Lies cannot be justified by claiming they are just 'personal views'

To The Daily Sun,

Steve Earle provides us with the Lakes Region's equivalent to Al Sharpton. He is consumed with the whole of conservative politics. It doesn't matter the issue, if liberals are for it, then Earle, despite facts and reason, is against it. He doesn't care about being factual or truthful because he doesn't need to be — "I don't have to prove a thing." His primary goal is to peddle as much misinformation to the readers of this forum as possible. His intent is to make them afraid, and so full of hate, that they'll believe practically anything. He and other conservative contributors have developed a following built by the politics of hate, driven by fear, and solidified by ignorance.

In a recent letter, he stirs up white resentment, by accusing Sharpton of "hating police", "hating whites", "hating Republicans" and "anyone who doesn't see things his way," while Earle has made it painfully clear that he hates Obama, Democrats, Muslims, homosexuals, immigrants, people on welfare — pretty much anyone who isn't a straight white Christian. In other words — "anyone who doesn't see things his way."

And most recently, he claims that "the left doesn't believe in God". His hatred and fear undermine what little integrity he may have had.

Over the years, I and others, have been confronting Earle on the fabricated stories he has submitted to this forum. When asked to refute my allegations his response was, "No L.J. I don't have to prove a thing." Based on that response, we must conclude that any information provide by Earle is not true. My suspicions were substantiate recently when Earle fabricated a story in which I inquired about Obama comments referencing the ACA, which I never made.

This is another lie in an effort to cover up for his brazen, "I don't have to prove a thing" comment. He continually justifies his lies by claiming they are his "personal views", or a "difference of opinion". While I respect his "personal views" and respect his "difference of opinion", Earle doesn't seem to understand that when voicing his "views" and "opinions" as truth, without proof, they are considered fabrications. He submits these concocted "views" and "opinions" often, not knowing whether or not they are actually true — false statements made with the intent to deceive. Earle's lame defense for his misinformation is that he relies on a "blog site he trusts," his "reliable sources,"  and the "accuracy" of others. It's reassuring that he now includes another comedian, Bill Maher, as a source of "facts" (since when does Maher become the "left's most respected spokesperson?)

It would be enlightening if Earle could support his contentions with facts and appropriate sources to substantiate his claims. Lacking this information, we must conclude that his statements are manufactured falsehoods.

In his frustration and lack of moral character, he falsely accuses me of statements that I never made. Apparently Earle believes "whether or not he (Siden) used those 'precise' words or not is completely beside the point." In his inevitable and arrogant way, he responds with false attacks to demean and ridicule, but never addresses issues raised.

When I point out his falsehoods, he refers to them as "character assassinations". I firmly believe that I don't have to assassinate Earle's character — he does quite well on his own.

L.J. Siden


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Proposed Heritage Commission would be Ashland advisory committee

To The Daily Sun,

The Ashland Historical Society Board of Directors urges the voters of Ashland to approve Article 16 to establish a Heritage Commission at the town election on March 10.

The Heritage Commission will serve a role for the community's historic resources similar to that served by the Conservation Commission for its natural resources. It will seek to identify and inventory Ashland's historic resources, will work with the Ashland Historical Society, the Planning Board and other local boards and committees on matters relating to historic resources, and will help with coordinating and fund-raising for cultural events.

As proposed, the Heritage Commission will be an advisory committee. (Although some towns have given their Heritage Commissions the powers of an historic district commission, no such authority is granted by this warrant article.) The new commission will take over the duties of the existing Historic Commission, formed in 1970 to oversee the Whipple House. We feel that the commission could obtain grants and other assistance not available to private organizations like ours. The Historical Society looks forward to working with the Heritage Commission on preserving and promoting Ashland's history and historic resources. So, we hope that Ashland's citizens will vote for this article on March 10.

Bob Baker, Elisabeth Allen Cody, Katie Maher, Sandy Ray, David Ruell, Jane Sawyer, Brad Wolff

Ashland Historical Society Board

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What if those 6 Utah babies had been murdered just a little earlier?

To The Daily Sun,
In the Feb. 13 issue of The Laconia Daily Sun there was a report about a Utah woman who killed six of her own newborn babies. The article described this as "a heinous series of killings".

What if she had killed the babies one minute earlier? What if they had been killed five minutes earlier, or five days, or five months earlier? Wouldn't they still be considered "a heinous series of killings?" Remember, a baby's life starts a lot earlier than the day it is born. Think about it.

Dave Beaman

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What greater luxury & necessity is there than electrical power?

