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Obama doesn't speak out when the gunman is a Muslim terrorist

To The Daily Sun,

Politically, every couple days there seems to be a new hot-button issue; sometimes they overlap, as is currently the case. Take for instance the attempted assassination of a cop down in Philadelphia. The shooter when captured said he did it for Islam and had pledged his allegiance to ISIS. The mayor of Philly then gets up on stage as says it had nothing to do with Islam or jihad. Well who are we to believe the shooter or a mayor? Unless the mayor claims mind-reading powers, I'm going with the terrorist.

Has any one noticed how President Obama appears on TV very shortly after any shooting by some deranged nut calling for more gun control but I can't recall him speaking out when some Muslim terrorist is the shooter saying we need to watch the mosques, tighten controls on who we let into the country or anything that will make it more difficult for terrorists or drug dealers to effect the lives of Americans. Nope, what he wants is to make it harder on legal citizens to keep and own guns.

Over a number of decades, FBI and Justice Department statistics show that less then 1 percent of legal gun owners are convicted of violent crimes here in the U.S. Can that be said for drug users and dealers like those thousands Obama is releasing from federal prisons? As a matter of fact, few segments of our culture are as historically law abiding as legal gun owners.

I read the other day, here in the paper, that someone wrote that 80-some percent of legal gun owners think we need tighter gun controls. I just have to ask, where, who and what source did that number come from? Yes, I'm skeptical because it's really difficult to get even 60 percent of Americans to agree on anything let alone 80-plus percent of legal gun owners to say anything like that. So if anyone out there can shed some light on this please do so.

You know I keep hearing Obama say we need to tighten gun controls but so far he hasn't given us any specific ideas that would stand up to legal scrutiny. Most of it is vague generalities echoed by most of the sheep following obediently, thinking what they are told what to think and saying what they are told to say.

I also see where Hillary Clinton now refuses to answer any questions about her involvement in her efforts to shield Bill from the allegations of his sexual misconduct with many women over many years. The old stud-muffin got into one scandal after another for years and Hillary went after the victim's like a weasel after a chicken. The old "I didn't do it, I didn't do it" refrain is growing pretty old after all these years. So is her assertion that she's a true feminist looking out for her "sisters."

Oh yea, but yet another chorus of the same now that the report came out that the FBI is expanding the investigation on her exploits to include political corruption. Not true, she says, though she does not speak for the FBI and that agency would not tell her if they were or were not. Makes her denial nothing but a hope. Let's be clear on this folks: this has nothing to do with any "vast right wing conspiracy;" the right wing is just not that capable; this is all Hillary's doing, all by her arrogant self. If by any chance, I hope, she ends up in jail, it will be by her own hand, none other.

Stay tuned for the perils of Hillary, new chapter every week.

Steve Earle


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Bristol's population hasn't grown but the town's budget sure has

To The Daily Sun,

Tis the season for warrant articles and budgeting for the coming year. At the last Bristol Selectboard meeting on Jan. 7, the selectmen were deciding on which warrant articles to bring to the annual town meeting. It was surprising to me that on many of these warrant articles the board was guessing at the amounts. No quotes, no estimates, no follow up with committees or department heads. Do they think the taxpayers, the senior citizens and less fortunate of Bristol have unlimited funds?

Bristol's population has not grown in 16 years yet the money needed to run the town keeps growing. This year Bristol is looking to spend over $6,000,000, including warrant articles. The Budget Committee is going through deliberations and even though some people try to reduce the budget, others keep raising taxes. Here is one example, "overtime" (OT), which for all departments is $116,000 this year. This is 38 percent higher than what was budgeted in 2010. Sure there is a need for OT, but be realistic and find ways to manage and reduce it and not increase it. The Budget Committee is the watchdog for the taxpayer, to make sure government gets what they need and not all they want.

This is one example of many of a budget that is getting out of control, which Bristol's elected officials are passing along to the seniors and families that are struggling. This is also being passed along to the people who have no vote because they own property in Bristol but it is not their primary residence. Hmmm, this sounds like taxation without representation!

For the past six years there has been on average a surplus of $185,000 every year? This is money that was not spent, but we have been taxed on. Where do you think this money goes? Well, it is automatically added to the unreserved fund balance, which by the way has about $900,000 in that account. This is the taxpayer's money, not a slush fund, keep what is reasonable and give the rest back.

Do you think Bristol's budget out of control? Your vote really does count so come out and vote. Go to a town meeting and make your vote count there as well. Vote the special interest groups and spenders out of office and let's make Bristol a place where all people can live and prosper.

John Sellers

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