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Watterson for Belmont selectman, he’ll keep taxes down

To The Daily Sun,

I am urging the voters of Belmont to cast their vote for selectman for Brian Watterson. He has been a resident of Belmont for approximately 20 years, except for a short diversion to Gilford. As I recall, I first met Brian as a member of the Belmont Conservation Commission. He has not only served as a member and chairman of the Conservation Commission, but also served one term as selectman before choosing to leave to devote more time to his family and business.

Other community service has been as president of Belmont Historical Society and as a member of the Belmont Senior Center Advisory Board. He was also recently appointed to the Belmont Heritage Commission.

Brian, until recently, operated his own insurance business, Shaker Insurance, and now has, as a semiretired venture started a new business selling hot dogs to hungry residents and passersby.

From personal observation, Brian is a person who thoughtfully weighs both the pros and cons of an issue before coming to a position. This should be appreciated by taxpayers. The town of Belmont raises approximately $16 million annually through taxes and fees, which makes it by far the biggest business in town. Of this amount, around two-thirds is spent by Shaker Regional School District, and one-third by the town of Belmont. A 1 or 2 percent change in town expenditures represents the total tax bill of several residents. I am sure that Brian will keep this in mind when casting his vote as a selectman.

Wallace Rhodes


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I’m baffled by un-truths, vote yes on Gilford school budget

To The Daily Sun,

As I am reading all of the names and numbers being thrown about in regards to the School Board, and the blatant un-truths piling up from some members of the Budget Committee, I am baffled. These Budget Committee members are trying to persuade townspeople that they are in the right, but I ask that you please keep in mind, despite all the large numbers that have been recently quoted, the School District budget you are voting on is the Budget Committee's School District budget, that was voted on and passed by majority vote on Jan. 10, by the Budget Committee.

At the town's deliberative session, this budget was legally put through due process and amended by the town's residents. The total difference between the Budget Committee's original budget and the amended version is $115,937.

Please join me in supporting Article 2 – General Budget Funds with a "Yes" vote.

Melissa Drew


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