To The Daily Sun,
Fast forward into our future: The previous state Legislature, prior to 2015, mandated sell-off of PSNH's nine hydroelectric plants and three fossil fuel plants and the sell-off is now (2016 or beyond) completed.  As predicted by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) from their exhaustive study, this sell-off will have incurred a $435 million loss, which will be paid off by all the electricity users in the state for as long as it takes to pay off $435 million. Instead of our public utility owning the plants, the 12 plants are now in private hands. (This is mandated and it will happen.)
What are the consequences?  First, we're all paying more on our electric bills. Won't that increase the cost of everything, here in New Hampshire? Won't that impact the viability of companies operating in the state and our ability to attract new companies? Who'll want to move here, bringing their talents and monetary resources with them? Will a net outflow of people and companies occur? If so, what will happen to our property values?
Next, we realize we are at the mercy of the New England regional power grid.  Instead of our utility owning, as PSNH in 2015 wants to continue to do, a full diversity of New Hampshire plants — which makes New Hampshire a net positive power producer in 2015 and makes New Hampshire a full partner in the grid in 2015 — instead in this future time, our plants are now in private hands. 
There is no telling what the new owners of the plants may do.
Next, we wait and see how many of 12 power plants get dismantled and sold off to China (cash rich, infrastructure poor) or elsewhere, because it was more profitable and easier for the scavenger companies, who bought them, to do so than to attempt to run them in place. (Why? Due to politically motivated, costly, new governmental regulations which intended to run the plants out of business, forcing new means of energy generation to be built for much $$$$, which, also, initially, diminished the sales value of the plants and turned them into fodder for the scavengers.)
Hard as it is to imagine, all 12 of those plants, could be dismantled and moved out of New Hampshire. It bears repeating: The profits would be large, fast and safe for the scavengers.
Eventually, the realization will set in that this was a mistake. The NE regional power grid will start pressuring us to come up with new power sources so we aren't a net drain on the system.
We'll be pressured to accept the big power lines of Northern Pass from Canada. We'll be pressured to "host" many more windmills along ridgelines, which only work when there's wind blowing.  Industrial-sized solar power would consist of giant, ugly spreads across the landscape, and with our snow cover at this latitude, would be unreliable in winter. Bit by bit, the "look" of our state will transform from natural to industrial. Is this what we want for us? Will it damage our tourist industry? And, how are we, the middle class who always pays, going to pay the many billions for all this in these harder times?  
Even if we were to try and build the "future power" of geothermal and/or ocean wave technology, which is, as yet, untested, that would cost many billions we do not have, with no guarantees.
Our current 12, up-to-date, proven, operating hydropower and fossil fuel plants were developed and paid for with "yesterday's" dollars over the past century. I realize there are people who want to take the power-generating dams out of the rivers to let the rivers run free, but, considering the alternatives, isn't hydropower about as environmentally "clean" as it gets?
And, thanks to the power of the universe, we in New Hampshire have the security that our rivers will continue to run and give us power, if we just use the power dams we already have.  Please, let's keep them!
Over the years PSNH has routinely retrofitted their three fossil fuel plants with every sensible innovation that has come along to make their plants run cleaner and more efficiently, and those plants are running off fossil fuels sourced from the USA.  Please, let's keep them.
What greater luxury and necessity is there than electrical power? Without, there is abject poverty and misery. With, we average folks have greater luxury in our daily lives than all the kings in history, prior to the advent of electricity. 
Please, people of New Hampshire, contact the mass media of the state: TV, radio and newspapers, and ask them to cover this slow-moving, catastrophy-in-progress. Write letters, use all social media means possible to get the word out. Bring it up in conversation.
Look what happened with the proposed roundabouts in Meredith: it got covered, it got talked about, a well-attended meeting was held and it was cancelled.  Media and people power.
Look what happened with the Belknap County government: it got covered, it got talked about, it got changed in the polling-booth. Media and people power.
Contact your current State Representatives and State Senators. Only they can stop this sell-off. They could do it in one day with a bill of repeal, but only if they fully know about it. Please help.
Carol Grasso
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Rosemary wants what's best for Meredith & isn't afraid to speak up

To The Daily Sun,

Rosemary Landry has decided to run for selectman in Meredith. That's so exciting. Rosemary is a dedicated conservative who has a hand in every governmental agency in the area. She knows her town inside and out and most politicians and unelected officials know her.

Rosemary wants what is best for your town and is not afraid to speak her mind. You know where she stands. Listen to Rosemary Landry, she will give your town the boost it needs. Meredith is a beautiful place, and she can help you keep it that way.

Peggy Graham


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