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Conservatives were trying to avoid 'shutdown' with a compromise

To The Daily Sun,

If President Obama, the leader of the most powerful nation in the Free World, can negotiate and compromise with the Russians over Syrian chemical weapons, why did President Obama allow a "shut down" (President Obama's words) of the U.S. government, instead of negotiating a compromise with his own U.S. Congress?

Why was President Obama willing to inflict all this "pain and discomfort" on we, the people, the citizens of the United States of America, by allowing this so-called "government shut-down", a term that substantially overstates the actual situation. As part of this so-called "government shut-down", President Obama ordered the placement of barriers around our national open-air monuments such as the WW I Memorial on the DC Mall; President Obama ordered the furlough of military chaplains who were willing to celebrate Mass and baptisms for our men and women in uniform for free, but were told they would be punished for performing their religious rites. President Obama allowed that the D-Day Memorial in Normandy, France should be barricaded and the public excluded. President Obama allowed that our National Parks be closed in spite of the fact that the U.S. Treasury actually makes money from rent paid by private companies who employ about 400-500 individuals at these national parks in about a dozen states. President Obama allowed that the National Park Service place "traffic cones" along highway viewing areas outside Mount Rushmore, barring visitors from pulling over and taking pictures of the this universally recognized National monument. President Obama even attempted to block visitors from the privately funded George Washington's Mount Vernon estate (the president later backed down on this one due to the overwhelming outcry from we, the people). Perhaps the most outrageous move of all by President Obama was the "slap in the face" to our American military heroes, when he allowed that the families of four soldiers killed in Afghanistan in early October would not receive death benefits or the money to pay for their funerals because of the government, so-called, shutdown. The list of transgressions perpetrated by President Obama against the American people in October 2013 alone can be extended even further!

Yes, the non-negotiator in chief, President Obama, in an earlier attempt to "fundamentally change America", an attempt that we, the people, must not forget, was President Obama's "sequester-prompted" termination of the public tours of the White House, a brazen insult to the American people continuing even after offers from reliable private sources to fund continued citizen access to this national icon were summarily rejected.

Here we are, then, in the aftermath of the so-called "government shutdown" of October 2013, we, the people, are told by the progressive/liberal media that conservatives should get the blame for this so-called "government shutdown", even when it was known that the conservatives in the U.S. Congress would have been happy to negotiate (compromise) for a delay of the, so called, Affordable Care Act "individual mandate". Folks, this compromise would afford no different treatment than the delay many businesses and unions have already received under this so-called Affordable Care Act! Due to software problems we, the people, are now experiencing an extended delay in the, so-called, Affordable Care Act implementation anyway! Even if the web access is fixed over the short term a 12 month delay for individuals seems a fair compromise to me. Oops; there's that word again: "compromise". Is President Barack Obama going to foist this same fiasco on us, the American people, again when our country comes to the same "can in the road" in four months? A sad state of affairs, indeed.

Omer C. Ahern, Jr.


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Thanks to Rusty's, Blaney's & Bergeron's for donations of cars

To The Daily Sun,

The Alton Fire Rescue Department would like to thank Rusty's Towing, Blaney Auto Crushing and Bergeron's for the donation of cars. The department was able to do many trainings with the cars that were donated.

Alton Fire Rescue Department

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Thank you to all of the good people who looked after our mom

To The Daily Sun,

This is a letter to thank all the people that helped with our mom. We would like to especially thank the senior center at LRGH.

There are to many people to thank individually but we felt that mom couldn't of been in better hands. We would also like to thank all the caring people at the Belknap County Nursing Home who tried to make mom as comfortable as possible. Those who go the extra mile to put a smile on the residents faces. God Bless you all.

The Pike-Perkins Family

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One thing we can agree on is voting Sen. Ayotte out of office in 2016

To The Daily Sun,
I would like to take an opportunity to respond to a letter written by Lew Henry published in your November 7 issue. His letter talked about the government shutdown and how it is the Tea Party's fault. If you only listen to what the liberal media has to say, you can understandably make no other conclusion than it's the Tea Party's fault, even though it was not. Here is why:

First, the liberals blamed the whole debacle on "Tea Party" Senator Ted Cruz, saying that he wanted to shutdown the government if Obamacare wasn't repealed. But that is not a fact. You don't know the truth of what he wanted unless you actually listened to what he had to say during his "filibuster." He wanted to pass a continuing resolution so the government did not shut down, but he didn't want Obamacare funded, as was stated in the House's bill that was sent to the Senate. It was the Democrats and the RINOs in the Senate that voted that down. That's right, the Dems and RINOs essentially voted to shut down the government because Obamacare was more important to them. Then another CR came through with the condition that the individual mandate to be delayed like the employer mandate had been. Again it was the Dems and RINOs that voted that down, not the Tea Party Senators. A third CR went through and again the Dems and RINOs voted it down, and the government shutdown ensued. It was not the Tea Party senators that voted for the government shutdown, it was the Dems and RINOs.

