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Un-American for Sun to publish smear against Muslims on July 4

To The Daily Sun,

It seems un-American for The Daily Sun to publish a column on the Fourth of July which falsely attacks people's religion. Bob Meade insinuates, in "It's Too Big For The Supreme Court,” that American Muslims are demanding the right to practice polygamy, homophobia, stoning, and honor killings. This is a completely false and insidious smear on the religion of fellow Americans. No Muslim group in America is seeking any right to such practices. What makes this even worse is that The Daily Sun gives him a column to help him spread these bigoted falsehoods. Not just a letter, but a column! This seems to imply that The Daily Sun endorses these slanders.

Think of how this will look to your grandchildren. You are in the position of newspapers in Hitler’s pre-war Germany, who had to decide whether to publish the deadly lies about Jews that people wanted them to publish. Publishing insidious falsehoods against American Muslims can only feed the wave of hate crimes we see since Trump was elected.

John Hickey

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$135,000 is more than just .005%, it's a lot of money to make up

To The Daily Sun,

In last Saturday’s edition of The Laconia Daily Sun, Rep. Mike Sylvia claims that the $135,000 deficiency in the county budget for the county’s share of the cost of private nursing home residents doesn’t merit any action. After all, he claims, it’s only .005 percent of the total budget and finding it in the huge budget of the county shouldn’t be any harder than finding the cost of replacing a blown tire in your personal budget.

Well, maybe .005 percent doesn’t sound like much to Rep. Sylvia, but where I come from $135,000 is a lot of money! That’s particularly true when it’s $135,000 you’re required to pay by law! Rep. Sylvia and the other self-appointed experts on government financing then claim that the county commissioners can just move the money from somewhere else. Not so fast. The selfsame individuals who make that claim are the ones who limited transfers to between items in the same budget subdivision. That’s going to be hard in this case because the ONLY item in this budget subdivision, 014441, is the one that’s $135,000 short!

This nonsense is getting out of hand. The citizens of Belknap County deserve better.

Rep. David O. Huot
Belknap District 3

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