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Ray Buckley is right, his fellow Democrats just need to 'grow up'

To The Daily Sun,

Democrat leader Maxine Waters wants to impeach President Trump. She stated we have no evidence, but we have to keep looking. She also stated that Putin invaded Korea with Trump's help.

Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi stated we (Democrats) can work with President Bush.

Democratic celeb Lena Dunham stated "the soul-crushing pain" with President Trump caused her to lose weight. Now she is naked everywhere. Please, give us a break.

A woman divorced her husband because he voted for Trump. He has not commented because he is still laughing and is drunk.

If you listen to Democratic Party leaders, President Trump is the first person elected under the Electoral College rules.

Democratic celeb Sarah Silverman now sees construction symbols as Nazi symbols.

What is the difference between Steve Bannon and Valerie Jarrett? She attended national security meetings, had Secret Service protection, went on vacation with the Obamas and had a staff of close to 40 people.

Will Vancouver take all of Hollywood? Fake president Meryl Streep can't believe Trump is president. I can't believe she is an actress.

Here is something I never thought I would say: I agree with Ray Buckley. He told the Democrat Party to "grow up." I do not think he will become the new chair of the DNC. He is too smart. New Hampshire will be stuck with him.

You got to love all those goofy Dems.

Jim Mayotte


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Dogmatists who write in have no concept of sacrasm or whimsy

To The Daily Sun,

The pendulum has swung in the political arena, but the chest-pounding, finger-pointing and fear-mongering continues from all the usual suspects that frequent the letters columns here in our favorite local read. From Boutin to Veverka, Earle to Vervaeke, the gloves are off and on an almost daily basis we are subjected to their barrage of left- or right-wing banter. It's getting exhausting.

Congratulations to Don Ewing for learning not to write in all caps anymore (only took you 10 years) and to Alan Vevaeke for being the self-depreciating "angry old white man" in which he always invokes in his letters. Veverka wins the Tony "Snark" award and Earle should be getting a fruitcake from Trump this Christmas with the effort he's been putting in to promote him. My point is, fellas, try taking a month or two off and perhaps we all will stop skipping over your letters.

On that note, I would like to honestly say thank you to Denise C. Burke. I don't know if you recall, but we butted heads about a year ago for being on opposite ends of the Free the Nipple controversy. Admittedly, I thought she was rather prudish and resented the way she searched every opponent in these pages online and used it to attack them. That being said, I think she hit the nail on the head on every issue she has written-in about since. She is a voice of reason among all the insanity. You've won me over, Denise, and I always look for your letters now.

A few years ago I exchanged letters with the "Bishop" Blake and his ilk after he insinuated that all who participate in Halloween are sinners and it's the devil's work, etc, etc. Without getting too much into it, I was raised Catholic but have since become agnostic because of my life's journey and personal beliefs, but I believe life is about enjoying the good moments because there are plenty of bad ones. Be a good, honest person and when you die, no matter what happens (if anything) you will not be banished to some purgatory or hell.

I respect anybody's personal religious beliefs and would not ever challenge them unless they feel the need to challenge mine in a public forum. Simply said, when these fringe zealots write into these pages I feel the need to rebut.

In my opinion, The Holy Grail is a great place to enjoy a meal, have a few fine spirits and have a good time. Paul thinks that even enjoying a sip of wine is a sin, and believes that if you enjoy yourself under the roof of a church that is no more, you're committing a cardinal sin. These dim-witted dogmatists that constantly write in have no concept of sarcasm, whimsy or cynicism. It's all fire and brimstone. Thank you again Denise, for pointing out just how out of touch with reality those two are and for being a breath of fresh air in all the print pollution.

Thomas Lemay

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