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Support for Free The Nipple seems to be coming from away

To The Daily Sun,

That both men that wrote in to support (Free The Nipple advocate) Kia Sinclair are:

1. Not from New Hampshire.

2. Are both advocates of nudist/naturist activities.

Perhaps that is the only support Free The Nipple will receive. And hopefully the next letter written in The Laconia Daily Sun, you will look into the author's background a little more before printing.

Denise C. Burke


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Can't Northfield do something about the stench from a factory?

To The Daily Sun,
Sunday evenings in Tilton boast a very special and relaxing series of free concerts at the Island Park. I was so pleased to be there with friends enjoying a picnic dinner and some good music.

About halfway through the concert, a noxious cloud settled over the island, smoke from the PCC Structural's factory just across the river in Northfield. Some people got up and left because of the stench. Others complained of headaches or trouble breathing. A nasty damper on an otherwise wonderful event.

It isn't acceptable for that to be happening, and the sad part is that I can recall the same foul stench at a concert two years ago.

How can local residents put up with that? Does anyone in Northfield government have the public's health in mind?

Andrew Sanborn

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