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Liberals actually exist on the right side of the political aisle

To The Daily Sun,
Carol Stappi chastised me about my interpretation of the word liberal and did it in fine progressive, leftist fashion. She affectionately referred to me as one of our “old white men.” OK, it was not really affectionate, but used in the way the leftists are using it to label me as “a devout follower of the sick and twisted right-wing ideology.” According to Carol, I also write drivel and nonsensical rants and that I am a “right-wing wacko.” And then she ends with labeling all of the old white men of the right as “ignorant and intolerant.” And that we appear even more so because we don’t do any reading or research. Carol, it really is possible to write a letter without resorting to name calling and condescension.
According to Carol, who surely did her reading and research, liberal means open to new behavior or opinions, open-minded or tolerant. Geez, I thought it also meant to set free from situations where liberty is restricted. Or release from a situation that limits freedom of thought or behavior. And to extricate citizens from the constraints of government overreach. OK, that really refers to the word, “liberate.
Shame on me. But is it lost on Carol that the Democratic Party has not been “liberal” for a long time. That is why the Democratic Party has been taken over by the progressive leftists. It is the Democratic Party that wants to limit free speech and has no desire whatsoever to listen to other opinions or be open-minded. Just take a look at college campuses and what passes for objective and open minded mainstream media journalism.
So the liberals actually exist on the right side of the political aisle. Just take a gander at the letters to the editor in this newspaper for example. It is almost exclusively the left (liberals?) who chastise the editor for printing letters that they deem inappropriate. The right letter writers, on the other hand, say, “bring it on!” We want to see the words of the left in all their name calling, patronizing glory.”
Oh, and my solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is to kill all the Palestinians with bombs, says Carol. Carol, I have done volumes of research on this issue and have offered numerous names and sites from which I have derived my beliefs on that situation. Do you have any references you would like to share with all of us, Carol? If the Palestinians were to put down their arms, there would be peace in the region. If the Israelis put down their arms, they would be obliterated by the terrorist-run Palestinian territory.
So Carol, what is your solution for getting the Palestinians to be willing to live peacefully with the Jewish people? Otherwise, the Israelis should continue to protect themselves from the terrorist Muslims that essentially run the Palestinian territory and do not think the Jewish people have a right to exist. That is rational and mature right-wing thinking, as opposed to the childish view of the left, that terrorists will become gentle lambs if we talk nice to them.
Russ Wiles

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Do you support bills on water projects, savings and audits?

To The Daily Sun,
I am writing to support three bills that have been introduced in the New Hampshire House.
HB119 funds the state law that supported state aid for water and wastewater projects. Local voters authorized bonding based on state law which declares that the state shall pay 20 to 30 percent grants. These projects are now complete and qualify for the promised financial aid promised in state law.
HB120’s intent is to set aside the Unassigned Fund Balance as a revenue stabilization reserve account (a rainy day fund). There is not adequate controls to protect the unassigned fund balance, this bill would implement controls over the fund to protect the balance.
HB296 allows the county to authorize a forensic audit and pay for the audit from the contingency fund. Over the past several years funds have been expended by Carroll County government – this would provide transparency over these expenditures.
These from bi-partisan sponsors, please let your representative know you support these bills.
John Morrissey

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