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Don't let southern states tell you to pay for their electric needs

To The Daily Sun,

Remember when Marvin Gaye told us to believe in "half of what we see and none of what we hear?" Maybe he was on to something. Because this isn't shaping up as a great year as far as the credibility of wind developers are concerned.

We are currently seeing anti-wind protests in Vermont, Maine and Massachusetts. Residents from all of our bordering states are fighting with wind developers. They are fighting tooth and nail to stop more wind development in their states.

Let's feel their pain for a minute.

Let's start with news reports out of Vermont on March 1, 2014 — "Anti-wind forum focuses on high-elevation water impacts." Vermonters share similarities with our watershed concerns and are experiencing lost property values. Maine politicians are already stating that some residents will be unhappy once their wind turbines start spinning. Massachusetts residents near Iberdrola's Hoosac Wind power plant are doing everything but screaming at us. It's a darn shame what happening down there. And the Offshore Cape Cod Wind talks are being seen as a Third World joke -- even going as far as saying they can slow down hurricanes. Really?

That leaves us with our own backyard experiment: the Groton Wind Power plant. Our residents are just starting to see the ill effects of this wind plant on local rivers and streams, along with safety issues and money transfers to buy silence and/or support in our community.

A consistently loud message that I am hearing from our neighbors is: "Fighting now is easier than fighting later. Because once they're up, they're up."

Many of you watch the Boston news channels on television at night and realize how happy you are to call yourselves resident of New Hampshire rather than residents of Massachusetts. Yet, you are now beginning to experience how the Massachusetts Electric Policy Initiative will soon affect your wallets.

It's a rather simple initiative. Massachusetts is outsourcing their renewable energy quota to New Hampshire lands and they are seeking your help to pay for it.

I believe that all New England politicians are starting to see the bigger picture, and that the 25x25 policy is not attainable. For it to be successful New England would have to erect thousands upon thousands of new wind turbines to comply with state laws. We all know that will not happen. And that realization appears to be sinking in with Gov. Deval Patrick and his administration. Because the Patrick administration is now entertaining the fact that hydroelectricity needs to be part of the clean energy mix if the state is to meet the goals of the 2008 Global Warming Solutions Act. That's a huge shift in thinking.

That is good news for New Hampshire and its hydro facilities currently running at half throttle. I think the politicians are starting to read the handwriting on the wall, but as usual, they're still months and months behind all of you in their thinking.

It doesn't surprise me that residents of New Hampshire are smarter than residents from other states. And I've yet to meet a resident who isn't proud to call themselves a New Hampshire resident. So go back to your national news where they talk about the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's feeding his uncle to 120 ravenous dogs, or your regional news where Massachusetts approves sex changes for their prisoners, and thank your luck stars that your local news stories are simple or weather related.

Oh, and don't let southern states dictate to you on how you should help pay for their electricity problem. Remember New Hampshire has been an electricity exporter for decades. You've been doing things right. It's time they own up to that fact.

Ray Cunningham


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Why doesn't Sun publish police arrest records & court reports?

To The Daily Sun,

As an annual subscriber, is there any specific reason why police arrest records and district court reports for Lakes Region area towns aren't reported as in the Laconia Citizen, etc. since the information is easily and publicly available by directly contacting them? I would make for an interesting addition to the informed content of your publications along with the overwhelming abundance of impassioned Letters-To-The-Editor.

Bill Chase 


(Editor's note: There are a number of reasons, Bill, but by far the biggest is the lack of available space. We have built a successful business model that in no small part relies on controlling costs. We need to maintain a pretty rigid balance between advertising content and news content. The more pages we print, the more money we spend. Obviously, each reader would be willing to give up some elements of our total content package in return for more space for things they like to read. We strive to balance all those competing interests.)

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WRSD Value Statement promises us a return on investment

To The Daily Sun,

In 2013 the average worker's wage increased just 2.1 percent and Social Security payments increased only 1.7 percent. The inflation rate was 1.5 percent. Yet, if the Winnisquam School Board, administration, and some voters have their way, Northfield's property tax-based payment to the school district will increase 12 percent. Next year's budget will be built on that unsustainable increase. How much more can you afford to pay?

Do you expect to receive a 12 percent raise this year? I don't. My earnings expectations are grounded in reality. But our School Board and administration seem to live in a different world than I do, a world where I'm just a compliant cow with an infinite supply of milk.

In my world I have to earn the money they'll ask us to spend at the district meeting. There's nothing infinite about my earning power, and no union shields me from labor market realities. I have to produce and show good results every year — results measured in my annual assessment. My compensation is based on my performance, my company's performance, and the labor market.

That arrangement is my choice, but pardon me for feeling a bit put out when I'm asked to spend more of my earnings to fund a school system that continues to do a poor job in its primary mission yet continues to advance one solution: More money. What part of "unsustainable path" do our school leaders not understand? Despite increasing budgets, we own one of the worst-performing elementary schools and are near the bottom in NECAP scores statewide.

What new ideas have our board or administration advocated over the past 10 years? Will the new teacher contract look significantly different than the last one, or will it follow a similar degree/time-in-job model that makes teaching different than most white-collar jobs? The current arrangement ratchets up labor costs, especially when they justify compensation based on regional averages.

