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I can't believe a town like Meredith would allow this to happen

To The Daily Sun,

I was a vendor set up at the American Police Motorcycle Museum in Meredith during this year's Laconia Bike Week. On June 15, I was totally engulfed in this disgusting smell that drifted from next door and wouldn't leave me. The smell stayed in my nose, and the taste that it left in my throat lasted for several hours no matter what I drank or how much. After a few hours of this I finally asked a local that was walking through the area, "What is that disgusting smell that I can't seem to get away from?" He just smirked and said, "Oh, that's just the crematorium next door." I almost threw up right then and there, which really made this guy laugh.

I couldn't believe that the town of Meredith would allow this to happen. I also couldn't believe that the owner of the crematorium next door didn't have the common sense and concern enough for his neighbors and fellow man to raise the exhaust stack and have proper scrubbers in place to maintain the quality of life for those around him. There has to be some state or federal regulations governing the emissions of such businesses so that our health isn't compromised. If not, then how about the decency to just do the right thing?

As a former planning board member in my town and supervisor of building two spray booths with exhaust stacks for a previous business, I know that there are regulations in place to protect all parties concerned. I would expect the concerned town citizens and town officials to be vigilant in addressing this issue. I only experienced this event to this severity once, but did experience it a couple of other times to a lesser extent later in the week. Believe me, experiencing this once will leave a very lasting impression on you, and not a good one.

I hope that all parties concerned will do what is right and in the best interest to all of the people of Meredith and those, like myself, that do come there on a regular basis whether it be for fun or business, and take measures to regain and maintain a quality of life that is expected and deserved by all in the beautiful state of New Hampshire.

Thank you in advance for addressing this issue.

Don Westberg
Wagner Motorsports
Worcester, Mass.

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Capitalizing angry words only makes you look like a terrified man

To The Daily Sun,

I love English. It's a great language. It certainly has its idiosyncrasies, but it allows for so much. Unfortunately, Tony Boutin writes like an angry 12-year-old with his middle finger firmly ensconced on the shift key. Oh Tony, capitalizing your angry words only makes you look like a man terrified of change in the world while you desperately attempt to hold on to the past. Your arguments against all things liberal, progressive, moderate, reasonable, thoughtful, truthful, and historic would suggest that you'd prefer the leader of North Korea in the White House, while settling for his doppelgänger — Donald Trump. So, while you pound away at your keyboard with ferocity, and with all your guns in your lap, just remember that capitalizing all your words makes you sound petulant, and high school English teachers everywhere have their red pen out — grading your latest essay.

Alan Vervaeke

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