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If, as you say, the sun is cooling, why is it getting warmer?

To The Daily Sun,

Don Ewing is in full bladder mode again. In his latest rambling letter as chief corporate shill, he did not provide a single rebuttal for my science-based claim that the post-Little Ice Age warming trend was not the same warming trend we're are presently in — as he claimed in a previous letter. Mr Ewing gets his science from right-wing sites like CATO and AEI, which I have also read. Right-wing economic sites lick the corporate boot and shine their shoes if they ask. Corporations help run them and fund them, too. Mr Ewing speaks for fossil fuel giants. Fossils love fossils!

Not once did he use "sun" or "solar" to refute my scientific data about the sun. It's because he can't. So he changed the subject to more corporate propaganda instead of addressing the central point of my argument: Solar irradiation. Mr Ewing, running with his tale between his legs, could not answer this simple question: If increased solar irradiation ended the Little Ice Age 160 years ago, why hasn't it started cooling? In fact, in the last 35 years, the sun has not bumped upward once but has steadily cooled unabated. Why isn't it getting colder? If the increase in the sun 's energy made us warmer in the mid-1900s why doesn't the decrease in the solar irradiation make it cooler. Why is it getting warmer if the sun is cooling? Come on, big boy!

The next time Mr Ewing wants to refute a claim, he should actually try to refute it instead of side-stepping it in favor of more right wing nonsense which is also so easily refuted. His letter reminded me of a spasm. His claims about CO2 are misinformed but I am waiting for Mr Ewing to provide a rebuttal for my solar activity claims which support human interference hypotheses before I put the silver spike in his CO2 fairy tales. He can just concede and we can move on. If he can't refute my solar energy claims then provide an explanation that isn't just right wing propaganda. Let's see some science, big guy. Concede on the sun and then we can move on to your other claims, one by one.

James Veverka

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Play Pub Mania Bingo at Patrick's Pub on Sunday afternoon at 3

To The Daily Sun,

Pub Mania Bingo will be hosted at Patrick's Pub in Gilford on Sunday, May 3 starting at 3 p.m. For only $1 donation per game card, over $2,000 in prizes will be awarded to lucky bingo winners, just in time to celebrate Mother's Day. Pub Mania Bingo is played with a deck of cards. Game cards only have three playing cards to cover to win, so games quickly move along.

Prizes and gift certificates will be awarded from Alterations Plus, Angels in the Attic, Café Déjà Vu, Center for Therapeutic Massage, Clarks, Crazy Gringo, Dairy Queen/OJ, Fire Cleanup Services, Fratello's or Homestead, Funspot, Giuseppe's Pizzeria, Gunstock Mountain Resort, Hanaway Theatre/PSU, Hannaford, Hart's Turkey Farm, Heaven Scent Design, Kellerhaus, Looney Bin Bar, Lyons' Den Restaurant & Tavern, Mill Falls at the Lake, Papa Gino's, Patrick's Pub, Pizza Express, Sawyer's Dairy Bar, Scentsy by Eileen Burnell, Shaw's, Shooter's Tavern & Pizzeria, Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, T-Bones/CJ's, Walmart, Wine'ing Butcher, Winnipesaukee Playhouse, Yikes Gallery and 405 Pub & Grill. There will be two cash jackpot games offered for a $5 donation per game card.

I want to thank Patrick's Pub and all businesses that donated prizes for our winners. Stop by Patrick's on Sunday and you could take home some great prizes while supporting the Children's Auction.

Judi Taggart
Tagg Team Pub Mania Team

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