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So many to thank for restoration of the Belmont bandstand

To The Daily Sun,

Belmont has received all but $3,000. of the challenge grant of $15,000 awarded in 2014, and matched by the Heritage Fund. The LCHIP/Land and Community Heritage Investment Program support was critical to project completion — a second phase replacing the cedar shingled roof, and extensive painting preparation including lead paint removal and reapplying original colors.

The Heritage Commission remains grateful for LCHIP assistance, and other contributions during five years of fundraising. The Bank of New Hampshire, John M. Sargent Fund and Town of Belmont were major donors, along with local businesses, and significant gifts of technical expertise from the New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources, Architects Magnus McLetchie and Paul Mirski, architectural historians James Garvin, Elizabeth Durfee Hengen and David Ruell, and the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance, among others.

Media, including The Laconia Daily Sun, has been generous with coverage of the 1908 community landmark, from its centennial celebration launching the effort, to 2012 relocation by the town, and a final move in September 2013, allowing stabilization, rehabilitation and restoration.

We thank Sun staff and all involved over the years, including the restoration team of Arnold "JR" Graton, John Thompson and crew of JLT Painting, Building Conservation Associates, and Michael Marsh of Norm Marsh Electric.

Linda Frawley

Belmont Heritage Commission

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So many questions: why did liberals love Fidel Castro?

To The Daily Sun,

It has been fun reading the letters and hearing the cries of the Democrat Party. I know Democrats do not like questions, so here are several questions:

— Do Democrats know that you can't hack into voting machines not connected to the internet?

— Why don't Democrats move to Venezuela or Cuba?

— Do the Democrats know that the United States uses an Electoral College and not the popular vote to elect the President?

— Has Cher left for Jupiter yet?

— Why does President Obama compare himself to Mick Jagger?

— Democrats stated they are gearing up for war against Trump. Is that why they elected a seasoned veteran like Pelosi to lead them?

— With some of the toughest gun laws in the USA, why has Chicago's death toll reached 700?

— Why do Democrats and liberals love Fidel Castro?

— Why do Democrats like to burn the American Flag?

— How come President Obama went on an "Apology Tour" and Trump went on a "Thank You America Tour"?

— Should President Obama pardon Hillary Clinton for her crimes?

— Why do Democrats, after they lose elections, continue to tell Republicans how to govern?

— Why do Democrats keep disrespecting veterans, e.g. VA scandals, burning the flag, etc?

— Why do Democrats dislike successful people?

Jim Mayotte

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