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From inflamed rehetoric, I wouldn't have guessed Alan's a happy man

To The Daily Sun,

Alan Vervaeke, a frequent contributor to The Daily Sun, suggested sometime back he was an "independent." Others before him have used the same ruse. The purpose is to trick readers into thinking they posses the intellect and IQ to see both sides of every issue always having the right answer. Let me say if Alan is an independent, Obama is a white, conservative and Trump eats lunch every day under the golden arches.

Alan just doesn't get it. In the final analysis, the voting booth is the sorting machine for competing ideas. Alan's ideas can be seem dependably on the wrong side of that booth. Alan is as sorehead, sour-grapes loser as any person that writes to this paper. For a man who suggests he is a "happy family man living in Gilford" one wouldn't recognize it from his inflamed rhetoric — even more bitter since Nov. 7, continually blathering, bitching, blaming, (always Republicans) complaining and demonizing others even after the voters have spoken. If that's a "happy man" who would Alan be unhappy? Hitler, Castro? My best guess, Putin, always threatening his neighbors with his views of the world.

Alan is now sputtering a new vendetta with a new vengeance, wanting to know how Trump is going to make good on all his promises while reducing debt. Where was Alan's Vervaeke's concern when Obama promised to put a "turkey in every oven," create prosperity, and heal a divided nation. Obama left office stuffing a $20 trillion mortgage note in our kids Christmas stockings to pay off. Obama screws our kids with the fiscal austerity pain to buy our country back.

Obama did accomplish one feat. He turned every multimillionaire into a billionaire. Obama's out-of-control spending even managed to get our pristine credit rating downgraded for the first in our 200 year history. Where was Alan's outrage for those economic fiascos and injustices?

That's is Obama's economic legacy to America. The rich, richer, the poor, poorer. A world far more dangerous and a country far more violent, desperate, disgusted, depressed, hate-filled and divided, while Alan does all he can to exacerbate that hate and division.

Trump isn't even in office, all of a sudden Alan "grows a brain," demanding Trump be held fully accountable out 10 decimal points. The man is laughable. There is no wondering why Democrats are as "out of office" across this entire country as they have been in a century. Vindictive, claptrap sputtering machines like Alan assures that outcome.

Tony Boutin

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You took the name of the lord in vain, that's way I prayed for you

To The Daily Sun,

In response to Denise Burke's letter of Jan. 31: You sound like you are a Catholic girl. Exodus 20: 7 says, "You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not leave him unpunished who takes His name in vain." You should know that. That's why I prayed for you.

John Demakowski

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