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Paula Trombi is okay with the governor disregarding the law

To The Daily Sun,

In last Tuesday's Daily Sun, Paula Trombi tried again to explain why Hillary Seeger and I are wrong on the nursing homes and home health agencies. The truth is Governor Hassan is choosing to ignore the law that directs payment of $7 million dollars to the nursing homes and home health agencies. By her actions, a total of $14 million dollars will be lost because of the federal match.

From Paula Trombi's letters to the editor, it seems Paula is okay with the governor not only disregarding the law, but doing it at the expense of our most frail and vulnerable citizens.
This letter isn't just to go back and forth with Paula, it is because it is the right thing to do.

L. Michael Hatch

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Made-made climate change schemes will make society poorer

To The Daily Sun,
I laughed when I read James Veverka's attempt (LDS, 4/24/15) to "easily refute" my assertion that man-made climate-change (previously man-made global warming, previously man-made global cooling, etc.) is a scam promoted by progressive politicians to increase their power and wealth despite the harm to everyone else's freedom and prosperity.
Progressive climate-change policies, like most progressive policies, e.g., education, energy, jobs, welfare, immigration, environment, and big government, are intended to make middle class Americans struggle because desperate people are easily manipulated to support progressive politicians. Except for ignorant or "true believer" progressives, progressive expressions of concern for the middle class are simply deceptions intended to hide their lust for power and wealth.

Veverka's attempt to refute my assertion fails in many ways, consider two of them. First, over the last 30 years man-made global (warming) climate-change advocates have predicted many near-term catastrophes that would occur if we didn't immediately implement all the schemes the politicians demanded. Yet, the promised famines, submerging of islands and coastal areas caused by oceans rising, vanishing polar ice, and the global warming that would kill so many of us hasn't occurred, not even close.
If our positions were reversed, Veverka would (appropriately) ridicule anyone who believed predictions about the distant future from scientists who have been so consistently wrong with their near-term predictions.
Second, no rational person would continue believing the assertions of scientists who have repeatedly committed fraud in order to provide the "science" that the politicians wanted (and on which their future paychecks depend). These "scientists" falsified data, eliminated "inconvenient" data, manipulated data, located sensors to get the desired data, worked to suppress contrary facts, theories, data and their advocates, and falsely claimed the support of scientists who rejected their man-made climate-change claims.
Remember Al Gore's "hockey stick" with which he tried to scare us into spending trillions of dollars (which coincidentally would make him even richer)? A British court declared it false along with eight other claims in Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth".
We were told we needed ethanol to help "save the planet". Now we know that ethanol doesn't help, and probably hurts, the environment. We pay more for gasoline, food, car repairs, and almost everything else that we buy. But, ethanol is apparently is here permanently because it benefits politicians and their rich friends.
Similarly, solar and wind electricity generation won't contribute much to our total energy supply in the foreseeable future but they give the politicians power and make the politicians, crony-capitalists and special interests rich. However, the rest of us are poorer.
We pay more for electricity and taxes to subsidize solar and wind installations and electricity generation. (These costs make it less desirable to do business here and pay taxes and employ people.) Our land suffers scenic destruction and windmills annually kill thousands of birds and bats (far more than were killed by the BP gulf oil spill); you could go to jail for killing a single one.
I appreciate Veverka's confirmation that the earth started coming out of a mini-ice age about 150 years ago. Perhaps more importantly, Veverka reinforces my assertion that although the earth's climate is primarily affected by the sun, many other (known and unknown) factors also affect our climate, making it impossible to accurately model with today's technology and knowledge.

Over the last 2.4 billion years the earth has sometimes been totally covered with ice, but mostly, about 85 percent of the time, it has been ice free. The earth is now in an ice age. As the earth warms we are returning to a more normal earth temperature. Warmer is better for humans. More CO2 is better for vegetation which means more food and other resources.

The key question that the man-made climate-change advocates never seem to consider is: Since the earth's climate will change no matter what humans do, what is essential to successful human adaptation to those inevitable climate changes? Wealth. The wealthier we are, the more easily humans will be able to adapt.

While the politicians' climate-change schemes will make themselves and their supporters wealthy, they will make the rest of us, and society as a whole, much poorer. If we approve their man-made climate-change schemes, then we, our families, our descendants, and our societies will be much less able to survive whatever Mother Nature sends our way.

Don Ewing

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