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The elephant in the room is the insurance companies

To The Daily Sun,

I never expected to take exception to one of Mr. Veverka's letters to The Sun, but upon reading the heading of his Friday (March 24) letter my involuntary response was, "Come on, James!"

I realize that it is the editorial staff of the Sun that chooses the headlines to letters, but even to include a statement such as, "There is not a successful market-based health care system on Earth and never will be because people are not the bottom line" only confuses the issue and gives ammunition to the enemy. The market is our national religion. Genuflect and declare your system to be market-based.

What do we mean by a "health care system?" Seems to me we have a health care system for insurance companies, not people. And the system we do have is, more or less, market-based. With regard to the last part of your statement, let's visit a market. Mrs. J. Doe visits a market with her shopping list, chooses within her budget and stops at the payout counter. Does anyone ask where the money came from? No. That is not part of economic market theory, but rather labor economics. All we need for a successful market-based personal health care system is for people to have access to a "health care budget" and that there be posted prices for health care services/items. The budget is necessary to assure that people are constrained to choose responsibly given the posted prices. Once prices are posted medical price and quality comparison web sites will bloom.

And the budget? No more administratively complicated than what credit card companies do every day. The money ... there's the rub, but the money is there, it is being spent wastefully everyday. A health care tax just like the Social Security tax, and the abolition of all the other health care taxes and premiums that people and industry face every day will do.

The elephant in the room is the insurance companies and, perhaps, the bug-a-boo of socialized medicine. This approach is entirely hands-off with respect to medicine except for the posted prices. But don't doctors believe in the free (and open) market?

Barry Dame

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We'll see all you cookies & dreamboats on the dance floor on April 8

To The Daily Sun,

For 25 years, New Beginnings has worked closely with victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence by providing free services to empower their journey to overcome violence and abuse. To celebrate this milestone, we invite the community to our celebratory gala, The Silver Swing, on April 8. The Silver Swing will be a wonderful event of dancing the night away while raising funds for the critical support New Beginnings provides to the Lakes Region.

Themed after the glamour and big band style of the 1940s, The Silver Swing features live music by the Lakes Region Big Band, complimentary dinner and refreshments by Curt's Caterers and a silent auction filled with a variety of locally sourced packages. Hosted by The Margate in their beautiful ballroom, we encourage all attendees to dress up in their best 1940s outfits and bring their dancing shoes. Tickets are on sale now, $75 per person. Please visit the following website to purchase your seat today: http://www.ticketbase.com/events/the-silver-swing.

By recognizing how far we've come, we also recognize how much further we need to go. Help us continue our work with the men, women and children who have experienced violence and abuse. Samantha Fifield, chairwoman of New Beginnings' Board of Directors, stated, "The night will be one to remember! Swing music playing in the background and compassionate people who care about the safety and well-being of others coming together for a truly worthy cause."

Thank you to the following businesses for sponsoring our event: The Margate, Meredith Village Savings Bank, Proforma Piper Printing, and Watts Water Technologies. And to our generous volunteers and community partners: We couldn't have done it without your support and community leadership!
We'll see all you cookies and dreamboats on the dance floor.

Nearly one in four women have been sexually assaulted in New Hampshire and at least a third of New Hampshire women have been physically assaulted by an intimate partner. New Beginnings-Without Violence and Abuse is a nonprofit organization committed to ending domestic, sexual, and stalking violence through service provision to victims, community education, and prevention work focused on breaking the generational cycle of violence. For more information about New Beginnings, its programs or questions about The Silver Swing, please contact the office, 603-528-6511.

Aileen Castillo

Development VISTA

New Beginnings—Without Violence & Abuse

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