I'm not a Christian Taliban; Taliban murder; we love the Lord

To The Daily Sun,

In response to James Veverka's letter concerning President Obama's State of the Union speech (Ba, ba, black sheep have you any wool). In other words, I steal from working people to support bums. America, it's time to wake up, our country is in a mess, we need a president who trusts in God to lead our nation, that's for sure, Obama is not that man.

A president who stands up for abortion (the murder of unborn Americans) and gay marriage, a man married to a man, a woman married to a woman is a sin against God, and the whole human race. Listen America, homosexual marriage produces nothing but shame, and no children (our next generation), God said it, I agree, he said "Don't you know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Don't be deceived, nether fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God (Cor 6:9-10).

Before we the people elect a president, pray and ask got who you put in office, another Obama will be the end of our nation, wake up folks you know I speak the truth.

I am not a Christian Taliban, Mr.Veverka, we love the lord, the Taliban murder and destroy people. Don't you remember 9/11 New York, twin towers, ect. 

A closing word, I believe every child who evil people has aborted (murdered) are in Gods heaven and Jesus is playing with them, their savior, Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not forbid them, for such is the kingdom of God (Luke 18:16). America, we don't murder unborn children, and uphold ungodly marriage of homosexuals, our souls cry out, "In God we trust" and obey His law, not man's.

William Liam McCoy




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Mr. Earle now offering up Bill Maher as a source of his 'facts'

To The Daily Sun,

Once again, in his most recent letter, Steve Earle validates my opinion that he is not so much interested in facts and the truth as he is in perpetuating a lie.

In keeping with the traditions of Joseph Goebbels, he and the right-wing hope that by keeping the lie alive more people will come to believe it. He would rather see President Obama maligned by lies rather than be represented by truth because, as Goebbels states, "Truth is the mortal enemy of the lie."

Earle is predisposed to trust the worst and believe that the administration would do horrible things and then conspire to cover them up. So anything that provides evidence, including the lengthy Republican-led House Intelligence Committee Benghazi report, after all the build-up, hype, and squandering millions of taxpayer dollars, is going to be rejected by Earle, who will resist any facts that complicate his view of reality and the right-wing agenda.

Despite reaffirming the findings of numerous previous investigations, conservatives won't accept the findings and want more investigations. Earle proclaims, "We the people want answers." While I'm not sure who these "people" are. I'm sure they won't be satisfied until they get the "right" answers.

In the past, I've mentioned Earle's statement, "I don't have to prove anything." In his letter, he fabricates a story about President Obama and lies, when in actuality he was responding to my questioning his sources and integrity. He furthers his lie by attributing to me a statement that "Obama didn't lie", a statement I never made, but "the world already knows." It must be the "world" according to Earle.

Earle is now offering up Bill Maher, a political satirist, as a source for his "facts". The comedian, responding to the deadly attack on a French satirical magazine, stated, "I know most Muslim people would not have carried out an attack like this," but "hundreds of millions of Muslims applaud these terrorist attacks." While Maher is a step up from Fox News, I would still question his sources — or maybe he doesn't have to prove anything. Maher has also stated that caring for minorities, women, the oppressed and downtrodden are "liberal principles". If we are to believe, as Earle does, that Maher is a source of "facts", we then can assume that liberals have cornered the market on caring for others and that conservatives are apparently incapable of doing so.

L.J. Siden


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Lakes Region businesses support so many worthy causes

To The Daily Sun.

So many local businesses are quietly generous and supportive to our community organizations.

Recently, Rob and Wendy Richter of Quik Cleaners stepped up and offered to clean our many aprons and towels used each week at the free hot meal provided by Hands Across the Table. This may seem like a small thing, but to us it is so helpful.

Please be sure to thank the local businesses who support so many worthy causes throughout the Lakes Region.

