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We need to come together as Americans & turn away this man

To The Daily Sun,
This country is in the middle of the process to elect a President of these United States. Mr. Trump has proven time and again that he is deficient of knowledge. He is a demagogue and delusional.
We need to come together and turn the tables on this man by shouting out loud as he does often at his rallies by saying: Get Out! GET OUT! GET HIM OUT!

Bernadette Loesch

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Continue the fight against milfoil, vote 'yes' on Article 9 on Sat.

To The Daily Sun,

The invasive aquatic weed known as variable milfoil is found annually in Moultonborough waters. The Moultonborough Milfoil Committee is very active on many fronts to combat this menace to reduce its negative impact on the recreational use and economic value of our ponds and lakes. We are beginning to hold our own in the battle against this tenacious aquatic weed, but we need your vote to continue the fight.

More than 14,000 gallons of Variable Milfoil weeds were removed by divers from Moultonborough waters in 2015. We have found that pulling the roots of the milfoil weeds by hand using divers certified by NH DES for this specialty work lessens the chance of plant regrowth. We have also achieved a significant reduction in the use of herbicide to treat the large milfoil growth areas that were present in the early years of our work.

To keep this annual effort going, Moultonborough residents are asked to vote "Yes" on Warrant Article 9 at the upcoming town meeting on Saturday, March 12. Your vote is important to help protect our most important economic resource.

If you would like to get involved locally as a milfoil volunteer, please contact the Moultonborough Milfoil Committee at 253-4274, or via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Karin Nelson, Chair

Moultonborough Milfoil Committe

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