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Bernie Sanders popular because he appeals to disillusioned votersDonna Lawler (12-14) 270 GO BERNIE

To The Daily Sun,

Michael Barone states in this column that Hillary is the Democratic nominee. He is a Fox News contributor. The national media has chosen Hillary to be the Democratic nominee, as has the DNC.

The average voter relies on the media to provide unbiased information so that they can make an informed choice for their elected officials. It would be very nice if the local media would provide the unbiased information needed for their readers.

Bernie Sanders on the Democratic ticket has a very large following. This is because he appeals to those voters who have become disillusioned with how our country is being run. He refuses to have a Super PAC because he does not want to beholden to those donors. His donations are from the average person and he is doing very well. I see tremendous support for him on Facebook. His political record is consistent with his current platform. Bernie is the candidate that can win and bring the USA to where we want it to be. He is the first candidate to make me believe that my vote will count.

Because our current method of electing politicians is corrupt that is the type of politicians that get elected. They can be bought. I think that is one of the reasons why Trump is popular. The average citizen sees him as being independent and therefore not a puppet. Bernie is not a puppet. He is experienced, respected by his peers and works to unite us as a country. I would like to see more coverage of what Bernie Sanders has to offer.

Donna Lawler

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We cannot have a bigot represent American people in White House

To The Daily Sun,

In recent weeks, this country has been divided over the First Amendment which indicates one has the right to worship in his/her place of worship. This includes Muslims, Islamic, Christians, Hebrews, and many more. This tidal wave, led by the most ignorant candidate, Donald Trump, is unacceptable. Prejudice has long been a hallmark through out the history of this country.
Donald Trump is a bigot. He is prejudiced toward Mexicans, Muslims, and should it serve his purpose, he could well say the same for blacks, Asians, people inferior to his way of thinking, or even Christians and Hebrews? This disrespect for our Constitution must not continue. Trump must resign as a candidate for office. We cannot have a bigot represent the American people. His way of thinking actually harms our rights, and is severely depraved. We founded this country on better goals than the messages of hate he spews. He talks in a manner similar to Adolf Hitler during World Wars I and II.
This being said, ISIS/ISIL is not a religious sect. They actually create discord that leads to the current wave of Mid-Eastern prejudice against people who truly cherish and believe their faith and religion. They do not exemplify either the Muslim or Islamic Faiths, rather they take excerpts from the religious books and steal them for their own individual destructive ways of violence and maiming or taking of human life. Muslims and Islamic sects are similar to their Christian counterparts, the Quakers. They do promote peace and dignity for human life. ISIS/ISIL does not. These people are pirates, just like Blackbeard, who roamed the eastern Atlantic Coast. In addition, they are just like Hitler, who destroyed many Jewish lives during the Holocaust. In short, there is no respect for human life except their own. They further demean the Muslim and Islamic Faiths they claim to embrace. This group must be destroyed as Blackbeard was, or Hitler was. Some may say, "boots on the ground." In some essence, this could be true.

However, Obama is looking at a greater picture, something the Republicans as well as many of his Democratic counterparts have not done. The Mid-East conflict was started by George Bush, Junior. The invasion of Iraq was not only inappropriate, but opened a Pandora's Box of conflict that has persisted since 9/11/2001. Unfortunately, Obama inherited this quagmire Mr. Bush left him. It is a complicated, deeply entrenched, endless war that has gone on for centuries prior to the U.S. becoming the political entity that continues today.
This writer has previously proposed several concepts. 1. Regardless of faith, religion, creed or race, all of our blood is red. For the most part, all blood is accepted to promote human life, except where contraindicated by medical protocols.

Religions are protected under the First Amendment in two areas. Freedom to worship as well as freedom of speech. This cannot be compromised, and Mr. Trump is doing just that. He is totally ignorant as to the concept of Constitutional rights and protections. In addition, per another person reviewing this letter: "The intention of the Constitution was not so much to allow religions to be practiced freely but to avoid religions running the country. It was intended to establish freedom from religion not for religion. One cannot stress enough the value of keeping religions separated from our government."
It was suggested in previous letters that we really need to have total and complete moratorium on all immigration, not just Syrians or faiths from the Mid-East, in order to ward-off terrorists. We are struggling to bear the costs of illegal immigration now, and we need to manage the ones that are here now, that leads to citizenship as well as employment. In the long run, this would provide a greater tax base with the citizenship and employment.

One must keep an open mind regarding the invasion to destroy ISIS/ISIL. Yes, they must be destroyed. But, this country, and many other countries are reluctant to provide the military response "on the ground" as well. No one wants to see their offspring, children, siblings die in this struggle. We may not have a choice. This writer, being a pacifist, would prefer a more peaceful resolution. But, ISIS/ISIL are not so peacefully inclined. To obtain this peace may command the price of human life. Just as we fought Hitler and Blackbeard, we may have to do the same in this battle against pirates and their Hitler-ways of doing things, to fight back to ensure human life is given respect and dignity once again.
There is an old saying that goes back many years. "The price of gaining freedom is not always free." It applies as discussed here today.
Robert T. Joseph, Jr.

New Hampton

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