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I keep asking Gunstock Resort, where did that extra 100 feet of vertical drop come from?

To The Daily Sun,

Now that weather is affecting the skiing, there should be time for Gunstock's management to fix a glaring error on their website.

Specifically, concerning the vertical drop. If you go to: http://www.gunstock.com/discover/stats/ you will see that the claimed vertical drop is 1,400 feet. But, I you go to the Master Plan posted online, at: https://www.gunstock.com/upload/photos/240GUNSTOCK_Master_Plan_12-23-10.pdf and scroll down several pages, to Page 16 of the document, where the vertical drops of the lifts are posted in a table, the summit lift (aka Panorama) is listed as 1,299 feet.

So, where does the extra 100 feet come from? To be able to ski 1,400 vertical feet, you would need to be able to ski down past the main lodge, past the ski jumps, past the old Alpine Ridge site, and nearly to the old entrance off Route 11-A. And, for that to be lift-served.

Now, back in the late 1930s, when the ski area was under development, 1,400 could have been a reasonable estimate when only Mount Rowe had a chairlift. It is just wrong now. To check for yourself, if you have a program like Google Earth, you can mouse to the mountain top and bottom of the summit lift, and see for yourself. Go to these GPS coordinates:

Summit lift Unload Station: 43.5262 N, 71.3785 W
Summit lift Load Station: 43.5406 N, 71.3661 W

Old Entrance: 43.5555 N, 71.3643 W

This is not the first time that I've brought this up. It has been bugging me for years. I have had zero replies this season when I again wrote the commissioners. Last season, one commissioner did write me back, insisting that 1,400 feet vertical was correct.

I'd like to think this is just an oversight and not a lie. If you're going to lie, then claim 1,500, 1,700, or 2,000 vertical feet. If such a straightforward technical measurement is wrong, what other errors are there, where it may make a big difference, like in the finances?

Ed Brazil
Gunstock Lifetime Season Passholder
Laconia & Seffner, Florida

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Lakes Region Community College wanted me to teach for $8 per hour

To The Daily Sun,

"Quality costs, but quality wastes,
So I'm giving up all of my expensive tastes."
— Low Budget by The Kinks

The New Hampshire Community College System pursues a policy of laying off full-time faculty and replacing them with low paid adjuncts and six figure administrators.

Laid off from my reasonably paid job as a professor at Lakes Region Community College in August, I recently applied for an adjunct teaching position in the same system. To do a good job of a class new to me takes me about three hours of preparation, for each hour I spend in the classroom. With repetition that can drop to two hours per hour in class.

I was all excited by the prospects of teaching again until I did the math, just over $8 an hour. My daughter makes more than that cleaning up poop for the local veterinarian. It is clear how much the system values its biggest asset, teachers.

Two hours prep per hour teaching and not counting commute time or gas, raised that to a whopping $12.50 an hour. That's top of the scale folks. Luckily I could afford to say no. I'm sure they'll get someone to teach the class, but what quality/experience education will that pay attract?

The Community College System bills itself as a less-expensive equivalent to the first two years of college. Buyer beware! If you're a student, interested in quality education, look elsewhere. What kind of commitment and quality do you expect for eight bucks an hour?

Wes Golomb

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