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Take the time to appreciate the River Crew Art exhibit at the mill

To The Daily Sun,

When I went to the Creative Recovery Art Exhibit at the Belknap Mill last week, I wasn't sure what to expect. Artist Elaine Morrison, one of the River Crew Art sponsors of the exhibit, had told me about the show. The artwork was done by members of our community who happen to be homeless. What could people who have so little create, I wondered? Thanks to River Crew Art, these people have the tools of photography, writing and painting and more. They even put together a collage in honor of a friend who had died.

I was so taken by the richness of the photography, the angles, the lighting, the shadows and the color! And the paintings were just wonderful. I especially liked Velvet's bright fish painting, which, she explained, would be hung at Dartmouth-Hitchcock for children in the hospital. She wanted to brighten their lives! Some of the participants wanted to give back to our community in this way, by sharing their view of what's around us.

What a gift! To us!

Please, if you get a chance, go and look. The show is there until July 14. I hope you will SEE the homeless in a new way, a way that doesn't press them into the shadows but makes us realize they are part of our community regardless of their place or non-place of residence. They are here. they are creative and curious and hopeful. I am hopeful for them.

To those artists, thank you! I see you. I appreciate your work and your vision.

Dorothy Banks






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Thanks to all of you who helped with fund raiser for Lynn Martin

To The Daily Sun,

On Sunday, June 5, a fund raiser was held at Leavitt Park for Lynn (Dore) Martin, who is terminally ill with bone cancer. Entertainment was provided by LA East R&B Band, with members Ray Corliss (drummer), Bill Fitzmorris (bass) and special guest Arthur James (vocals and lead guitar). The place was hopping! Thanks to Andre Thibeault for creating posters that were distributed in the area and who held the receptionist duties at the door.

We would like to thank all the stores and restaurants who contributed gift cards for the raffle. There are: Prescott Florist, Sal's Pizz, Shaw's-Gilford, Cafe Deja Vu, Shooter's, Shang Hi, 405 Pub & Grill, Big Lots, Talon Hair & Nail Salon and Aldair-Dunkin' Donuts-South Main. A special thanks to Vista Foods for donating food and Sandra, manager at Job Lots-Meredith, for catering supplies, and Lakes Region Party Supplies for their assistance with decorations. And a great big thanks to "K" for organizing the clean-up crew.

Last, but not least, is Valerie Thompson. Thanks for her endless drive to organize the event, handle food prep and make numerous efforts to make this event successful. Can't thank her enough. She's always there with her support.

Even though the event was successful, donations are still needed for Lynn. You can make donations to Meredith Village Savings Bank. Make checks payable to: Valerie Thompson ITF Lynn Martin.

A heartfelt THANK YOU to all who donated and participated in the fund raiser. There are no words to tell everyone how grateful I am for the outpouring of love and support.

Lynn & Own Martin

Valerie Thompson


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