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Proceduarl error shouldn't get in way of public safety in Gilmanton

To The Daily Sun,

At the Gilmanton town election in March, the voters approved an article providing for a lease/purchase of a new fire engine. Now we must again ratify this article because there was a procedural error in the order of the article in the warrant. Please vote again on June 12, or vote by absentee ballot. Voting is at the Academy Building from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The ballots are now available so you may go to the Town Clerk's office and vote at any time that the office is open. Request an absentee ballot by going to www.gilmantonnh.org or contact the Town Clerk at 267-6726.

Please make sure this procedural error does not interfere with public safety.

Joanne Gianni
Gilmanton Iron Works

Last Updated on Tuesday, 27 May 2014 07:55

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Various boondoggles & outrages in the VA has existed for years

To The Daily Sun,

It's sad to watch congressional Republicans continually showing us their usual insincere and hypocritical theater of the absurd. All — and I mean all — of those members of Congress who have been in DC many years know full well that the current exposed problems with the VA have been happening for decades, throughout many administrations. It bears repeating again and again: the GOP is only acting righteous now because President Obama is in the White House. Various bureaucratic boondoggles and outrages by some hospital administrators have existed in the VA over the years.
Where was Republican outrage when a Republican was president? What did they do to permanently fix the acute issues for our vets and to make sure these types of things were eliminated for good? One needs to ask the basic question; why now? The GOP has to find another hobby horse. Their Benghazi witch hunt is based on falsehoods and the more facts that come out the worse they look.
It's sad to say that in order for the GOP to look as if they are doing their jobs effectively, they will have to create another scandal to keep the spotlight OFF their total inaction and obstruction of our government, and of anything supported by our democratically elected president.
Bernadette Loesch

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So much for 'the most transparent' administration is U.S. history

To The Daily Sun,

The Obama administration is plagued with scandals. This is what happens when you elect a community organizer who is a student of Saul Alinsky and Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals."
Benghazi and the cover up. Four dead Americans in Benghazi murdered by terrorists in a coordinated terror attack. A narrative was created by the Obama administration that the attack was a "protest gone awry over an anti Muslim YouTube video." The CIA knew within hours this was not the case. The video lie was concocted to protect Barack Obama weeks before the 2012 election.
The IRS targeted conservative groups in the lead up to the 2012 election. Recent freedom of information requests prove that Democrat Senator Carl Levin from Michigan coordinated with the IRS to target conservative and tea party groups. Mr. Levin recently announced his retirement from the United States senate after 36 years!
Now we have the VA scandal where falsified waiting lists have been kept in order to hide the true and disgraceful waiting lists that men and women who served in the United States military must face. Many veterans do not receive care in time and die. Barack Obama responded "that I am madder than hell over this problem." One problem, it's been revealed that this waiting list issue was brought to the attention of Barack Obama in 2008 during the transition period between the administrations. On a larger scale this is the type of health care that has come to America under Obamacare.
Jill Abramson, the now former executive editor at the New York Times, in an interview with Al Jazeera America, stated that the Obama administration is the "most secretive White House I have ever been involved in covering." Ms. Abramson has covered every White House since the great Ronald Reagan. Ms. Abramson was fired shortly after her interview from the New York Slimes. So much for the 2008 campaign promise of Barack Obama that his administration would be "the most transparent" in history.
What kind of a nation have we become? One that does not seek the truth. We are a nation that has politicians from both parties running around the nation talking about granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. And we leave our military veterans on the sidelines, in thousands of cases we leave them to die. We had Americans in Benghazi, Libya, denied them additional security, made no effort to defend them and save them from terrorists, allowed them to be slaughtered, than the administration lies to the American people about the attack to protect the president during an election.
And since 1973, over 50 million little babies have been aborted. The Lord is surely shaking his head at what we have become as a nation.

Patrick Wetmore

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Local craftsmen created beautiful band out of a family treasure

To The Daily Sun,

I decided to shop local and here's my experience:

Wanting to do something special for my fiancé's wedding band, (my mother offered to me her late father's band for us to use) we decided we would have one made. We were really fortunate to stop in at All My Life Jewelers where the team there told us they could incorporate the gold from my grandfather's wedding band into a ring for my fiancé. They even went along with my request to photograph each part of the process. We recently picked up the finished band and I couldn't be any happier with the result. We have the most beautiful band to treasure for years to come and, most importantly, they were able to turn a symbol of my grandparent's love for one another into a part of our union to come. Our entire family appreciates the photographs of the whole process and the care they took while crafting a beautiful band out of one of our family treasures.

This was truly an experience that was only possible because we decided to patronize a local store. I can never thank Randy, Sue and Ben Bullerwell enough for their beautiful artistry and wonderful sentiments throughout this creation!

Casey Doyle


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There's difference between unrealistic optimism & devious intent

To The Daily Sun,

It has deeply saddened me to read the latest in the public exchange of letters about the Gilmanton Year-Round Library. Mr. Blake's most recent attack on the intentions of of our fellow citizens who were involved in the private fund-raising effort which fully financed the construction of this beautiful facility. Up until this time, I have remained a troubled spectator on the sidelines of this bitter debate that has divided our town in half. But this most recent exchange has compelled me to give voice to my great reservations, coming as it does in the heels of an extremely close vote at the polls to reauthorize funding for operating funds for the library which were refused by the voters last year.

In Mr. Blake's letter, he contends that the GYRL Board should not want "to expose themselves to all the compelling testimonies, truths and hard copy evidence... that show complicity and complacency in how the town was originally allowed to be misled, by the YRLA." Aside from the vagaries and syntactical confusion in this statement, it embodies a threat that he now intends to trot out all "the evidence" he introduced in the debate two years ago. He clearly can have nothing new to offer in this assault. Please spare us, Al, as well as yourself. The public body audibly groaned when you attempted to browbeat us at the Town Meeting in 2012 by repeating yourself ad nauseam. The voters didn't buy it then and they shouldn't buy it now. To give you credit, you emerged at that time to publicly champion a campaign that you felt passionate about. You had a powerful impact in challenging the funding for the GYRL, and in the subsequent year, the suspicion you created and sustained led to the vote at the polls in 2013 which defunded the library. However, my sadness at the resurrection of this divisive debate arises from my conviction that, for so many reasons, I believe you are profoundly misguided.

First, you accuse the members of the early GYRL committee of intentionally setting about to deceive the town — their "complicity" — by making promises they did not intend to keep. This is a preposterous claim. These were good people who worked hard to fund and build what should be considered by all to be a precious gift and a community asset. I believe you have been engaged in a personal endeavor to malign these people and you should stop it.

Secondly, even if there WAS the suggestion — or even a commitment — by the early board that the library could operate without public funding, such a notion, as it turns out, would simply have reflected a truly unrealistic optimism, not a devious intent.

Third, our nation has been built and become great based in large part upon the availability and and access to public education and libraries. While we in Gilmanton did indeed have our "village" libraries, these were small, seasonal, facilities lacking the resources to offer a full complement of services. When the development of the GYRL began, Gilmanton was one of only two towns in all of New Hampshire NOT to have a year-round, publicly funded library. Last year, Lord knows, when public funding was voted down, we might have been the ONLY such town. Perhaps you will not be happy unless we are the only town in the entire country to be in this miserly category. What an ignoble distinction to wish upon the town that we all love and call our home. We should all be proud of the Gilmanton Year-Round Library — and it should be supported by the Town.

Here's wishing for a cessation of divisive attacks and coming together around a common good.

Hammond Brown


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