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Meredith Library trustees have already voted to find another site

To The Daily Sun,

In an article in the May 25 Laconia Sun regarding the Meredith Public Library, it was reported that information received from a volunteer site committee included an option to stay at the present location.

On May 17, the Board of Trustees of the Meredith Library, by a majority vote, decided to relocate to a new site. After years of study, multiple public forums, presentations to local organizations and surveys, it was determined that the 115-year-old building did not fit the needs of the community and did not meet safety regulations.

A planning committee was established by the trustees and charged, in concert with the community, to plan for a new library for the town of Meredith.

Beverly Heyduk, Chair

Meredith Public Library Board of Trustees

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I'm gonna start calling State Police to do job Franklin isn't doing

To The Daily Sun,

I've live in Franklin for two years and I find it amazing that the Franklin Police do nothing about the noise on Spring Street. There is a neighbor of mine who runs a generator all day and night. I have complained to the police and all they said was they couldn't do anything but call code enforcement and now it's been a week with it keeping me up all night and I have to go to work sleepless.

This is only the beginning as they allow the tenants in one house to stand outside screaming and hollering all hours of the night as well, and do nothing at all about it. I think it's time Franklin wakes up and deals with this issue or I'm gonna start calling in the State Police to do the job that Franklin is not doing and this is part of the reason Franklin is such a dump.

I expect to see this in your paper for the Franklin Police to read and then maybe they will wake up and do their jobs. It's getting worse by the day here and no help from the police.

Steve Roberts


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