I appreciate the great people at N.H. Employment Security office

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my profound appreciation to those wonderful people at N.H. Employment Security on Union Avenue. Being a physically disabled person I have been faced with a magnitude of obstacles in the past year, both psychically and emotionally. In that abyss of my own depression I found a level of genuine compassion has been extended to me by virtue of the Employment Security staff. They have been insurmountable in restoring my sense of spirit. As some people can be in contemptuous it is easy for one to become disillusioned with the absurdity of self failure. This is not the case at the Laconia Employment Security office. The staff articulates a sense of worthiness to every client who enters, disabled or not. Several programs existed to those in need that are never frivolous in nature. However, they are simplified to meet the needs of the common person such as myself. I am now a perpetual optimist if I may add my own sense of situational humor.

I greatly appreciate this public resource for myself and others. I feel that the best one can do is to share what is available to them. I share my knowledge of the credibility of employment security right here in Laconia. They have a real empathy for people, the basic consensus of endurance, patience and understanding.

Our 37th president spoke of a "silent majority". In essence a pragmatism to the common man, not to forget the common man, but to replenish the hope of stability and belonging to each individual. Employment security offers the hope with the hallmark of the wish for each client to be a contribution to the work force and to themselves.

Matthew Tetreault


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Please review the voter guide available at Belmont Town Hall

To The Daily Sun,

Next Tuesday, March 10, Belmont voters will be asked to consider two Conservation Commission ballot questions.

No. 24 requests authorization for the Conservation Commission to utilize funds dedicated to the Conservation Commission to purchase and preserve land outside the boundaries of the town.

In 2008, the commission with the approval of the selectmen, purchased the 168 acre Andrew Sanborn Farm conservation lot on Durrell Mountain Road. One contiguous lot was located across the Gilford and Gilmanton town lines with the existing road into the lot located in Gilford. At the time, the state law allowed this acquisition to be determined by the commission and the selectmen. That is no longer the case.

No. 25 requests authorization for the commission to utilize dedicated conservation funds for contributions to qualified organizations for the purchase of land that has local or regional importance. A recent example was the highly successful campaign "Everybody Hikes Mt. Major" which has preserved an important recreational area for Belmont residents.

Unless the voters vote yes to Nos. 24 and 25, a Town Meeting hearing would be required prior to the Conservation Commission and selectmen taking action on similar examples for the preservation of important properties.

I have served for 11 years on the Conservation Commission, whose mission is to support and facilitate land protection that maintains the rural character of our town. The commission is comprised of dedicated members who understand the economics and importance of open spaces, working farms and forests. "Cost of community services" studies show that land conservation saves towns money through avoided costs on infrastructure, municipal services likes roads, water supply, waste management, maintaining drinking water, schools, police and fire services. Land stewardship also sustains a desirable community and healthy environment for humans and wildlife for generations to come.

For further information or questions regarding these ballot questions, I encourage Belmont residents to review the Voter's Guide, available at the Town Hall or voting Day, March 10, at the Belmont High School. You can also go on line to www.belmontnh.org or call the Town office at 267-8300.

The commission welcomes new members and invites the public to attend our monthly meetings the first Wednesday of each month, 6:30 p.m. at the Corner Meeting House. Thank you and see you at the polls.

Denise L. Naiva, Member

Belmont Conservation Commission

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Let me tell you about all of the things that I am 'for', not 'against'

To The Daily Sun,

I am running because I am "for" stuff. Some people who are asking for your write in vote are simply "against" stuff. They are "against" attending Alton School Board meetings unless they find the one issue they can rally against. Some are "against" the proposed business model, some are "against" Superintendent Lander, some are "against" former principal Leggett, some are "against" the short time frame used to make the decision, and some are just "against" me. I get it. But where were they when we needed to decide on a $4 million addition, or a $1 million roof, or whether or not to have a lottery for our pre-K, or what our $15 million budget should consist of, or what should be our priorities in developing a long-term strategic plan. They have been "against" attending a single Prospect Mountain High School Board meeting or JMA meeting, or policy meeting? That is a lot of meetings they chose "against" attending.

I am "for" working my posterior off for the kids in Alton. This year I have attended 14 ACS School Board meetings, 13 PMHS School Board meetings, 14 Finance Committee meetings, 12 Building and Grounds meetings, 28 construction meetings, two Selectboard meetings, five or six Budget Committee meetings, three public hearings, two deliberative sessions, 14 contract negotiation meetings, three attorney meetings, one workshop, and 24 manifest reviews. The 98 meetings alone total well over 250 hours not including manifest reviews, preparation time, and three seminars on school board governance. You should not elect me because I work hard, you should not elect me if I didn't.

