Mr. Pasquali never fails to hurdle us into darkness of a closed mind

To The Daily Sun,

Our favorite Allopathic Allosaurus roars back into literary action attacking two freedom-loving Americans without any provocation. There's a measles outbreak, so naturally Mirno Pasquali thinks that is cause enough to bring out the same old canards against me and a chiropractic practitioner. He once again smears me by calling me an anti-vaccinator. I repeat, once again slowly, so perhaps Mr. Pasquali will get the underlying theme of my message, finally. Informed consent, informed consent. Informed consent so that parents and individuals can make intelligent, educated decisions about such a critical issue as injecting drugs into ones body. That is not anti-vaccine. Is that clear enough for you, Mr. Pasquali?

PA-C Pasquali then quotes me from a previous letter : "Medical doctors are playing games, vaccinations are not immunizations." I now quote him, "Remember that Russ. (That remark is) probably one of the dumbest things you have ever written in these pages. When you start with that, you quickly lose all credibility. I think you owe all of us in the medical profession who are really taking care of patients an apology. How about it Russ?"

Perhaps the C in PA-C stands for condescension. According to Dorland's Medical Dictionary, vaccination occurs when you "inject a suspension of attenuated or killed microorganisms ... administered for the prevention or treatment of infectious disease." Immunization makes someone immune to something. As we have heard and read about this measles outbreak, the measles vaccine did not give all of those inoculated, immunization against the measles. Of the 80 people linked to the Disney measles outbreak, reports say that 28 had not received the measles vaccine. That means 52 were vaccinated and hence did not have immunity to measles. History is replete with many other examples of how vaccinations have not given people immunity to diseases. They are not synonymous terms, but rather a covert game of semantics for the intended purpose of bullying indoctrination and profit.

Authors of the book, "Dissolving Illusions" by Dr. Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk have come to this conclusion: "vaccinology, as portrayed by the public today, amounts to writing religion on the back of ignorance." Though the science on the incredibly complicated topic of immunization response in the human body is hardly settled, Lee Hieb, MD has an article posted on entitled, "How vaccine hysteria could spark a totalitarian nightmare." It is a must-read for anyone who still has an open mind on a subject that is hardly settled and won't be for a very long time. Yet this is a hot, third-rail issue that no one wants to touch for fear of getting burned. Not even Fox News or conservative talk radio dare touch this toxic topic of Orwellian government intrusion into the freedom and liberty of citizens in this country and across the globe.

Oh, and perhaps you haven't heard, Mr. Pasquali, but CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson revealed last year that the CDC covered up data linking vaccines to autism. I'm guessing no one has ever heard this story because it is a dreaded third-rail story. Mention it and you will be labeled ignorant, careless, foolish or to quote PA Pasquali:"Misinformation and lies from the likes of Russ and Dr. Moneysmith."

We now know Dr. Andrew Wakefield is not a fraud and did not even advise against vaccination. He merely recommended that patients get three separate vaccinations for the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) due to potential complications. As reported in the website, Aug. 29, 2014: "Earlier this week, Dr. Thompson went public with an historic confession, admitting the CDC knowingly conspired to bury evidence that MMR vaccines caused a 340 percent increase in autism among African-American children."

For the honor of researching to find the real truth and pushing for vaccine safety, Dr. Wakefield became the "straw man", a convenient scapegoat and lost his career. Mere collateral damage within the truly fraudulent pharmaceutical/industrial/mainstream medicine/media cover-up. Dr. Wakefield was never convicted by a jury or a court of law, according to Health Impact News and lives in the United States. He was only convicted in the court of public opinion. That is an absolute scandal, but please, don't touch it — it's taboo, a third-rail issue.

I'm so glad that Dr. Moneysmith inspired you to begin writing letters to the editor Mr. Pasquali. You never fail to enlighten us by hurtling us into the darkness of those with closed minds in mainstream medicine. Thankfully, more young physicians are questioning the efficacy of giving an ever-expanding number of vaccinations in multiple doses to our little children. Why give a newborn baby the Hepatitis B vaccine with its myriad side effects without making parents aware of the pros and cons warns Jane Orient, MD, and Mayer Eisenstein, MD. The only studies done on this vaccine were with much older children and none on newborn babies. It's Dark Ages madness revealed if one will just sneak a ride on the money trail train. But watch out for that scorching third rail. Better take the bus.

It is a little hard to believe that in 21st century America, many citizens have become too afraid to even request that their physician provide them with the information to make an "informed decision." Perhaps, just too much truth to swallow in a single dose. The light burns too bright when darkness has covered the lens of honesty and integrity for so long. I will not cover my eyes, Mirno Pasquali, and I don't care who is offended by my demanding the truth behind the multibillion-dollar incestuous relationship that exists between the federal government, the mainstream media, our medical system and the drug companies who have bought them out. Burn baby burn.

Russ Wiles


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Time for wants, views & needs of local to be paid attention to

To The Daily Sun,

Here are the reasons why I am running to be a selectman for the Town of Meredith.

1. I have no future interest in advancing in politics.

2. I want to eliminate the outside interests coming into our town with agendas affecting our town and voted on by some of the smallest vote count by the people who support that agenda.

