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I need your help in identifying our region's true 'local legends'

To the Editor:

I have been pleased and encouraged in recent works as people from around the area have contacted me about people who could be considered for our new book Legendary Locals of the Lakes Region.

But I've also been surprised that there are some towns and communities that I not reached out to me yet - and I'm only weeks away from submitted my manuscript. We're looking to for people - artists, athletes, government officials, business owners, community leaders, etc. – who have had (or who are now having) a significant impact on the Lakes Region, or on a particular town or community. We're especially interested the heartwarming, the tragic and the quirky – both well-known people as well as "unsung." (It's important that photo images of the people are amiable, i.e., the rights can be readily obtains.)

As I move towards the final draft, I'm excited about who we have - well-known "local legends" and a good count of unusual people that even may locals may have known.

So - especially if you live in Holderness, Tilton, Northfield, Wolfeboro, Ossipee - please contact me immediately if you think you know of someone who could be considered a "legendary local". My email address is raycarbone@metrocastl, and the phone number is (603) 520--6964.

Thank you for your consideration.

Ray Carbone

Carbone Productions

P.O. Box 1681


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Lives & livelihoods are at stake; this is just reprehensible

To The Daily Sun,

Whose interests is the Executive Committee of the Belknap County Delegation representing? Certainly not those of the Belknap County nursing home residents.

Belknap County has an obligation, and honor, to provide its nursing home residents with the best care possible. The county also must facilitate the nursing home staff's capacity to do the best job they can.

When the Executive Committee of the Belknap County Delegation — Reps. Burchell, Comtois, Flanders, Greenmore, Tilton, Vadney, and Worsman — obstructs the county and the nursing home's ability to perform this job they are acting out of petty self-importance. They are not looking out for the best interests of the Belknap County Nursing home residents.

This latest skirmish between the Executive Committee and the commissioners is reprehensible. When the commissioners and the county administrator inform the Executive Committee that they are not available on a planned meeting date, the Executive Committee holds it anyway. When one of the commissioners speaks out about the impending crisis affecting both the nursing home and the jail, Chairman Tilton simply shrugs.

Lives and livelihoods are at stake. This is not the way to run county government, by personal agenda and intimidation. This kind of hijinks has characterized the interaction between the majority on the Belknap County Delegation and the commissioners for far too long. Two of those Representatives, Greenmore and Worsman, are not running for re-election but one of them, Burchell, is seeking to be elevated to county commissioner status. It is time to change the membership and attitude of those responsible for running our county government.

Lew Henry

Gilmanton Iron Works

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Chrisiantity under assault on many fronts, including in our schools

To The Daily Sun,

Can a person who follows the news be serious about claiming ignorance about such a vital issue for this nation? Such is my bewilderment with the question that Marty Valengavich had for Bob Meade about any evidence that Christians have been under attack. Only Mr. Valengavich knows if he was being naive or disingenuous. Mr. Meade has given Marty a website with volumes of examples of Christian persecution. However, I thought I would assist Mr. Meade by helping bring Mr. Valengavich out of the darkness and into the light. Seems like the Christian thing to do.

Public schools are increasingly banning songs and music containing references to Santa Claus, Jesus and other Christmas symbols. The New York City school system will not permit Christian nativity scenes, while Jewish menorahs and Muslim stars and crescents are deemed appropriate. One school district said that the historical documents, "The Declaration of Independence" and "The Rights of the Colonists" by Samuel Adams were inadmissible because they contained references to God and Christianity. A recent column by Walter Williams contains these references.

Last month in Dyer County, Tenn. (CNN), high school senior Kendra Turner said "bless you" to a classmate and was given an in school suspension for what her teacher described as "being disruptive and aggressive." At Springs Charter School in Temecula, Calif., a book entitled, "The Hiding Place" was deemed inappropriate because it had a Christian message. It is a biography of Corrie ten Boom, a Dutch Christian who was imprisoned by the Germans for helping Jews escape the Holocaust. Purging of such books has been declared a violation of the First Amendment. This according to a 1982 Supreme Court ruling - Board of Education, Islands Trees Union Free School District No. 26 v. Pico.

Todd Starnes who brought this information to light wonders if writings by Martin Luther King Jr. will be next. He notes with great alarm that book banning is just one step from book burning. Anyone frightened by the very cruel irony of the banning of "The Hiding Place" in a school library?

A radical, anti-Christian organization, Freedom from Religion Foundation that Mr. Meade referenced, claims that a 14-inch cross at the base of a carved monument that honors veterans is un-American because it is located in a state park. Peter Heck believes that George Washington just might be better qualified to decide what is un-American. He goes to his farewell address. "Of all the habits and dispositions which lead to political prosperity, Christian religion and morality are indispensable supports." Washington goes on to say, "Reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality will prevail in exclusion of religious principle."

Peter goes on to explain that when common morality disappears, then immoral people will abuse their freedoms to hurt others. Government then is forced to grow to make more laws and punish more people. In the process, freedom and liberty begin to erode. Does that description ring anybody's liberty bell today? Shouldn't we think that removing these moral foundations is what should be labeled as un-patriotic?

