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People now thank my Vietnam veteran husband for his service

To The Daily Sun,

In the past few months, we (Eveleen and Ron Barcomb) have had our breakfast paid for by three anonymous couples. Once at Grammy Judy's in Franklin, and twice at the Tilt'n Diner. We wanted to thank the anonymous folks for their kindness and generosity.

You don't even know how proud it makes Ron feel — being a Vietnam Veteran who was spit at in airports while flying home to New Hampshire in uniform over 25 years ago. Unlike those times, people now thank him for his service!

Eveleen Barcomb


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We must end the greed of Shaker schools to fix our tax burden

To The Daily Sun,

Thank you, Belmont selectmen for having the guts at a recent meeting concerning a position with the Public Works Department, and though I do agree that the position needed to be filled I commend the fact that you had the guts to ask, etc.

You are also right that taxpayers are fed up with the current tax rate in the town, and Mr. Pike was also correct in pointing to the School District as the main reason for our tax problems. We must end the greed of the School District if we are ever to fix this problem.

Don Irvin

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