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This is about the rights of people all around the world to live free of the threat of terror

To The Daily Sun,

A subway bombing in St Petersburg, Russia with 11 dead and 40 something injured: no one is calming responsibility but it's an 80 percent chance it was Muslim extremists. You should be asking how I came up with that statement, that percentage. Well alright I'll tell you. Sense around 1990 80 percent of all terrorist attacks world wide have been carried out by Islamic terrorist organizations or Muslim extremists following the doctrine of The Muslim Brotherhood.
For those unfamiliar with the "Brotherhood," it was founded in 1928 or 29 and dedicated itself to establishing Islam and Sharia Law WORLD WIDE. They will do this by any means necessary including murder, terrorism, intimidation, lies or misinformation. Anything is permissible because it says so in the Koran.
In that effort it has been the Brotherhood that has established, funded and inspired every past and current terrorist organization operating around the world. President Trump, in his campaign promised to fight terrorism and declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. So far he has not done so being very busy but this seems to me a good time to remind the president of his promise. It may turn out that the bombing in Russia was done by a non-Muslim group but even so how long will it be until we have one that is? The frequency seems to be at about every two weeks people are killed and maimed in the name of Allah and past time the Muslim Brotherhood is held to account. Declaring them a terrorist organization will allow the courts and law enforcement to go after them and their many front organizations on an economic level just as they did in fighting the Ku Klux Klan. We may not be able to destroy the ideology behind evil but we can make it very difficult for it to flourish. There may still be a Klan somewhere but it has no power politically or practically and the same should be done to the Muslim Brotherhood.
This is not a Republican or Democratic issue, not a Christian or Muslim issue this is about the rights of people all around the world to live terror free, raise their children as they see fit in peace and security. So please readers, contact Donald Trump with emails, cards or letters or even by telephone and remind him of his promise to fight terrorism for the sake of all our children.

Steve Earle


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Climate change is a monstrous, money-sucking hoax being forced on the uninformed

To The Daily Sun,

What is the most serious threat to mankind today? Radical Islamist terrorists or the unsustainable, out of control federal government? Perhaps health care costs or the entitlement monster? Our public education deterioration, the impending implosion of our Medicare and Medicaid systems, or the growing thuggery of the progressive left? Why no you silly, gas guzzling, planet destroying, racist, white supremacists! It is climate change, which in leftist speak means "climate disruption caused by man-made global warming, which if left unchecked, will cause the extinction of mankind as we know it."

Van Jones says Trump has signed a death warrant for our planet by unshackling the EPA from Obama's "Clean Power Plan." Michael Moore laments that March 28, 2017 marked the beginning of extinction of human life on earth. It was not so long ago that Secretary John Kerry called climate change, "the most fearsome weapon of mass destruction." And the "inconvenience" of Al Gore strikes again. He proclaims that climate change is causing PTSD among concerned humans. Apparently, the anxious snowflakes are suffering from vicarious, meteorological trauma.

I am no doctor but I have the anecdote for all the snowflakes out there. Clear headed thinking and research provided by John Hawkins of townhall.com. Here are the highlights: 1. There is no scientific consensus according to a poll by the American Meteorological Society; 2. Even if there is man-made global warming, it may still make sense to do nothing, says Bjorn Lomberg; 3. Global warming theories are more art than science. Bottom line is that "no one really knows how our climate works," says John Hawkins; 4. We don't have a good way to even know what temperatures were centuries ago. John says there is a good case to be made that the mid-1930s were hotter than today. And, as for the continental USA, which has fantastically dense thermometer coverage, NOAA's own data shows that were not even close to a record year despite all those AP reports of the "hottest year on record". Poppycock, balderdash and bullfeathers!

And reason number five is not to worry — "were in the middle of a global warming pause." All these recent record breaking records of warmth are actually within the statistical margin of error. Why was last year so warm a year in North America? Blame it on the El Nino complex climate change oscillation that affects the Pacific Ocean currents. Why is this winter delivering a mixed result? We are in a weak La Nina year. January and February were warmer than normal, while March is one of the colder on record and has been colder than either January or February. When has that happened before? Good luck finding that record.

A recent letter writer was very worried about climate change and was hoping for a carbon tax and a slow down of the allegedly damaging carbon dioxide and our earth killing carbon footprints. She need not worry and neither should the worry-wart snowflakes either. Global warming climate change is a monstrous, money sucking hoax being forced on the uninformed by power mad globalists who are fleecing money from an unsuspecting, but environmentally concerned public. It has nothing to do with real science or honestly collected data.

We need to focus on the many existential threats facing us today, and pronto. Our climate will heal thyself as long as we remain good stewards of planet Earth, and I believe we will. Remember the horrific drought in California and the severe one in New England? Virtually gone in short order. To all the well meaning, but gullible out there, just please remember, "the science is never, ever settled" and the weather has been known to be unpredictable. Got it Bunky? Hat tip: to John Hawkins for delivering much needed common sense sanity to an insane climate change hysterical world. Oh yes, hat tip to Donald Trump as well.

Russ Wiles

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