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Welfare for illegal immigrants takes away from citizens who need it

To the Daily Sun,

Bernadette Loesch needs to take her head out of the sand. Illegal immigrants do get welfare benefits and children of illegals get public educations as well as food plan assistance. It happens all the time and takes away valuable resources that could be used to help citizens in need of assistance.

The president's own Aunt Zeituni is an illegal immigrant having overstayed her visa. She lives in public housing in Boston and collects welfare. She even has the gall to be interviewed, saying the United States owed her and she deserved more welfare benefits. Enough said.

Alan Doyon


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Kentucky clerk failed to fulfill her concract; she should be fired

To the Daily Sun,

A clerk in Kentucky recently refused marriage licenses to people who are gay. This is wrong and illegal. The Supreme Court of the U.S. says gays have the right to be married. Religious conscience or not, this clerk broke the law, and should be fired. A Muslim airline stewardess refuses to serve alcohol, per her religion. While there was accommodation for the Muslim refusing to drink among some co-workers, one employee disagreed. One must be capable of performing the job requirements. Rightfully she was fired.

One who accepts a government agency position, or assumes the responsibility of a job, there is a contractual obligation to fulfill that job requirement. If one cannot do this, they need to seek work elsewhere. Once this person leaves work, they can then resume their personal lives, or their partner at home. Jobs should not have to accommodate workers based on religion, unless it is an employment with said religion (i.e.: rabbis, priests, ministers, etc.). One church had an excellent gay bishop, a testament to accepting all human beings.

Reasonable accommodations can be made for disabled people. Hearing impaired may not be able to manage jobs requiring audio sensitive abilities, such as transportation or security. They can do other skilled type professions with use of a captioned phone. Being physically disabled, one should not expect to do construction like activities where an incident could endanger other employees.

Negative impact on public health and safety from gays does not exist. Any couple or person should be able to enjoy their private moments at home, be they homosexual or heterosexual. Gay folks are just as human as any heterosexual folks. They just enjoy the same sex partner as their significant other. Homosexuality is not a sin, but a natural process. There appears to be some scientific evidence that gays and lesbians actually genetically composed.

Homophobic Ms. Davis has been married four times (!!!) and divorced three times, yet she denies this commitment to others? One might wonder what their God thinks of that! She's a fanatical hypocrite with inconsistent beliefs that don't have much to do with Christianity, let alone loving or accepting another human being. In addition, one might add that Ms. Davis' stance could be compared to a pacifist (Quaker, perhaps) who had accepted a position with the Draft Board but refused to induct people in time of war because it's against his or her belief system. Could Ms. Davis be performing a serial form of polygamy? Perhaps one could consider that marriage should be religious based and not government controlled. Religion must remain separate from the government. All citizens must be treated equally, regardless, of their marital status.

Discrimination and chastising violates the very core of the Christian faith, and is a serious waste of energy and emotions. More serious issues face this planet today. Climate change, ISIS, gun issues, diseases, the economy and many more; these issues impact seriously on our way of life than two people who are gay, or people who enjoy their cocktail responsibly. A blood donor's race, creed, and sexual orientation may be not known when one receives blood, or a life-saving transplant. All of us are a heart beat closer to our lives coming to an end. Gays have the rights to enjoy the benefits of our Constitution, as per the U.S. Supreme Court, to the pursuit of life, liberty, health, and property, as well as the amendments that make up this wonderful document.

There is a golden rule, love one another as you would have them love you. This applies to everyone.

Robert T. Joseph Jr.

New Hampton

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