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Neither party speaks for me; time is ripe for formation of a third

To The Daily Sun,

I was a Republican for 35 years. Their beliefs were basically mine, with a few exceptions. Then something changed, and the nuttiness began. Now, it might just be me, but it seemed to coincide with the rise of the Tea Party. It seemed that their ultra conservative core beliefs were paramount and all else secondary, including those of the United States. Shutting down the government was okay as long as it forwarded their agenda. It just seemed that the party was first and foremost and the good of the United States became a distant second.

As the nuttiness continued, I then realized they no longer spoke for me, and I left the Republican Party and became an independent. The sillier they got, and the more people deserted the ranks, the angrier I got. So angry in fact that I went over to the dark side and became a Democrat. In hindsight, this was a really silly thing to do. Oh, well.

Some of the things that bothered me about the Democratic platform is the rank hypocrisy of some of the views. Yes, it is certainly a good thing to take care of the children on the one hand, but on the other, when they become inconvenient before they are born, it's okay to kill them in an abortion. The other thing that bothered me is Democrats have always been the party of labor. Unions and every labor organization are strong for the Democrats.

Then why are they so hell-bent on getting rid of the jobs. That is in NAFTA and the TPP. Where the factories are closing in the United States and moving to third-world countries. The sole design here is to move jobs out of the United States. This in essence feeds into big business where their profits are always first and labor is much cheaper in the Third World. Yes, that means cheaper goods here. But, without a job, who is going to buy the cheaper goods? So tell me, all you rocket scientists in the political world, have you figured this one out yet?

Some of the things that bothered me about the Republicans is they were always for big business first. Now they are for only for big business. There is absolutely no pretense at all that they are for anything else. To quote a line from Hollywood, "Show me the money." They are for tax breaks for big corporations. Hey, how about "we the people" and how about a tax break for us? No thanks.

Another idiotic thing I keep hearing is free trade. Republicans are all about free trade. Hey Einstein, free trade only works when it is free both ways. Yes, we import iPhones from Asia and we pay no tariff, but when we export a Ford to China, boy do we pay a tariff to get it there. What's free about that? And, Paul Ryan, Abraham Lincoln was for tariffs, he was not for free trade.

During the short time I was a Democrat, I voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary. Of all the candidates on both sides of the isle, he was the closest one to meet my views. I was excited that he managed to take most of the Democratic vote here in New Hampshire. Little did I know at the time that taking most of the popular votes meant nothing. The fix was in and most of the "super delegates" went to Hillary. Once I saw this happen, goodbye Democratic Party, hello independent again.

I went to one of the Bernie Sanders' rallies here in New Hampshire. It was magic. There were a lot of young, college-age people there and the atmosphere was electric. You saw this at the convention among the Sanders delegates. In the end, he sold out. He became just another Democrat. Yes, he did change some of the platform of the Democratic Party, but in my mind and I am sure it seems so to many of his supporters, he sold out. Such a waste. It could have been so much more. To see all of his supporters and all the young people, energized for the first time for ideals and a movement, then to be told to just step in line and vote for Hillary. Unconscionable! No wonder the young folks just don't vote. Sorry Hillary, I just don't see that happening.

It just seems to me, and the more people I talk to, the more I get the same answer is that neither one of these parties speaks for me. In what I read and hear, they also do not speak for a large portion of the people of the United States. I cite as my proof, the popularity of both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. The political insiders sure did a number on Bernie Sanders and they are trying to do the same to Donald Trump. So far they haven't been able to do much damage to Donald Trump.

The time is right for the formation for a third political party. By third party, I mean an equal to the stature and pull of both the Republicans and Democrats. Not a fringe, (read that "wing-nut," as we in the Army used to say) party like the Green or Libertarian parties. Bernie Sanders would have been an ideal candidate to start that party. That is, until he sold out to the Democrats. The ideas and the people certainly are there, and as Sanders has proven, so is the money. The only thing it lacks is a leader. So who do we look to?

So, who do we vote for? Me, I will never, ever vote for Hillary. If Trump can just stop shooting his mouth off, I will vote for him. However, I have not ruled out writing in Bozo The Clown. Compared to Hillary, could he be that bad?

Martin Kearney

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Glen understands operation of county government; join me in voting for him

To The Daily Sun,

I'm writing to express my support for Glen Waring for Belknap County commissioner.

As the county treasurer, I had the opportunity to work directly with Glen when he was the county's finance director. I found him to be very knowledgeable, professional, and effective in the position and easy to collaborate with. Glen kept an open mind with regard to my suggestions and I was able to rely on him to get me accurate answers when I had questions. He was a valuable resource to me and was sorry to see him leave the county's employment.

Glen's experience managing the Finance Department for the county has taught him what the county commissioner position can do to help the organization provide services better, to continue to reduce public tax expenditures, and to keep the public informed. He has the knowledge, education, and experience to lead the county.

It would be refreshing to return to a time when politics does not interfere with the provision of necessary and often emergency public services. Glen knows how to get the job done without promoting a personal political agenda through the office of the commissioners. He knows how to work through all the "red tape" and where it can be reduced. He understands the benefits of collaborating with town and city officials to reduce the overall tax burden on the public.

In summary, Glen understands the operation of our county government, he understands the financial impacts, he understands local taxation systems, and he's motivated to bring about positive change. If you live in Belknap County District 2 (Barnstead, Belmont, Gilmanton and Tilton), I hope you will vote Glen Waring for Belknap County commissioner on Sept. 13.

Michael G. Muzzey
Belknap County Treasurer

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