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Trump's candidacy was created by GOP's failure to rein-in Obama

To The Daily Sun,

We have a corrupt incompetent system of politicians, both Democrat and Republican, from the dog catcher to the president. Power corrupts; it's human nature.

Trump's candidacy was created by Republican failures to rein in Barack Hussein Obama's corruption. A vote for Hillary Rodham will be a third verse of Obama.

We also have had enough Clintons and Bushes. Let's have a protest vote. Let's send them a message. Revolt. Give them "the bird." Don't vote what makes you feel good (the first black president, from Chicago). Vote for Donald Trump. Make New Hampshire New Hampshire again, and save the United States of America. And guys, don't threaten to vote. Vote!

George Horne

Meredith Center

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Liz Merry has a wealth of experience & a background in business

To The Daily Sun,

We are fortunate to have a wide range of choices when voting for state House representatives from Laconia.

Having recently attended the candidates forum at the Taylor Home, I heard Liz Merry clearly articulate her priorities and approach, while the incumbent state representatives continued to promote the status quo. I am tired of the lack of collaboration at the state and federal levels, leaving important issues unaddressed. That is why I am voting for Liz Merry.

She offers a wealth of experience as a former representative from Sanbornton, with a background in business, now wanting to put her skills to use for Laconia. Liz will make common sense, practical decisions regarding funding for education, healthcare, roads and bridges, and other things that ensure quality of life for all people, regardless of where they are on the economic ladder. She is known for her collaborative approach to problem solving which is exactly what we need in Concord these days.

Please join me in voting for Liz Merry on Nov. 8.

Kay M. Anderson

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