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Very happy Matt Canfield stayed in Laconia & will be new chief

To The Daily Sun,

I was very happy to see Matt Canfield promoted as the next chief at Laconia PD. I have known Matt for many years, having retired from Laconia PD. I am damn happy he never went to LAPD in his early years and decided to stick with Laconia instead. The City of Laconia has a very very good chief in Matt Canfield!
Don Irvin

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The Lord told me Matt Canfield would be the next police chief

To The Daily Sun
I am writing to congratulate Laconia's new police chief, Matthew Canfield.

It's no surprise. It was five years ago. I was in Dunkin' Donuts (South Main Street) and Lt. Canfield was standing in line. I looked at him and the Almighty spoke to my heart (spirit). He said son, go tell him he will be the next police chief. I walked up to him and spoke this prophecy, "Matt, the LORD said you will be the next police chief." He looked a little surprised, but he agreed.
Three weeks later I was on my laptop when Matt's lovely wife, Bonnie, walked up to me. She said, "Bishop Blake, my husband said that you said he will be the next LPD chief!" I looked her in the face (she was smiling) and replied, "yes that's true." She responded with, "good he wants that." So we agreed that would happen. And now it has. I give God ALL the praise! HALLELUJAH!
P.S. Congratulations to Capt. Al Graton, Lt. Mike Fingole, Sergeant Gary Allen. God Bless you ALL!

Bishop Paul W. Blake

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