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Where is BIA's leadership role on the Northern Pass issue?

To The Daily Sun,

Since this issue affects everyone in New Hampshire I am passing along comments, pro and con, about the vital concern for new power resourcing through the "Northern Pass" project, but also the need to bury the power lines and not have a gangly trail of high-powered transmission lines going right through the center of one of the state's most scenic areas. It's not an easy issue to solve thus the long debate over the project in the first place.

My only comment, as a former resident, and hopefully a renewed resident later this year, is that the folks on both side of the issue need to spend a helluva lot more time working together rather than imply innuendos via press releases, e-mail notices, etc, etc, etc. I am amazed that there has been no coalition of groups coming together to work with the proponents but that may have already been offered and didn't receive acceptance by the parties involved.

N.H. needs the added power, that's for sure. Economic growth is vital to the state's business health. But, N.H. citizens also have the obligation to protect one of its most valued assets, that being the pristine environment that God put on this area which all of us from generations past, present, and for the future should be able to enjoy without interruption and obstruction.

I'm sure my idea has been offered many times over the past decade. What I don't see or hear is an advocate voice leading any charge to move such a thought forward. This requires someone with a high profile, an impeccable tract record, and total dedication to getting a resolution on the table for action. If you know of someone, why not raise the issue with the powers-to-be and just maybe something positive could get off the ground? I guess I could say, "where is the BIA in all of this?" The leading business organization in the state seems to be rather silent from what I can gleam from reviewed resources. Is that because PSNH is a high profile member of the BIA? I wonder if someone has the moxie to raise this issue. It would be an interesting sight to behold.

Well, anyway, if you have not read up on the "Northern Pass" project, you really should. It is going to affect you for decades to come, both in the business climate and in the pocketbook due to electricity costs.
W.R. "Bill" Carr
Louisville, Kentucky

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Here's where Sen. Forrester could exert some real leadership

To The Daily Sun,

As the next New Hampshire budget develops in Concord, we have to wonder whether our legislators have any concern for ordinary individuals, families and the future of New Hampshire? We watch with bated breath what the Senate Finance Committee, chaired by Jeanie Forrester, will do with the horrendous House budget sent over to the Senate. It doesn't look promising. Despite those testifying in favor of a humane, future-looking plan, I fear that partisanship will prevail.

Forrester is fixated on the nursing home-funding issue, making no effort to solve the actual dilemma and end up with a balanced budget. She seems more interested in scoring political points or grandstanding than finding the revenue.

Contrast that with Gov. Hassan's leadership approach. Hassan worked across the aisle with the House Finance Committee to restore $3.9 million in nursing home funding cuts, by identifying surplus revenue from another program. What a difference! Forrester oozes partisanship while Hassan leads.

In opera we say, "It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings." Of course the battle for the next budget is not over until the House and Senate agree on a plan and the governor signs it. What a wailing and gnashing of teeth it will take to get to the goal; a balanced, moral, forward-looking budget for New Hampshire. Will it happen?

Here's where Forrester could exert real leadership: develop with the Finance Committee the kind of spending plan we need (and prove my pessimism wrong). Please let Forrester know you care — and you vote.

Anne Rogers 


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