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I don't care about a history of Christian inquisitions in past ages

To The Daily Sun,

Read a letter from Scott Cracraft on Thursday where I got the idea he may have been referring to me about "hate speech." That could be because I do address a number of things I really hate, like terrorism for example. I don't care who is doing it, or why, it's unacceptable and I will speak out about it. This being the second decade of the 21st Century and the most egregious and active terrorist organizations are Muslim organizations. That is due to the caustic and totalitarian ideology of Islam, it breeds terrorist determined to kill and die for the glory of Allah. I don't give a darn about the history of Christian inquisitions in past ages, or those of Romans, or Greeks it's what is happening now that concerns me. Right now it is Islamic terrorism that is happening.
Another thing I hate is NAMBLA, (North American Man/Boy Love Association), a bunch of disgusting pedophiles thinking molesting children should be acceptable. Needless to say I disagree. I will note to support my previous stated opinion of the Koran that Mohammad (The Perfect Man, according to Muslims) married his cousin's six year old daughter and consummated the marriage when she was nine. In our culture we call that a crime ,which is still happening in many Muslim countries, because it's justified by Shara law.
Thieves, does anyone like thieves, other than other thieves? I don't. I've worked my whole adult life and I don't want some thief to rob me. Even thieves don't want to be robbed though it's not uncommon I understand. I hate thieves too. Interesting isn't it that Mohammad, after moving to Medina, gathered a bunch of cutthroats and thieves to begin raiding caravans. Killing, raping, enslaving and of course thieving so no wonder that is regarded as acceptable in the Koran.
Now I'm sure Scott hates all those kinds of things too. My goodness, sinse that's the case, I guess Scott was not referring to me after all, What a relief, I so value Scott's opinions.
I must thank my friend Russ Wiles for his greatly appreciated defense of me on Friday; thanks Russ. Now it's my turn, as another letter writer tried to drag him over the coals. The intentional mis-characterization that Russ is a "Climate Denier" is simply not true, Russ simply is not convinced the slight warming is human caused. Is there any overwhelming evidence such is the case? What's the evidence? If I recall back in 1970 we saw our first "Earth Day" because it was said by U.N.scientists climate change was threatening the world — a new ice age was coming. Hey, they were wrong! Scientists computer models then said increasing greenhouse gasses could wipe some nations off the map. Oops, wrong again! In 2005, UNEP said sea level rises were imminent. Hasn't happened; wrong again! Shortly after these same scientists from the U.N. said Americans living in the Midwest would become "Climate Refugees" do to rising seas flooding that part of the country. Nope, wrong again! Uncontrollable wild fires would ravage the planet? Wrong again! Mass extinction of species? nope wrong again. Mass starvation? No more then normal, Wrong again! In 2006, Al Gore said earth would reach the point of no return in 10 years. Runaway greenhouse would destroy the world. So really, with every prediction of gloom and doom for the past 50 years wrong, why is anyone listening to these fools predictions? Because it has nothing to do with science and everything to do with politics.

One last thought. James Veverka caught a mistake I made. Boy I hate to admit it but I was wrong when I wrote that the Koran has nothing like "Love thy neighbor" in it. And in truth, I haven't found that exact term as yet but a few that can be equated to such. Sorry folks. But remember, according to Sharia, there is no freedom of religion, speech, thought, artistic expression, no equality, different laws for men and woman, different laws for Muslims and non Muslims, no equal rights, no democracy, What it has is totalitarian theocracy. It's the ideology. You would really hate living such a system.

Steve Earle


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Nothing about a feturs indicates it should be killed before birth

To The Daily Sun,
In 2005 Pioneer Film and TV Productions produced a film for National Geographic called "In The Womb," a quality video showing the incredible journey of an embryo through the nine months of pregnancy. This is the real story of how a life goes through imperceptible changes from conception to birth.

The word fetus comes from old Latin meaning unborn young or bringing forth young. There is nothing about a fetus that indicates it should be killed, aborted before birth. At no time can one say, "This is not a baby," or "This is the time it is okay to kill her." If you wonder about life, how a person develops from that first spark of life at conception, watch this film. It is clear, the baby is a baby.

Choose life. She or he doesn't deserve to die.

Harry Mitchell

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