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Laconia Council has better things to do than fight for equality

To The Daily Sun,

Yes councilman, there are better things to focus on then the need to fight for equality. So stop issuing violations, that are unconstitutional, upon the women in your city. And start using those resources toward the good of your city.

I'm sure your city has spent over $20,000 throughout the years, writing the ordinance, enforcing, and court costs. Whether they came out of your funds or state funds, it is still capital that has been wasted. Along with the fact that while you're tying up officers over frivolous violations, those under-privileged children that you are so worried about are shoplifting, drinking, smoking and doing drugs.

When the harassment/discrimination lawsuit against your city is (filed), there is another large chunk spent. Giving your children attention should be your top priority, rather than restricting the equality of only the female-born members of the community.

So yes councilman, we all have better things to do with our time, and it starts with you and your city.

Donald Gilbert

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I am saddened by Sen. Kelly Ayotte's record on public safety

To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH):
My husband and I have many friends in the Orlando area who are affected by the mass murder and the injuring of many others. We cry and pray for their families and friends. Those who mourn their dead and those who have survived know full well that their lives will never ever be the same.

We are also saddened to the core that another mass murder has occurred in the country in large part due to the inaction of many of our GOP/Tea Party senators and Representatives.

I was very troubled to learn that you have accepted monetary donations from the NRA. I am also troubled that you opposed and still oppose legislation that would keep suspected terrorists or those on the watch list from buying guns. You claim that you backed another bill which would do the same thing. But you know full well that measure was a sham bill written by the NRA. It requires a "burden of proof" that is a joke. It requires public safety officials to prove within three days that the suspected person has committed or will commit an act of terror. Anyone who fit that standard would already be arrested. The New York Daily News, which is by no means a Democratic paper, has called the NRA's amendment "a watered down alternate Republicans had offered for political cover."

In light of the most recent mass killing which took place over the weekend in Orlando, I want to urge you to please consider sending back the monies donated to you by the NRA. I would also ask that you seriously consider supporting legislation for the following:

1. More stringent gun control laws.

2. A total and comprehensive ban on the sale of weapons of mass destruction to ordinary citizens. These assault weapons have one purpose only — to kill as many people as quickly as possible.

3. Be part of a fact-finding group to seriously look at other countries' laws and guidelines which have banned the sale or ownership of military style weapons. It is a documented fact that these laws have dramatically reduced mass murders in their respective countries.

4. Support a bill which states if a person is on a "no-fly" list, they are then automatically prohibited from purchasing or owning firearms, up to and until they are legally cleared from that "no-fly" list.

5. More comprehensive background checks of people who wish to purchase guns, and longer wait periods before a weapon can be cleared for purchase.

6. Require that buyers at gun shows undergo the same background checks and wait periods as those who purchase guns at a store.

7. A massive and immediate increase in funding targeted directly to agencies, departments, hospitals and clinics who (private or otherwise) work with the mentally ill.

I am saddened by your record on public safety. How many innocent people have to be killed before you are willing to support common sense measures to help us minimize these slaughters? If you are unwilling to stand up for us then I will be casting my vote in November to make sure that Gov. Maggie Hassan (D-NH) is elected to fill your seat in the United State Senate.

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.

Bernadette Loesch

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