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Obama sure seems hell-bent on solidifying his place in history

To The Daily Sun,

The awful betrayal of Israel by the Obama administration will add yet another exclamation mark on his horrendous eight-year administration. The community organizer-in-chief has became the country's disorganizer-in-chief. He has created divisive chaos in this country and around the world. We can only hope that our president-elect is up to the enormous task ahead of him. His can-do attitude and excellent cabinet picks give me hope that he can turn this progressive ship of fools around.

Rick Moran of American Thinker reminds us that in 1979, President Carter fired U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young for meeting with a representative of the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization). The United States had promised Israel that it would not meet with the PLO until it acknowledged Israel's right to exist. Sadly, it has been all down hill for Jimmy Carter after that.

Have the Palestinians ever acknowledged Israel's right to exist? I do not believe they ever have, which makes a two-state solution a bit problematic, does it not? But they did decide it would be a good idea to allow the terrorist group, HAMAS, to exist within its borders. That would be the wondrous group that lusts to exterminate Israel from this planet.

And now it appears that U.S. officials have conspired with the Palestinians to pass the most anti-Israel resolution in U.N. history. According to Rick Moran, the Israel government has assured us that they have iron-glad proof of this back-stabbing, clandestine deal. Let us all pray that this did not really take place.

John Kerry, who has been a dishonest and disgraceful man ever since he returned from Vietnam and trashed his fellow soldiers, had the audacity to tell the nation that nobody has been a better friend to Israel than President Obama? Huh? Is "Liveshot Kerry" talking about the same man who has been so disrespectful of Bibi Netanyahu?

Oh yes I know, he visited the Holy Land and paid tribute to the victims of the Holocaust. And he gave Israel gobs of our taxpayer money. A big whoop, if you please. Anybody with a brain and a thimble of knowledge about the relationship between these two, clearly knows that Obama absolutely detests Netanyahu and Israel. So this final act of abandoning our only true ally in the Middle East, as our President heads for the door, is absolutely unconscionable and destabilizing, as former U.N. ambassador John Bolton warns us.

All this madness should surprise no one who understands the progressive left in this country and their takeover of college campuses and the Democratic Party itself. How many of you are aware of the necessity of a movement to "stop the Jew hatred on campus?"

Oh Wiles, you must be crazy. Universities are bastions of diversity and compassion aren't they? Ever hear of the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) movement on campuses which, for all intents and purposes, supports anti-Israel terrorism? Ever hear of the Boycott, Divest & Sanction (BDS) movement on campuses that blames the Jewish people for all sins? It is driven by the ideology of HAMAS. You know, the Sunni-Islamist, fundamentalist, terror organization that was elected by Palestinians to govern the Gaza strip. These hate-filled movements are growing across universities nationwide and include UCLA, Brooklyn College, George Mason U., University of Cal-Berkley and the University of Chicago, among many others.

Meanwhile, back in the truth-denying, fantasy land of the progressive left, the place where evil is revered and patriotism is reviled, they categorically deny there is any anti-Semitism on campuses.

Go read the writings of David Horowitz, Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, Pamela Geller, Jonah Goldberg, Michael Savage, Charles Krauthammer, Caroline Glick, Jeff Jacoby, Bernie Goldberg and Dennis Prager and become enlightened. They are all brilliant minds who happen to be Jewish, though some are non-religious Jews. Yes, they are also conservatives. The Jewish people who vote for Democrats care more about leftism, socialism, global warming, open borders and social justice, than they do about Judaism and Israel. The worst is George Soros, but there are many others like Bernie Sanders, who just might have beaten Trump, according to Tony Boutin. That should chill you to your core!

The Democrats pretend to assure us that Obama is providing a smooth transition of power, just as President Bush afforded him. Are you kidding me? Besides the Israel fiasco, Obama, after 18 months of Russian cyber hacking, now decides to get tough with Putin. He is also letting more violent criminals out of jail, increasing the unvetted refugee influx, letting more violent jihadi soldiers of Allah out of Gitmo, and engaging in more private land grabbing for government control.

He sure seems hell-bent on solidifying his place in presidential history. He probably believes his eight years of progressive governance and circumventing of our Constitution will place him on Mount Rushmore. In reality, it should solidify his place atop the list of the worst presidents of the past century. I really have to disagree with you, Michelle Obama, who recently lamented to Oprah that all hope is now lost as a result of the Trump election. I believe it is only now that our country has real hope for prosperity and renewed greatness, after eight years of fundamental transformation by a man who so dislikes the founding principles of the country he was twice elected to lead.

Russ Wiles

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Even McCain and McConnell admit Russians hacked election

To The Daily Sun,

I've tried to be quieter since the election. Maybe even inspirational and thoughtful. Donald Trump won and that is it. Period. Nothing I do or say is going to change that. But while the Daily Sun may not fact-check letters to the Editor, I will. And Tony Boutin's latest qualifies for a "Pants On Fire" rating.

If the rest of you readers want to be sheep and simply allow lies to be spouted and spread like Fox News or Breitbart, then do us a favor and go to the Weirs Times. That is their specialty. The Sun is the only newspaper in this area.

First off, President Obama did not purchase a house in Washington, D.C. He is leasing one that provides not simply home area, but also office space for himself and his wife, as well as sufficient space for the security detail a former president of the United States is obligated to maintain. And he is doing it so that his youngest daughter can finish high school at Sidwell Friends School – a place where my oldest child works in the summer.

Apparently the Obamas are that kind of horrible parent that desires their children to experience continuity, much like Donald and Melania Trump with their son Baron staying behind in New York with his mother until he finishes out his school year.

Secondly, his home in Rancho Mirage is actually quite close to where Gerald Ford and his wife Betty owned a home after his presidency was complete. I don't think it is anything like the homes that Ronald and Nancy Reagan had, since they owned a home in Bel Air (where all of those Hollywood celebrities live, Tony?) and hung out with the Rat Pack – Sinatra, Martin, Bishop, etc.... Wow. Hypocrisy much, Tony? Then of course the Reagans also had that huge place in Pacific Palisades as well as Rancho Mirage. The Obama's only own two — the family home in Chicago and this new one. They are really lording it over all of us, huh?

But it is all right, because Tony believes his nonsense. Fake news? Golly – no!! Russian hacking? Even John McCain and Mitch McConnell admit it. Rush Limbaugh? Pah – who cares about him? No one even listens to that horses backside anymore. Eight years of failed policies? I doubt it. But then again Tony does not read or comprehend real news, facts, statistics, or economic reality. He never has. Not in the several years I've been reading this paper.

As to his "Executive overreach"? Really, Tony? Can you Google? Barack Obama has issued fewer executive orders than George Bush, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, Ike, and Truman. And in each of his terms he issued fewer than George H.W. Bush did in his single term. Or are you discussing the Affordable Care Act which was passed (and written) by Congress? Your anger at being an old white man who is surpassed in ever measure by a successful black man is appalling. And you are exactly the kind of voter that Donald Trump loved – old, white, angry, and unable to discern the truth?

So keep your plugged nickels, Tony. Keep your lies. Keep your rhetoric to yourself. And don't let the door hit your ... opinions ... on the way out. I'd hate for your door to be accused of geriatric abuse.

And to everyone else – Happy 2017!

Alan Vervaeke

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