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This is not GOP I've known; no one should vote for Aldrich

To The Daily Sun,

Glen Aldrich of Gilford is running as a Republican for the New Hampshire House. From looking at his own campaign literature and Internet sites, the voter might be fooled into thinking that he is just another fiscally conservative Republican and small businessman. He is not very upfront about his positions and those who have endorsed him, but a little research reveals some very disturbing facts.

If you look at his own statements, he is very confusing about whether or not he is a Tea Partier. He states that he believes in "Tea Party values," but thinks that these should be and have always been the values of the "authentic" GOP. A look at history shows this to be far from the truth. On his website, he has a confusing statement where he essentially says he is a Tea Partier and not one at the same time. Mr. Aldrich has been confusing in other ways on what he believes and wants to do while in office. Perhaps he could clarify his positions in a letter to The Sun?

Voters should be aware that Mr. Aldrich is not a "mainstream" Republican but part of the extreme libertarian faction of that party that has taken over that party in many places. This is happening in our state, too. Mr. Aldrich is part of the libertarian "Free State Project" that has stated that it wants to move as many of its members New Hampshire to take over town and state government and to create a libertarian utopia.

In reality they are extreme libertarians, but often hide their true views and objectives by running as Republicans. While Free Staters talk about "personal liberty," a number of "libertarians" and Tea Partiers are extreme Christians who oppose a woman's right to choose, or same-sex marriage. Since Mr. Aldrich has not spoken on these issues. I would like to know his honest opinions.

The Free Staters, as extreme libertarians, remind one of a cult. They are opposed to most government and to most health, safety, and licensing laws. They believe in cutting spending for all social services and support the total privatization of education and Social Security. They have long opposed any meaningful health-care reforms as well as any sane regulation on guns.

One also has to look at Mr. Aldrich's other affiliations and the organizations that have endorsed him. He is apparently a key member of the Lakes Region Porcupines, a group that would like the public to think they are merely a "fraternal organization" that seeks to clean up highways. But if you check them out, they are a right-wing organization openly affiliated with the Free State Project.

These are not the moderate Republicans I know (and have actually voted for in the past). No one, Democrat or Republican, should vote for him, if for no other reason than that he is less than honest about his positions and affiliations. We have seen what happened a few years ago when Tea Partiers and Libertarians took over the State Legislature and the really insane policies that followed. Our state does not need that again.

E. Scott Cracraft


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Meredith can look to Keene for example of roundabout that works

To The Daily Sun,

A hybrid roundabout at the junction of Routes 3 and 25 in Meridith?

Planners could look no further than the traffic circle in Keene at the intersection of Routes 10 and 101 where, even at the busiest times, traffic moves smoothly with minimal delay to vehicles entering the circle. Meridith doesn't need a three-tiered roundabout exactly similar to Keene's. A two-tiered traffic circle would work, and require far less cost and minimize any potential land taking by eminent domain.

The right lane would be to keep traffic flowing north on 3 and right on 25 headed toward Moultonborough and points east and northeast.
The left lane would keep traffic flowing north on Route 3 toward Holderness or vehicles making a left-hand turn west onto Main three quarters of the way around it. With less traffic using this lane, vehicles entering the circle turning left from 25 to 3 would have an easier time entering.

From that opposite direction, the right lane would be to keep traffic flowing north on Route 3 toward Holderness or straight ahead on Main, while the left lane would allow traffic from Route 25 to turn left onto Route 3 toward Laconia.

Two tiers instead of three could work, especially during the heavy summer and other holiday weekend traffic when the majority of traffic is for northbound vehicles on Route 3 turning east on Route 25, or westbound vehicles on Route 25 turning south on Route 3.

A single lane circle will create even more of a bottleneck at busy times. A triple-lane roundabout would be ideal, but far more costly and require more land taking by eminent domain.

Jim Raschilla
Alton Bay

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Flyer in my mailbox should be embarrassment to all Republicans

To The Daily Sun,

The political season is on, and our mailboxes swell with campaign fliers. One I received from the New Hampshire Republican State Committee a few days ago ought to be an embarrassment to Republicans.

The flyer claims that Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, who's again in a tight race with Republican Frank Guinta, just loves flying first-class at taxpayer expense.  As evidence, the flyer shows a "boarding pass" in the name of Carol Shea-Porter for first-class seat 2B, leaving from Gate 19 at 8:42 p.m. on Wings Airline.

Really? There's no airport on this boarding pass. Google can find no "Wings Airline." The closest hit is Wings Air, a low-budget, economy-class-only service hopping among the islands of Indonesia.

