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Am I ‘a deplorable?’ I guess I’ve been one for my whole life

To The Daily Sun,

I was asked the other day if I was "a deplorable," hadn't thought about it before but understanding the question I answered, "Guess I've been one all my life," and we had a good laugh.

People have gotten the impression that I'm many different things, even religious, which seems quite odd.

Several years back I read an article about a new "disorder" recognized by the learned mental health specialist, those studied elitists that are shaping and writing the narrative of the new sectarian gospel.

More specifically, the industry of pharmacological treatment of our school age children (in 2014 numbering 6 million – daily). This disorder/syndrome/illness they believe would serve at least another 2 million school-age children. What's the problem — daydreaming, inattentiveness. It is termed sluggish cognitive tempo (S.C.T), and, not surprisingly, Eli Lilly had a drug on hand to deal with it.

Way, way back in the second grade, my report card stated, "Gerald could do better if he tried." I was labeled with all sorts of names through school and out of school. I don't even want to think about what or who I'd be, had they had the drug back then.

I've never aspired to be (anyone) but myself, and I must say that I am at 72 exactly that. I've worked different jobs, have title to many family names, have skills and abilities all without having been legally drugged.

The label deplorable is somewhat like the label Yankee, a negative term for colonial Dutch, and for the rebelling colonist in the war of independence which was accepted and worn proudly through the years.

G.W. Brooks


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Trump Foundation is no charity; it’s a money-laundering front

To The Daily Sun,

Donald Trump spoke to an audience of supporters last Thursday evening at the Laconia Middle School. We need to highlight a few of his quotes which were stated during this get-together:

1) "We're going to stop all of the problems you have, we're going to stop them."

Trump also vowed to replace 2) "a policy of globalism with Americanism."

He further stated 3)"I will fight for every neglected part of this nation."

Massive amount of facts have been uncovered by methodically going through documents of the Trump Foundation and then in turn phoning contributors and charities to check the relationship between what Trump says his foundation has actually contributed. This research lead to an in-depth article written by David Fahrenthold of The Washington Post who has exposed the fraudulent nature of Trump's charitable foundation.

We learned from the Fahrenthold research that Donald Trump "does not put any money into his own foundation. He takes in others donors' money, and he gives it away as the Donald Trump Foundation's money, and the expectation and the assumption among people who get it is that this is Donald Trump's money, because that's how everybody else does it."

"By sitting down with the documents of the Trump Foundation and working the phone to check the relationship between what Trump says his foundation is about, and the reality that Donald Trump has created a money laundering scheme with which he buys political influence (and keen toys) using other people's money. The biggest scandal? That everything Fahrenthold has done didn't require some exclusive access to a single "Deep Throat" source. It took only public information, a telephone, and dedicated work. And yet, other outlets seem singularly reluctant to look into what is clearly a definitive case of corruption." This is a direct quote from a recent interview conducted by Chris Cillizza with David Fahrenthold.

Fahrenthold also found the following, there's no paid staff. The Board of Directors consists of four Trumps, Donald, Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric and one Trump Organization staffer.

Starting with phone calls to charities last June, Fahrenthold found that not one had received a cash gift from directly from Trump going back to before 2009. Out of 327 charities queried, 199 told Fahrenthold Trump never gave, another 86 had no comment and 40 were non-responsive.

Fahrenthold further states, "Trump seemed to have stockpiled a lot of (earmarked) veterans money (to the tune of $1 million) in this oddball Trump Foundation..." Which he did not give to the veterans until an expose found that the money was still in his foundation account. In "May Corey Lewandowski, the then--Trump campaign manager, told Fahrenthold, 'Trump had given out the one million dollars he'd promised to veterans' charities,' but Lewendowski said the details were secret."

The following request is very appropriate and an absolute necessity: We respectfully request that the Trump campaign release, to the nation, the original letter from the IRS which states that Donald J. Trump is under audit.

So when Trump continues to tell us that he "will fight for every neglected part of this nation" we have to suspect that he again is lying to Americans about how he plans "to stop all of the problems you have." It is very obvious to tens of millions of voters that Trump is indeed a huge part of the problem and certainly not the solution.

Bernadette Loesch

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