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I'll go with the unknown rather than candidate with terrible record

To The Daily Sun,

I usually check the author of a letter before reading it as there are some people's letters you don't have to read to know what is going to be in them. Bernadette Loesch meets that criteria. I erred on Saturady and read her letter before checking the author. First of all, the heading set me back a little because it read, "I know that Americans are smarter than to fall for a carnival barker". I thought, gee, that can't be true as they voted to elect Obama twice. Then I read the paragraph where she vented about Donald Trump and thought, hey, I know somebody who fits that description — so I changed the name from Trump to Hillary and, by golly, it fit.

Hillary is crude, vulgar and self serving (ask anyone in her inner circle), she is egotistical and dishonest, a con (wo)man, shallow, unable and "unwilling" to tell the truth, contemptible and disgraceful. So you see if these words fit Trump, they fit Hillary as well, so that means we're not going to have much to choose from come November. I didn't vote for Trump in the primary but if the choice is between him and Hillary, I will vote for him as I know her record but he hasn't served in any political capacity as yet. I'll go with the unknown rather than someone with a terrible record of service. Ms. Loesch also wrote "we are smarter and better than to fall for a carnival barker of a man". Again, Bernadette you voted for Obama twice.
Dave Schwotzer

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To business owners on 'Vintage Row' this was not just semantics

To The Daily Sun,

I didn't get a chance to look at The Sun on Saturday until about 2 o'clock, as I was busy working in my shop over on "the abandoned stretch of Water Street known as Vintage Row." I only picked it up then because I had been urged by a number of people to do so. All referred to Michael Kitch's article on the sale of the "three iconic downtown Laconia buildings" with varying degrees of alarm and dismay, and all were focused on one word: "abandoned."

(I think I heard the word "abandoned" more times on Saturday morning than I have heard it in the last five years put together.)

Now I'm sure that Mr. Kitch didn't intend to imply that the area was actually abandoned (which the dictionary defines as "forsaken or deserted: an abandoned building; an abandoned kitten."). I'm sure that he was eluding to some urban renewal effort of yesteryear that left a disconnect between Water Street and... oh, wait. That wasn't the context of his article. His very succinct article was simply describing each of the three buildings, including the number of apartments and commercial units.

So where exactly does the term "abandoned" (in the same sentence as "Vintage Row") apply? Customers and fellow business owners, reading it in context, applied it to the commercial units on that side of the McIntyre building (and who can blame them? That's what it says!).

To some, this may seem like a simple matter of semantics. To those of us who run businesses in that often-overlooked stretch of shops in downtown Laconia, it is horrifying. We have worked tirelessly to bring positive attention to that area, and I have personally been responsible for spearheading much of the work that has gone into improving those shops.

We are far from abandoned. We are viable, contributing members of the downtown business community, and though we struggle with minimal foot traffic and a location that sometimes feels remote, we continue to fight the battle. Any one of us could take our business to a city that is not in need of "revitalization." But we believe in Laconia, so we continue to do our part in revitalizing Laconia.

Words are powerful, and journalists have a responsibility to use them carefully. Please, before another word is written about Vintage Row, take the time to visit our shops: Imagine Gallery, Dumbledore Antiques, New England Porch Rockers, and my shop, Curiosity & Co.. You will find that we are alive and well over on Vintage Row.

Stora Montgomery Kamens
Curiosity & Co.

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