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Home inspection should be separated from real estate agents

To The Daily Sun,

In 2010, New Hampshire enacted home inspector legislation to set minimum standards for inspectors. If consumer protection was the goal, it has fallen short.

If people who have a vested interest in selling property, (i.e. real estate agents) are allowed to control the home inspector selection process, are buyers really being protected? Should someone who has a vested interest in selling a property be advising potential buyers as to which home inspectors to use or not use or how much to pay for inspection services? Whose best interest is being served by an agent referred home inspector, the agent or home buyer?

Massachusetts recognized this conflict of interest of home inspectors trying to win favor with agents, for continued client referrals from the agents. In 2001 Massachusetts amended the real estate licensing law to help prevent this conflict of interest. Part of that law appears below.

"At the time of the signing of the first written contract to purchase, real estate brokers and salesmen, or the seller if no broker or salesperson is involved in the sale, shall distribute a brochure, published by the office of consumer affairs and business regulations, educating consumers about the home inspection process. Real estate brokers and salesmen shall not directly recommend a specific home inspection company or home inspector but may, upon request, provide a complete list of licensed home inspectors prepared by the board."

Similar legislation is overdue for New Hampshire. For more information regarding this issue, please visit www.independentinspectors.org

Dennis Robitaille


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Bargaining with terrorists for release of alleged deserter was error

To The Daily Sun,

Over the weekend, Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl was released in an exchange for his release for five Gitmo prisoners.

I am a mother and would do anything to bring my son home, but was this a huge error in judgment?

CNN reported that some of his closest fellow soldiers said he deserted. One soldier said Bergdahl left his post with a compass, a knife, water a digital camera and a diary. At least six American soldiers lost their lives searching for him.

Non-disclosure agreements were signed by soldiers in the same squad as Bergdahl, and are breaking the agreement to tell the truth about him. They describe him as a deserter.

The president signed into law last year that Secretary of Defense 30 days prior to release telling them the reason and assurances would be made that those released would not be able to go back to a life that would hurt American security. This law was not followed. Congress was not told. Again our president has broken U.S. law — a law he himself signed. Is it time for the president to be impeached?

We released five prisoners to get one back. It seems to be a little lopsided five to one. The U.S. is not very good in negotiating any more.

The five worst of Gitmo's terrorists were released to Qatar. How many American soldiers died or were hurt to capture these terrorists? These terrorists will be banned by the Qatari government from traveling outside of Qatar. Does anyone think they will not think of sneaking out and actually leave the country?

Marine Tahmooressi took a wrong turn and ended up in Mexico. He called 911 and they said they could not help him. Mexico is an ally. The president could call Mexico's president and get our marine back with a phone call and not give up anything. . .  Let alone five terrorists. But is the White House doing anything? Not that I have heard or read.

But what does our president do? He breaks a law he signed and brings back an alleged deserter.

I think this is horrible and a slap in the face to our troops. If you were a terrorist, what would you do, to get Gitmo prisoners released? What would you do to get America to do what you wanted? Kidnap an American soldier or citizen? This trade puts our soldiers in harm's way. Just think most of our troops are leaving Afghanistan. But some will be left behind. Almost 10,000. And this is just the troops in Afghanistan. We have troops all over the world. The President just put a target on their backs.

Sargent Bowe Bergdahl must be investigated and if warranted put on trial for desertion. If he is not a deserter, then let the court rule that way.

I have much more respect for our troops, their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons. . .

Linda Riley


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Thanks to businesses that helped I-L concession stand at state meet

To The Daily Sun,

The Inter-Lakes High School Class of 2016 extends its gratitude and appreciation to the following local businesses that contributed to our concession stand at the Division III Track Meet held this past Saturday: E.M. Heath's Supermarket, Louie's Famous Pizza, Meredith Station, and the Meredith Dunkin Donuts.

We also wish to thank all of the parents who donated items, the students who worked the concession stand, the I-LHS DI team, the I-LHS custodial staff, and all who purchased items from us. A special thanks goes out to Jonathan Barry and Steve Ainsworth who worked the grill all day.

We are very fortunate to live in a such a supportive community.

Inter-Lakes High School

Class of 2016


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Now I know, replace that tattered U.S. flag with a new one

To The Daily Sun,

It was a long winter for all of us; we all took a beating. But what really took a beating was the flag on my flag pole. I usually buy a new one every year before the 4th. Having grown up near the coast, it's not uncommon to see a tattered flag flapping in the wind. What I didn't know, and found out Memorial Day morning when a USMC vet stopped in front of my home and told me, I should be ashamed for displaying our flag in such a state. I told him a 40 dollar flag was not in the budget this month, he said, "I will drop one by". Two days later this USMC vet showed up at my home with a 3X5 original cloth flag.

I was initially mad that this person would stop in front of my home and question my patriotism but then I wondered how many more vets were insulted driving by. Honor is the only word that comes to mind.

Tom Sellew

Lochmere (Tilton)

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Finally, the President of the United States is acting; he gave another speech

To The Daily Sun,

It's only Wednesday, and already this week two more screw-ups hit the news.

CIA bureau chief in Kabul was outed by the White House (by error) but still now a target is on him, his family and associates.

Next the State Department promotes the website of a radical Muslim cleric, Sheik Abdallah Ben Bayyah, because he came out against the kidnapping of those girls in Nigeria. Problem is Ben Bayyah is vice president of a radical Muslim scholars group and he issued a faqua to kill American solders and civilian personal in Iraq. The White House issued an oops. This bunch running things down in D.C. are looking more and more like Third World talent. It's embarrassing.

There's also an inspector general report which now says there were 140 preventable deaths due to VA's "Drop dead List."

Finally the president is acting. He gave another speech. We will wait til next month to read the report of the investigation. Then after Congress breaks for a week in June takes the month of August off, he and they will get right down to work on it. When? ... in September? Probably too late for those who will die between now and then anyway, but maybe a few thereafter?

Then I just have to ask what can they really do? Unless dramatic reforms are begun then things will just go back to business as usual as soon as the heat is off.

What needs to happen is criminal charges need to be brought and a law passed to allow the firing of VA personnel who can't or won't do their jobs. That would mean bucking the unions though. Anyone willing to hold their breath?

I got a card in the mail today from a liberal who apparently doesn't care for my letters in the paper. After the name-calling the guy apparently thinks we need to "end vet welfare" (his words). Can't make this stuff up either James V.

Steve Earle


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