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I'm running for state rep for Belmont; please help me right this ship

To The Daily Sun,

In recent years we have been watching the people who represent us in Concord and Washington care more about political parties and agendas than us. Not all leaders are like that, but it has become clear we need ordinary people to represent our interests. It's time we start focusing on what's important to our families, our communities and our way of life because if we don't, something else will be the priority.

I was born and raised in New Hampshire. My adult life, including raising my family and enjoying my grandchildren, has been spent here in the Lakes Region. My home in Belmont is my eighth in town and I am proud to say that I was involved in our school system and helped fight for our wonderful new high school, our renovated middle school, and I did my fair share of volunteering throughout my children's school years in Belmont.

I'm also proud to say that I've served you for more than two decades in my professional capacity and I can say with confidence that our most serious issues are far more complex than your average politician wants to admit when they're looking for your vote. Unlike another candidate running for state representative in Belknap District 6, I didn't move here to change our politics or follow my own political agenda. I'm here because this is my home and I love this state more than I could possibly tell you.

We're better than the representation we've been getting. We deserve people who work across political parties and ideology to make good things happen. I support healthy communities, laws that help move the state forward so that we all have a decent chance of thriving throughout life and retiring with dignity and independence. I support checks and balances that are as reasonable and responsible as what we would do within our own families or businesses.

I still have a good many years in the workforce and I have family members from infants to seniors. You can bet that if you give me the honor of serving you, I'll never forget that representing you is about us together, not about politics.

Please help me right our political ship. Please stand with me to put a stop to the shenanigans and extremist views that have taken over public policy-making. Most of us live our lives, raise our families, and conduct our business somewhere in the middle — in our great community and without some tether to a political agenda. Let's help ratchet down the rhetoric, restore sanity, and get into productive mode for our future. We are worth it.

Diana Lacey

Candidate for State Representative, Belknap 6


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Some Reach the Beach runners brought books to local students

To The Daily Sun,

Back on Sept. 21, I had written a letter about our the volunteers and fundraising around Reach the Beach. Something else that happened during that event I felt needed recognition.

There is a group of runners that run in the Reach The Beach relay from the Jake Maxfield Connection (www.jakemaxfield.org). This group brings packets of books to several schools that Reach the Beach touches. In 2015, they delivered 200 books to schools in Madison, Tamworth, Gilmanton and Kingston. In 2016, they delivered 250 books to North Conway, Sandwich, Gilmanton, Deerfield and Epsom.

The greatest part of these book bundles is that they are not for the school but are specifically earmarked for families that have struggling readers, homeless students and kids who typically don't have consistent access to books at home. Typically, the school guidance department(s) will determine who gets the packets of books. All of this work is inspired by Jake Maxfield who tragically died in a car accident. His family works hard to honor his memory through this foundation.

I was also really impressed that they also don't just drop off or ship the books. The family personally participates in the race and hand delivers the book bundles.

Adam Mini


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