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Throughout its history, Birch Society has defamed all U.S. leaders

To The Daily Sun,

Contrary to what A.C.R. Piper wrote in his recent letter, the reason why "the media does not report on the John Birch Society" is NOT (as Piper claims) "because it is the most pro-American organization in America."

Virtually the entire conservative movement in our country has rejected and denounced the Birch Society as a right-wing extremist organization which has no credibility.

For many decades, JBS founder Robert Welch and other JBS officials declared that the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover was our nation's most knowledgeable, authoritative, and reliable source of factual information about internal security matters and about what constituted effective anti-communism.

It is very significant, therefore, that FBI investigative files falsify virtually every major JBS argument and senior officials of the FBI (including Hoover) described the JBS in internal memos as "extremist," "irrational," "irresponsible" and "lunatic fringe."

For example:
At the very time that the JBS was stating that the United States was 60-80 percent "under Communist influence and control," J. Edgar Hoover responded to inquiries about that JBS claim by declaring: "The Communist Party in this country has attempted to infiltrate and subvert every segment of our society, but its continuing efforts have not achieved success of any substance. Too many self-styled experts on communism, without valid credentials and without any access whatsoever to classified factual data regarding the inner workings of the conspiracy, have engaged in rumor-mongering and hurling false and wholly unsubstantiated allegations against persons whose views differ from their own. This is dangerous business. It is divisive and unintelligent, and makes more difficult the task of the professional investigator." (Hoover statement in Feb. 5, 1962, letter to Mrs. W.R. Brown of Bountiful Utah; also published as letter-to-editor in Tri-Cities Daily newspaper of Sheffield, Ala., on Sunday March 31, 1963. Copy of Hoover letter in FBI HQ file 94-1-369, serial #1676).

When Hoover testified before the Warren Commission, he was asked a question about an article published in the JBS magazine at that time. Hoover chose to ignore that specific question in order to make a larger point about the JBS. Hoover declared: "I think the extreme right is just as much a danger to the freedom of this country as the extreme left. There are groups, organizations, and individuals on the extreme right who make these very violent statements, allegations that General Eisenhower was a communist, disparaging references to the chief justice, and at the other end of the spectrum you have these leftists who make wild statements charging almost anybody with being a fascist or belonging to some of these so-called extreme right societies.

"Now, I have felt, and I have said publicly in speeches, that they are just as much a danger, at either end of the spectrum. They don't deal with facts. Anybody who will allege that General Eisenhower was a Communist agent, has something wrong with him." (Warren Commission testimony, Volume 5, page 101)

And, later, Hoover was even more explicit: "Personally, I have little respect for the head of the John Birch Society since he linked the names of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower, the late John Foster Dulles, and former CIA Director Allen Dulles with communism." (HQ 62-104401, #2381, 11/20/64 and HQ 100-114578-152, October 22, 1965 and 62-104401, #3865, 3/24/72.)

As these quotations illustrate the reason why our media has generally ignored the Birch Society is not because the JBS is "the most pro-American organization in America" but, instead, because for its entire history the Birch Society has attacked and defamed virtually all of our national leaders (Republicans and Democrats) and our government officials and it has circulated malicious falsehoods about all sorts of matters — and that also is why virtually the entire conservative movement has rejected the Birch Society.

Prominent conservative Americans who have denounced the JBS include: Sen. Barry Goldwater, Sen. John Tower, Cong. Walter Judd, General Albert C. Wedemeyer, Russell Kirk, Eugene Lyons, Willmoore Kendall, James Burnham, Robert Bork, J. Edgar Hoover, Herbert Philbrick, Frank S. Meyer, Cong. Gordon H. Scherer, William F. Buckley Jr., Patrick Buchanan, Fred Schwarz, Lee Edwards, the editors of the conservative newspaper, Human Events, George Sokolsky, Roy Cohn, and Anthony Bouscaren.

In addition, even many former Birchers (some of whom were lifetime members, National Council members, JBS coordinators, major writers for JBS magazines, and/or major financial contributors to the JBS, nevertheless became JBS critics. For example: Alan Stang, Gary Allen, Milorad Draskovich, John Rees, Don Fotheringham, Wayne Rickert, Charles Provan, William Norman Grigg, and even Mrs. Robert Welch, and many many more.

For additional factual information based, primarily upon FBI investigative files, see:

Ernie Lazar

Palm Springs, Calif.

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Have a little respect for the president & the 62M who voted for him

To The Daily Sun,

I think I can speak for at least half of this paper's readership concerning recent letters written by James Veverka. I do not read much beyond his first couple of sentences when he starts out by calling our president; "Trumpenfuhrer," implying that Trump is like someone who was responsible for the murders of millions of people.

Citing poll numbers about how many people like or dislike Trump or how many want him impeached is pointless. The only poll that mattered was taken on Nov. 8, 2016.

Being president is not about trying to be popular, it's about effectively governing the country. Trump is fighting a tough battle on several fronts because the media, the Democrats and even some Republicans try to undermine his actions on a daily basis.

All the protesting, property destruction and hate letters are not going to bring back Obama, and Hillary is not going to be crowned president. If the people who didn't vote for Trump can ever get over their temper tantrum and come to grips with the fact that he will be president for at least the next four years, the country would be a bit better off.

I get it, James, that you dislike Trump and are unable to accept the election results, but it was your favorite president who said, "elections have consequences," and who also said that the election was a vote about his policies. If you want to have some credibility and have people read your letters, it would help to stop insulting and berating those who have a different point of view and to have some respect for the president and the 62 million Americans who voted for him.

Dennis Robitaille


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