What metrics will they provide showing that proposed technology spending will yield results? What quantitative improvements will they promise us over the next three years? Will they hold themselves accountable — really accountable — for those promises? I remember the promises made when we bought into "everyday math."

Our district's own Value Statement promises a return on investment. How are they measuring it? What data is being collected and analyzed? How many local businesses who hire our students are surveyed every year? How many colleges and other post-secondary education programs are surveyed? How are we learning and changing based on that feedback? What new initiatives are we participating in?

Districts across the state and the country are trying new approaches to education, and there's no reason why Winnisquam couldn't as well. The time for the "more money" solution has come to an end. We need new ideas and new leadership before we tax ourselves out of our homes.

Ken Gorrell

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I'm not person to pull imaginary conversations out of the air

To The Daily Sun,

At the Selectboard meeting in February, I had a cordial and friendly conversation with Herb Vadney. Herb and I were standing facing each other, I put my hand on his arm (as a gesture, meaning I would miss him), and then I quietly without anger, addressed a news article of Feb. 1, and his decision not to run for selectman, nor to let the public know that he wasn't running. Herb stated that he loved being in the House of Representatives in Concord, but that he needed more time to devote to his position. He also said he had other responsibilities concerning his rental properties.

My next statement was a hypothetical situation regarding myself. "I might have liked to run, but now it was too late." My tone was quiet, again, without anger. Herb responded quietly to me also. "I think the board wants Seeger." The communication then ended because it was time for the 5:30 p.m. meeting to begin.

I am not a person to pull imaginary conversations out of the air, as Herb Vadney is now implying that he never told me, "I think the board wants Seeger." That is simply not my style, and I resent the insinuation that what I wrote regarding this issue was false. Right now my character is being attacked, the facts are being falsified, and the truth is being hidden from the people of Meredith. I have learned recently that a public official is not suppose to bring a "bias" in connection with an applicant for any position.

Many untruths have filled the space in the news around the Meredith selectman election and I do not appreciate being the scapegoat. So I repeat, what I wrote was the truth, regardless of what officials are saying. I would not have printed anything in the newspaper that I didn't hear correctly.

Rosemary Landry


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Parents throwing their money away seeking this kind of care

To The Daily Sun,

It is unconscionable and cowardly that Dr. Moneysmith and his partner, Dr. Mills, continue to put out ads with misleading, nonsense information. Unconscionable because just like their ad in which they reference a study (which does not exist) which proposes that chiropractic manipulations can increase your immune system, they now have an ad which states that 90 percent of children reported improvement in their asthma, following 60 days of chiropractic care.

They reference the Journal of Vertebral subluxation research, from a study from 1997. There are no studies that show any objective improvement in children with asthma treated with chiropractic care, period; the study they reference included. If there was some significant benefit wouldn't the chiropractic community jump on it and do studies proving their point?

By objective improvement this means improvement in air flow with demonstrable changes on spirometer testing. Maybe they missed the New England Journal of Medicine article from 1998 vol. 339. 1010-1020 which showed no change in spirometric measurements following chiropractic manipulation in patients with asthma. The New England Journal of Medicine is one of the most highly regarded medical journals in the world. But my bias is showing. So what does the chiropractic literature say about asthma?

Did they miss this article from the chiropractic literature, from the Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association 2010, March 54 (1) 24-32. Entitled "Chiropractic care for patients with asthma, A systematic review of the literature." Their conclusion: "Results of the eight retrieved studies indicated that chiropractic care showed improvement in subjective measures, and to a lesser degree objective measures, none of which were statistically significant". ...chiropractor care should be used as an adjunct not a replacement to traditional medical therapy."

Or how about another article from Chiropractic & Osteopathy 2010 18:13? "To date there is insufficient evidence to evaluate the efficacy of Chiropractic care for paediatric and adolescent ADHD."

A review on line at www.chiro.org research/ABSTRACTS/Chiropractic care for patients with asthma 9/2010 found "no statistical significances were obtained with chiropractic care during the treatment of children with asthma."

As a parent you are just throwing your money away if you seek this kind of care. More importantly you, just like their false claims regarding vaccines, are putting your child at risk . This I find deplorable, that these "doctors" without any clinical evidence continue to print this nonsense. If chiropractors want to claim these benefits they should then do good research to prove them. Chiropractic research is missing in action.

Finally from www.chiroaccess.com/news/claims "subluxation causing disease prohibited in Great Britain," 12/2010, they go on to state that "the chiropractic vertebral subluxation complex is a historical concept but it remains a theoretical model. It is not supported by any clinical evidence that would allow claims to be made that it is the cause of disease or health concerns." If it is not the cause of disease, how can treating a theoretical subluxation treat any disease. Dr Moneysmith, you continue to refuse to address these concerns. Please Dr Moneysmith explain your position?

Finally believing that chiropractic manipulation can treat any medical disease is akin to believing that professional wrestling is a sport. Believing it does not make it so. And when it comes to treating our children we should deal with scientific evidence, not make-believe.

Mirno Pasquali, PA-C


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