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David Pollak is not an ideologue adhering to a narrow political view

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing in support of David Pollak, candidate for Belknap County Commissioner. I worked with David for five years at Lakes Region Community College and know him to be a person of intelligence, commitment and integrity. His background in business and law as well as education has given him the capacity to view issues from multiple perspectives, which would be a great asset in trying resolve the divisive conflicts that have arisen between the commission and the Belknap County Convention.

David is definitely not an ideologue, adhering stubbornly to a narrow political view. Rather, he is a person of common sense and rationality who listens carefully and works toward solutions that will benefit all. He is highly regarded by both his students and his colleagues at the college for his character and for the thoughtful style of leadership he consistently displays. I have every confidence that he would make an excellent county commissioner.

Mark Edelstein


President Emeritus, Lakes Region Community College

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Dumais will bring intergrity & common sense with him from Concord

To The Daily Sun,

I am asking all District 2 voters to cast their ballot for Russ Dumais to represent our district in the state House for the next two years. I have known Russ for almost 30 years as a local businessman and entrepreneur, and as a friend.

While being a selectman in Gilford, I knew that when I called on Russ to discuss an issue, he would give me sound advice based on history and what was good for the town. I know he will take that integrity, common sense, and thought process to Concord with him and represent District 2 well.

Again, please vote for Russ Dumais on Nov. 4.

Kevin Hayes


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Let's learn from Hathaway Houe episode & not be blinded by anger

To The Daily Sun,

After my letter about the demolition of Laconia's Hathaway House ran in the Oct. 25 edition of The Sun, I was contacted by a number of individuals. I thank them all for their kind and encouraging words; they are truly appreciated.

I noticed on Page 19 in the same edition of The Sun, a half-page ad about the Hathaway House. I was surprised to see that the individual(s) who placed the ad had not identified themselves, especially since their interest in the subject is evident.

In life, it is important to acknowledge when something is over, no matter how painful that might be at the time. If a loss is suffered, it does not have to be considered a failure or defeat.

Some of the most beautiful people in the world know when to let go and deal with their losses gracefully. Those same individuals are wonderful role models for the rest of us when we need guidance on how to deal with our own disappointments.

The story of the Hathaway House can empower individuals with knowledge so that the events that led to its demolition are not repeated with other historic buildings — as long as we are willing to learn from its history and are not blinded by anger.

Carol Anderson


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Dems know they've failed on issues most important to women

To The Daily Sun,

As a woman, I am insulted and appalled by the Democrats' advertisements on TV, in the newspapers, and on flyers that imply that women are single-issue voters. The Democrats don't seem to understand that an educated decision is important and that it must be based on facts rather than fabrications.

When I vote, I make an educated decision by researching the issues that are important to me and finding out where each candidate stands on those issues. As 53 percent of the voters, women vote on the issues that are important to them. Women are concerned about being able to afford to support their families. They worry about national security and keeping their families safe. They worry about being able to make the best choice for their families for medical care.

The Democrats know that they have failed on all the issues that are most important to women, while Republicans have solutions to those issues that will help women and their families. The Democrats attempt to divert attention from the important issues is pathetic and insulting to every voter's intelligence.

President Obama and Harry Reid have imperiled families' financial security. They have eliminated choices in health care. And they have put our national security repeatedly at risk by ignoring threats and then mishandling every crisis.

By electing Scott Brown to join Senator Ayotte in Washington, you can help them retire Harry Reid and get to work to put this country back on the right track.

Jan Face Glassman

Center Barnstead

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Rep. DiMartino doesn't deserve a pink slip, she deserves re-election

To The Daily Sun,

I don't live in Gilford any more, but I've had occasion to work with Lisa DiMartino for the past two years. Rep. DiMartino is a tireless worker for the poor and disadvantaged in our state and to try and tar her with what can charitably be called "misleading" charges such as appeared in the letter to The Daily Sun on Friday, Oct. 24, unnecessarily demeans an upstanding and dedicated public servant.

A sampling of the 11 bills listed by the writer shows, for instance, that HB-271 did not expand Obamacare, but would have prohibited the state from expanding Medicaid, for which Rep. DiMartino did vote and which has already provided affordable health insurance for 20,000 New Hampshirites who previously could not afford it. HB-617 provided an increase in the gas tax to complete I-93 improvements and repair our roads and bridges. It didn't pass, but a scaled-down Senate version did pass in 2014.

I'm sure Rep. DiMartino would be happy to plead guilty to repealing the O'Brien Legislature's 10-cent-a-pack reduction in the cigarette tax which cost the state millions, and to repeal a proposed reduction in the boat tax in 2015 when the source of it would be long forgotten. Allowing the reduction would have prevented the repair of the Marine Patrol boathouse in Glendale, which was sinking into Lake Winnipesaukee.

Rep. DiMartino does not deserve a pink slip, she deserves re-election.

Rep. David O. Huot

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