Merek Weisensee will work in best interests of Tilton-Northfield Fire

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to encourage all of the residents within the Tilton-Northfield Fire District to come out and vote at the local elections on March 10.

I have been an employee of the Fire District for almost 12 years. Please consider Merek Weisensse for the office of Fire Commissioner.

I have known Merek for 10 years. He is intelligent, fair, and cares about his community. Merek is interested in working for the best interests of the Fire District including our customers, constituents, facility and staff. I believe that Merek will make good choices based on solid facts and research while working to enhance the quality of the district's already high level of service.

David Hall

Tilton-Northfield Fire District Employee

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Mr. Burchell should step down before he causes further embarrassment

To The Daily Sun,

I did not vote for (Belknap County Commissioner Richard) Burchell and I hope those who did are embarrassed by his foolishness. This county is already paying a price due to his actions, which I find appalling.

Then to read he now, wants to use a budget submitted by a former — thank God — county Rep. (Collette) Worsman, who is part of the problem to start with.

I do not know either of the other commissioners. I certainly hope that they will prevail. I also agree with the suggestion by Commissioner (Hunter) Taylor that Burchell should resign. It is obvious to me that he has no idea as to what he is doing and should never have been elected.

You, gentlemen, have a very important task at hand, while Burchell appears to be using his position as retribution against some of the county employees.

As the old saying goes, "A little knowledge is a very dangerous thing."

I doubt that Burchell will step down due to his obvious demeanor which was evident even during the campaign.

Mr. Burchell please step down before you cause further embarrassment and harm to Belknap County. You are a loser!

Don Irvin

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I hope Lakes Region Newsday will return to the air soon

To The Daily Sun,

A big thanks to listeners and sponsors for your patience and support as I recover from some medical issues. I am hoping to return soon with local news sports, and weather.

Allan Harrison

Lakes Region Newsday

1350 WEZS


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LHS students & fans guilty of poor sportsmanship at Newfound

To The Daily Sun,

I would first like to congratulate the Laconia High School girls basketball team on their win in quarterfinals match-up against Newfound. They were two evenly matched teams and it was sure to be a good game.

I am writing this letter, however, to express my disappointment with the Laconia fans. There is a large banner hung predominantly in the NRHS gym that says "BE LOUD... BE PROUD... BE POSITIVE" and it was announced prior to the start of the game that there be positive cheering only.

So imagine the surprise of the Newfound team and fans when during Newfound's very first foul shot when the entire section of Laconia HS students began stomping their feet on the bleachers and yelling in order to distract the shooter. My disappointment turned to disgust when I saw that some of the adult fans were egging the kids on and even joining in. This continued for every foul shot throughout the entire game.

There were several other inappropriate, and obviously well rehearsed, cheers as well, but I was pushed over the edge when at the end of the game the group began pointing at the benches shouting "Winners... LOSERS!!" over and over again. We could all see the scoreboard, and everyone knew who won, there was no need to taunt the Newfound players with this kind of cheer.

It is disappointing to know that the Laconia students are not only allowed, but encouraged, to act in such an unsportsman-like manner. This great game would have been even greater had the Newfound players been given the same respect and courtesy that was given to the Laconia players.

Susan Colby


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You won't be disappointed if you elect Landry to Meredith board

To The Daily Sun,

I'm writing today in support of my dear friend Rosemary Landry in her campaign to become selectman in Meredith.

When I met Rosemary we were in the same class to get our amateur radio license. Once we started talking and got to know each other we realized we had many of the same values. Rosemary helped me greatly in my own campaign this past fall. She was my biggest supporter in Meredith.

Rosemary is a real go-getter and independent thinker and an advocate for individual liberties. She can often be seen at the Statehouse speaking to legislators and is a regular at selectmen's and Planning Board meetings. Rosemary showed great effort and leadership in her opposition to the three roundabouts in Meredith.

In my opinion, she would keep taxes low and affordable through controlled spending. Please consider giving her your support, you will not be disappointed in her efforts.

State Rep. Glen Aldrich
Gilford and Meredith

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