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Shame on Society for allowing loggers to ruin Weeks Woods

To The Daily Sun,

Shame on the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests for absolutely destroying a wonderful resource in Weeks Woods.

For years many organizations and individuals of all ages and abilities have enjoyed the many trails for running, hiking, exploring, dog walking and cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. We have observed sunrises and sunsets with owls, deer, porcupine, foxes, rabbits and birds, chipmunks and squirrels. Varied mushrooms in every hue and size graced the paths.

Weeks Woods steward, Hal Busch, effectively maintained the wonderful trails for years with hard work only to see all his efforts absolutely obliterated. Why?

This destruction was done simply for the sake of the profits to be made through logging. If the society had publicized their plans to ruin these woods for people use, there would have been a huge outcry and protest. But this was rushed through without public input. Now it's too late to salvage. I was devastated to see the mess of muddy wide roads, huge holes, gravel, rocks and roots which have obliterated all the beautiful wooded trails. As a result, this is one organization which has lost our support and confidence.

It is a pity because we need groups such as this to protect and conserve our most valuable resources. We will deeply miss our peaceful sojourns and explorations in Weeks Woods.

Sandy McLaughlin
Kate Bruchacova

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Why are some allowed to slime their way past emission laws?

To The Daily Sun,

Lately I have been subjected to a lot of diesel and regular vehicle exhaust smell from cars, motorcycles, small trucks and big trucks. It is coming from both old, new and in between models.

I notice it while driving, riding a bicycle or walking. There are strict emission standards for vehicles and motorcycles. Why are some allowed to slime their way past the law? Is some inspection business allowing it?

Louise Sargent

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