In case this fraud scores no points with voters, the other side of the flyer carries the debunked claim that Obamacare has forced 22,000 New Hampshire residents to lose their health insurance. Politifacts last year called that claim false.

The truth is that the Anthem insurance company canceled these policies in 2013 on the grounds that they were non-compliant with the Affordable Care Act. But Shea-Porter worked with Anthem to let people enroll in new plans and keep their current doctors and hospitals — and to extend the enrollment deadline.

No room on the GOP flyer for those details, or to mention that the same number of New Hampshire residents who had no health insurance at all — 22,000 — now have it, thanks to Obamacare.

Voters deserve better than this bottom-of-the-barrel stuff.

Robert Gillette


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Record says Rep. DiMartino can't tell us she was never for $42M jail

To The Daily Sun,

I took to heart the articles that were published this year on the local economy that focused on the precipitous drop of average household income. There perhaps are some families that have not been impacted, but that only means that others were hit harder.

I also take to heart what we have seen on a statewide level. New Hampshire is one of the worst states now in its treatment of existing businesses or in attracting new ones. Massachusetts even ranks above New Hampshire. I'll spare you my observations, for now, of the national scene.

Then I don't know whether to laugh or cry when every Democrat comes marching home pretending to be the most conservative Reagan Republican that you have ever seen. Don't be fooled. Don't listen to the hype. Do your own homework. Get involved. All elected officials voting records are available for scrutiny if you do a little research.

A good for instance is in our local Meredith-Gilford Belknap County District 2 representative to the state House of Representatives.

Rep. DiMartino tells us she was never for the $42 million expenditure for a new county jail.  Her record belies this. She has also been part of the group that has sued the Belknap Convention that would allow the commissioners to continue their free wheeling with taxpayer money. Her record on the state level is no better. Some of the issues where she has voted to raise taxes include, gasoline and home heating oil. New Hampshire utility and heating costs are already among the worst in the nation. She continues to vote for every entitlement expansion. Our health care costs are rising faster than ever, and entitlement fraud/abuse is epidemic. This type of reckless spending has caused the states bond rating to go down.

Representative DiMartino is just one example of the causes and effects that this type of governance has had on us locally and statewide.

I will continue to support strong, proven, fiscally responsible candidates for office. Locally in the Meredith-Gilford District 2 race,  George Hurt is one such person. We can depend on him to represent us objectively and fairly. He has proven himself in the past. Now more than ever all citizens need representation that will recognize the limits of government and the need to control spending and right size our governments and its programs. Do your homework, then join me in voting for George Hurt.

David R. Horvath

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It's recommended that any smoke alarm 10 years old be replaced

To The Daily Sun,

It is a known fact by the fire service that smoke detectors save lives and reduce fire damage. However, according to recent research by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) almost two thirds of all home fire deaths in this country resulted from fires with no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms.
Roughly half of all home fire deaths resulted from fires that occurred at night between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., when most people are asleep. It is very disconcerting to read the statistics. Fires in residential properties are down from 30 and 40 years ago; primarily due to early detection. Unfortunately just last year the number of fire deaths in one and two family homes increased by 21 percent. If you study fire deaths and home fires the death rate per 1,000 homes has stayed the same for the past 40 years. There are less fires but the death rate has remained the same. One concern is smoke alarms that are no longer effective. Another concern is the rapid fire growth rate caused by modern fire environment. This article will focus on smoke alarms.
It is recommended that any smoke alarm more than 10 years old should be replaced. If you are unsure when you placed the smoke alarm in your home then I recommend replacing it. I write the date inside the alarm and on the battery with a marker to remind myself. It is also extremely important to sleep with the bedroom doors closed. A closed bedroom door can hold back smoke and toxic gases from a fire in another room or lower level.
The fire department suggests you install smoke alarms and follow these instructions:
— Install smoke alarms in every bedroom, outside each separate sleeping area and on every level of the home, including the basement. Preferably mount them on the ceiling about 16 inches away from a wall.
— If possible, interconnect all smoke alarms throughout the home. This way, when one sounds, they all do.
— Test alarms at least monthly by pushing the test button.
— Replace all smoke alarms when they are 10 years old or sooner if they don't respond properly.
— Make sure everyone in the home knows the sound of the smoke alarm and understands what to do when they hear it and practice with your family how to react to a smoke alarm.
— Finally, we recommend at least one carbon monoxide detector preferably near the bedrooms

I'll write about carbon monoxide alarms and the modern fire environment at a later date.

Chief Ken Erickson

Laconia Fire Department

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