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Grey will be able to help keep Sanbornton spending down

To The Daily Sun,

Candidates' night in Sanbornton was last week, but it has taken me this long to get over it. Many people who attended were very rude to some of the candidates who are only trying their best to help us live within our means.

From what I understood, the Budget Committee does not have much power, much less to "destroy" the library by not giving them thousands more dollars every year. I love our library, and appreciate the attendants there, but why does it need so much more money all the time? Can't they cut back some? Everyone who spoke just wanted more money for all their departments. It's up to the selectmen and Budget Committee to put a limit on all the I-wants.

For that reason, I would like to see more conservatives on our Budget Committee, to stop the incessant spending. Roger Grey has been doing his best to point out unnecessary spending, and as he said in his letter to the Sun, his job is "to provide taxpayers with sufficient knowledge that they might be able to vote intelligently on certain" items. He is able to dig up items that we surely should be informed about, and he lets us know what they are, before town meeting. That's transparency.

I also believe that Bill Whalen will be able to help Roger keep the spending down. Sanbornton, we have many more needs, and should take care of them before the wants.

Peggy Graham

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I am eager to continue helping Moultonborough move forward

To The Daily Sun,

I'm finishing my first term as one of your selectmen here in Moultonborough, and I ask for your vote to continue the tremendous progress we have made these past three years. Moultonborough is in excellent shape, and well positioned to meet whatever new challenges and opportunities come before us the next three years.

Our town tax rate is down eight cents this year, and net appropriations are down 8.2 percent, almost $627,000 below last year.

We now have a Select Board that is less reactive and have become one that is much more proactive, a board that plans for the future and prioritizes its goals and objectives. Some of the things talked about for years were finally accomplished, such as a merit-pay system for town employees and single stream recycling.

We have also undertaken some innovative initiatives the past few years, such as establishing a vision for the town, creating annual goals and objectives, developing a work plan for the year, and we held two conventions of town committees.

Something I'm very excited about is that we recently organized and hosted a meeting with Select Board representatives of six neighboring towns. The conversation of how we can better work together as a Lakes Region community to increase efficiency and improve services, has finally begun. I am excited to continue to help move Moultonborough forward into the future.

I am confident that the decisions I have made over the past three years reflect my ability to be impartial, fair and to listen to all sides, before arriving at a conclusion.

There remains much work still to be done, and I am eager to continue to help move Moultonborough forward into the future.

I respectfully ask for your vote on March 14 for re-election to the Moultonborough Select Board.

Paul T. Punturieri

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