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I will seek re-election to the Ward4 seat on our City Council

To The Daily Sun,

Just when I think I should step down from being a City Councilor, events happen that impel me to stay the course.

I have served my ward and the city for the past 11 years in the only way I can: honestly, bipartisan, and with my only agenda doing what I can to make improvements in the city without hurting the taxpayers and nontax payers. Everyone is important. Always to the end that our young people are left with a city to be proud of and encourage them to stay and live out their lives in Laconia. Always to the end that our senior citizens who have made this Ccty and to those who have chosen to join us, to live without fear of tax increases, poor living standards, and safety for them to walk their neighborhoods and enjoy what we are so proud of here. Always to the working class, who are struggling for a better life and better jobs so that their children and their parents and grandparents are provided for.

It is not done alone, but by a united council that works hard to stay within the tax cap and gets things done that are meant to improve your lives with as little hurt as possible.

This is an election year and there is an organized group that would like to replace this council along with the tax cap. They want to spend, not for the good of the city, but for their own agendas  —  to spend without thinking how it affects the lives of the young, the old, the poor, and the middle class. They appeal to special groups; some use fear; some are dishonest in their claims.

Most are people who can stand the tax increases that will come, but they forget those who cannot.

The wanna be spenders forget that Laconia is considered to be the highest in income disparity in the state. They only see their own. They forget the highest percentage of the population is the seniors. No longer working, but living on Social Security, or pensions, savings, and the willingness to live with less.

They forget that over 60 percent of our students qualify for free lunches, breakfast, and sometimes dinner.

They forget industry is no longer coming into the area.

They forget a lot of our population is working two jobs or both parents are working just to provide food and shelter for their families.

They forget that our young people are leaving Laconia for better jobs elsewhere.

Because I do not forget these things, I will run for city councilor from Ward 4 once again this fall.

I would like to see the community working together as neighbors and friends. Let's not fall into the tactics that are now raging in the country. Let's stick to the facts and at the same time look for things we can agree on and make what compromises might be needed.

I hope by having a contested election process, the people will get involved and turn out for the primary. There is nothing more important than the place where you live. You can make a difference in local government by taking part in the primary election. Only two people will come out of the primary and run for office of councilor. You can't run for office if you don't win one of two spots in the primary.

Brenda Baer

Councilor, Ward 4


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I wasn't addressing the worthiness of community service

To The Daily Sun,

Recently Denise C. Burke discussed her support of mandated community service for high schoolers. Obviously, her position was a reaction to my two recent letters in The Sun that asserted that it is illegal to require community service for high school graduation.

Ms. Burke missed the logic of my argument. Because student labor has a cash value, that labor cannot be appropriated by a school board. I did not address the worthiness of community service. That is irrelevant to the argument that a student cannot legally be compelled to work for free for a nonprofit, private individual, or government project as a condition of high school graduation.

Ruth Dunnavan


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