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Liberal media cherry-picks stories and writes prevearicating statements

To The Daily Sun,

Our system of voting is corrupt, indicative of the release of emails that show Bernie Sanders never had a chance as the Democratic nominee for P.O.T.U.S. The affair resulted in the resignation of Debbi Wassaman Shultz.

The system is corrupted by FBI Director James Comey, stating that Hillary Clinton did not intend to cover up by deleting emails, even though she was subpoenaed to save them. Our system is corrupt when Bill Clinton has an impromptu meeting with Lorreta Lynch, the attorney general on an airplane parked on the tarmac for 90 minutes, one day before Lynch states she will not indict Hillary Clinton.

The system is corrupt when the liberal media cherry-picks stories and conveniently writes prevaricating statements (present paper excluded). The system is rigged when the government pushes through 1,800 new citizens that were to be deported for the purpose of a future vote.

The system is also rigged when Bill Clinton is impeached for lying to Congress but pulls-in favors to defeat the vote.

The answer to letter writer Bernadette Loesch's question (of whether this is the time for revolt) is no, but the so-called system needs to change. Donald Trump for all his faults, is championing a movement to finally change the corrupt system.

Rich Tjaden

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Anyone still supporting this ManPig should look hard in the mirror

To The Daily Sun,

I'd like to congratulate Russ Wiles for graduating from the Bob Meade School of Fact Checking. Once again the TrumpEttes are spreading lie after lie. Hillary didn't laugh about the victim or the defendant. She only laughed at all when the interviewer talked about a blatant attempt of a prosecutor to hide and withhold evidence.

Now whether he was innocent or guilty, everyone in America deserves a fair trial using the rules of evidence — even Russ. That's in a document that Russ is always crowing about called the Constitution. Maybe he should read it.

Secondly, Russ once again deflects away from Trump's despicable actions and behaviors toward women and girls, as is now known. He has acted on his thoughts, but God forbid Russ would decry that. No, he brings up Bill Clinton's actions that were clearly detailed 17 years ago, as well as accusations and assumptions about the "Clinton Machine" that have yet to be proven.

Third, Russ says he'd like a woman president or a black president ... but only if they were Republicans. I highly doubt it. Based on his letters, I wonder if Russ has ever had an African-American colleague or friend, or else some of his teeth would have disappeared by now. His condescending attitudes toward women have already been well documented.

Finally, anyone who can continue to support this despicable and disgusting ManPig that the GOP has put forth should look hard at the mirror and determine what kind of person they really are. Because I can tell you one thing, you may be American but you aren't a patriot and your humanity is in question.

So while the rest of us watch your festering candidate implode and spread more vile spewings across the airwaves and media, perhaps you can do a little self examination and look for your humanity. Because after the election, your foot will be in your mouth and you might want to practice speaking with a bit of humility.

Alan Vervaeke

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