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The only promise I will make to voters is that I can't promise anything

To The Daily Sun,

The secretary of State, in his infinite wisdom has, once again, put my name third in the primary for two Republican candidates' positions in Grafton District 9, towns of Alexandra, Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol and the Free State town of Grafton. Whereas, almost all of the people, including most selectmen that Ive talked to, do not know who their sitting state reps are at the present time, so I've already lost the primary race. The majority of voters will step into the booth on the 13th and the line will instruct them to pick two out of three and the first two names will be checked off, whatever.

All voters who meet candidates will hear that if they vote for them they will, and I quote, lower taxes, reduce the size of government, cut spending, create jobs, reach across the aisle, improve our infrastructure and blah, blah, blah. We have heard it all before. But I digress.

The last time I heard all of this "our taxes had increased," they hired more public employees and or gave out massive pay and benefit packages that increased the size of unionized government (to increase their voter base). Spending has gone through the roof. Jobs got outsourced overseas where unions can't thrive to break companies' backs. Money from our highway funds was pillaged to fund rehab clinics and lies, lies, and more of the same partisan lies and broken promises.

This state, this country has issues, and throwing money around solves nothing. Concentrating on social Issues to win votes and feeding people's fears ends up costing us all financially.

As a fiscal conservative, and being only one voice out of 400 in the House of Representatives, the only "promise" I can make to my constituents is that I cant promise anything. The only thing I can offer is a common sense attitude and fight to keep dedicated funds dedicated to the departments they were intended for and the need to stop all of this middle-of-the-term spending on losing battles and overtime pay. The taxpayers can no longer afford it. That point needs to be shouted loud and clear.

Apart from this one letter I have not spent one minute of time on my campaign, nor will I. It doesn't change the fact that 70-plus percent of voters could care less who their state reps are were or will be. They know nothing is going to change.

Don't forget to vote in the primary on the 13th. It's your right to continue the tradition of electing more lies, broken promises and deceptions.

Eric T. Rottenecker


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Letter about Smolin's personal finances was neglectful & unethical

To The Daily Sun,

What an unconscionable and detached letter written by Norman J. Silber!

Why was he neglectful and unethical in his summary of Jonathan Smolin's personal finances? His letter was stated from records that no one has read, plus facts that are incoherent and judgmental. He gives just enough information to justify his conclusion. The trickery in this letter is astounding. The ethical rules of conduct that recognizes respect for human values of what is right and what is wrong.

My mother always said, "You cannot walk in someone else's shoes." What prevented a telephone call to Jonathan about questions concerning his finances? The truth, ethics and the personal knowledge belong to Jonathan Smolin, so ask him, and, while you talk, apologize.

Rosemary Landry

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