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Why are liberals denying the reality of Muslim tradition & culture?

To The Daily Sun,

Allow me to espond to Loran Truth's misconceptions about the ability of Islam to assimilate into American culture and to accept Western values; some other factors have come to mind. I remind the readers that these are not my words but the words of Islam from the Koran. First let me explain a phrase and the meaning of a word.

One, "people of the book" refers to Muslims, Jews and Christians who all worship the God of Abraham. But Jews must recognize Mohammad as the last Profit of God and Christians must deny the Trilogy, Crucifixion and resurrection of Christ to qualify. Otherwise they are considered Kafirs.

Two, A Kafir is a non believer in Mohammad and Islam. A Kafir is lowest of the low and has no standing in Sharia law. Least atheists, agnostics, pagans and all other religions think they are safe think again, you are all Kafirs too. What does this mean in piratical terms?
Kafirs are inferior
Kafirs are evil
Kafirs are disgraced
Kafirs are cursed
A Karfir can be mocked
A Kafir can be beheaded
A kafir can be plotted against
A Kafir can be terrorized
A Muslim can not be a friend to a Kafir
A Muslim may not give charity to a Kafir or his dependence
So my assessment, based on research, history and current observations in the news is as follows.
Now that we all know we are Kafir, it begs the question of how can we expect Muslims, in the long run, to respect our laws and culture if they have no respect for our persons? In that long run, as their population grows they will become increasingly, demanding, aggressive and abusive. The proof of this is in Europe today and it will become ever worse as there numbers grow. So I wonder sense American conservatives and liberals all share largely the same western culture and values why it is that there is such a denial of these reality's on the part of liberals? We are all under the same risk of loosing our culture, nation and lives.

Steve Earle


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Kids today are overly babied & entitled; community service is good

To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to Ruth Dunnavan:

I did not miss your point at all Ruth. Many people volunteer their time and services without pay. I have for children and soldiers in the past. I get paid well to use my education. I can assure you I did not "die" without a days pay.

You're missing the point. Kids today are overly babied and entitled. Your way of thinking just adds to it. Poor Jim and Jill those mean school people made them go to a shelter and help serve food for two hours with no pay. God forbid the leave their house, friends, TV, game stations,etc ...

The school requires this process to help make them better people. Help them build character and show respect for themselves and others. Give them some pride and maturity. Maybe even land a job or discover a field they like. Some kids actually enjoy it, Ruth. The goal is not about the money or graduation credits. So please explain what's in for you? Why are so concerned over the pay? Is someone not graduating in your family this June?

Denise C. Burke

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