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Please take a greater interest in the work Stand Up Laconia is doing

To The Daily Sun,

Many thanks to the legislators who attended the recent breakfast at Navigating Recovery. Thanks also to the distinguished panel who presented a clear and compassionate picture of the goals and successes of Recovery Court. There were many brave attendees who shared their stories of success in the program, and it was a moving experience.

There were also members of StandUp Laconia present, and as a member, I am compelled to ask the community to take a greater interest and participate in the great work shared by our coalition group. We have meetings at the end of the month, and anyone can visit our website or find us on Facebook.

Judi Lundh


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If free market portion of health reform isn't passed rateswill still go up

To The Daily Sun,

The repeal of Obamacare will be in three phases. Phase 1, the subsidy portion, needs only 51 votes in the Senate and 60 for the other two phases. Phases two and three, the free market and tort reform part, will never be passed. Yes, the Republicans have the majority but there are some conservative Republicans and there are some RINOs. They will never agree on anything.

Why can't it be done all at once and done correctly?

Mandate. No federal mandate but if you don't have insurance beyond 60 days then the insurance companies can charge you up to 30 percent more. So if you lose your job or something happens to your family and you cannot have insurance for a few months, when you get insurance, there will be a huge penalty.

The Republicans voted a full repeal before. Why can't they now?

The new bill will not do anything to lower costs for us who foot the bill. There is no change to a free-market system which would lower costs.

"Ryan Care" creates a new subsidy program, called the Patient and State Stability Fund. It gives $100 billion to the states from 2018 to 2026. In other words it keeps the Medicaid expansion but calls it something else. This encourages states to add people to the Medicaid expansion, not get people off it. So typical of the federal government program. Add. Always add. Never, never take away.

The Cadillac tax is postponed until 2025. Sneaky. By all means postpone something, so when it is finally implemented it is too late to change it.

Small businesses will not be helped and those who don't get subsidies are not helped and they need it most, by cutting the cost of medicine, and free market is the only way, but not in Phase 1.

Phase 3 will cover tort reform. Why not now?

We need a free market health insurance system. Free market and only free market will cut costs of medical care and put medical care between doctor and patient.

If the free market portion is not passed, insurance rates will continue to go up for American citizens and legal immigrants, but not for illegals. Again we citizens are penalized.

Yes, let's repeal Obamacare. But please let's do it right the first time and only time.

Linda Riley

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