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If you can go out and purchase a fully automatic rifle, I owe you

To The Daily Sun,

This letter is in response to a response from Robert Miller about my response to his earlier letter. This will be my last.

Apparently Mr. Miller took a course in psychology, as he was able to determine from my letter that I suffer from paranoia. Why have I been wasting all that money on psychiatrists all these years when all I had to do was get Mr. Miller's knickers tied up in a knot to find out what one my many problems is. I guess it's all right for him to "label" me as paranoid but it bothers him for me to "label" him and others as lefty's when it comes to their misinformed view of gun laws.

He and others like to throw around surveys that agree with their line of thought when it comes to background checks. I would like Mr. Miller to go to a gun shop or an auction or gun show and try to leave there with a gun without submitting to a background check. The only gun sales that can be performed without a background check are sales between two private individuals and there is no way that any law can stop that from occurring.

The NRA is not against background checks and I'm not against background checks, as I submit to them when I purchase a gun and when I sell a gun it is done through a licensed dealer, which by law I'm not required to do. What I don't you understand about the raw fact that criminals don't go to licensed dealers to buy guns, they buy them on the street. If the existing laws were enforced more effectively by punishing those who break the law instead of giving them a slap on the wrist it would go a long way in decreasing crime committed with firearms.

The one big thing that should be done is automatic jail sentences for "straw buyers." These buyers are usually girlfriends of criminals who can't pass a background check. Here's a survey from the FBI for Mr. Miller to digest. Their records show that while gun ownership has increased dramatically in the last 10 years that gun violence has decreased in that time. Easily fact-checked. Nobody wants to see anyone, man women or child, die at the hands of a wacko or a terrorist but disarming law abiding people is not the answer.

Mr. Miller remarked that I'm paranoid because I, and others of my ilk, believe that the government is coming after our guns. The only reason that it hasn't occurred is the 100-plus years the NRA has been steadfast in the battle against it. Apparently he didn't see serial liar Hillary's interview where she stated "Australia's laws are certainly worth looking into." Those laws include confiscation.

Now to assault rifles. I consider an assault rifle as one which can be fired fully automatic. Mr. Miller claims that my statement that these rifles are not available to the average gun owner is far from true. Well Mr. Miller I tell you what. Seeing as how I'm a gambling man, I challenge you to a wager in the amount you feel you can afford and if you can go out and purchase a fully automatic rifle you will be the winner, but if you can't, I collect. Please make the amount large enough so that I can buy this pretty gun I'm interested in. The only difference between a semi-automatic hunting rifle and what Mr. Miller calls an assault rifle is appearance. I can take a hunting rifle, cut down the barrel, paint it black and Mr. Miller would consider it an assault rifle.
Just as a "butcher knife" is only used to butcher people by someone who is deranged an assault rifle only assaults when used by these same people. I would suggest that Mr. Miller should become a little better educated on a subject that he apparently has no knowledge of.

In closing, I would like to thank Mr. Obama for being the best gun salesman this country has ever seen. Keep up the good work Barack!

Dave Schwotzer

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Happy Birthday Granny D! Bernie would be her ideal candidate

To The Daily Sun,

Our February 9 primary vote lets us choose a best November candidate.
We are choosing now (if Democrats or Undeclareds choosing a Democratic party ballot) among Clinton, O'Malley and Sanders. Who goes forward to our November ballot depends on our work now: we question, listen, and then on February 9 vote.
Bernie Sanders stands out as the candidate more and more people respect — from the start Bernie has steadily whittled away at Hillary's numbers. His not taking billionaire's campaign contributions gives us the ideal Granny D candidate. The tiny old woman who trusted her fellow Americans to some day see the light about bought-out government would be 106 on January 24th. If she were among us she can be imagined wearing a Bernie Sanders shirt. Who else? No other candidate in the top-of-the-ticket race lives what Granny D walked for, in her 3,200 mile trek for clean elections.
Happy Birthday, Granny D. Here comes Bernie. Go, Bernie, go!
Lynn Rudmin Chong


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