Next, Mr. Henry states that the shutdown cost the government $24 billion. The government should have been spending money only on essential things that keeps the country running and safe, yet money was spent to block off and guard open-air memorials (that are not normally guarded) and other tourist areas to keep people out. The Tea Party didn't do that, Obama did. While many military bases and the stores where our military personnel and families get there discounted goods were closed, the bases where Obama plays golf were kept open so he could play while the government was shut down. The Tea Party didn't do that, Obama did. And while important services like the Amber Alert website were shut down due to lack of funds, Michelle Obama's useless "Let's Move" website was kept up and running. The Tea Party didn't do that, Obama did. These are facts that Mr. Henry has failed to recognize. I would appreciate it if he could give some examples of facts to defend his statement that the Tea Party wasted billions of dollars. My guess is he will be hard pressed to find any considering one of the main things the Tea Party stands for is smaller government and less spending

Now to get to the real point of my letter. Mr. Henry has chastised Senator Ayotte and her "Tea Party" buddies for everything to do with the shutdown. I would like to inform him and the rest of the anti-Tea Party crowd that, while Senator Ayotte may have run on and may have been elected on Tea Party values, she is not a Tea Party senator. She lied to all of us. All you need to do is look at her voting record. She voted for the amnesty bill, which will bankrupt the country with the legalization of the 11 million criminals who broke our laws in entering the country and the extra "entitlements" that come with it. She also stuck with the RINOs and voted for the shutdown because she didn't want to be on the outs with the majority of the Senate. I'll completely agree with Mr. Henry on the fact that Senator Ayotte does not have her priorities straight. She did stick with her Washington buddies. Those buddies just happen to be the RINOs, not the Tea Party. She does not represent the Tea Party and she does not represent New Hampshire. The Tea Party believes that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land and those that have taken an oath to uphold and protect it should do just that. The current president, the Democrats, and the RINOs like Senator Ayotte have refused to do that. They have failed us. They are a disgrace to the oath of office.

There will always be disagreement and I am sure Mr. Henry and I will still disagree on who caused the government shutdown. I sincerely hope however that we can agree on one thing. When November of 2016 comes around, it will be time to vote Senator Ayotte out of office.

Scott Schoonmaker

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Your point is that if Bush lied it's okay for Obama to lie, too?

To The Daily Sun,

Lie, def: to make a statement or statements that one knows to be false, esp., with the intent to deceive. (Webster's New World Dictionary)
Alias, L.J. Siden once again attacks the messenger because he cannot stand anyone pointing out that the emperor has no clothes. (Get it L.J., your fairy tail reference?) He says Fox News lies and proves it by sighting their "fair and balanced" advertised motto. WOW! Wow, now there's proof! Who could argue with that enlightened reasoning?
Really now, this in response to the extensive list of provable lies and distortions I wrote of in my past letter? That's what he has in response to my attack on Obama's honesty and credibility? Well LJ, I'm laughing out loud.
Now as to my "fairy tail" about Obama using fraud to get into Columbia and Harvard, why don't you trot out Obama's collage records and prove me wrong. Do that and I will apologize. Failing that, argue if you dare, one legitimate process that a pot smoking, class skipping, poor student (Obama's own words) could manage to access two of the most prestigious universities in the world.
Face it readers, L.J. has done his very best to distract your attention from real facts seen and heard even on the mainstream media outlets that just can't cover for a congenital liar any longer. Adding his two cents worth is local favorite Henry Osmer, who cites Bush's "lies". Guess Henry's point is, if Bush lied it's okay for Obama to lie. Another detraction attempt by the good ol' Henry. We're talking about Obama here Henry, not Bush, not Carter, not Kennedy. Stay on subject if you can please.
Steve Earle


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