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Naziism was a totalitarian evil that is mirrored by Shariah law

To The Daily Sun,

My, my, I have been taken to the wood shed well and proper by Mr. Frank M. Weeks, in The Sun, for my impolite response to the guests at the MLK Day on multiculturalism.

Okay, maybe my focus was more pointed then the intended program, so first off let me give credit where credit is due. Mr. Campbell's brief introduction of the meaning of the event I felt was well presented and the video of Dr. King's "I have a dream" speech was as powerful and moving as the day he recited it on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Dr. King called on the American people, the American nation to stand up and reject injustice, racism, intolerance and to make America truly the home of liberty and freedom. Martin Luther King Jr. died for that cause but his words call out over the years and ages to inspire all righteous men and women to follow that dream, to stand up, be counted, and reject the darkness of oppression and subjugation.

Mr. Weeks feels that my impolite focus on the Muslim guests was inappropriate. However, I must disagree because as Muslims they can only recognize and obey one law which is Shariah law. That law is diametrically opposite everything Dr. King believed in and died for.

Shariah represents a totalitarian theocracy devoid of liberty, justice and individual rights. This being so, why should I not stand up in the shadow of MLK and decry a clear evil encroaching on our people, black and white, men and women, gay and straight?

Mr. Weeks brings up the 20th Century of murder of thousands of blacks, the 19th Century of the injustices to native Americans and why stop there why not go back to the Spanish Inquisition or further? Or we could pretend we actually live in the 21 Century where the Constitution on the United States of America puts human rights freedom and equal justice under the law front and center.

Bringing up Hitler and the Holocaust does nothing to advance his argument for he is speaking of a totalitarian evil that is a mirror of Shariah's subjection. Here, today we strive and struggle to uphold the principles and ideals our founders advocated for us trying always for that "more perfect union" and "domestic tranquility." But always there are those who seek, for their own purposes, to draw us back into the shadows.

I am an old man who has seen too much of hate and evil. I have seen the failures of pacifist, go-along-to-get-along, don't-rock-the-boat philosophy. So instead of Mr. Weeks recommending my attending the worlds religions program he might consider a self-evaluation of just what does he stand for? Is he willing to stand up and defend his avowed liberal principles by challenging the totalitarian Shariah and risk the disapproval of the politically correct?

Islam is moving to destroy freedom and liberty. Will you stand against them to guarantee the liberty in our Constitution, or will you stand aside and watch the struggle in mute safety?

Steve Earle


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I'm just an old, born-again, right-wing nut, preaching the gospel

To The Daily Sun,

Tim McCoole, that was a good letter you wrote; I share your burden; at least you did not uplift yourself as Pope Tim or Bishop Tim, but as a humble pastor trying to wake up the frozen chosen of New England.

I myself have been involved as an evangelist for over 50 years. Yes, sad to say Jim V., I'm an old  born-again, white, Irish right-wing nut — the kind you hate —  preaching the gospel of the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Now, I'm in trouble for saying that I agree with you, and even Paul Blake.

Be true to Christ. Don't fight, America is going to hell by its own choice but we are not going with them, okay.

When you find a real full-gospel fellowship, what you will find is that the janitor is just as important as the pope and bishop.

Praise and prayer are our weapons of choice. We are praying for a mighty moving of God's holy spirit, let it begin in us.

William McCoy


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