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3 of 4 people eligible for Obamacare remain uninsured

To the Daily Sun,

Obamacare supporters seem to think all is well after the Supreme Court didn't overturn the legislation saying they were not enthusiastic but felt it was not their place to simply overrule legislators. The court ruling instilled a level of overconfidence Obamacare is now safe. Don't you believe it for a second. Most every new tax critical to fund it, like the medical device tax and Cadillac insurance tax, are under bipartisan attack. But the far larger threat is the failure of the legislation to halt the double-digit cost increases of health insurance in America.

The harm of Obamacare to the average working class, middle American taxpayer is horrific. It should come as no surprise Obamacare is already in decline. Health and Human Services (HHS) just reduced its estimate again for how many people would enroll in 2016. Originally, it estimated 20 million or more people would sign up. Now, they estimate enrollment could be as low as 9 million with a high 14 million. Obamacare could experience a 50 percent enrollment miss from original projections.

The broad lack of support for the program is clear for several reasons. Three out of four Obamacare eligible people remain uninsured today. There is little reason to think the percentage will change. Eighty percent of the uninsured say they cannot afford to fit the cost of health insurance into their budget, even with the subsidies. Their need for health care is minimal, while their need to save for car repairs, a down payment for a home or college is in their face. Further, paying premiums still leaves thousands in deductibles to pay. They simply see Obamacare as lousy deal, which it is.

It always was, except to politicians pandering to a loud, narrow band of lunatic fringe in the Democratic Party represented by people like Bernadette Loesch.

HHS estimates there are 19 million people that make too much to qualify for Medicaid but qualify for Obamacare subsides, but have not signed up. Of that number, 8.5 million purchased insurance off the exchange for less with their own money, while 10.5 million remain uninsured. In other words for every one person who joined Obamacare that could, two did not. HHS estimates at least 50 percent of those 19 million are between age 18 and 34 with 90 percent of them in excellent health. Without those healthy people premiums will never stop skyrocketing. Exactly what Obamacare is experiencing today. In most states Obamacare has seen double-digit annual price increases with more of the same on the way. Wasn't double digit health premium increases exactly what Obamacare was supposed to stop? It hasn't.

Health insurance experts are closely looking at medical loss ratios and concluding Obamacare is headed for the morgue. A certain percentage of premiums has to go to paying claims. If the cost of claims, administration and a slim profit exceed premium collection either rates increase double digits, or the insurer goes broke. In numerous states that is already the problem. Massachusetts paid out $1.21 in claims for every dollar it collected in Obamacare premiums last year.

Obamacare isn't even solvent with taxpayer-busting subsidies included. Mass Exchange premiums are headed up 30 to 40 percent or those companies will stop selling insurance on the exchange. The sick are signing up for Obamacare, but few of the young and healthy are. The $695 penalty is a much better deal than paying thousands in health insurance tethered to thousands more in deductibles for what is zero benefit to millions of struggling workers to make ends meet. This was always the obvious, fatal Obamacare flaw. If only we had looked into "the box" before we passed it.

Tony Boutin

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Hillary has no honor, no ethics & no morals. She is unfit to be pres.

To The Daily Sun,

I am reading and hearing the lame-stream media tell us all that Hillary "won" the confrontation with the Congress. I am laughing out loud about that description. What happened was she was shown absolutely to be the complete liar we all said she was. Her description that there was "no discrepancy" in what she had said before was at best delusional.

When confronted with the recovered e-mails which she sent to her daughter, the night of the attack, she described the thing as a "terrorist attack" then next morning to the president of Egypt saying it was no demonstration but a terrorist attack. But then she looked the American people right in the eyes and lied to us. Over and over and over, lie after lie, after lie. Blaming some poor guy who produced a stupid video and then scapegoated him sending him to prison for his exercising his free speech right.

Any means justifies the ends to her. She will betray any person or any people even her own country to get what she wants, power. And worst of all she laughs in our faces after it's done. Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy must be turning in their graves knowing this woman claims to be a Democrat. She has no honor, no ethics and no morals. She is unfit to hold any office in our American government, that has been proven finally.

Steve Earle


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