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May I aks, when was last time you went 5 weeks without a shower?

To The Daily Sun,

I appreciate your views on my letter, D.M. Lawrence, truly I do, but as of the writing of that letter I have now been in the hospital six days, awaiting being approved for Medicaid and then for a bed at a nursing home as it has been deemed that it is unsafe for me to continue to be at home alone anymore. And by the way, the food stamps issue is now a moot point.

Also, may I ask when was the last time you went five weeks without a shower? Medicaid would have helped greatly to have received VNA services.

I know you meant well, but until you are in our/my position you won't and can't ever understand. Also, please tell me what illnesses are more devastating than death being the result? Yes, that's a tad dramatic, however losing function of limbs, speech, swallowing and breathing can be a rapid onset or not. But either way if you don't have the kind of insurance needed then where does one go when we can't continue in our homes?

We are a people who thrive on fighting for their rights and the fight starts here. I may not see the outcome but maybe others will benefit.

Judi Leavitt

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Judge is wrong; April 6 & 8 meetings were not 'noticed' in the paper

To The Daily Sun,

In an article by Michael Kitch on Jan. 18, "Tom Tardif Loses Lawsuits Against Belknap County Convention, May Have to Pay Court cost." This case is basically about whether the Convention posted three April 2016 meetings in the paper as required by law on the same date.

The first meeting on April 4, 2016, was posted in The Laconia Daily Sun as required by law. Superior Court Judge Amy Ignatius in her ruling said, the "City of Laconia issued a notice of April meetings of the Belknap County Commissioners," which is ridiculous (as) the city of Laconia has nothing to do with posting meetings for the commissioners. Plus what does that have to do with the convention not posting their meetings?

In the article by Micheal Kitch he quotes, "In rejecting Tardif's allegations, Ignatius noted that the notice of the meeting on April 4 included notice of the two subsequent meetings." Judge Ignatius states on eight different occasions in her ruling that the meetings of April 6 and April 8 were properly notice and posted.

She states, "The court disagrees, finding the notice of the April 4, 2016, meeting, which included notice of additional meetings on April 6, and April 8, 2016, to be adequate under RSA 91-A." In the Belknap County Convention's "Answer to Petitioner's Complaint" Attorney Paul Fitzgerald clearly states, "that the chair of the Convention properly noticed the meeting of April 4th and that the subsequent meetings of April 6th and 8th occurred as a reconvening of the recessed meetings." In other words Fitzgerald admits that the meetings on April 6 and 8 were not noticed in the paper along with the April 4 notice, as Judge Ignatius claimed in her ruling.

Fitzgerald says, "The complaint is admitted to the extent that on April 6, 2016, the meeting April 4 reconvened. A lack of notice is denied for reasons stated above and, specifically, not required when a meeting is recessed and then reconvened with knowledge provided to the attendees of the time, date and location of said reconvened meeting which occurred in reference to the April 4, 2016 session." There was no reference of the April 6 and 8 meetings in the posted notice for the April 4 meeting. What N.H. RSA is Fitzgerald quoting? This is only his opinion worth nothing more than the paper he wrote it on. Only the people that attended the meeting would have had knowledge of the next two meetings on April 6 and 8?

The notice for the meeting on April 4, 2016, as it appeared in The Laconia Daily Sun on March 23, 2016, clearly shows that the meetings on April 6 and 8 were not noticed in the paper as Judge Ignatius claims in her court order. Ignatius doesn't understand that the city of Laconia has nothing to do with this case or that the meetings of April 6 and 8 were never posted in the paper as she claims.

Tardif has a motion for reconsideration before the court, if Judge Amy Ignatius doesn't correct her errors this will be appealed the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

David Gammon


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