A new book, "Credentialed to Destroy," by Robin Eubanks reports that in addition to the more obvious attempts at attacking Christianity, a more spiritual or psychological method is now being used to "numb the souls." Robin states, "the destruction to the ability to think well or read or know much was intentional." Bruce Deitrick Price says that this is an example of the myopic ruling class creating cognitive dissonance among students and then think they can keep a smart culture going as they dumb down the citizens. Aren't intellectual elites of a secular, non-religious and socialist ideology just wonderful?

Bruce says that Jules Benda makes that crystal clear in his book, "Treason of Intellectuals." Gary Wolf's review of the book tells us, "the intellectual class of modern times has abandoned its historic role of being a voice for justice, fairness, liberty and freedom of inquiry." In its place is a "crass subservience to ideology."

So Mr. Valengavich, it seems that Christianity is under assault on many fronts and none more vital than within our educational system. Bruce notes that visible attacks include banning of prayer, censorship of Christmas themes, use of textbooks that hide religion's role in the country's history and outright impugning of the religion. All this while discreetly adding the study of Islamic religion to the exclusion of other religions. While we all wait to see if Christians will be able to defend themselves against this all out assault, let's see if this will be enough information to bring Mr. Valengavich out of the darkness and into the light. I certainly hope so because we Christians could really use your help Marty.

Russ Wiles


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Moultonborough Monte Carlo Night set for Oct. 4 at the Lions Club

To The Daily Sun,

If you are looking for an entertaining night out with food, drink and fun games of chance that will also help to raise needed funds for a local institution, look no further than the 2014 Moultonborough Historical Society Monte Carlo Night on Saturday, Oct. 4, at the Lions Club on Old Route 109 in Moultonborough, from 6 to 10 p.m.

The Historical Society would like to thank the many local businesses that generously sponsored the production of this fifth annual event, including Action Sports & Physical Therapy, A Plus Alarms & Entertainment Systems, At The Lake Vacation Rentals, Berry Pond Motel, Center Harbor Dock & Pier LLC (all types of docks & floats), Electrical Installations, Inc. (Engineering, Construction. Control Systems), Good Neighbor Services (Hauling, Recycling, Door Step Service), El Mariachi (authentic Mexican cuisine), R. M. Hammond Excavation, Integrated Water Systems (filters, softeners & pumps), Interlakes Family Dental, Lake Winnipesaukee Home Theater Company, Lamprey Real Estate Associates, Larsons's Auto Service (hydraulic hoses made), Mark Richter Repair (small engine sales & service), Melcher & Prescott Insurance, Murphy's Village Store, Nancy Goss Associates LLC (tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll), Northern Woods (tree service and excavation), Ossipee Mountain Electronics (sales, installation service for wireless communications and emergency vehicle equipment), Oxton Landscaping & Property Care, R.N. Peaslee & Sons (general contractors and custom home builders), Penta General Contractors, Red Hill Self Storage (moving & packing supplies), Redwood Technologies LLC (inkjet design professionals), Smitty Plumbing &Heating LLC (master plumber), Tedeschi Food Shops; J.E. Thomas & Son Artesian Well Co. Inc., Winnipesaukee Bay Gulls (bagels made fresh daily), Zelek & Associates (financial services).

With support at this level, it's sure to be a wonderful event, and we thank them all very much for their generosity to help the Historical Society preserve the history of our town for future generations.

Tickets are $25 per person, and there will be a delicious buffet dinner, BYOB, followed by fun games of chance including craps, roulette, blackjack, and Texas Hold 'Em. For more information, please call Fran Vincent at 253-6250, or visit the Society's website at www.MoultonboroughHistory.org, where you can purchase your tickets and pay using PayPal.

Tickets are also available at Lamprey Real Estate, 253-8131, and at the Lamprey House Museum, open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. This is the fifth annual Monte Carlo Night, and we hope that once again it will be loads of fun, with proceeds to benefit the Historical Society.

Kathleen Garry, Judith Ryerson, Barbara Perry, Fran Vincent, Mary Lamprey Bare, Jane Rice, Dick Plaisted, Evelyn Lamprey, Sherry Lively, Betsy Patten, Tracey Russett, Josiah Bartlett, Samuel Perry, Barbara Perry and Norman Atkinson


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Interlakes Community Caregivers in need of volunteer drivers

To The Daily Sun,

Will you give your neighbor a ride to Laconia?

Interlakes Community Caregivers is in urgent need of additional volunteers to provide transportation to local appointments.

Our nonprofit volunteer organization provides a variety of non-medical supportive services to aid people in their daily lives. The No. 1 request from our neighbors is a ride to medical appointments in Laconia, Gilford and Meredith.

Volunteer when it is convenient for you and when it fits your schedule. There are a number of opportunities available with flexibility to meet anyone's schedule.

The next volunteer training session will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 8, at 9:30 a.m. at the ICCI office. The Volunteer Education Manual can be provided in advance for your review.

We need your help. Your neighbor needs your help. Help us to help them remain independent by providing simple but all important supportive services. For more information, visit our website at www.interlakescommunitycaregivers.org.

Call or email me with your questions at 253-9275, ext. 4 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

You can make a difference.

Ann Sprague


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