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Dr. King was 'used' by the commies? Who actually used who?

To The Daily Sun,
More than 25 years after the collapse of the U.S.S.R., Gene Danforth's recent letter about the Civil Rights movement was a bit amusing. It seems good, old-fashioned, John Birch Society-style "red-baiting" is alive and well.
Actually, I should probably thank Mr. Danforth for the nostalgia! His diatribe brings back those memories of my childhood, when I grew up on air bases where even we kids knew we were Soviet missile targets. It was also a time when many thought any protest against injustice was a Soviet "plot."
Like many in the 50s and 60s, he blames communist subversion for the Civil Rights movement. Many of the same people said the same about sex ed and even water fluoridation!
I was raised overseas and in the North, but my family roots are in the Deep South. So, I was surprised Mr. Danforth did not also blame "those damn yankee agitators" for "stirring up" black people!
I have known Southern segregationists and most were middle class "nice white folks." None would have ever burned a cross but nevertheless felt that black people would be happy with Jim Crow had it not been for those "outside Northern agitators," supported by the commies.
These people never considered themselves racist. In fact, many said they "loved" the black people who mowed their yards, cleaned their houses, cooked their food, did their laundry and tended their kids. And, they were sure that these people loved them too and none of these "good blacks" would ever "fall" for civil rights.
Mr. Danforth actually uses half-truths. The pro- Soviet Communist Party USA (CPUSA) was involved in the Civil Rights movement. And, it probably did participate to advance its own agenda.
Dr. King and other Civil Rights leaders welcomed anyone who would nonviolently support their cause. There were also Northern and Southern whites, Democrats, Republicans, Protestants, Catholics, Jews, clergy and many others involved. The movement started in churches, not in Moscow.
People like Mr. Danforth have long said Dr. King was "used" by the commies. But who used who? Today we have the Voting Rights and Civil Rights Acts but America never became a Soviet state.
The question Mr. Danforth should ask is not who participated in the Civil Rights movement but rather whether African Americans had real grievances. Wasn't segregation and discrimination a fact?
Weren't there states where authorities used various means, including intimidation and violence, to prevent black people from voting? Couldn't blacks usually be killed with impunity in many states? Wasn't there extreme poverty and lack of opportunity in the African-American community?
Weren't they intelligent enough to want to abolish Jim Crow without "outside communist agitators?"

E. Scott Cracraft

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'Common sense' gun laws won't stop the wrong people from getting them

To The Daily Sun,

One of the frauds attempted during the Democratic Convention is that Democrats want to reduce gun violence in America. While I'm sure most Democrats consider themselves anti-violence, the party they support is the party of violence. Democratic politicians and leaders, excuse, encourage, and use violence, successfully, to advance its political objectives.

While the sympathy displayed for the victims of gun violence and their families may have been sincere, the Democratic Party leadership willingly sacrifices people in their quest for power. Democratic Party policies make America more violent, make law-abiding Americans more vulnerable to criminals and terrorists, and use violence to get support for, or at least acceptance of, their policies.

Democrats are soft on criminals although almost all homicides are committed by people with criminal histories. Most of America's gun and other violence occurs in cities completely controlled by Democrats (mayor, city councils, police chief, judges, prosecutors, etc.). Often criminals are released on minimal bail before trial and felons are released early from prison, despite high recidivism rates, to prey on innocent Americans. Violent criminals, especially youths, are allowed to plea bargain to lessor crimes and escape appropriately long prison sentences.

Democratic Party-passed laws enable huge numbers of immigrants to come from nations that are more violent than America, and most illegal immigrants that cross our border with Mexico come from much more violent nations than ours; unfortunately many immigrants bring their violent customs with them.

Democrats bring refugees who are not vetted to exclude terrorists or criminals from violent countries and countries which are hotbeds of terrorism.

Democrat "common sense" gun laws will do nothing to prevent the people who commit almost all gun homicides, people with criminal histories who already cannot legally possess guns, from getting guns. What Democrat gun laws do is make it more difficult (because permits are delayed, refused, or very expensive) for law abiding people, especially in cities with high crime rates, to defend themselves.

The Democratic Party is the party of slavery, Jim Crow laws, the KKK, segregation, opposition to freedom for and citizenship for former slaves, Occupy Wall Street, the Black Panthers, the Ferguson and Baltimore and other riots, harassment of peaceful political gathering by people they oppose, Black Lives Matter (based on a lie) despite its calls for killing police, etc., etc., etc.

Democratic leaders use groups like those to intimidate or compel people into supporting or acquiescing to Democratic policies and officials. Democratic leaders lust for power over others and the benefits that power provides to them. To gain that power, Democratic leaders are willing to sacrifice anyone.

Don Ewing

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