Debbie Frawley Drake

HATT Publicity Chair

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Some of the worst ideas in the world have come from religion

To The Daily Sun,

I enjoyed Professor Cracraft's op-ed the other day and commend him for trying to educate conservative Christians, or any Christian for that matter. A good Catholic friend of mine once recommended that I don't write about religion in this media because I would be arguing "apples and oranges", as he put it.

You see Christians have had a "personal experience" with the Lord, and unless one has had the same, it would be useless to discuss anything with them. My friend is a convert to the faith and therefore is, shall we say, a bit more energetic in his beliefs. He liked to refer to me as a "cradle Catholic," meaning I was born into it, so therefore did not understand my own religion since I had a "child's perspective" on it. Whatever. He failed to take into account that I was Catholic until early adulthood.

We've all had these personal experiences with the Lord at one time or another and as we mature we begin to recognize that they are nothing more than chemical reactions in the brain — at least many of us do. A year ago I touched on the topic of religion and got a quick response from a so-called teacher of the Bible from Franklin who warned me that I was verging on "blasphemy" — it bordered on a threat. One should never argue religion with an atheist — especially Bible thumpers.

It's one thing to memorize a catechism and brainwash children about "talking snakes", but quite another to investigate holy texts with a critical eye. Some of the worst ideas in the world have come from religion.

Blasphemy is one of them. It is a notion that some ideas are off limits to criticism. By definition, criticism of these ideas is an outrage and it is this emotion that the crime of blasphemy evokes in believers. The idea that blasphemy must be prevented or avenged has caused millions of murders over the centuries and countless other horrors.

Here's the bottom line in my humble opinion: Christians need to face up to the fact of their own mortality. If they need to fabricate stories and invent jewel encrusted sidewalks and streets paved with gold, then fine. Whatever it takes to help them with the journey. They should, however, refrain from imposing their insecurities onto others.

George Maloof


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Minds made up based on idealism, don't confuse them with truth

To the Daily Sun,

It was nice to read Mr. Alan Moon's polite letter to your publication as so many of those you publish seem to burgeon with intolerance for those who do not share their opinions. Civil conversation and discussion is what makes a civilized society and Mr. Moon is correct when he expresses dismay with people who are unwilling to hear opposing views.

As a child I was taught that in order to be well-informed a person should study as many sources as possible about any subject, before making an informed decision. As the child of military parents I grew up in more than 20 countries, was educated in eight, and finally settled here in New Hampshire in 2002. In addition I have traveled extensively for pleasure, visiting every continent except Antarctica, including both popular destinations and out-of-the-way places. My experience with other cultures has also taught me that what is considered normal or commonplace in the USA may not be so elsewhere. It has certainly given me a different perspective on life than I might otherwise have had.

In recent years I have been troubled by the number of people, mostly those with far-views, who wish to suppress sources and opinions with which they disagree. Long before I had ever seen or heard of Fox News, I found that when I would question those far-left views, I was accused of spending my "entire life watching Fox News" as though this was something disgusting and criminal (rather like being accused of cooking and dealing crystal meth!). People with whom these lefties disagree are made out to be either stupid, or fanatics of some type, or totally unaware of the realities of life. Their mindset seems to be that of "I've made up my mind based on idealism and limited information — please don't confuse me with the truth."

And as a Tea Party sympathizer I am astonished to learn from the left-wingers that I am a gun-toting racist, a xenophobe, someone who wants to keep women barefoot and pregnant and subject to abuse, and want poor people to starve to death in the streets. In case they haven't got the point yet, TEA stands for Taxed Enough Already. We believe in the Constitution and we are tired of government at all levels interfering in our lives and taking more and more of our income for purposes that do not seem to benefit the populace as a whole.

Mr. Moon is correct in pointing out the danger to our society from fundamentalist Muslims who, like the extreme left in this country, can see only one point of view and will do whatever it takes to have their way. If we wish to survive as a society we need to be able to have a discourse that allows all opinions to be carefully considered and not contemptuously ignored or responded to with disparagement and insult.

D.M. Williamson


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