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Are Briarcrest residents ready to pay hundreds more per month?

To The Daily Sun,

Considering both sides of the Briarcrest decision, please also consider your friends, neighbors and other residents who reside here. The fact is, even if I wanted to sell this park, it would not be affordable for me. The majority of residents are in no position to pay the huge increases that will be forced upon us by the few who can. Many are living on one income — Social Security. Many are mothers and fathers with one income supporting their children. They are living here for the same reason I am. It is a safe, affordable, nice place to live. By owning it we can at least keep the cost affordable with the small increases we have had.

Are the problems you are complaining about that bad, that you are willing to pay hundreds of dollars more a month? Do you think your complaints will disappear? Would you give your home to someone that promises the world and then let them rent it to you?

We have all lived long enough to know that there are no "give aways" in life. Promises, sure!

MaryLou Blaisdell


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The letter writer failed to identify herself as a commissioner's wife

To The Daily Sun

Shame is a 2-way street.

A letter writer in last Thursday's Sun sought to bring shame upon the elected state representatives from Belknap County who did not attend the so-called county convention meeting on Monday to "re-consider" their votes on the county budget. She did not bother to find out why any of them did not attend, including at least two who were out of town, including myself.

It should be no surprise that the writer, using her maiden name, failed to indicate in her letter that she is the spouse of the tax-and-spend county commissioner and principal architect of the proposed budget that was voted down, at least in part because it would have raised our taxes.

In many settings, failing to disclose that marital connection would be a breach of ethics, and in all settings, especially when it comes to political discourse, is itself shameful!

But in my view, people of the hard left, such as that writer, actually have no shame.

State Rep. Norman Silber


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