding a very small number of incidents and helps breathe life into hate groups such as Black Lives Matter.

The media continues to allow false information and conclusions not based on facts to be widely disseminated and simply helps fan the fires of racial animosity. Apparently The Daily Sun has jumped on that bandwagon. Given that as I write this, the City of Dallas has yet to finish burying two of its five police officers assassinated last week simply because they wore a police uniform, I am especially repulsed by the timing here.

Of course, the First Amendment provides that the artist can create this kind of drivel and The Sun is free to publish it. But, please remember that police officers have died defending that right, as five of them did in Dallas last week.

Craig Wiggin
Belknap County Sheriff


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