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400-yard wide, one-way, superhighway proposal was a giant hoax

To The Daily Sun,

Recently, I was reading an interesting book, "Idiot America" by Charles P. Pierce. He referred to the TTC, The Trans-Texas Corridor. According to him it was conceived as a four thousand mile mega-highway system.
Bear in mind that it was conceptual in nature, but it became known soon after as the NAFTA Superhighway. Sometime during the development of this discussion a group was formed and was known as the North American Super-corridor Coalition (NASCO). A map was put together showing how the superhighway would be integrated with our current
interstate system.

The section in Texas was to be a toll road beginning at the border where a giant container depot would be built (everything has always been bigger in Texas). This facility was to be a transfer and inspection station where the border patrol would inspect the cargo against the shipping manifest. After that, the container would be sealed and lifted across the border by a giant crane. Tractor-trailer rigs would be waiting to speed the cheap Mexican goods to their destination via the superhighway. As conceived, the highway was to be about four hundred yards wide with most of the lanes heading north because America would be doing most of the buying for the big-box
stores like Walmart.

The Superhighway was to a trucks-only road, limited access road with on and off ramps to the existing interstate highways only. To speed things up, all tractor-trailers would have specially designed EZ Pass systems. All billing for transportation would be computer generated and sent via the internet.

When completed, it would stretch from El Paso to Saskatoon on the Canadian border. Of course Rick Perry was in favor of the project. It was, however, not universally popular. The 18 states it was to cross were all opposed and passed resolutions in their legislatures to that effect. A similar bill with a total of27 co-sponsors was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. As all that legislative stuff was going on, the news media found out about the concept and immediately generated "puff pieces" relating to it. That's "fake news" for those who aren't with it. Lou Dobbs of CNN had a portion of his nightly show devoted to characterizing it as straight forward attack on our national sovereignty. The Teamsters union weighed in as well because there no mention of union labor.

The North American Free Trade Agreement suffered as a consequence of this giant hoax. All the conspiracy theory elements were there: secret money men, those plotting to steal our economic future and influx of foreigners. It was one of those things that made imaginations run wild. Fortunately, most of us were otherwise occupied and got a chuckle out of it when we watched a parody of it on Saturday Night Live. It seemed too strange to be anything but a joke. But, look what is going on these days in a national capital near you.

Bill Dawson


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We need representation in Concord, a special election is called for

To The Daily Sun,

Do you live in Ashland, Alexandria, Bristol, Bridgewater, or Grafton? If so, Jeff Shackett's resignation from the New Hampshire Legislature (less than a month after being sworn in) has left you under-represented in Concord. With many important issues coming up in this term — Northern Pass, to name just one — that isn't something you should accept.

The Plymouth Area Democrats understand that the affected towns may be hesitant to incur the cost associated with a special election, but we believe that the price of having a diminished voice in the Legislature outweighs that cost. No matter the party of the candidate who wins the election, our citizens deserve representation.

Call your selectboard members and let them know you want a special election to replace Jeff Shackett. It's your right to be represented!

Plymouth Area Democrats Board of Directors,

Joyce Weston, Chair

Francesca Diggs, Vice Chair

Susan Mathison, Secretary

Emma Van Ness, Treasurer

Sarah Daniels-Campbell, Communications Officer


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