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Multicultural Festival committee hit a grand slam this year

To The Daily Sun,

What a fabulous demonstration of what this city can do this past Saturday at the Laconia Multicultural Festival. I am so proud.

Attendance was great and appreciative. Rotary Park was filled. The Belknap Mill hosted a steady stream of visitors all day, kids seemed to flock Kid's Corner and the City Hall outdoor venue for music was very popular.

Have I mentioned the food? Wow! Having the food vendors spread out instead of concentrated just along vendor way continues to be a hit.

The committee that planned, and planned and planned, hit a grand slam. Their tireless efforts were rewarded with a great day for our city and our region. Thanks to each of you for your tireless and well-rewarded efforts.

Now, Laconia, on to the Pumpkin Festival. We are back!

John Walker

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The one who will bear the child is the one who should choose

To The Daily Sun,

Regarding the recent heated abortion debate in The Sun, I do not believe guys get a vote on this. It is a woman's choice. After all, it is the woman who will bear the child with all the assorted risks. Also, if dad decides all he wants to be is a sperm donor, the woman will ordinarily be raising the child.

Of course, if a man and a woman are in a relationship, most would agree that the couple should discuss such a decision. That is just a good idea in a loving relationship. But, legally speaking, the choice is still the woman's.

I don't care if you have ovaries or testicles. A woman's right to choose was established as a constitutional right nationwide in 1973. Most attempts by anti-choice advocates to circumvent this right have failed in the courts.

The question of "when human life begins" is a philosophical/religious one. Of course, it is wrong to kill a baby after birth but before, there exists a range of opinions on this issue, including among deeply religious people.

I am not "pro-abortion." I do not know if could make that choice if I were female. As a man, I never wanted to be the reason a woman made that choice. Some writers to The Sun who oppose abortion seem to think that women make that choice easily.

I know several women who made that choice and it was the hardest decision they ever had to make. In spite of what Mr. Mitchell writes, very late-term abortions are rare and are virtually always performed for a medical reason. Usually, women have made that choice early in their pregnancies.

I always use the term "anti-choice" to refer to those who refer to themselves as "pro-life" because I do not usually see a lot that is "pro-life" about most of them. I don't know where Mr. Mitchell stands on other issues because his letters are always about abortion, but I have noticed that most anti-choice advocates, with the exception of some Catholics I know, believe in the rights of a fetus only until it is born.
The majority of the "pro-lifers" I have met or read are usually pro-war, pro-gun, anti-welfare, and anti-affordable health care. They seem to oppose anything that might help a woman want to keep her child.

And guys, if you want to do something about abortion, don't be the reason for one.

E. Scott Cracraft

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