3. I want to be available to listen to anyone who wants to talk about what their concerns are.

4. I want only positive, affordable growth for all the people going forward in time.

5. I dislike educated narrow-minded people who think their ideas are the only ones that will work for me and are reluctant to listen to other ideas.

6. It's my time in life to try to give tack to the community offering local life experiences and protest what we have now and in the future. I am worried by the growing lower moral values, and crime, etc., coming further north every year.

7. I am not a card-carrying Tea Party member. I believe in the U.S. Constitution as it was written and legally amended. I have conservative values, yet am very open-minded to positive ideas. I have voted int he past for the candidate I felt would do what was best for me and the community regardless of their political party.

8. The time has come that the wants, views, and needs of the locals whose families have been here for years, who were born here, have built their families here and will die here and will carry the largest amount for the cost going into the future be heard and represented for the people, by the people of Meredith.

I have a couple of sayings I would like to pass on to you.

1. Don't ask the question if you are not ready to hear the answer; you might not like it.

2. Keep your moth shut. Make thieves of your eyes and ears to what is going on around you it will surprise you.

3. K.I.S.S. = Keep it simple stupid.

David Lund Bennett Sr.



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Wicwas Grange will host Meredith Selectboard candidates on Saturday

To The Daily Sun,

I am looking forward to attending a Wicwas Grange 292 political event on Saturday, Feb. 28th from 1-3PM. The Wicwas Grange is located on Meredith Center Road next to the Meredith Center store. Please come to the "Meet and Greet" for an opportunity to chat with the candidates running for the Meredith Selectboard.

If you are unable to come, and wish to give input, I can be reached at 279-7458 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Rosemary Landry

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Most of us now that we cannot work our own way to heaven

To The Daily Sun,

This is in response to the latest ramblings from Cracraft and Veverka, who, sadly, are loveless atheists and would have us believe that they know more than any of the rest of us. And my only reason for responding to any of their nonsense at all is: 1. to try to correct the record, and 2. to provide some balance for those people who may still be searching, and genuinely interested in learning the truth as God, our Creator, would have us learn it. And isn't it interesting that you can always tell when someone thinks he is the smartest person in the room, because he has a worldview that doesn't hold him accountable for anything. I don't believe these unfortunate souls believe in God, primarily because to do so, they would have to admit that they are NOT the smartest ones in the room. They spend their lives competing with each other to be seen, acknowledged, and exalted by each other as the smartest among men, the rest of us mere mortals.

Most of the rest of us know better than to believe that we can work our own way to heaven. And of course, they don't believe in heaven at all. But if they did, they believe they are capable enough, and smart enough to figure out a way to work their own way there. To believe the "big bang theory" of creation; to believe that abortion and the killing of young babies still in their mother's womb is okay; to believe that it's okay for people of the same sex to engage in perverted, selfish, twisted and un-natural sexual acts with each other; to believe that when we die, that's all there is to it; to live a lifetime on this planet with no boundaries, no rules, no limitations on their behavior is to live with no joy, no hope, and ultimately, no real love for their fellow man.

At the time of Jesus Christ, there were many people, including His apostles and hundreds of disciples who were eyewitnesses to His death and burial after being crucified on a cross, and resurrection, and subsequent ascension back to heaven,. Most of those eye witnesses were captured and tortured, and then died horrible deaths because other men, powerful men of the day, who felt threatened by their witnessing, wanted them to change their story, to lie about what they had seen. If their witnessing had been a lie, if they had not actually seen what they said they saw, they would not have endured the physical pain and torture, and ultimate deaths they suffered. No man would voluntarily die for a lie! These local letter writers don't believe in God the Father, and Jesus the Son, and they don't want the rest of us to either. They have totally ignored the "Word of God," the Bible. Their letters make no meaningful reference to it at all.

Jesus was real. He was a real man, who had a job to do, and He willingly did it. He lived, and then He died the perfect sacrifice for the rest of us, so that we could cover our earthly and human sins with His blood, and become holy and acceptable to God the Father, the God of Creation, the God of the Bible, and to God the Son who still loves us, and who will love us until the very end. There is still time...

Jim McCoole

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Don't let the anti-SB-2 folks take away your right to vote

To The Daily Sun,

The Right to Vote is on the ballot on March 10 in Gilmanton.

Article 2 of the Gilmanton Town Ballot asks voters to rescind SB-2. If you don't value your right to vote, then vote yes and repeal SB-2. If you do, then protect your right and vote "NO!!"

The supporters of this article insist that your voice, your vote, be solely dependent on your showing up for Town Meeting. But what if you can't be

there that day? Sorry, your vote doesn't count. So, if you are a police officer or EMT on duty and have a call, you can't vote. If you are covering the emergency department that day like I do, your voice doesn't matter. If you are sick and can't physically be there, no matter. We'll take your tax dollars, you just don't have a say in how they are spent. Get the point here?

The sponsors of this article want to limit the opposition to any of their favorite causes and make it impossible for you to dissent, unless you can attend Town Meeting. They ought to be ashamed. Our right to vote, our right to voice our political opinions, is one of the most important facets of our democratic form of government. Don't let this be taken away. VOTE "NO" ON ARTICLE 2!

David Strang, MD


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