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Where was Mr. Mead's outrage over personal attacks on Obama?

To The Daily Sun,
I find it amusing and somewhat hypocritical that Mr. Meade and other conservative contributors to this forum find fault with those who question the Trump administration. Aren't they the ones that fell over each other the past eight years blaming Obama, the Clintons, FDR, JFK, LBJ, Carter, unions, educators, mainstream media, elitists, immigrants, voters, etc, for all the social and political ills of this nation.
The hatred for President Obama was the glue that held conservatives together in the absence of any real vision. Time and time again, they attacked Obama on every issue with the flimsiest of evidence of wrongdoing. On the day of President Obama's inauguration, congressional Republicans gathered for a dinner at which they decided that rather than seek areas of cooperation, they would employ a strategy of maximum confrontation and obstruction. Mitch McConnell explained, "Our top political priority over the next years should be to deny Barrack Obama a second term." Republicans regularly acted as though Obama was presumptuous for even acting like the president; they suggested that he not be invited to deliver the State of the Union address to Congress, or deprive him the use of Air Force One. Republicans/conservatives accused Obama of hating his country — not once or twice, not a dozen times, or even a hundred, but constantly for eight years. Republicans argued that policies they disagreed with were part of a secret plan by Obama to hamper, diminish, or even destroy the country. Republicans/conservatives claimed that Obama, "doesn't believe in the Constitution", and "doesn't believe in the free enterprise system." A majority of Republicans/conservatives believe he is a Muslim and only 29 percent of Republicans/conservatives would grant that Obama is an American citizen.
These views were voices from the leading lights of the GOP, the politicians and media figures who would tell us daily that Obama hates them and hates America, that he is a Black nationalist whose policies were about exacting reparations from whites for imaginary racial sins of the past. Republicans/conservatives have been marinating for eight years in this toxic show of resentment and hatred. If we are to believe Mr. Meade, he "believes those on the right have shown a great deal of restraint" — where has he been for the past eight years?
Mr. Meade seems to have a double standard — where was his outrage when conservatives were working so hard to create and exacerbate the political divisions they've created? By not speaking out, Meade is complicit in this divisive tactic. Over the past eight years he never once spoke out about the "hissy-fits" displayed by conservatives, which leads me to believe he is more concerned with his party than he is with our country.
In Meade's latest contribution to The Daily Sun, entitled, "Your party or your country . . . you choose," Meade makes it quite clear that he has chosen "party." He begins his divisive diatribe by attacking the "left" and implying that they are "orchestrating riots" across the country. Of course, we all know that "academics" are all liberal radicals, hell bent on shredding the Constitution and destroying our country — apparently these are the rabble-rousers leading these "anarchistic events." The longer Meade persists in this tone of rhetoric, the deeper the divide will get. His piece did not benefit anyone, contributed nothing to meaningful bipartisan dialogue, and continued to put our "republic at risk."
There is much to be said for considering the merits of both sides of the ideological divide in our country. Good ideas have come from conservatives, as well as liberals. But with the far-right and the far-left we are not dealing with sophisticated and intellectually honest thinkers. We are dealing with hardened partisans whose effort is to defeat anyone identified as a Democrat or Republican. They are not engaged so much in a struggle of ideas as in incessant disingenuous fear mongering and lies that attempt to smash anyone with opposing ideas ("You're either with us or against us").
I'm sure there'll be an outcry from Republican/conservatives accusing the Left of creating the divide, but the bottom line is that our country is divided, and big money, on both sides of the aisle control our political process.
How do we open up a prospect of liberty and justice for all? Only if we, the people, are committed to the flourishing of all, can we rebuild America the indivisible.
Mr. Meade, as you are well aware, "You reap what you sow."
Robert Miller

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Wednesday info session in Belmont will focus on well water safety

To The Daily Sun,

The Belmont Conservation Commission will host an informational session Wed., May 3, at 6 p.m. at the Corner Meeting House regarding private well water safety.

Featured speakers will provide information regarding the importance of testing for well contaminants which can occur naturally or from human sources. Almost 50 percent of New Hampshire residents rely on private wells at home. Arsenic and radon are common contaminants found in well water and can lead to health problems.

Following the session, well water sampling kits will be available for your use, and will be collected at the Town Hall Sun., May 7, from 9 a.m. to noon. Specimens will be delivered to the DPHS Public Health Lab the next day for testing. Belmont residents will receive a $50 discount on the cost of full testing (normally $85) The results will be sent directly to the resident with DES information to correct potential problems.

Denise Naiva, Chairman

Belmont Conservation Commission

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