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Lawmakers need to think long & hard before cutting tourism budget

To The Daily Sun,
I might add to the letter on cutting the tourism budget.

Most people will think this an unnecessary expenditure by the state, but they should think of all the jobs tourism supports. I believe tourism-related jobs is the biggest employer in the state (except maybe government). Cut tourism and that cuts tolls, which cuts DOT budgets. Cut tourism and that cuts liquor sales, one of the largest revenue producers the state has. I can go on, but feel if every legislator thought about it they would see that it is cutting off the very hand that feeds their whole budget.

One last thing: the lawmakers love to get a law passed for taxes by saying all or a portion will help fund a related item, then in a few years slip that money to something else. Tolls/gas tax going to roads. Sweeps profits all to education. Rooms & Meals going toward tourism.

Think this through hard, good and worthy lawmakers!
Bob Heath

Center Harbor

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How about the folks who wait on you when you go shopping

To The Daily Sun,

I want to continue my reply to a letter written by Mr. Meade to The Daily Sun on April 16.

I mentioned a article on page one of Union Leader on April 17 titled "Working and on welfare: N.H. Tops", which The Daily Sun printed on April 18. I wasn't surprised to see in April 23rd issue that Mr.Ewing was chosen by Mr Meade to respond to my comments. I would like to ask Mr. Meade: What jobs were created by the 1 percent (millionaires)? Who created jobs that made folks in New Hampshire — working jobs that pay liveable wages? Mr.Meade, how many folks do you think read the letters that your collection of parrots write, that you all insult on a daily basis? I'm talking about those folks who wait on you when you visit businesses in the Lake Region. I can't remember a cashier, waitress, fast-food worker and hundreds of other job holders ever writing a letter to the editor saying they are doing the best they can with the hand they were got.

To continue, Mr. Meade, the Laconia Citizen printed on April 20 an article: "More jobs but less food". The Hippo of April 16-22 (on page 6-7) wrote a great article on "Seasonal worker struggles" .

I think Lakes Region workers would enjoy a response from the Tea Party on this subject. I know the folks mentioned in these three articles working in less than liveable-wage jobs thank the writers of three articles. I can relate to this problem and will in another letter.

My last comment to make from Mr. Meade's April 16 letter, and I quote: "The Obama campaign raised more than $632 million during the 2012 election season,about 62 percent  more (?) than Romney's $389 million; the Obama re-election team topped Romney's by 166 million. This was funny to see Mr. Meade write as he should have realized that more people wanted Obama to win. To be continuted.

Henry Osmer


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