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It’s now a crime to pay for sex with an underage person in NH

To The Daily Sun,

On June 7, House Bill 1628 was signed into law, "An act relative to human trafficking involving persons under 18 years of age". This new law will make it a crime for any person to pay to engage in sexual contact with a person under the age of 18.

This new law takes a very important step forward to protect children who have been subjected to sex trafficking by establishing felony convictions for individuals who pay compensation to engage in sexual activities with underage persons in New Hampshire.

As the prime sponsor of this House Bill, I am very gratefully to the Legislature for passing this proposal. This legislation will hold individuals responsible for soliciting sexual behavior accountable for their unacceptable acts of behavior placed upon a person under age 18.

Annually each state receives a rating which is based on the Protected Innocence Legislative Framework. This is an analysis of state laws performed by the American Center for Law and Justice and Shared Hope International, which sets a national standard of protection against domestic minor sex trafficking, reports New Hampshire's 2015 report card grade was a disgraceful D. I'm confident our rating will improve with HB 1628 now becoming law.

This new law is the direct result of combined effort with support from the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence, representatives from the New Hampshire police chiefs law enforcement community, and many concerned New Hampshire citizens. This will improve our enforcement standing and protections for woman and children going forward.

I wish to personally thank my colleagues in the House, Rep. Lachance, Rep. Hill, and Rep. Seidel, for their support in this initiative. On the Senate side, Senator Jeanie Forrester of Meredith was the prime Senate sponsor in supporting this legislation to protect all women and children.

We may think this issue is far away in Southeast Asia, Los Angeles, New York or other large cities, however, this horrible evil does happen right here in New Hampshire. We must all work together to eliminate it once and for all.

This most important law will ensure anyone involved in sex trafficking with any underage children will be held responsible for their actions. It will send a strong message that we have zero tolerance in New Hampshire for crimes against our children

In future legislative sessions all legislators and citizens should continue to work together to strengthen human trafficking enforcements. Each step is important to ensure protections for all sex trafficking victims.

State Rep. Brian S. Gallagher


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Why is Sanbornton looking for a new town administrator?

To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to the Sanbornton Board of Selectmen:

I personally think that the current town administrator is doing an excellent job and will be even better as he gains more experience. Have we asked him if he is interested in staying on?

If he is interested, why are we looking to replace him with someone new who would have to go through the whole Sanbornton learning process at our expense?
My second concern is why the selectmen would agree to advertise for a new TA in three different states? What would a town administrator from another state know about our state and town budgeting requirements and all the RSAs we have to abide by? If someone from far away happened to be selected, would we once again have to pay the relocation expenses for such a person?

I believe things went very smoothly with Charlie Smith on the job after Bob departed and we should want to keep that good momentum going in 2016 and beyond.
I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter!

Bill Whalen


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