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Want to find out what happened when an aquifer got contaminated?

To The Daily Sun,

I moved to New Hampshire in 1996, but grew up in Hoosick Falls, New York.

If you want to find out what happens when a town/village's aquifer gets contaminated just Google "Hoosick Falls NY water supply." High rates of cancer led a local citizens to get the water tested. A hazardous contaminant from local industry was discovered.

Although this Dupont-manufactured toxin has been known since 2000, it was not required to be tested for. It's been a couple months now that the residents of Hoosick Falls have been on bottled water. They are waiting for a temporary filtration system to come on line and a more permanent solution to be determined. Property values have tanked. It's a nightmare for them.

I would be very careful of your water supply.

Steve Morin

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What a waste for city to send out plow trucks for 1 inch of snow

To The Daily Sun,

I really feel compelled to express my concerns over the waste of resources and manpower used to plow the 1 inch of snow that fell overnight (last Friday).

At 7 a.m. the city plow came plowing and it sounded like it was plowing just pavement. I got up as the plow turns around at the Gilford town line and comes back down the hill. As I was watching it go by my house I was amazed at the tiny amount of snow it was plowing. I have seen more snow fall that they just salted and not plowed the roads.

I realize that due to the lack of snow this year, that the budget for road maintenance must have a nice surplus, or should have anyways. Does our city manager have to waste our tax dollars on paying overtime, fuel, and wear and tear on the equipment for an inch of snow? I feel this is a gross waste of the budget and nobody is held accountable and a continued waste and abuse of government spending.

I wonder if they operate their checkbooks in the same manner? Waste every cent they have, then ask for more next year. I can't help but wonder who else is viewing this wasteful behavior.

To top it off, all that fell through the night was melted by 11:30 a.m. and I did not even have to shovel what little they pushed in my driveway.

Vern Fitts


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