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Alton BudCom & School Board both support the teachers' contract

To The Daily Sun,

The Alton Teachers' Association is a part of the community that values public schools and learning, despite the many obstacles to successful education. Some of those obstacles are time, the prevailing political winds, and of course, differing opinions.

Alton's Budget Committee and School Board both hold the same opinion, however, with regard to the new collective bargaining agreement for Alton Central School teachers: resounding support.

Casually referred to as the teacher contract, this agreement asserts positive and predictable working conditions while being fair to both the district and its citizenry. The seemingly unending, rising spiral of health insurance costs has been a concern for all, thus the new contract notably has Alton teachers shouldering more of this burden.

The Alton Teachers' Association encourages all voters to participate on March 14. We ask for the community's support so we may surmount together the many obstacles to successful education.

Richard Brown, President

Alton Teachers' Association

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Tim the stop the tax & spending that is making Bristol unaffordable

To The Daily Sun,

Bristol residents, it is again time to vote for our members to the boards who oversee how our hare earned tax money is spent. I urge you to vote for John Sellers for the Selecboard. It is time to stop the tax and spending before we cannot afford to live in Bristol any longer.

John has served on the Budget Committee with an eye on spending, and I believe will be a great asset on the Selectboard. John is a family man, married and has children in the school district, and a taxpayer. I believe John Sellers to be a conservative, and hope you will cast your vote for him, as I know he has been looking hard at the way our hard earned tax dollars are spent. I think he will do a great job watching over our money.

I also hope you will vote for Fred Eichman for the Selectboard. Fred manages the second largest taxpayer in Bristol, and I believe he will good addition to the board, and will watch spending closely.

We have been spending a lot of money on wants more than the needs of this town.

Please give these two gentlemen your vote on March 14 at the Old Town Hall on Summer Street.

Carol A. Huber

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