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Tell reps what effect health insurance changes would have on you

To The Daily Sun,

What ever happened to “government FOR the PEOPLE?” How could our current president possible consider “just let Obamacare fail,” with blatant disregard for all the lives and businesses which might be lost by that tactic?

I furthermore seriously question how it is that so many members of Congress who claim to value the sanctity of life, actually back all these various health care proposals which could harm so many? If one values Life, how about working to figure out how to take care of the currently living by guaranteeing health care to all, no matter one’s age, monetary means, or pre-existing conditions?

When I hear Speaker Ryan and others extolling how the “free market system” will be best, I wonder two major things: 1. Have they never been financially stressed? 2. Have they never had to contend with a serious health issue? The free-market system works well for many things, but it totally depends on the individual having the money to buy the product. It’s fine to forgo eating out at an expensive restaurant or getting a new piece of clothing if you don’t have the money, but if your child develops cancer, you will want the best possible health care no matter what. And when a family is dealing with a serious health crisis, emotions running high, it is so difficult to analyze all the possible options for care, much less try to shop around for the cheapest MRI. And remember, it is the “free market system” that has brought us Big Pharma and the $300+ epi-pen.

Keep your eyes on the ball. With all the drama swirling around President Trump, it is easy to lose track of some very important changes transpiring that could affect our lives for years. While I’m not sure what the health care revision status will be by the time this is published, the threat of harm to many of us will still be on the table. Call your representatives to let them know what impact it would have on you. Thank those who have been representing us well. Contact Governor Sununu who, as a Republican governor, could have some influence on the outcome. Tell your story to others. Stand up for our future!

Anne Onion

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I am deeply humbled by the support we've received in District 9 so far

To The Daily Sun,

On July 18, Democrats, independents and conservatives tired with what they've seen in Washington in Concord went in mass to the polls on an off, off year election in the middle of the summer to write in a vote for issues. They voted for their community, they voted past the noise in Concord and Washington. They cast #avoteforus, and that's what they got in me.

It's important to me that I thank everyone that came out and supported us, because it was a team effort. I am one voter. It was two hundred concerned citizens that given one choice, demanded another. I am extremely humbled by the mandate that I was given, but our work is not done. Over the next month, the GOP nominee will continue to campaign about how I'm "untested" and "too young," while I'll talk about issues like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, health care, and the economic boom we need to save the community. The GOP nominee will continue to prove he has no positive message by simply attacking me personally and I will continue to knock on doors, and engage with residents, while gaining the bi-partisan support needed to be an effective legislator. The GOP will continue to have the support of the political establishment he plans to work on behalf of, while I show residents they're my concern, and not the lobbyists in Concord.

Whether your a Republican, Democrat, or independent, I hope to get to as many residents as I can, to ensure they get an unfiltered explanation of my platform, and I hope to see you soon.

Thank you once again, I am deeply humbled by the support we've received to far, and I look forward to building on that.

Joshua Adjutant

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