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I think the present commissioners are far from big spenders

To The Daily Sun,

I've been following the back and forth between the Belnap County commissioners and the Belknap County Delegation and find myself in kind of a conundrum due to the fact that I voted for Hunter Taylor and all of the present District II representatives. I also met Dave DeVoy once at his place of business, by appointment, about concerns I had at the time and found him to be a good listener and someone very concerned about the direction the county was going in under the previous commission.

I voted for Hunter Taylor this past election because, in my opinion, he and Dave Devoy were doing a great job of overcoming the problems that were left to them. Richard Burchell was someone who I thought would be good for the county but his demeanor left a lot to be desired and I was happy to see him go as were the voters of his district.

I'm someone who who understands taxes are necessary for the operation of any public entity but I also feel that there is a some bloat in most parts of government but I don't feel that's the case in Belknap County. I think the current commissioners are doing their best to keep spending under control while there is a lot they have no control over, such as union contracts and the cost of operating the nursing home, jail and other county departments. Keep in mind that when they were voted into office it was because of the voters dissatisfaction with the spending habits of the previous commissioners. I remember well the original price tag for a new jail which was $42,000,000 and included everything but a sauna and masseurs for the inmates. It was because of Hunter Taylor and Dave DeVoy that the price tag is now $8,000,000.

The leaky roof at the nursing home is something else that was inherited from the previous administration as it was well known by anyone at the facility that when it rained it was necessary to put out buckets in certain areas because of the leaks. When the county received 5-6 hundred thousand dollars from Obama's "stimulus" fund, the previous commissioners chose to spend the money on sprucing up their offices, installing a gymnasium and putting new signage at the street instead of repairing the roof.
Again I don't like taxes any more than anybody else, and probably less than most, but I do think that the increase is necessary at this time so as to stabilize things in the future. I go by past performance so I think the present commissioners are far from being big spenders and I'm asking the county delegation members that I voted for to not handcuff the commissioners by cutting their budget drastically unless you can prove that it is bloated, which I personally doubt, and you decide where the cuts are to be made so that the people of the county know who is responsible if problems arise because of your decisions.

Dave Schwotzer

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Possible some violent demonstrators were agent provocateurs

To The Daily Sun,

This writer has no doubt that there was some violence at anti-Trump rallies during and after his inauguration. It has however, been minimal on BOTH sides. Protesting Trump is okay but violence against people and their property is not. Those who did this who were truly against Trump were only making our cause more difficult. We as liberals or progressives should take the lead and condemn harshly any such behavior in our ranks and work hard to eliminate it.
As for this writers experience, he attended the rally in Concord the Saturday after the inauguration. It was completely peaceful. There were a handful of counter-demonstrators there and they were treated respectfully and they returned the favor. There were large demonstrations in major cities the same day, including D.C., where there was not one arrest.
On the other hand, is it at least possible that at least SOME of the violent demonstrators on Inauguration Day were agents-provocateur? This writer is not saying that it definitely happened but it is at least possible? This country has a long history of peaceful, lawful groups, movements, and demonstrations being infiltrated by people who do stupid, violent, or illegal things (or get the members to do this things) to make the entire group look bad or to get the group arrested.
This has been done by the feds, local cops, and private agencies and individuals throughout history. Anyone can dress in black, put on a mask, and call himself or herself an "anarchist. "False Flag" actions are one of the oldest tricks in the world. And, there are at least some who are not beneath it.

E. Scott Cracraft

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