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Dr. Tom Dawson is a man of demonstrated successful service

To The Daily Sun,

This letter is written to support the candidacy of Dr. Thomas Dawson in his bid to represent the citizens of Laconia in the New Hampshire House of Representatives from District 3, and to tell you what I know of the man.

Straight out, I am no longer a Laconia citizen, and in fact have not resided there for the past 24 years. So you may ask, "What does this guy know about Laconia, the state of New Hampshire and its needs?" That is a good question.

First, I was born and raised in Laconia. My roots are there, and I am still and always will be an Academy Street denizen at heart. Second, and more importantly, I know Tom Dawson, who he is, and what he stands for.

In my opening paragraph I referred to him as Dr. Thomas. Yes, he is the most educated man I know having received his doctorate focusing on public sector management, and occupational education. Yet, he is down to earth, fits well in his suspenders, and has an understanding of the needs of your citizens that is routed in fairness and common sense.

In college, Tom also placed an emphasis on education. In fact I first met him in 1972 before he became Dr. Dawson. Tom was then hired as a professor to set up and teach the fire protection program for the New Hampshire Vocational/Technical College in Laconia. I was a firefighter with the Laconia Fire Department trying to get an associate's degree in fire protection at that time. Tom was my instructor for four years until I graduate from the evening program in 1976.

I lost track of Tom after I graduated as he returned to college in Oklahoma himself. My next involvement with him was in 1984 when he and his wife Cathy, son Ben and daughter Caroline (or "chicken lips" as I came to call her) returned to New Hampshire. He returned to become our state fire marshal.

When Tom became fire marshal for the state, I was the fire marshal for the City of Concord. I also served as the chairman of the New Hampshire Fire Law Study Committee a progressive and forward-thinking committee set up by Tom to assess the state of the New Hampshire fire safety statutes in affect at that time. The committee, Tom and I worked very closely together in providing for the fire safety of our citizens. The result of this work helped with the implementation of the first New Hampshire State Fire Code developed under Tom's Leadership. This association continued until Tom's departure from the position in 1986.

As state fire marshal, Tom put the safety of the citizens of New Hampshire above the pressures of those who would subvert the benefit of a fair and firm application of the fire safety statutes for political or economic gain. Sadly, in my opinion this stance cost him his job in the long run. Tom was and continues not to be a person willing to compromise on public safety and seeing the bent of those with political sway over his position when he was fire marshal found it more rewarding to further the cause of public protection as a private fire safety consultant; a full-time business that he was involved with successfully for over six years. During this time, our friendship and my understanding of the man grew.

It was also in the mid 1980s that Tom ran for and was elected to the Laconia School Board in a city-wide election for three consecutive terms serving from 1985 until 1994. As a member of the board, Tom was successful in guiding the direction of the Laconia School District to serve the needs of our children including my sons John, Jay and Jeff.

Knowing Tom as a man of demonstrated successful service in both the public and private sectors, a man of integrity and honor and one with much common sense; I wholeheartedly support him in his desire to serve the needs of Laconia and its citizens in the New Hampshire House. Therefore, this letter is written in support of his candidacy and to urge you too to support his candidacy by voting for him in your Nov. 4 election.

John "Jack" Davis
Orlando, Fla.

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When was last time Hassan or Shaheen held a real Town Hall?

To The Daily Sun,

New Hampshire voters expect their public officials to be open and available to the public. Gov. Maggie Hassan and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen have been anything but open and available with their constituents. If anything, they have been the most hidden and isolated representatives our state has ever seen.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to win the hearts of New Hampshire families. We are simple folk who like access to our politicians and realize spoken words are more valuable than spent money. But when you avoid us and make decisions on our behalf, do realize that comes with consequences.

The question should not be, Why don't they take part in a Town Hall meeting? The question should be, When was the last time either one of them held a real Town Hall meeting? Start paying attention. Both of them continue increasing our taxes, and now they want New Hampshire residents to subsidize southern states on their electrical bills. Stay focused on the energy policy. The devil's in the details. Remember we've been an electrical exporter for decades. Why would we want to lose those revenues to foreign countries? That's not the New Hampshire way.

Ray Cunningham


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Fair play was only part of the reason unions came into being

To The Daily Sun,

Just another GOP reason to vote for a Democrat, from Mr. Gorrell. The right-to-work CEOs are making way over millions while the local worker makes about $15­,000 to $25,000 per year. Some CEOs, like the guy from the NFL, make more in two weeks than most people will make in a lifetime. The right-to-work laws, or anti-union laws, are just another way of not paying a fair wage. Those companies and jobs used to be called open or closed shops. A closed shop was union only and you joined or you had no job. There was no choice, but business and the economy was good.

I've worked in both, and even worked in a shop where the owner brought in the union. True story, but there was a reason this had to be done.

