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I'm wife of County Home resident & I'm voting for Democrats

To The Daily Sun,

I am the wife of a Belknap County Nursing Home resident and a resident of Gilford. I am very concerned for my husband and his fellow residents and their excellent caregivers.

The nursing home employees have just been informed that they will have to cover the cost of their health insurance till the next contract, which could mean approximately $800 per employee over several weeks. In their contract bargaining the employees sacrificed pay raises for their health insurance and it is not fair to ask them to take such a bite out of their paychecks as well. We need a county delegation and a county commissioner who will be sensitive and responsive to their needs and problems.

That is why I will be voting for Lisa DiMartino, Nancy Frost, Dorothy Piquado and Sandra Mucci for state
representatives and Andrew Hosmer for state senator, who has and will continue to advocate for them in Concord.

I cannot vote for Dave Pollak since I don't live in his district. But I urge all my friends in Laconia, Sanbornton and New Hampton to please vote for Dave Pollak for Belknap County Commissioner.

Thea Aloise

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By what definition is Travis Bennett a true resident of District 8?

To The Daily Sun,

This letter is directed to the voters of Hebron, Holderness, and Plymouth.

On the ballot you receive on Tuesday, Nov. 4 when you go to vote, you will see a name that may be unfamiliar to you, Travis Bennett. While unfamiliar names often crop up on local ballots, this one concerns me because he is a PSU student from Nashua running for one of our three seats in the House of Representatives.

When you see him at the polls ask him: Does he register his car in Plymouth, Holderness, or Hebron? Has he changed his driver's license to reflect an address for one of those towns? Will he truly represent the interests of the people from our neck of the woods? What does he know about those interests?

We should have local candidates on our local ballots, candidates who have a vested interest in serving our whole local area, and will take the time to do it well.

Henry Ahern, Jr.


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Importance of coming mid-term election cannot be understated

To The Daily Sun,

In the last mid-term elections — in 2010 — fully half of Belknap County's voters — nearly 22,000 voters — did not  vote.

That means half of our residents have no voice in the laws that affect their lives or the budgets that affect their services and taxes.
Just because we are not electing a president in November, we cannot downplay the importance of this election. For Democrats, turning out to vote is critical from the top of the ticket down. We can't allow a Republican majority in the Statehouse and risk leadership by Bill O'Brien with a Tea Party, Free State agenda. We have to protect our nursing home residents from the vagaries of purely political decisions. We need an Executive Council that will work cooperatively with the governor rather than blocking her recommendations.

We live in a participatory democracy that only works when voters participate. Otherwise, extremists call the shots for everyone.

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. in most locations. You have just two weeks to learn where the candidates stand on the issues and make your choices.

Bring an ID and vote on Nov. 4 to give yourself a voice in the way our county and state are run.

Kate Miller
Chair, Belknap County Democratic Committee


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Glenn Cordelli has the needed leadership skills to be a great rep

To The Daily Sun,

Glenn Cordelli is exactly the type of person we need as our state representative. I have seen him out knocking on doors and talking to people on the campaign trail, and I know that he works even harder in the Statehouse.

He understands that the issues that you and I are worried about are the issues that need to be addressed by your representative. As a member of the House Business Caucus, he brought in service providers, such as the Small Business Administration, last month to talk to local businesses about available services. He then produced a resource list of the providers at the roundtable and is making that available to business who could not attend his roundtable.

Glenn is also a member of the House Education Committee. Even though he just finished his freshman term, he authored a number of common-sense bills. Those included bills on the protection of student and teacher data, honoring Constitution Day, and availability of student assessment information. He has already submitted legislation this year to make adoption of new state education standards a more open process.

His work in the Legislature has already been recognized by others. He was selected for the GOPAC Emerging Leaders Class of 2014 — one of only 21 legislators in the country.

As a state representative, he also has a role in overseeing Carroll County operations. He has been a leader there in diagnosing and finding solutions to the county financial problems that affect us, the taxpayers.

I am supporting Glenn because he is hard-working, has the needed leadership skills, and is responsive to his constituents. Please join me in voting for Glenn Cordelli as our state representative.

Rob Horace


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Dave Pollak will be non-partisan, thoughtful county commissioner

To The Daily Sun,

For those of you paying attention to the work of the Belknap County Commissioners, you know Commissioner Steve Nedeau operates in a non-partisan, thoughtful, and reasonable manner.

As a citizen of Gilmanton, I am represented by Dick Burchell in Concord and on the county convention, I find him to be partisan, vindictive and working against the best interests of our county and its residents. Rep. Burchell is a member of the county convention's personnel committee that, for partisan and vindictive reasons, reversed the commissioner's principled and justified decision to remove the administrator of the Belknap County Nursing Home. Rep. Burchell is now running unopposed for county commissioner, representing Gilmanton, Tilton, Barnstead, and Belmont and will most likely join Commissioner Nedeau in that position in January.

I urge/beg/plead that Laconia, Sanbornton, and New Hampton voters elect Dave Pollak as their County Commissioner. Dave follows the lead of Commissioner Nedeau with non-partisan, thoughtful, deliberative approaches to the problems facing Belknap County. These problems are substantial and must not be handled by partisan, vindictive officials.

I wish I could vote for Dave Pollak, but for those who can, please learn more about him at: davepollak.com.

Lew Henry

Gilmanton Iron Works

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