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Any cost savings biosolids bring to table not enough for me

To The Daily Sun,

The minutes from the Gilmanton Deliberative Session, held on Jan. 30, 2016, are on the town website. They are concise, but I believe they missed a few key points of the discussion of Article 3 regarding bio­solids (aka sludge).

First, the definition of the term sludge should have been included. It means "any solid, semisolid or liquid waste generated from municipal, commercial or industrial waste water treatment plant." (EPA RCAA (26A)). These are the remains after the liquids have been removed from sewage. The contaminants in this sludge could include hazardous waste, chemicals, viruses, bacteria and heavy metals such as mercury, zinc and lead.

Secondly, the reason that I mentioned the article regarding more than 600 tons of sludge being spread on a field at a cost savings of less than $600 over commercial fertilizer was to also state the real cost to the area residents of Greenland. Conditions included respiratory/breathing issues and rashes, but I think the worst tragedy was the death of 26-year-old Shayne Conner (See www.sludgevictims.com).

The health and welfare of our families, pets, water, land and that of our neighbors are too valuable to risk. Any cost savings that the use of bio­solids may claim to offer our local farmers is not enough to sway my vote this time.

On March 8 please join me and vote "Yes" on Article 3 to ban the use of biosolids (Class A and Class B) in our town.

Barbara E. Swanson


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MIllions of people still hate others for the color of their skin

To The Daily Sun,

I have many friends who do not agree with my political views. Sometimes when our views are far apart we have decided not to discuss politics in order to make sure we keep our friendship intact. But crucial components of a friendship are missing when we can't share ongoing discussions on issues that matter to us.

Our life's journey with friends should be open and honest without fear of alienating one another. This country has become so polarized in part because many people shy away from bringing up issues that matter to them.

Until we are able to discuss these issues in an open honest manner, deep divisions will fester and grow wider. Why do some people find it necessary to sling mud or call people names when arguing their position? What does it accomplish? Does it make them feel more superior to their fellow human beings? Does it bring them some sort of long-term satisfaction?

This reminds me of how Congress has evolved over the years. When senators and representatives speak to us they are quick to add that they have respect for those colleagues on the other side of the aisle, but then proceed to totally disagree and disparage one another. This can only leave us confused. And it begs the question: Why did you send them to Congress in the first place? Wasn't it to work together to solve problems for the common good of all? The deep divisions and polarization that exist in Congress and the Supreme Court have brought this country to a very sad place.

As parents we teach our children to get along with others. We teach them to be kind. We take them to our houses of worship to learn that the right thing to do is to forgive and forget. To "love thy neighbor as thyself." Yet there are millions of people who still hate and attack others for the color of their skin, their beliefs and their politics. We've amassed enough weapons of mass hate in our bunkers to start a mini war. And no one is better off for it; not us, our friends or opponents, nor our country.

Bernadette Loesch

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