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Let's commit ourselves to creating a new color on the map, purple

To The Daily Sun,

To those who are concerned ...

Hillary just gave a dignified concession speech wherein she wore purple ... and it appears she had others wear purple as well.

Purple, a color of mourning, as I am mourning ... as many are.

Or purple, a combination of the stability of blue (Democrats) and the fierce energy of red (Republicans).

When shall we come together? When shall we start speaking with gentle, calm, strength and evidence-based unity? In failing to do so, we miss enormous opportunity, and we create moral hazards. Think of every fear many felt Tuesday night and now.

People, not Republicans or Democrats, but people, Americans, adults.

There are important ideals which we all share, and to which we really should aspire ... if not for our ideological vanities, but for everyone's safety, and most importantly, for the future success and survival of our country, our children and our troops.

Let us sincerely hope that our new president sees the wisdom to truly bring people together, to value every individual, no matter what race, religion, country, skin color, gender, or political party; to create purple where all we see is the harsh and jagged divide between red and blue.

Our new president's acceptance speech was a start, which believe me is a hard thing to admit. I am a fierce fierce believer in my politics. But my father, Philip McLaughlin, taught me to be absolutely 100 percent committed to curiosity and action regarding how to make things better for all and  community.

Let us lend our voices to creating a new color on the map — purple.

Emily F. McLaughlin

Portsmouth (formerly of Laconia)

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Obamacare is a lousy deal, it helps one person for every 20 it hurts

To The Daily Sun,

Democrats see the crumbling handwriting on the wall for Obamacare. Even Bill Clinton, a few days ago said, "I understand why people are not signing up, it's a lousy deal." Tens of millions made the same "lousy deal" pronouncement five years ago to hate-filled protests of the Democratic Party. Darn right it's a lousy deal, Bill.

Harming 20 people while helping one is no fix at all. The health care failure was cast in concrete when the details of the program were finally revealed. Of course that wasn't till after Obamacare was passed with all those Democratic votes. Remember, Nancy Pelosi famously saying, "We had to pass Obamacare to see what was in the box." Well, the country found out what was in the box. It hates it, for the exact reason Bill Clinton stated, "It is a lousy deal." It was always going to be a lousy deal. That's why it was kept hidden "in the box."

What's a Bill Clinton "lousy deal" look like? Health insurance costs for 80 percent of Americans have risen even faster after Obamacare than before. Next year sees an average 25 percent price hike across the entire country. That follows double-digit hikes in many states every year since Obamacare was passed. The average Obamacare deductible has increased to $6,000. That means very few Americans will ever see one dollar of their health care bills paid by insurance. The vast majority of young, healthy people, who in essence pay for the older and sick refuse to buy Obamacare insurance because it costs too much. They can't afford it while they see little likelihood of getting any value. They prefer to pay the small penalty.

All the major insurers are quickly leaving the exchanges. They have lost billions of dollars on the Obamacare health exchanges. Through the mandates imbedded in Obamacare they have been forced, by government to sell insurance to people who are extremely sick and whose premiums do not cover the actual costs of their care shafting insurance companies with continuous losses. Many states are now left with just ONE insurance company offering plans. Tens of millions of Americans have received heart-stopping notices they have lost their converge while the millions getting subsidies are getting them paid not by the rich, but out the pay checks of middle America.

America has surely gotten the shaft from lying Obama and Obamacare. Despite Obama's repeated assurances tens of millions lost their doctor, hospital, and their health insurance provider. That is what a lousy deal looks like, and that is what a liar does for harm.

With Obamacare now crashing and burning Democrats demand the "full monty" of single-payer, promising it will fix everything. The same promise Obamacare had attached to it, only with more trillions in cost. Vermont and Bernie Sanders promised single-payer health care for five years, then it was announced this year implementing it would kill the state from from the across-the-board, skyrocketing levels of taxation required to pay for it.

There is nothing in life that's free. Why is that so hard for so many Democrats to grasp? If health care becomes "free" get ready for your $10 can of Coke and your $15 Big Mac, the common price across all of Europe. That's the price of their free health care.

Tony Boutin

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