I am "for" putting our Alton kids first even if that means running our own high school with one superintendent, one business manager, one secretary and Alton's own educational vision. I am also absolutely "for" educating Barnstead's kids at Prospect Mountain through tuition reimbursement. I am "for" paying our teachers a competitive salary so we can retain the best and the brightest. I am "for" protecting our children from fire and abuse. I am "for" a zero no tolerance policy against bullying. I am "for" one-to-one technology in the hands of our kids K-8.

I am "for" not wasting one penny when it comes to making a budgetary decision. I am "for" improving the nutritional value and quality of our lunches by looking at non-traditional models. I am "for" improving our mediocre comparative state test results. I am "for" teaching our kids handwriting and raising the bar on math competency. I am "for" increasing the number of actual instructional days for grades 1 through 8. I am "for" teacher accountability based with thoughtful visionary evaluations. I am "for" nurturing creativity in both art and music. I am "for" getting rid of the lottery and giving every Alton child a seat at the educational table. I am "for" project based learning I am "for" putting a civics curriculum in the middle school. I am "for" giving ACS students the ability to take high school classes and earn high school credits. I am "for" dual college enrollment at PMHS. I am "for" using excess teacher improvement funds to help needy seniors pay for SAT or college application fees. I am "for" making ACS and PMHS the schools of choice for any family contemplating moving into southern or central New Hampshire.

I am "for" highlighting my positions whether popular or not. Most important; I have always been "for" and will always be "for" Alton's kids.

Steve Miller

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Paul Manganiello is own man and will be great on Bristol Selectboard

To The Daily Sun,

As some voters of Bristol may know, I am candidate for re-election to the Budget Committee in Bristol. I have served the past three years with some wonderful people who take Bristol's fiscal matters seriously and dedicate their efforts accordingly. I strongly believe that the town's budget should be deliberated with an open mind, but with strength of conviction especially when it comes to prioritizing the needs vs. wants of departments. I believe you will find that I have balanced this well with my voting record these past three years and hope you will support me as I seek another term.

Serving with me on Budget Committee these last three years was Paul Manganiello. He is a now a candidate for Selectboard. I fully endorse his desire to make a difference for Bristol so I want to share with you my reasons for supporting Paul as our next Selectboard member.

He is his own man. He votes his own conviction. He is mindful of the costs of running the town. He strives to balance the needs of town government with the taxpayer burden. He understands the impact of taxation on households and businesses and its threat to economic development.

I am voting for Paul Manganiello for Selectboard. I hope you will, too.

See you at the polls on March 10.

William "Bill" Cote


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I'm running for Gilmanton Road Agent but I support Article 21

To The Daily Sun,

Gilmanton voters:

My name is Raymond "Mickey" Daigle and I am running for Gilmanton Road Agent. I have lived in Gilmanton for 40 years, operating RM Daigle Excavating here for 38 years.

I was a member of the Gilmanton Corner Fire Department, a member of the Gilmanton Budget Committee and chairman of the Gilmanton Roads Committee. I plowed and worked as a subcontractor on Gilmanton roads for the past three road agents during the 1970s and '80s. I have been active in other town organizations and affairs volunteering time and equipment.

Today the Gilmanton Road Budget is close to $1 million and it is important that the department be efficient, responsive and accountable, and that the value received from existing funding is maximized. I will work cooperatively with selectmen and other departments and encourage support from the roads committee, experienced residents, the Municipal Association and other administrators. I will respond in a timely manner to all contacts.

Working cooperatively with the Roads Committee and other resources we will evaluate existing road infrastructure to develop a long-range plan of work for the community placing the town in a proactive rather than a reactive position. Employees will be supported with appropriate training and licensing. Town facilities will be repaired and maintained. An inventory of town equipment, tools and supplies will be created and maintained.

I would commit the town roads crew to regular/preventative road maintenance and equipment and facilities upkeep. Major equipment repairs would be performed by a qualified, experienced provider. Road reconstruction projects would be adequately designed, proposed through a warrant article for the voters to approve and accomplished through the bid process by companies with the right experience and resources to complete the work efficiently.

I would propose a non-capital reserve fund, expendable by the selectmen, to cover the expenses of unusual winter weather, like this year, so that the funds are not drawn from other important project line items in the budget.

Lastly, I also support Warrant Article 21 to change to an appointed road agent for the purposes of continued accountability and transparency in this key town position. The appointed position would be accountable to the people and the selectmen every day.

The job of road agent is not an easy one, and my choice to run for this position is not a reflection on the existing department administration, but it is my belief that changes are necessary to meet the future needs of the community.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I would appreciate your consideration on March 10. Voting will be held at the Gilmanton School from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Raymond "Mickey" Daigle


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