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Taxpayers need to rein-in out-of-control Shaker School Board

To The Daily Sun,

Was very upset again after reading Wednesday's Sun concerning another huge pay raise to what is considered a very high pay level already for Shaker School District employees.

The school board, as well as their superintendent, are out of control and totally disregard any taxpayers, many of who have not had a pay raise in years.

I agree with Jon Pike in his comments. The taxpayers need to take control of these out-of-control school board members. They stack their meetings and raise fears with parents who have children in the district.

Taxpayers, unite. Take back this out-of-control district!

Don Irvin

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Washington establishment continues to oppose only Ted Cruz

To The Daily Sun,
If you are happy with our government in Washington, D.C., then just vote for any N.H. Presidential Primary candidate approved by the Republican or Democrat establishment.

Any such "approved" candidate will continue most or all the big government, wasteful, corrupt policies that destroy jobs, places an immoral debt burden on future Americans, oppresses citizens, and ignores the expressed wishes and best interests of the American people.

Donald Trump won popular support by opposing establishment supported policies, e.g., allowing illegal immigration and welcoming unvetted refugees, and by criticizing establishment politicians' deals that harm our country and the American people.

Then we learned that Trump supports many things most Americans oppose, e.g., the bank bailouts, the Obama stimulus, using eminent domain to benefit special interests, and the big government politicians that threaten our liberties. Now Trump's first deal reveals his interest is benefiting himself, even at the expense of the American people. He not only endorsed but promised to increase the ethanol requirement.

The ethanol requirement is an environmental/crony capitalist program that hurts 99 percent of the American people. It increases fuel and food prices, reduces gas mileage, harms engines, and is more harmful to the environment than gasoline! Nor does ethanol help any energy problem; politicians kept us from being energy independent decades ago.

Trump now boasts that he can work with Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and other establishment politicians. The Washington political establishment is warming to Trump whose ethanol deal reveals they can make mutually beneficial deals with him.

Trump isn't the anti-establishment candidate he appeared to be. A Trump presidency would continue government as usual. This is a big personal disappointment since, despite his abrasiveness, I defended Trump's statements that were in the best interests of the American people.

While the Washington establishment warms to Trump and other supposedly anti-establishment candidates, they continue to oppose Ted Cruz because only Cruz exposes their double-dealing and self-interested actions.

Cruz has fought the establishment to fulfill his campaign promises. Only Cruz is committed to ending the special deals for the special interests; in Iowa, the heart of the ethanol special interests, he promised to eliminate the ethanol requirement.

Ted Cruz is a constitutional conservative, consistently on the anti-establishment, pro-citizen side of every issue.

Ted Cruz is a gentleman, a person who would make Americans proud and our country respected.

If you want to break the Washington establishment's control of our government, to start shrinking big government, and to return to constitutionally limited government that works for the people, we must unify behind the only true anti-establishment conservative; vote for Ted Cruz in the Republican Presidential Primary.

Don Ewing

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