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We have godlesss Constitution based on Enlightenment ideals

To The Daily Sun,

I see Gene Danforth is at it again with his God-and-government agenda and his right-wing arguments. Mr. Danforth wants you to believe that since the 11th article may not be in all the Arabic versions of the treaty (of Tripoli) it's not in the one the U.S. Senate ratified. This is false. It clearly was in the version voted on. The treaty as voted upon in D.C. contains the phrase "as the Government of the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion." That is indisputable because the treaty is in the public record.

The treaty and its signators can be viewed in the U.S. Book of Treaties at http://avalon.law.yale.edu/18th_century/bar1796t.asp An image of the treaty and signators can be viewed at http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_of_Tripoli#/image/File:Treaty_of_Tripoli_as_communicated_to_Congress_1797.png.

Whatever you may not like about this treaty, the one voted on by the U.S. Senate said the government of this country is not in any sense based on the Christian religion. This is verified by a godless and secular constitution based on Enlightenment ideals.

James Veverka


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Increase minimum wage, fix tax policy & encourage unions

To The Daily Sun,

Our democracy is in trouble. As a senior citizen who has lived and worked in the United States my entire life, I took for granted that our way of government in this greatest of nations would always be a democracy. This is not the case.

The shift of power and wealth to the very rich 1 percent, plus large corporations, and away from the middle and lower classes (the 99 percent) will eventually bring about an oligarchy. A country ruled only by the rich and powerful.

It was not always this way. In the 1950s and '60s all Americans had a chance to enjoy the riches of this great nation. A husband could work and the wife could stay home and take care of the children. This is no longer possible. Now both the husband and wife must work just to get by. The wages of the middle class have not kept up with the wealth being generated in this country's businesses and industry.

Several reasons have caused this problem. Tax cuts for the rich and in some cases no taxes for big corporations — therefore, resulting in the 99 percent having to carry the load of government expenses in unfair proportions. The lack of a proper minimum wage has caused this imbalance of wealth. Anybody who works 40 hours per week should be able to handle normal expenses without the aid of the government. Currently, Walmart employee's wages are so low that many employees need food stamps and other government assistance to just get by. Meanwhile, the top executives and the Walmart corporation are making billions of dollars in profits.

Also, the demise of collective bargaining and the deliberate weakening of unions affects the middle class's ability to get a proper distribution of wealth. Some people don't like unions, but in the 1950s and '60s, when one-third of all workers were organized, all American workers benefited by the collective bargaining process with good wages and benefits. One of our nation's largest employers, Walmart, is not unionized. Establishing a union will be very difficult.

Politically, the policies of the Republican party are driving this imbalance. Tax cuts for the rich, preventing a rise in the minimum wage, and the destruction of unions and collective bargaining are undermining our democracy. The 1 percent and large corporations have bought-off government officials. Currently, senators and representatives at the national and state government levels are doing the bidding of the big money interests — leaving the "little people" (you and me) to struggle for survival.

This discrepancy of wealth between the 1 percent and the middle class is now actually worse than it was in 1928 just before the Great Depression.

My advice is remove Republicans and others who promote this negative trend from office, increase the minimum wage, encourage and strengthen the ability of workers to organize into unions, and fix the tax policy so that the rich and big corporations start paying their fair share. The redistribution of wealth or value generated by our industries and businesses must be properly spread over the workforce to bring the entire country up in wealth and prosperity. That is how our democracy will be saved.

Tom Dawson


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Odds of 100 million heads in a row overwhelmingly positive

To The Daily Sun,

To answer Tony Boutin's question (about odds regarding the creation of the universe), over billions upon billions of chances, as our unimaginably huge universe provides, the odds of 100 million heads in a row is overwhelmingly positive. Do the math.

Johan Andersen


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In which god do we trust? There are gods all over the place

To The Daily Sun,

Alan Moon throws some darts at James Veverka, then proclaims that no more evidence is needed to prove that we are a nation founded on Christianity by being a master of the obvious that it is stated on the dollar bill (IN GOD WE TRUST).

I know most of the intelligent people reading this realize that "GOD" is not a term exclusively used by Christians. In fact "GODS" are all over the place. Whether it be Judaism, Hindu, Aboriginal, Zoroastrianism or whatever, they all refer to their high deity as "GOD." In fact, there are many pieces of our society that could be pointed at as contradictory to being a nation based on Christian morals. But the fact is even if this were true, it is not the case anymore.

I would bet double the amount of people that go to church on Christmas didn't go to church but still celebrate it without any religious connotations. Every day there are stories of crimes committed by people who call themselves Christians that do not practice (and those that do), and I'm sure that the people who actively participate at their church are in the overall vast minority in this country now. So really, who cares?

We should be talking about ways that we can all get along rather than trying to puff our chests and talk up our faith like it's better than others.

Thomas Lemay


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Nothing was 'under attack', not Lucky Charms & not School Board

To the Daily Sun,

I am writing in response to the article entitled "Lucky Charms Under Attack at Gilford School Board Meeting" on behalf of the concerned parents who were in attendance on Jan. 5.

Although it is true that some of the food options in our schools' cafeterias are indeed not as healthy as they could be, Ms. Cote was misquoted with regard to Lucky Charms being the only breakfast cereal available to our students. Lucky Charms was given as an example of one of the cereals we feel could be replaced with a healthier choice. The fact that such a cereal has been served to our students is indeed a matter of concern but nothing was "under attack" at this meeting — not Lucky Charms, not the School Board, not the administration, and not the Food Services director. It was simply an example to illustrate a larger point.

Our major concern is simple: foods high in sugar content, artificial flavor and dyes and preservatives continue to be available to our young children in meals that follow the federal guidelines for the nation's schools. Such foods are of great appeal to children of elementary-school age who are not always mature enough to make healthy choices when presented with a perceived "tastier" option.

We don't deny that this is a complex issue with many factors coming into play when developing a school food menu: the limits of a food services budget, federal as well as school wellness policies, support from the community and of course the most challenging — how to satisfy a child's palate with healthy food.

We were pleased to be invited to continue the discussion in the revision of the School Wellness Policy by school board officials and GES administration. It is our hope that together, as a community, we will be able to affect positive change while keeping our children's health and well being at the forefront.

Jen Coapland


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