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Please vote for me, Dave Nickerson, for Sanbornton selectman

To The Daily Sun,

My name is David Nickerson, I am asking for your vote for re-election for selectman in Sanbornton on March 8. I have served on the Budget Committee for three years and on the Board of Selectmen for nine.

Most people do not realize that nearly each and every week new and fresh ideas are presented to the Board by the Selectmen, committees, employees, and others. These ideas are discussed, studied, voted on, and if viable, implemented with input from all involved.

Current projects include but are not limited to working on the Lower Bay Road reconstruction, engineering for the needs and space study of the town buildings, economic development, the transfer station, water system, and an up-to-date employee pay scale. The board relies on the department heads, committees, employees, and citizens to help deal with these sometimes complex issues. We have an open door policy at our meetings that allows for and welcomes participation from citizens and employees. Everyone's ideas are important, communication is essential.

The current Board of Selectmen has longevity which is a good thing for the town. We have fostered close relationships with the state of New Hampshire, Department of Transportation, Department of Environmental Services, and other agencies who help us with roads, drainage, and other issues. Your selectmen have a wide range of skills including management, budgeting, and expert knowledge of DPW operations. We have attended many seminars and classes on 91A laws, human resources, and RSAs concerning town government.

I am not out of ideas. I am a fiscal conservative, but realize that the town needs have to be met and we cannot go backward. A major concern for me is the ability of all the citizens to pay their taxes.

You are my "boss." I welcome all input and will work as hard as I can for you if re-elected. I love our town and hope to continue to serve you.

Dave Nickerson


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States trying to defund Planned Parenthood in legal hot water

To The Daily Sun,

Planned Parenthood has been once again cleared of any illegal activities after a long investigation. Instead, a Texas grand jury indicted the creators of the heavily edited and deceiving Planned Parenthood videos. Arrest warrants were issued for David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of the bogus Center for Medical Progress (CMP). A restraining order against CMP was also issued. Both were indicted for felony tampering with a governmental record and David Daleiden was additionally indicted on the count of prohibition of the purchase and sale of human organs. Planned Parenthood investigations were launched in 11 states last year and none found any wrongdoing, although right-wing media will keep lying for God, the devil and Fox News.

The states trying to defund Planned Parenthood are also finding themselves in legal hot water. The federal government has taken Texas to court and the 10th Circuit Court just blocked Utah's attempt to defund the organization. Courts around the nation have largely sided with Planned Parenthood just as they did in New Hampshire in 2014.

If these people really cared about cutting the number of unplanned and terminated pregnancies, they would support expanding Planned Parenthood services. Colorado's teen pregnancy rate dropped 40 percent after six years of a program offering free contraception.

These ninnies and nutjobs on the right are even attacking IUDs! (See http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/07/06/colorado-larc-experiment_n_7738724.html)

In other matters regarding right-wingers who think they are actually intelligent, Cliven Bundy's criminal gang is now behind bars. Cliven and four of his "patriot thugs" have been indicted on 16 felony charges in connection with the 2014 standoff at the Bundy ranch. Schadenfreude! All were indicted for "conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States," assault on a federal law officer by use of a deadly and dangerous weapon, interference with commerce by extortion and obstruction of justice. The charges conclude the eldest Bundy was the leader of the movement to extort the federal government into returning his cattle.

Regarding the Oregon standoff that group of right-wing criminals, including hate radio's Pete Santilli, are also in jail without bail until trial. Several will also be facing charges for possession of a firearm due to past felonies.

Skinhead Jon Ritzheimer will not be seen outside Texas mosques intimidating peaceful Muslims with semi-automatic weapons ever again because he'll be a felon.

But hold on, nutjobs, there may be hope for you because Donald Trump wants to make fascism great again.

James Veverka


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