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With Forrester as governor our kids won't have to leave for good jobs

To The Daily Sun,

This is a very important election coming up. We always seem to say that. But this election is different. It is the turning point of our state and country.

It was not long ago, when New Hampshire did not have any money in the rainy day fund. The state spent more than it had coming in.

When Maggie Hassan took office she spent and spent and ignored her budget. When it came to submit a budget, her budget was huge and not realistic. She wanted to raise taxes and fees.

Our Legislature brought it to reality. They paid her overspending and made a budget with funds New Hampshire was receiving. This is in large part due to my state senator, Jeanie Forester. She was on the Senate Finance Committee and later became its chairwoman and created a realistic budget.

Jeanie is running for governor. Although I hate to lose her as my state senator, I am thrilled to have her as our governor.

Jeanie is the only candidate who signed a pledge to oppose any tax increase and she will cut taxes and fees. If Jeanie says she is going to do something, rest assured she will do it.

Since the Legislature cut the business tax, (only a little and hopefully they will cut more) business is on the increase in New Hampshire.

She is the only candidate opposed to Obamacare.

Obamacare is in trouble. There are states that next year will not have any choices for insurance for Obamacare. We in New Hampshire have choices, but who knows for how long.

Jeanie is a financial conservative. She will bring good-paying jobs to New Hampshire. New Hampshire citizens will no longer have to work a few part-time jobs to pay bills. She will bring in good-paying jobs that will give benefits. Our children will not have to leave the state for good-paying jobs.

With more good business in New Hampshire, the byproduct will be less fees and taxes for New Hampshire citizens. She will attack the addiction head-on and help our citizens and families of citizens.

I have emailed Jeanie many times with questions of what was going on in the state. She always returned my emails. I am not saying she will do this as governor, but she will be a responsible and caring governor for the citizens of New Hampshire.

New Hampshire is lucky to have Jeanie as a public servant. New Hampshire needs Jeanie as its next governor.

Linda Riley

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Listen to the good things being said about Wright by co-workers

To The Daily Sun,

It should cause concern to voters in the next sheriff election that so many of us who have worked with Mike Moyer are supporting Bill Wright. I am supporting Bill Wright, having worked with Mike Moyer in the past.

Be careful what you wish for former sheriffs, only one of which really worked with Moyer. Even present employees at LPD have come out against Moyer.

Vote for Bill Wright. Listen to letters written by his fellow co-workers they know him better than the sheriffs do and/or did.

Don Irvin

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