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TEA Party will meet next in Moultonborough on Wednesday, May 17

To The Daily Sun,
The Lakes Region TEA Party will meet at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 17 at the Moultonborough Library. Our speakers will include State Representative Norman Silber (Gilford & Meredith) and Jim Thompson.
Representative Silber will discuss recent changes to New Hampshire's gun laws and continuing threats to our Second Amendment rights. Despite the new pro-Second Amendment administration, special interest groups and people who only want criminals to have guns are trying harder than ever to take guns away from law-abiding citizens.
Jim Thompson will update us about the Refugee Resettlement Program and other local and state efforts related to refugees in New Hampshire.

We will also get an update on important legislative actions in Concord.

The Moultonborough Library is located at 4 Holland Street. The public is invited to attend to listen, learn, and respectfully participate in our discussions.

Don Ewing

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Robert Fisher isn't doing his job; he's not even showing up for it

To the Daily Sun,

Robert Fisher's op-ed is an overstuffed sandwich full of fake meat. It's mainly evasions and non answers, or else only partial answers for his posts.

I have to laugh at the bold-faced hypocrisy of his final paragraphs. He sounds like Richard Nixon, dripping with phony sincerity, writing that he won't let his self-inflicted wounds affect if "I'm going to do my job in Concord."

The truth is he's not even doing his job in Concord now. He hasn't been doing it for the three years he's been there. The first step in doing a job is showing up, but even that is too much to ask of him. Last year he missed 65 percent of the roll call votes in the House. Over his first term he missed half of those votes. And this year he's already missed half of them again. In addition, at his own request he isn't serving on any committees. So he's also skipped out of where the critical legislative legwork is done.

Robert Fisher's not doing his job. He's not even showing up for it. He can't represent anyone if he's chronically absent. Come to think of it, if he resigns how will anyone even notice the difference?

Werner Dietrich

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