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Giuda takes positions that raise questions about his judgement

To The Daily Sun,

We have two distinctly different candidates, coincidentally both from Warren, running for the State Senate seat for District 2.

First, Charlie Chandler, a Democrat and retired Laconia attorney widely recognized for leadership, integrity and good judgment, with a 45-year record of collaborating to accomplish shared objectives.

And second, Bob Giuda, a Republican and retired airline pilot, who is known to take extreme positions that raise questions about his judgment and temperament.

Republican Speaker Harold Burns recognized Mr. Chandler in a 1996 Declaration, stating the House is "profoundly grateful ... and expresses its sincerest appreciation" to Mr. Chandler for serving "with distinction and great dedication, consistently speaking with the energetic voice of leadership" and for "outstanding performance as a servant of the people." More recently, Mr. Chandler was selected by the Secretary of State to serve as presiding officer for the investigation into Financial Resources Mortgage Inc., which bilked New Hampshire fraud victims of millions of dollars.

Mr. Giuda traveled to Nevada to join armed supporters at Cliven Bundy's ranch to face down federal officials over grazing rights on public park lands. Mr. Giuda claimed the government had asserted "dictatorial powers" and their actions are "linked to international efforts by international organizations to destroy our sovereignty by attacking our property rights and our 2nd Amendment."

Charlie Chandler believes in investing in the K-12 public schools, our community colleges and the state's University System. While Bob Giuda believes in diverting taxpayer dollars to fund charter, private and religious schools.

Please join me in voting for Charlie Chandler for State Senate in District 2.

Barbara Fahey

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With your help, I'll continue to serve Plymouth, Hebron & Holderness

To The Daily Sun,

Serving in the New Hampshire Legislature is one way that I can give back to the communities and the state I call home. Since I was first elected to the New Hampshire House in 2008, I have tried to do my best for the people I represent in Plymouth, Hebron and Holderness, and for the state of New Hampshire. My constituents remind me of the challenges they face and educate me about issues important to them. Being part of a citizen legislature, I find these one-on-one conversations most rewarding.

In the state House, I have served on the Environment and Agriculture Committee and the Resources, Recreation and Development Committee. While on both of these committees, I quickly became aware that it is not all that difficult to work together across party lines when the committee members care about the issues being worked on — whether it is support for small farmers or how to assure we have clean water, whether to drink, or to enjoy recreationally.

Other issues divide us on principle — a woman's right to choose her own health care, raising the minimum wage, equal pay for equal work for example. But disagreeing does not mean disagreeable. I pledge (and I don't say this lightly) that I will continue to work at keeping the state House of Representatives civil, where legislators are treated with respect regardless of their beliefs.

I will also continue to work — as I have for six years — to bury all of Northern Pass or bury the project. I will work to improve and increase solar energy projects — large and small. And I wholeheartedly support using more of New Hampshire's RGGI (Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative) Fund to pay for energy efficiency projects.

I will continue to support the New Hampshire Health Protection Plan (Medicaid Expansion) which provides health care coverage to over 50,000 Granite Staters who would not otherwise have coverage. I will work to assure that this law is made permanent. Presently, 3,500 people in Grafton County (including Plymouth 221, Hebron 27 and Holderness 76) are being helped by this law which also provides support for alcohol and substance abuse treatment and counseling. It is supported not only by hospitals and community health centers, but by the New Hampshire Business and Industry Association.

Serving in the Legislature is challenging, but if I can play a small part in keeping New Hampshire the best place to work, live, and raise a family, I'll take on that challenge. The rewards are worth it. I ask for your vote on Nov. 8 so that I can continue to serve the great state of New Hampshire and the people of Plymouth Hebron and Holderness (Grafton 8).

Vote for three in Grafton District 8! Suzanne Smith, Steve Rand, and Travis Bennett.

State Rep. Suzanne Smith


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