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What we really have is open-minded vs. closed-minded

To The Daily Sun,

Recent articles submitted by this writer have had varying rebuttals as well as support. There is no disagreement with some of the rebuttals, as well as those who supported the thoughts presented. Some degree of civility could be sought between those who disagree as well as writers supported by this writer. This is the hallmark of what one defines as liberal, not as presented by narrow-minded persons of interest, both those claiming to be liberals as well as those who claim conservative.

Liberal by definition has not changed. It means free thought, and willingness to keep an open mind to all thoughts one encounters. This means Democrats who stick to their narrow-minded pattern of not accepting "conservatives" are not liberal as well as Republicans who insist their way is the "my way or the highway" approach, are not conservative (these are examples and does not reflect that everyone is this way). Republicans and Democrats also fail to use the word conservative properly. This uses the base of the word "to conserve" to promote what is best in the public interest of safety and welfare. Instead, we have two parties creating a gridlock of narrow-minded persons who refuse to accept the other's agenda. What we have is open-minded vs. narrow minded, not liberal or conservative.

Intolerance is a terrible word. It promotes dissent as well as lack of harmony. It endangers people's lives. Both parties are guilty of this. It is the basis for discord among many people who want to stick to their guns, guts, or otherwise in the name of self preservation. Many of the most outspoken people are narrow minded bigots. Both parties are at fault. Tolerance is promoted by most of the major religions on this planet. Sadly, many people do not respect this concept. This writer has his own opinions but he cannot and will not attempt to change the minds of those who strongly disagree with him. We all have that right to disagree, but we also need to consider the words of those who do not agree. This is true tolerance.

One rebutter, rightly so, claimed that this writer was against all Christians, or that all Christians are bigots. Please accept my apologies for this misconception. That this rebutter took time to demonstrate this intolerance is welcomed, as well as appreciated. A true liberal accepts both criticism as well as compliments. It is felt this small majority makes loud vocal comments that seem to affect the general populace at large. One size does not fit all. This is true for the most narrow minded right. So the better word should have been "most" rather than all.

Those who are of the "silent majority" need to participate in this debate. The most critical election that will profoundly impact of this country is next year. All of us need to get out to vote, regardless of who you support. Engagement is essential to this election process. The unifying events here in New Hampshire are the Northern Pass as well as gas lines in Southern New Hampshire. It is hoped this same enthusiasm also transfers this energy to the voting booth. We can build on this strength. Apathy is something we can no longer ignore. Voting is a freedom we cherish, and must never allow it to disintegrate. Voting is more than just a right, but a clear responsibility for all of us to exercise.

The current primary race started in one direction. Two candidates, Trump and Sanders offered that Washington is not listening to its electorate. Both of these men promote a cause that has opened the eyes of many people, and is now becoming part of other "candidates" repertoire. This is not an endorsement of either men, but given the crowds that attend their events are clearly a message for everyone to consider.

The one thought promoted by the Black Lives Movement is that, yes, these lives are important, but other groups are also affected by this movement. Disabled persons and disabled veterans, races, all creeds, all religions, as well as sexual orientation are minorities whose rights have been trampled. Intolerance and fear brought on by narrow minded persons in the name of their religion is not conservatism. They breed discontent. We need to understand that all of blood is red, and each of us is a heart beat from death, premature, illness, or intentional. We must try to accept, even as we may disagree with people to embrace why they feel that way. Take each person's thought as a learning experience. The rebuttals seen in recent weeks are educational as well as enriching. In short we can agree to disagree, but let's keep an open mind, and listen to what such rebuttals may have to offer.

Robert T. Joseph, Jr.
New Hampton

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How many of you like what USA has become under Obama?

To The Daily Sun,

Now hear this: please, those of you who want to vote for Hillary, do not do it. If you think Obama is bad, she will only be worse. Then we will never be able to take America back.

Bernie Sanders the communist is also a no-no. Jeb Bush needs to give it up and go home. Sorry, I am glad that Donald Trump is doing well in New Hampshire. He does not have to bow-down to anyone. He says it like it is, and that is that. You can take that to the bank. If Hillary does get in we are finished as a country. She will pick up where Obama leaves off. She cannot be trusted. She is going to get away with all she has done. We do not need another Obama.

All those college kids are being brainwashed about Hillary and Bernie. They are the worse two of the bunch. Ben Carson is too nice and will be slow in getting things done, if he does it at all. Just think about it for a moment. I hope and pray this all works out for the good of the country. You also should pray.

Our freedom is being taken away little by little. Is anyone worried about that, or is it just me? How many of you like what this country has become under Obama? Not me for sure. We remember the good old days? Then lets take it back.

Anna DeRose

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