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George Soros & New World Order are behind what's been going on

To The Daily Sun,

Hey everyone, do any of you really want ("what difference does it make?") Hillary? She is still not in jail where she belongs. Even just as bad is communist Bernie Sanders. Do you really want to pay 92 percent taxes? That is your hard-earned money he wants to take from you. He wants communism in America. How do you think that is going to work for our country?

I think we will not know this country anymore in 20 years. Now we have all those from Syria that we have to take care of. They are demanding everything. Send them back where they came from. We have enough problems to deal with here in our country. How is that going to work for this country?

Donald Trump is right in what he says. He is our voice of what we think and say. Jeb Bush should go home. Have we had enough of the same old same? Also both sides are to blame for not doing what they promised. Obama? Well that is another story all by itself. You all know what that is all about. George Soros is behind most of what is going on. It is called the new world order. Too many things wrong to mention. We all know what they are.

Sanders, Clinton, and Jeb Bush. Are you kidding me? They are all tied to the special interests. Why all this money for votes? Why not just the votes? Then, just maybe, we will not have the corruption we are all seeing in this country. It is a shame to see our country go down the tubes. We will become a third world-country.

Anna DeRose

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My monthly water bill is almost 100% higher than it was in 2012

To The Daily Sun,

More than 300 persons living in Belmont and Bow communities, many of them senior citizens on fixed incomes, face drastic water and sewer cost increases if the New Hampshire PUC approves Abenaki Water Company's current rate request.

As a Abenaki customer living in the former Briarcrest community and only 200 feet from Laconia water and sewer lines, you would think engineers would have linked our water and sewer together and keep the needed revenues here in New Hampshire. No, it is a complicated situation today causing dissatisfied customers, bloated water and sewer rates and revenues being paid to a Connecticut company.

Of course, my wife and I could move back to the Nutmeg State, but that's not going to happen and that wouldn't solve a very complicated problem. Actually, in June 2012 we here in Belmont paid about $43 a month for our water and sewer fees. This month's bill from Abenaki was $84.80 — almost a 100 percent increase.

Having worked as a manager for a responsible and dedicated public service firm in Connecticut several years ago, we were lucky to get a 7 percent service rate increase. Of course, times and conditions have changed, but an accumulated 100 percent jump in your monthly sewer and water bill does call for concern and action by the PUC.

We know there's no easy solution to this clouded water and sewer rate case, but we are heartened to hear that State Senator Andrew Hosmer (who attended our Briarcrest meeting last week) is interested in our plight and plans to pursue this rate increase problem with the PUC. If we are to curb this unfair water and sewer increase, we should urge affected customers and local commercial firms to share our concerns with letters to the editors, contact our state officials and attend PUC meetings.

Hugh Baird

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