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Ruth Gulick doesn't seem all that interested in her community

To The Daily Sun,

I have been a resident of New Hampton since 2009 and prior to this current election cycle, I had never heard of Ruth Gulick, even though she was the District 1 — New Hampton and Center Harbor — state representative for two terms from 2010 to 2014. She is once again running to try to take back this seat.

In contrast, during the past two years that Valerie Fraser has been our state representative, she has been extremely visible, active and helpful to her constituents. There have been numerous community issues that have been of concern to my husband and me, prompting us to attend selectmen meetings, NHDOT and other public meetings. Without fail, Valerie was in attendance to address these issues and speak on behalf of her constituents. Valerie's actions and attentiveness regarding the concerns of the towns and the constituents she represents, and her assistance in finding successful solutions to those concerns is, in my estimation, the literal definition of "actions speak louder than words."

On the other hand, where was Ruth Gulick? I do not recall her in attendance at any of the meetings referred to above and most recently she was completely absent in making her voice heard in support of literally "hundreds" of residents from New Hampton and Center Harbor in their efforts to save a historic local bridge that was in jeopardy of demolition.

I do not know Ms. Gulick, and cannot speak to her motivation in seeking this seat. However, due to her lack of interest and support of the issues of her fellow community members and neighbors, there should be concern among her potential constituents having her as our representative.

In this current political climate full of partisan politicians, Valerie is different. Valerie's actions prove she listens to and works for all of her constituents. Valerie is a completely bipartisan, active, energetic and effective representative for us in the New Hampshire House. Our communities would certainly be at a loss without Valerie Fraser as our representative for District 1. Please cast your vote for her on Nov. 8.

Julie Richelson
New Hampton

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Please note: Ashland electric rates have not changed since 2010

To The Daily Sun,

Allegations have been leveled against the Ashland Electric Department, in your paper dated Oct. 15. We would like to set the record straight.

The referenced flag pole would have a grand total cost of approximately 20 cents a month for 500 KWH or $2.40 for a period of one year. A small price to pay for something as symbolic as the American flag. We have received many comments about how proud our ratepayers are and their contribution. The original intent was for the Ashland Electric Department to operate and maintain the flag and pole. However, the Ashland Board of Selectmen has voted to take control out of our hands.

We have approximately $500,000 worth of vehicles and materials sitting outside and slowly deteriorating. Our new building can stop this process. The Electric Department is a franchise, as is the Ashland Water & Sewer Departments. Within RSA 38:2, backed by RSA 35:15, the commissioners can name themselves as agents and can then expend capital reserve monies as needed without a vote of the people. This is not the case with the Board of Selectmen.

As to the North Ashland Road Project, had the selectmen not confiscated over $430,000 in 1999 from the Electric Department, the transfer from the old poles, wires and transformers to the new poles would have been completed within the five-year estimate. Then it was asked of the voters to forgive this debt that the general fund owed the Electric Department Fund, in 2001, in violation of state law.

We do not butt our noses into other business of the town. Why do others persist in butting into ours as our rates are for all intents and purposes the lowest in the state and maybe New England. Please also note, our rates have not changed since 2010.

Sandra Coleman, Chair
Daniel Vaughn, Member
David Fucarile, Member

Town of Ashland

Electric Department


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