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Lucky for you, gun owners don't believe in 'ends justify means'

To The Daily Sun,

George Maloof says "the means justifies the ends." Really George? How about if all those gun owners you lefties are so afraid of adopted your philosophy? Lucky for you conservatives, NRA members and legal gun owners actually believe in the Constitution and the Republic ruled by laws not "any means justifies the ends." For you to actually write that sentiment out and send it into the paper has to be one of the stupidest things anyone has done here in years. Thank you!

By now readers must be at last getting a clearer picture of what progressive socialism really is. The shear volume of lies and cover-ups coming from the administration, the volume of people hurt and the millions that are to be hurt defies reason. Yesterday, Dec 2, the gang that couldn't shoot straight announced the site to sign up for health care had reached one hundred thousand, hooray, but omitted their apps never yet made it to the insurance companies β€” booo! Worse, they have yet to fix the site that lets customers pay for their new, expensive, super high deductible and increased co-pay polices. Meaning they still do not have health insurance come Jan 1st. What a mess! Can't say you weren't warned.

L.J. Siden says he can't figure what Obama and Clinton covered up? They said they were going to investigate and fix things so it would not happen again. So L.J., what have we discovered from their investigation? Who screwed up? Who's been fired, demoted, anything? Just another promise never meant to be kept, just words to pacify the gullible and for the useful idiots to parrot.
Steve Earle


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Obama hasn't released school records but neither did other presidents

To The Daily Sun,

While I can accept Mr. Earl's reluctance to accept President Obama's claim of attaining a 3.7 grade point average at Columbia University, and his portrayal of me as a "Kool-Aid" drinker (very clever and original), it appears that he and his birther buddies have moved on from their Birth Certificate Disorder to a new Transcript Disorder. Once again, they are beating a dead horse, but these conspiracy theories and lies contribute to their object fear mongering that goes along with the far-right agenda.

With that having been said, of what possible relevance are the grades that Obama got at Occidental, Columbia, or Harvard Law School. What would it reveal that we don't know? What could he possibly be "hiding?" The same people who spent years demanding to see his birth certificate are pushing this demand for college transcripts, often making erroneous claims that Obama was registered as a foreign student. These absurd fantasies that conservatives are using are a desperate effort to find something, anything that they can use against him.

In response to Earl's conspiracy theory that the media is not actively pursuing this issue of transcripts, it would help him to know that it would be illegal under federal law for Occidental, Columbia or Harvard Law School to give any former students records to reporters or members of the public without the person's specific, written permission. As Earl points out, Obama hasn't released them, but neither have other presidents. If Earl had done his research, as he arrogantly advises opposing contributors to do, he would have known that George W. Bush himself refused to release his transcripts and that the only reason they became public was that somebody leaked them to the New Yorker magazine.

In a previous letter on this issue I highlighted Obama's academic accomplishments, but I'm sure with Earl's penchant for research, he'll follow-up and confirm these facts for himself.

In addressing Earl's demeaning attacks on my character and that of others with opposing views, I would submit that conservatives are intolerant of dissent and find it easier to demonize those with conflicting opinions rather than deal with facts, reality, or issues raised.

L. J. Siden

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At a point, raising minimum wage makes some lose their jobs

To The Daily Sun,

We should resist any effort to raise the minimum wage β€” to protect jobs! Everyone can get the wage he is worth. The poor person who really needs to earn something, just won't have a job if we are not allowed to pay him what he is worth. If the minimum wage is raised, the person who was earning only the minimum loses his job! You are not nice to take away his job just because he is not worth that higher amount. For example, I'm sure you have seen old or feeble people at "work" when they can barely do anything, but the store owner paid him anyway.

At some point, raising the minimum makes that person lose the job!
Jack Stephenson


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Learn what it takes in wages to live in this state without help

To The Daily Sun,

The past month has produced some very entertaining letters. The existence of L.J.Siden has all the right-wing bullies upset because they can't figure out who or where he is. The letters he and others who lean to the left have written have been welcome by me and others who don't have the writing skills needed to express our thoughts; we write with words everyone understands. A person would need a dictionary and a week to look up their words of hate and discontent.

It has to be clear that Mr. Ewing, Mr. Boutin, Mr. Meade and others who complain about everything do NOT offer one solution to what they have a problem with. I personally have no idea who these gentlemen are or even if they exist. What I do know is they appear to be well educated. UPPER middle class who may well have been born with silver spoons in their mouth, and most likely never had a job that wearing gloves and getting dirty was required. I will ask them this question that they failed to answer when I asked it a couple months ago: have you asked what you can do for your country? I guess I should ask, what have you done for this country that you hate so much that could benefit the country as a whole?

I will in another letter explain the problem I ran into and explain how the situation remains the same today as it did in 1978. A letter written in the Tuesday, Dec. 2 Daily Sun by Ms. Colleen Garrity should be a wake up call to everyone of the situation many folks in the Lakes Region find themselves in. I suggest everyone google "nh minimum wage 1978" and read sites telling what it takes in wages to live in this state without assistance.

Henry Osmer


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They turn a blind eye to desperate needs of the working poor

To The Daily Sun,
This letter comes at a sad time in our state's history. New Hampshire Republicans seem to have become the personification of Ebenezer Scrooge. At this time of the year we all recall the story "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens which takes place in Victorian England.
We remember that Ebenezer was a miser and determined to keep all the money he made β€” with no conscience and no concern for his community's poor who desperately struggled to provide their family with life's basic needs such as food, clothing or adequate shelter .
Of course, we also know that at that time there was no such thing as health insurance or for that matter good medical care. We get to know Bob Cratchit and his needy family; including their very endearing son Tiny Tim. We find out that Tiny Tim is a cripple with major health issues and that without proper care he doesn't have much chance of surviving past his childhood.
Cratchit works for Scrooge, putting in long hours for little pay and no bennies. This story is set in the Christmas season.
And by a convenient coincidence, we too find ourselves in the season of Christmas. Can we draw any parallels between what happens in Dickens' work of fiction with our present day?
Well... let's see. There are many people in New Hampshire who are need of food, clothing, shelter and expanded Medicaid. We have some members of our Legislature who don't feel that it is their duty to expand health care benefits for these struggling people. Why?
Could it be that they want to control where the budget is spent while they turn a blind eye to the desperate needs of our citizens who we classify as the working poor and to our neighbors who suffer from physical or mental disabilities?
This time of year is a season for dreams. Could a miracle take place in this season of peace and joy? Could we see our legislators perform that miracle? Could we?
We can only hope that our Republican state legislators don't have to be visited by "ghosts" of Christmas past, present and future in order to get the message in their hearts and minds that they need to do the right thing, which is also the good and the smart thing.
Come on, our elected officials, show us that you have the will power to do the right thing for those in our state, who at the very least deserve expanded Medicaid now. You (and you know who you are) don't want to be known as the clones of Ebenezer Scrooge β€”or do you?

Bernadette Loesch,

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