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I learned when I was in single digits that you treat women with respect

To The Daily Sun,

I walked into Walmart the other day and nearly walked into a fat woman who was so big that she nearly filled those double wide automatic doors. She was so slow because of her immense bulk and she was using these metal braces to help her walk, so — you know— she was SLOW. I said “Jeez — if you’re going to be that fat and slow, then why not just use of those damned scooters. They’re made for people like you.”

I guess I told her — right ?

As she started weeping in the vestibule, I rolled right on in and saw some young men who were laughing and high-fived me. “Dude! You nailed her! That was awesome!” After a bit more commentary about the size of her backside and the other fatties in the store, we went our separate ways.

Then after I got what I came in for, I went into a checkout aisle only to discover that the clerk clearly had some mental disorder. I was never going to make it to my golf tee time at this rate. So I yelled for a manager and this short person came over, and I told her, “Look — I’m never gonna make my golf tee time if this retard doesn’t hurry up. Do something!” So that manager did my transaction and I barely managed to get to the tee time as scheduled.

Now .... BREATHE. Slowly.

Can you even begin to IMAGINE someone doing what I said above and walking away with your teeth still intact? I can’t. But that is exactly how its been going day after day .... In the Trump White House. I cannot even begin to imagine what would have happened if Barack Obama had EVER demeaned a woman for her color, height, weight, intellect, age, bosom, or looks. If he had then I promise that there would be people in this area who would have purchased more ammunition and been making angry statements about just how painfully he was going to die, on top of the usual threats that were made and the usual burning of him hanging in effigy.

What I want to know is WHY aren’t more men outraged by this behavior? Would you treat your wives that way? Where are you women who voted for Donald Trump? You’ll disparage Hillary for wearing leather, but not President Trump for how he regularly and effortlessly ogles, harasses, demeans, verbally abuses, and insults women in the media, be it television or print. REGULARLY. Where is your common decency? Where is your shame? Where is your OUTRAGE?

This week, he went after Mika Brzezinski after she tweeted about his fake "Time" magazine covers hanging up at his golf courses. This is an attractive woman, an educated woman, an intelligent woman, a woman who’d just lost her famous father, and a woman with teenaged daughters. And he insulted her to millions of people across the Twitterverse. And no one in his administration, his staff, or the leadership of Congress or the Senate said one single word. If I’d said those things, my wife would remove my testicles and staple them to my forehead like some bizarre air freshener. But I learned when I was in single digits that you treat women with respect. We treat others the way we want to be treated. Isn’t that how you were all raised?

So I’d never say those things. I’ll question your commitment. I’ll question your values. I’ll question your faith. Some — I’ll question your intellect. But to body shame because your feelings are hurt? To never apologize? EVER? To be protected from repercussions because you are president. That, my neighbors, is a COWARD. A bully. An infantile mind. That is not presidential. And if you don’t speak out and say something, then you’re just as cowardly as he is. You wanted him and you got him. Now explain him without indicting yourself.

Alan Vervaeke


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Love of freedom was exemplified & celebrated in Ashland on July 4

To The Daily Sun,

Thank you to the residents of Ashland and beyond, the participants, the volunteers, the employees, and the officials alike; thank you for a wonderful Independence Day!

From the fireworks, to the pancake breakfast, to the parade; the American values of service, community, and love of freedom were exemplified and well celebrated this July 4th. As my family and I enjoyed the smiles, kind conversations, and a warm sense of welcome as one of the newest families to Ashland, I recalled one of the most beautiful statements in our Declaration of Independence, “We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.” I witness this in the citizens of New Hampshire, and in my fellow Ashland residents. We are truly blessed to have this flame burning strong.

God Bless Ashland, God Bless New Hampshire, and God Bless the United States of America!

Tejasinha Sivalingam


  • Written by Edward Engler
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