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Michelle Malkin is sad; health care should be right for all

To The Daily Sun,
Quite sad that Michelle Malkin calls health care for all something that can only happen in the land of make believe. We are a nation that was founded with a value statement and mission "in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity."
The U.S. can send a person to the moon, so it can certainly provide health care for all. Health care is not something for just those who can afford it. It is the right for all people.
Leonard Campbell
Center Harbor

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Stop pinching pennies and make sure teachers get good pay

To The Daily Sun,
I am asking every parent and person in our community to do more for our teachers by writing letters to the editor and show the school board your support for them. Our beautiful city faces many challenges including drug issues. We need to support our teachers as well as our police department. Without a good educational system, our property value goes down, we lose businesses in tow, and our drug issues get worst.
I have experienced how great Laconia school district is first hand. I came here as a homeless teen that graduated from Laconia Adult Ed with the help of Peggy Selig who was the director at the time. I also worked for Project EXTRA! as an AmeriCorp member. I have had nothing but great things to say for our school system. They took me in and gave me a good education and a fair chance for my future. Thanks to the education and foundation they help me lay, I now run a local company.
We need to support our teachers because they shape our children's future as well as contribute to our community. Educators have a tremendous responsibility teaching and caring for our children. I have personally gotten to know many staff and teachers in the district and I hope the School Board and City Council will work together and make sure our teachers our taken care. If not, we will lose these great teachers.
It's time we stop pinching pennies and make sure teachers get good pay. If the Tax Cap is the problem then maybe it's time for a political revolution. City leaders need to hear that our teachers deserve better.
Contrary to other editorials, there is no greed in the school department. The reality these teachers face every day is greater than you realize. Perhaps more council members should volunteer at some of the schools. These teachers take a huge pride in their work and the things they do for our children.
For citizens who don't have children, a teacher is just a teacher, but to that struggling student or a child in a tough home environment that teacher is their hero. To citizens of Laconia "Vote for Kids"(Kids in mind) next election. Don't keep voting for politicians that just want a position on a board or city council. I hope more people will stand up for the teachers that make a difference every day. To Laconia School District: Thank you for all you do. Hang in there, our students need you.
Carlos Cardona

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