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No summer break for Congress but I am going to go fishing

To The Daily Sun,

There will be no summer break for the Congress. The pressure is on and they will be sweating it out. It won't be from the July heat and humidity. Maybe the leaders could all take a four-day weekend in New York City. They could meet secretly in a non-Trump hotel with Shummer and a select group of leading liberals. Call them Democrats, if you must!

Now, whatever could they talk about? Might I be so bold as to suggest a few agenda items? How about the relationship between what they do or
not do in the next few months and the solvency of some of the states? Is it relevant to consider how the states of New Jersey and Illinois are going to be financially if Medicaid is scaled back radically?

Once the discussion of all things medical is completed, they could move on to discussing what the infrastructure needs are. I'm sure that the states have a long list in that regard. Maybe some of those at the meeting could suggest an approach to immigration that would finally give us a guide as to how people can get into the U.S. legally.

After they had gotten to end of the list of pending problems and agreed upon a timeline for implementation of the solutions, they could call the president and warn him that legislation will soon arrive on his desk for signature. That should be worthy of a tweet! But he will sign it without checking to see if it helps drain the swamp?

Of course it will never play out that way, but we can dream, can't we? As for me, I am taking the rest of the summer off. You can find me on a trout stream up north!

Bill Dawson


  • Written by Edward Engler
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Supporters of Trump need to know their lives & liberty are at risk

To The Daily Sun,

Trump is a serious threat to our existence as well as on this planet. This is demonstrated with his recent talks with Putin at the G20 Summit. His behaviors show strong evidence of treason. Treason alone is sufficient cause for both impeachment as well as a trial. No longer can we accept this man as our leader, as he continues his erratic track of affronting both our Constitution and all of America, including his own supporters.

Nonchalantly he accepted Putin's denial of hacking our election last year. The evidence presented in recent weeks clearly indicates this denial is a lie. To sleep in the same bed with Putin means that Mr. Trump is on a path that is similar to Hitler. He denies climate change which is very real, regardless of those who say otherwise. There is a path that is leading our country toward a totalitarian state. As one news columnist indicates, Trump fell into a trap set by Mr. Putin. Our Founding Fathers must be turning over in their graves.

Supporters of Mr. Trump need to know your own liberty and lives are at stake. In a sense, Trump is leading the U.S. to be part of the chain called McPutin. The CEO would be ... Putin, not Trump. Do we want to live in fear of our homes being invaded? Do we want our press to be silenced? The rights we work so hard to protect are being trampled? Trump supporters, you need to wake up. You are burying your heads in sands and refuse to open your eyes to the truth. You are blinded by bigotry and hate. A reader wrote, “Support Trump, he is our President.” I cannot support a man who threatens my existence and health. Even Trump supporters are threatened.

Trump is a man who wants to take from the poor and give to the rich. Why is the economy doing so well, it was because of Obama, not Trump!! Trump inherited a good economy. You need to remember that! He threatens my Social Security income, that is my only income. Being disabled, can no longer work, at 70 and having cancer, he threatens my Medicare, which provides the insurance to cover my cancer. He threatens you, Trump supporters. Your Social Security and Medicare is threatened. Trump supporters speak the tongues of bigots and hatred. Yet, Trump cares little for you. All he wants is power, something the Constitution denies. There is a reason for the separation of powers, to prevent what Trump is doing now. Our legislators and senators are wimps, like our president, not living up to their duty, to defend and protect our Constitution

Both Republicans and Democrats failed this country. They provided the worse possible candidates to be considered for the most difficult job to serve our country. Quality candidates are needed, and this was denied to us. Instead, we are now on a path toward dictatorship, the very thing we fought for in the war of the Revolution. We must reverse this trend, and forge ahead to seek better candidates who can lead our country forward. Clinton and Trump did not meet this qualification. Now as the old saying goes, “you got what you paid for.” However, there are those who will not cannot and will not live with this. True patriots will win over time. It is time for Mr. Trump to go.

Robert T. Joseph, Jr.
New Hampton

  • Written by Edward Engler
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