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Marc Abear is ethical & is guided by true conservative values

To The Daily Sun,

We have known Marc Abear for a long time, a pal and a good friend. A visionary person, whose heart resides in "We the People." He is ethical in his decisions, with true conservative values and a love for the Constitution. Ask Marc a question and you will gain knowledge.

A quote from Marc Abear: "Our state government should give us the best possible service at the lowest practicable cost. This is accomplished by working every day to make sure that the New Hampshire we pass on will be stronger, safer, and more successful than the one we inherited. We move in the right direction when we do things that support life, liberty through providence, property and civic virtue."

Please join us in voting for Marc Abear, state representative, Belknap County District 2 (Meredith and Gilford).

Rosemary Landry
Patricia Gromko
Jean Ferreira

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Please learn more about Mark Connelly & vote for him on Tues.

To The Daily Sun,

Every time I hear Democratic candidate for Governor Mark Connelly speak, I come away impressed by the breadth of his understanding of the issues facing our state and the depth of detail he uses to explain how he would address these challenges.

Mark is no stranger to tough problems, having, as New Hampshire's securities regulator, taken on such financial crises as those presented by Tyco and FRM and successfully prosecuted them. He is a New Hampshire native and has a workable vision that supports funding pre-K and full-day kindergarten, making college credits available for capable high school students, repairing our roads and bridges, funding commuter rail — all with minimal gas and business tax restructuring. Mark wants to develop a 10-year plan for New Hampshire from which everyone can benefit and move forward.

Please visit to learn more about Mark's positions on the issues of concern to you and then join me in voting for Mark in the primary on Sept. 13.

Kate Miller


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