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Thanks Tilton voters for having confidence in my ability & experience

To The Daily Sun,

Thank you Tilton residents for braving Stella on Tuesday to cast your votes.

I especially want to express my gratitude for your having the confidence in my ability and experience to continue to be your Town Clerk Tax Collector for another three years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Cindy Reinartz


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2% of Inter-Lakes voters participated in this democracy 'demonstration'

To The Daily Sun,

In her March 17 letter to the editor, Paula Trombi asserts the school district meeting as "one where democracy was demonstrated to its finest." I would hardly describe the Inter-lakes annual school district meeting a meeting where democracy ruled.

Most of the 121 voters who attended the meeting were teachers, administrators and family members. Only those who would benefit from the increased spending attended. Meredith has approximately 5,500 registered voters and population of roughly 6,400 people. That is 2 percent of the registered voters and 1.9 percent of the total population. That is not democracy, it is special interest voting.

While we have seen a huge reduction in the number of students attending we have never seen a reduction in spending by the Inter-Lakes School District. While our retirees received a 0.5 percent increase in their income and everyone else has seen huge increases in health insurance costs, it appears to make no difference to the Inter-Lakes School Board or its employees.

You may be asking why don't more people attend? I can attest to the abuse voters and their families receive for disagreeing with any item in their local budgets. That's not democracy that is "crushing democracy" and is shameful.
Colette Worsman

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