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Mr. Veverka picked a single study out of thousands available

To The Daily Sun,

To Diana Pope, communications manager WalletHub.com:

Deepest apologies for putting a dash between the t and the H in WalletHub.

As for my skills in fact checking, you are correct that I am not a professional fact checker nor did I say or imply that WalletHub's facts of studies were in any way at fault or erroneous. I was pointing out that Mr. Veverka picked out a single study out of thousands of studies to cast aspersions on a few states being governed by his political foes. I believe so doing is grossly misleading as I'm sure there are many other studies by WalletHub that indicate those same states have many superior qualities which when taken into consideration would show them to be excellent states.

Mr. Veverka uses studies such as the one from WalletHub as distractions because he cannot defend the blunders, lies, distortions and incompetence of the current Marxist administration in Washington to which he aligns himself with. The term which comes to mind in addressing all the Obama/Clinton supporters is: told you so!

Steve Earle


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Sanbornton residents may register to vote on Sat. from 9 to 9:30

To The Daily Sun,

On Saturday, Dec. 12, from 9 to 9:30 a.m., citizens of Sanbornton who are not registered to vote can register at the Town Office. This is not change-of-party, but a time to register. As I've gone through petition-signatures, leading to our upcoming "Special Town Meeting" (issue: Transfer Station/Recycling Center returned to giving us re-use opportunity), I've come across signers who are not registered voters.

To vote on Friday night, 7 p.m., the 18th, one needs to be a registered voter. The checklist hangs on the wall of Town Office, so anyone in doubt could check for their name there. But Saturday is it, something to put on your to-do list for the morning — come to register to vote! Bring a photo ID stating domicile (driver's license) and if a renter, a rent or lease document.

Our goal can be met with voters turning out to express our will, being "citizen legislators," as Tom Salatiello faithfully refers to us! We each have this civic duty to meet: being registered to vote, then voting too.

Lynn Rudmin Chong


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