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Phase 2 of the Gilford Meadows development project is complete

To The Daily Sun,

Following the successful creation of the first new athletic field at the Gilford Meadows property in 2014, it was immediately put to use as a safe and much-needed open space for our young athletes to prepare for their respective sports in 2015. That field was prepared professionally and with great care to protect the health and well-being of our student-athletes and their families.

Because of the generosity and tireless efforts provided by those recognized below, a new, much larger field was created this year for the use and enjoyment of the youth and families from Gilford and Gilmanton. Work on the second new playing field began in August 2015 and was completed in November. This adds yet another jewel to this outstanding school district complex that continues to grow and expand.

The Meadows Committee has long held a vision for the Meadows property to serve as a unique academic and athletic complex, a destination for young athletes to play and learn, and a long-term asset to the school district. Its development has always been viewed as a facility that would encourage the growth and development of body, mind and spirit for those who use it. As a result of the unselfish efforts of those below, that vision is now becoming a reality.

The Meadows Committee would especially like to recognize the following individuals and companies for their contributions:

— Andy Bartlett, project manager, Mas-Con Corporation.

— Norm Harris, Gilford Well Company Inc.

— Christian Zimmerman, Pike Industries Inc.

— Andy Howe, Beans & Greens Farm Stand.

— Hayden McLaughlin, Belknap Landscape Inc.

As the Meadows Committee proceeds to Phase 3 of the project (e.g., bathrooms, locker facilities and a concession stand), it recognizes that without the efforts of those noted above, none of this success could have been achieved. If you have comments or suggestions, please contact either Kent Hemingway, Superintendent, Gilford School District, at (603) 527-9215; email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or Tim Drew at (603) 293-7109.

The Meadows Committee

Timothy W. Drew, Chairman

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If it's time for a woman in the White House, let's make it Carly

To The Daily Sun,

Well, today all the news reports have Hillary Clinton's "new" plan to spend billions to fix our nation's infrastructure and create ten's of thousands of new jobs. That's great. Only she has no realistic plan about how to fund her plan. Really it the same old Marxist-socialist "we will tax the rich" concept.

The problem with that is everything they want to spend money on, every plan, every expense, that's what they tell us. There just are not that many "rich" unless they are including working, middle-class families as rich. This plan like all their others will by necessity fall on the shoulders of regular people like you and I. Hillary knows this but it just sounds so much better to her to BS her way to the White House.

Many people are thinking it's time for a woman in the White House. I have no problem with that, it's just what woman? I'd prefer Carly Fiorina. Carly is a straight-talking accomplished woman with sound sane answers to the nation's critical problems. She gives good answers on questions of national defense, how to deal with Iran, Putin, and our economic problems.

While CEO of Hewlett Packard she met with many international world leaders face to face creating business deals and getting to know them and they her. She actually has a record of achievements, unlike Hillary who traveled the world for photo ops and records of multiple failures. Think it's time for a women president? Look up Carly you will be impressed. Then go and hear her speak and hear her answers for yourself. She likely will change you mind too.

Guess what? Obama is going to Paris for the conference on global warming. This is a glorified photo op folks. This conference has no binding authority to do anything, anywhere, any time, anyhow. His speech on it told us things like the arctic ice is melting, the tundra is on fire, Alaska is —  oh phooey, it's all bull.

Look, if the tundra was burning, satellite pictures of it would be all over the news. If the arctic ice were retreating, satellites would show that, too. Have any of you readers seen any such pictures anywhere? Me either! So what's it all about? Another distraction from our real problems and national issues is my guess.

He still can't even say Islamic terrorist, even after the attack in Paris. Won't even consider the advice from the heads of the FBI, Homeland Security and every intelligence agency of our and foreign nations about the impossibility of vetting all those "Syrian" refugees he wants to flood into our country and neighborhoods. The majority of Americans are against it, at least for time to be sure of who will come in. But Obama isn't the least bit interested in what others think. Not security professionals, not you or I. We just don't count.

The reason for that is that anyone who doesn't agree with him is a racist, a bigot, a phobe of one sort or another; we just are too stupid to be considered. But you know, given his record of failures, lies, bad decisions, really, does he have the right to make these unilateral decisions that can and will effect all our lives? I don't think so and will keep on saying so even though the PC police get upset at me. Too bad for them, they can't see a thing with their heads buried in the sands of denial. They still think he and Hillary don't lie every time their lips are moving. Now that's dumb.

Steve Earle


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