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Possible Biden run screams of panic mode for Democratic Party

To the Daily Sun,

The biggest surprise in politics today isn't Trump's triumphs or Sanders' screaming crowds. It is the possibility, getting ever brighter, (that) Joe Biden might announce his candidacy soon. The air has been leaking slowly out of the Hillary bandwagon for several weeks. Concerns about her private email server have grown ever more intense. The FBI now has her under investigation, while her stories and answers get ever more contrived. But don't be surprised to see her rise from the dead. Hillary (and Bill) have had more death-defying escapes from sure death than Harry Houdini. She has been seen leaving countless crime scenes, but no finger prints or DNA, yet. But that's the current fear, DNA will be found.

That Joe Biden is seriously considering jumping in to the presidential race at this late point with literally no election apparatus and few committed donors suggests something has grown rotten in the bowels of the Democratic Party. One thing is certain. Joe's candidacy can't been spun even by magicians as any plus for the Democratic Party. It signals a high degree of sheer panic. The about-to-be-anointed queen's armor has been discovered to have a e-mail hole in it.

Some thoughts on Joe.

Hillary and Joe are paper thin in their policy differences within the Obama administration. The only way Joe Biden can cut into Hillary's lead is to attack her personally which neither Sanders or O'Malley has been willing to do. Why? If Hillary prevails they will both be express-shuttled to the Siberian waste land of the Democratic Party, never to be heard from again. Attacking Hillary where she is "soft belly weak" is like attacking a grizzly where they might be weak. It's dangerous work. The Clintons are as powerful people as exist in politics today. They make Trump look like an altar boy. They know who their friends are, more importantly, who their enemies are. They don't forget either.

Biden will be risking his reputation and political future. Should he lose, that makes him a three-time loser. The game will turn dirty and quickly if he really has any hope to win. Everything about a Joe Biden run helps the Republicans politically. For him to prevail he will need to be ruthless and vicious in his attacks on the Democrats' brightest star. If he isn't wiling to do that, he might as well head to the "Shady Rest" retirement home.

Even better, it puts Obama between a rock and a hard place having his two lieutenants running. Who will he support? He already gave Hillary a back hander in the chops. Obama said, "picking Joe Biden was the best political decision he ever made." That means Hillary can't be anything better than his "second best decision," but he didn't say that either.

Joe Biden has run for president twice. Once in 1988 and again in 2008. Both runs were truly unforgettable. Not because he won many votes. In 1988 Biden dropped out after it was discovered he had appropriated British Labor leader Neil Kinnock's life story as his own during a speech at the Iowa State Fair. That discovery led to other admissions and misappropriations, including plagiarism. Joe said he had graduated in the top 50 percent of his law school class. That too was found to be another untruth. In 2008 Biden dropped out of the race after failing to win less than 1 percent of the vote in Iowa caucuses. Talk about going to your "A" team, Biden isn't it. No question, Joe hopes Elizabeth Warren would brighten his ticket. Without her, Joe Biden will be a laughingstock. The only real debate would be whether he or Rick Perry have the closest IQ to a 60 watt light bulb. Open mouth, insert foot. Joe has that instruction down well.

To put Joe's potential candidacy in perspective. Republican Rick Santorum, who didn't even make the GOP top 10 cut for the debate in early August, has won more primaries than old Joe. If that doesn't scream panic for Democrats, nothing does.

Tony Boutin

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Marshaling of hatreds is essential to the practice of politics

To the Daily Sun,

A fellow named Henry Adams once said, "... politics, as a practice, whatever its professions, has been the systematic organization of hatreds." Old Henry was a pretty good observer of events. When we read articles in the paper or listen to pieces on TV, internet, radio... etc. we are well served to keep his observation in mind. If the piece names the evil, Donkey or Elephant, its maker has a position or the employer of its maker has a position. It is an advocacy piece. It is not, it cannot be a piece of news. News is all facts, only the facts; without the baggage ... without advocacy.

A lot of importance is given to partisan political loyalties and the boundaries they promote. The marshaling of hatreds isn't the entirety of politics but it is essential. Think of it as the glue that binds actions together. Use of the hatreds is designed to distract us from what is really going on. The federal government and its principal supporters, the progressives who control both parties, are constantly advancing their own interests at our expense.

Think about it. Regardless which party happens to be in control, presidency, House, Senate, the sound and fury continues but the status quo does not change. The reality is those in control use state power, legislative, regulatory and police power, to bully and to live at our expense. They have the power, they love the power, they use the power and they do whatever is necessary to keep the power. We are approaching the point where we no longer have government of the people, by the people and for the people ... and that is the problem.

Even when the situation seems to involve life and death issues the partisan divisions obscure the political realities. Neither the Donkeys nor the Elephants have any interest in saving the lives of the unborn, no interest in the lives of those already born. Neither the Donkeys nor the Elephants care about poor or they would not contribute to the perpetuation of poverty through taxation and regulatory load on business owners who otherwise would be in a better position to hire and train people, to hasten their escape from poverty.

The parties' principles of hatred reek of hypocrisy. Ordinary Donkeys and Elephants harbor intense mutual hatreds yet their leaders rub shoulders amicably as a rule. Regardless which party has control the loyal opposition can be counted on to remain loyal and ready to cut a deal. They are engaged in a systematic process of plunder. The leadership of both parties expect to profit from the ebb and flow of politics. They are brokers much like stockbrokers who take their percentage whether the investments are good for the client or bad for the client. We have a one party system. It is well designed. It is hidden in plain sight.

Why are so many people taken in by the false claims, party rhetoric and obfuscation? Why must we continue this enormously inefficient allocation of hatred?

Marc Abear


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