But now just look at all the Walmarts and fast food restaurants who don't pay employees a decent wage. This is a perfect example where wages are an issue, and unfortunately only a union can fix it. The employees have to resort to extra help like food stamps and other social services at taxpayer expense. Somehow Mr. Gorrell and most of the GOP feel this is a good idea. And skip the crap about "when I was their age" I worked at a min wage job".

That was 40 years ago folks and our country wasn't shipping all the good jobs overseas. For the most part the only large industry left is fast food, health care, Walmart-types and other low-paying jobs. The GOP would like to do away with the min wages completely so instead of a low wage of $7.25 the employer could pay you $5 or even less. That would be a right-to-work (at any wage) state.

There are reason unions came into being in the late 1800s, and fair pay was only a part of it. Working conditions, like safety, were a large reason, too. Young working-age people have been leaving the North Country for years and it wasn't just because of low wages. It was a lack of jobs completely. It is purely an economic issue. The result of this was the buildup in the North Country of places like Conway, Meredith, and now Plymouth. In this day and age, with the Internet, you can run a small business anyplace you want. But we will always have those who move to the North Country and want to bring the places they leave with them. There are jobs to be had. But it is up to you to get them whether they are union or not. The choice is not difficult.

Fact check to Mr. Ewing, who as usual has some of his facts wrong. It was the previous President GWB who decided our troops would be out of Iraq by the end of 2011 and signed the agreement in 2008. Obama signed on to SOFA to transfer troops out of Afghanistan beginning in 2011 backed by Gates, Petraeus and Mullen. But as of yesterday we just signed on to stay until probably hell freezes over.

Jon Hoyt


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Thanks to LHS principal for dealing with irresponsible phone app

To The Daily Sun,

As parents to three boys who are either in or have graduated from Laconia High School, we wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to the principal and staff of Laconia High School. Jim McCollum, and his team in the district have worked diligently to keep our children safe in light of recent online discoveries (of applications being used irresponsibly on students' phones).

Thanks for all you do, above and beyond providing a rigorous academic curriculum. We are grateful to you all.

Stephen & Kim Weeks

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Obama is doing things similar to what Franklin Roosevelt did

To The Daily Sun,

I probably would be considered a carpetbagger by some, as I grew up in Connecticut but moved here permanently about 20 years ago. However, my family history goes back over 200 years in New Hampshire, but again that is not abnormal up here. Most families names date to the pre-Civil War era. The bottom line is very few started in New Hampshire as most moved up here from Massachusetts before New Hampshire became a state.

I did miss the Southeast Asia tour but not because of a pilonidal cyst like Rushie or many 2S deferments like Cheney. Glad you made it back in one piece. Also have you wondered why so many vets are becoming Democrats and not Republicans now?

Don't know if people complained about Carter, but I did vote for Reagan. So even with him breaking our laws with Iran Contra and that thing in Central America I was busy working like most people assuming our politicians were doing what they were supposed to be doing. Again, like most or all Democrat and independents, some day you Bush supporters will admit that Bush/Cheney opened the can of worms we have been busy trying to put back in the can. I doubt it though.

Very few people had a problem with the Afghan bombing. But Iraq was another issue. False pretenses, no WMDs and all for oil (or for Cheney). But, then again, I doubt if many people miss Hussein. So what's done is done. Nobody is blaming Bush for the attacks, but for the way he handled the retaliation afterward. We claim to set by example but the proven use of torture doesn't give us any credibility. Of course Cheney would disagree. But just having to be with Cheney would be torture enough. Did we even the score for the 9/11 attacks? Time will tell.

Yes, Mr. Payton people are paying more attention now than before, but then again things like the Internet and 24 hour news helps. Your points of view are also determined by what you watch,­ FOX or MSNBC, and both sides are slanted. If we had all this news on demand 50 or ­60 years ago things might be a lot different today than they are. Our concerns today are different.

Obama is doing many things similar to what Roosevelt did and he was elected four times. You are right though, the informed are outraged, as more and more neighbors are being turned against one another all because of politics. Most of which is distorted just to get higher ratings and better paying sponsors. But the main difference is we are outraged at Congress and the GOP and the way President Obama has been treated by them. He deserves much better than that and I doubt if Bush/Cheney was treated that badly, but then again I'm sure you will disagree.

But, as of now, we've had four confirmed beheadings, two Americans, and one each from the UK and France. I doubt if anything Obama could have done would have prevented this, but I'm sure you will disagree. I feel what he is doing now is trying to make the irrational rational. For those who want boots on the ground, I say that's what we have the coalition for. If they refuse to join in this, my opinion is we come home. No boots but maybe keep bombing the daylights out of them. To put another 100,000 to ­200,000 military over there doesn't make sense unless we plan on staying there the rest of our lives. But that is up to Congress and they seem to be busy.

Jon Hoyt


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