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Why do elected reps only seem to communicate with corporations?

To The Daily Sun,

Thousands of letters have been sent to our elected leaders in Concord over the past few years. Letters regarding true concerns over the cumulative impacts of large scale wind energy developments in Grafton County communities. These letters express concerns about cumulative impacts associated with direct harm to our watersheds, wildlife, environment, water runoffs, view-shed, natural sounds and forest fragmentation.

Many residents have spoken openly and clearly about their true concerns to our Legislature in Concord, to state politicians, to local elected town officials at local Town Hall meetings and through our legal voting process. The question at hand is: are our elected leaders listening? With true concerns over cumulative impacts combined with the Groton Wind Farm fiasco (settlements, fines, washouts, lies and lack of grid data to the community), how can our elected officials deny our community a much needed response?

We have asked hundreds of questions, attended hundreds of state, regional and local meetings and yet the only ones they clearly communicate with are the wind developers. Why? We want answers.

Ray Cunningham

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Please join me in voting on Tuesday, Nov. 3; poll are open from 8 to 6

To The Daily Sun,

It has been a privilege to serve my adopted city as its mayor for the past two years. I know that entrusting a newspaper editor with this honor was somewhat unorthodox but hope that my fellow citizens have not been disappointed with my performance to date and will support my re-election on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

I continue to believe we share a bright future, that we are presented with an opportunity to vastly expand economic prosperity in our city. We still have a lot of work ahead of us but the procurement and eminent redevelopment of our Colonial Theater has certainly given us all a renewed sense of optimism. And that optimism is contagious.

I think your City Council has acted very responsibly in making wise infrastructure investments over recent years, while at the same time earning your trust that the authority to collect taxes will not be abused.

I plan to exercise my right to vote in our biannual city elections on Tuesday. I invite you to join me in doing so. All six polling stations will be open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Let's keep Laconia moving!

Edward J. Engler

Mayor of Laconia

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