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Don't listen to all the bad things going on around us; they're fools

To The Daily Sun,

I have been listening to my friends complaining about not having a white Christmas, and guess what, I won't have a white Christmas either. Do I miss the snow? But I sure would like a little more cool weather. I sincerely believe I am being prepared for life everlasting in a warmer place.

Since my arrival here Thanksgiving Day, it has either been raining, cloudy, hotter than (fill in the blank). At first the air-conditioning system refused to work, but after a few choice words it finally started and it is just right in the motor home. Feels like home. Brrrr.

The trip down here was uneventful until I got to North Carolina, where "Buster" got outside and decided he had had enough of this trip and was going home. That was when I came face to face with my guardian angel for the first time. Don't laugh. Everyone has an angel who is there when you need them. So, even though we all have something to complain about with a bit of patience we can get through anything.

In this season, please turn off the boob tube. Do not listen to all the bad things going on around us by the fools looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Try and have a good holiday season, and to all blusters girlfriends we are counting the days till we get home

Bev Buker

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I want for every one of you in 2016 what I want for myself

To The Daily Sun,

As we approach Christmas and the New Year, I want for everyone in 2016 what I want for myself. I want the world to be a happier and safer place. I want everyone to be healthier, happier, freer, more prosperous, more caring, more respectful, more appreciative of all our gifts, and more appreciative of the giver of all we cherish.

I want each child to have two loving parents and many friends, and to get a good education in a safe school. I want everyone to get a job, so each person can be, and feel the pride from being, self-supporting. Hopefully each person develops their skills and expands their knowledge so they are prepared for new opportunities which move them further toward their American dream, and so their efforts contribute to improving the lives of other people.

I want lonely people to find friends, the sick to be cured, the angry to find peace, and those who are suffering to find relief.

I want people to learn from their failures and try again until they succeed. I want people who made mistakes to move forward on a path that leads to success and happiness.

I hope people on their final journey are surrounded by love, feeling they lived a good life, and comforted by their beliefs as they pass in peace.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Don Ewing

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