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Gas tax hike will cost the average N.H. driver $14.70 per year

To The Daily Sun,

1. After the 4.2 cent increase: The average motorist in New Hampshire uses about 350 gallons of gas, yearly. This amounts to a yearly increase for the average motorist of $14.70 a year. (350 x 0.042 = 14.70) In exchange, we are already seeing results, as the Department of Transportation (DOT) skim coats portions of Route 109, Bean Road and Squam Lake Road.

2. Every single penny of the increase will go toward our long-neglected and crumbling state of roads and bridges and will not take money or interfere with I-93 improvement.

3. The increase, the first in 23 years, is 23 percent, while gasoline prices have risen over 300 percent. The cost of asphalt, cement, steel and road salt have risen over 600 percent since 1992. Each year we delay repairs that cost taxpayers millions. Thanks to inflation, it takes about three times as many dollars today to maintain our roads and bridges as it did in 1992.

4. Road toll money, or highway funds from this increase are constitutionally protected and cannot be diverted for other purposes.

5. The road toll has been upheld by the state Supreme Court as a "user fee." The logic being, the more you drive on New Hampshire roads, the more gasoline you consume. Therefore, all of us pay for our proportionate road use and share in maintenance costs.

6. About 20 percent of the road toll/gas tax is paid by out-of-state drivers.

Nick Vazzana

Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 September 2014 10:34

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Shaheen being more than a little bit hypocritical about 'Big Oil'

To The Daily Sun,

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen recently began airing television advertisements criticizing others about their support for "Big Oil." Ironically though, it is actually Jeanne Shaheen who personally thrives off of an industry she hypocritically says she hates.

That's right, Jeanne Shaheen and her husband personally invest in some of the same oil companies her ad decries as "Big Oil." Don't take my word for it. On her 2013 financial disclosure forms, for the U.S. Senate, Shaheen reports her husband is invested in a mutual fund called "Thornburg Value R5," an investment worth up to $100,000. The fund invests in a few oil and gas companies, including Chevron, Inpex, Weatherford International, and a French energy corporation called Total SA.

Regardless of your position on energy, whether you are for expanding oil production or not, the point is this: Once again, Jeanne Shaheen is happy to say one thing for political points, and do another to benefit her bank account. That's hypocritical, wrong, and regardless of party, it is unbecoming of a U.S. Senator.

Richard Ceresa

Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 September 2014 10:31

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We get that you arent' happy with your duly-elected government

To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to Steve Earle, and others:

Enlighten us. Educate us. Inform us. These are all vital components missing from your constant letters to the editor.
It's long past time for you to come out of your echo chamber. Instead of automatically disqualifying those you don't agree with, why not try looking at facts and reality for a change? Your letters have a tendency to be full of conjecture, half-truths, twisted logic, and a generous heaping of things that are not true, stirred vigorously with a self-righteous sense of paranoia under siege. You write as if your so-called statements are the coup de grace, and nothing else that might be close to the truth.

While we read other people's eloquent letters which contain evidence and rationality, you continue to use (and ineffectively, I might add) the IRS, Benghazi and the ACA as peas in a shell game. No matter what facts and new investigations show, you continue to parrot outdated talking points based on fabrication, distortion, untruths, half-truths, innuendo and whatever you hear from your self-referenced talking heads.

In my opinion you are tone-deaf and cannot get out of a self-made rut. You really need to be looking beyond your shadowy horizons. You squawk about coming calamities you see inside your bubble-land. That's a disservice to your readers and to you.

It seems to us that you love scapegoating President Obama and Democrats for everything that happens and for things that haven't happened. No need for proof or valid evidence.

We get the point that you are dissatisfied with your present duly elected government. Although you probably still believe your fantasy that ACORN and swarms of non-existent voters carried the elections in 2008 and 2012.
President Obama and his administration are dealing with very complicated world situations, and an inherited mess at home and abroad. And with a Republican Party whose only mission is to disrupt, obstruct, sabotage and say "No."

Isn't it time to say, "We are a unified country, where we disagree but can try to work together to solve the many real problems?"

Bernadette Loesch

Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 September 2014 10:23

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Seems one party is good at creating problems & another is good at fixing them

To The Daily Sun,

I greatly appreciate the voters of Northfield and Franklin (Ward 3) taking the time to vote in the primary and I especially want to thank those that believed in my candidacy and granted me their vote.

As you know, a great many very important issues are "on the table" this year including a looming budget deficit. It appears that one political party is good at creating these problems and one is good at fixing them. As a financial adviser, I am trained to identify and handle fiscal issues and I understand the solutions to these challenges. Elections do have consequences, and I hope I am able to count on your vote again in the general election Nov. 4.

As always, I welcome your input and your help with the campaign. Please contact me at 603 286-7329. Otherwise, I hope very much to see you at the polls Nov. 4.

Greg Hill


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Wonder what Mr. Earle & Mr. Young could say without name calling

To The Daily Sun,

Some people able to disagree without being disagreeable? Mr. Earle calls another writer "stupid" followed by "you are not reasonable." Apparently Mr. E thinks that name-calling makes him "reasonable." It doesn't.

The same day Mr. Young is nattering about "Obama forcing gun buyers to declare their race." Prove that statement. Without a link to actual data, that statement sounds more like Fox than facts.

"A lie travels around the world before truth has time to tie her shoes," observed Mark Twain.

I wonder what Mr. Earle and Mr. Young could say without name-calling, simple-minded labels, the current dog-whistle words that are used to disguise the lack of actual thought.

Michael Jones


Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 September 2014 10:14

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