Life experiences have prepared me to be a Meredith selectman

To The Daily Sun,

I'm very sorry that I could not attend the Thursday night Candidates' forum due to a conflict, but I am looking forward to chatting with everyone at the polls on March 10, and have really enjoyed meeting so many residents as I campaign for a position on the Meredith Selectboard.

As the daughter of poor Irish immigrants, I have learned that America is precious and its rights, responsibilities, and privileges cannot be taken lightly.

As one of eight children, I have learned to cooperate with others, compromise, have a sense of humor, and share.

As a nurse and clinical coordinator, I learned to write policy and regulations, practice negotiation skills, focus on safety, communicate succinctly, follow a budget, and be a caring advocate for my patients.

As a paralegal, I learned to pay attention to detail through investigation procedures and encourage transparency.

As a mother of three, I learned to be a frugal manager, stretching and juggling the dollars for our family budget to allow for the best in education, amazingly with all three in college at the same time.

As a grandmother of 11, I am lovingly teaching the difference between wants and needs, even though they look at me with questionable eyes.

These are the life experiences that have prepared me for Meredith's Selectboard. For over a year, I have regularly attended meetings. I enjoy talking with residents about various concerns and want to represent all who live in Meredith. I am a critical, independent thinker and my main issues, if elected, will focus on public involvement, budgetary expenditures, jobs, parking, and pedestrian traffic, as well as the capital needs of Meredith.

Meredith is my town. Its beauty is all around us and I am proud to call it home. See you March 10.

Rosemary Landry


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Sanbornton voters need to vote with intelligence on March 10

To The Daily Sun,

Sanbornton voters, you really need to pay attention to what is happening to your town. Town taxes keep going up. At the same time the current incumbent (selectman), running for re-election, shows no sign of having a will to spend wisely. We had a great opportunity when Jeffrey Jenkins ran for selectman.

Town people were scared away by the fact that he spent a small part of the year in Florida. They should have realized that he could have spent just that short portion of the year in Sanbornton and accomplished more for your town than the incumbent.

It is time smart decisions came into play. Are you going to vote for who you know, or are you going to vote for what they know?

Vote with intelligence. For Selectman – Mitch Lewis; for Budget Committee – Earl Leighton and Craig Weisman

Jerry Lund


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Who do these people think they're kidding? They knew the rules

To The Daily Sun,

As a property owner on Smith Meeting Road, facing the meeting house on one side of my land, and facing the two properties across the street owned by the Hubers, I am alarmed at the proposal by my neighbors that want to take two houses out of the Historic District. One is a classic homestead style that has had some revisions in the past, and one is a reproduction of a 1790's federal house.

The owner suggests that we should take 22+ acres out of the district, which will then let him build any shape or size building allowed in the rest of the town. We will never know what will end up there, but certainly plastic clapboards and steel roof Quonset huts, if built, will deter from the visual harmony as one drives toward the Smith Meeting House area. Mr. Huber's complaint about the town administration aside, all he has to do is go to the commission and ask for a permit to reconstruct his older house using the materials and design that would have been used on this old house, he has not yet done so.

Another neighbor down the road, Mr.Gardner, never even bothered to get a building permit. He just went ahead and built a six-foot high plastic fence, which isn't remotely what a fence would be made out of even in the year his house was built. When the Historic District Commission gave Mr. Gardner almost a year to take the fence down or replace it with an appropriate fence, he ignored the commission beyond the designated deadline. Nice neighbor, huh?

Why do these people think they're kidding? They take their properties out of the district, anything goes. We shouldn't reward people for breaking the rules and violating the law. They knew when they bought these properties that these regulations were in place. Vote NO on Article 5 and Article 6.

Karen Acton


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Article 2 in Alton is attempt to take away our property rights

To The Daily Sun,

Ah, March. The season of change, longer warmer days and the time to exercise our right in the voting both where change can and will be made. In my opinion, this March, Alton voters have three important issues that have a profound effect on our constitutional rights.

First, we have a Board of Selectmen who are like-minded and cater to the elite and if you try to voice your opinion at a meeting that the board, members do not like they will have you arrested. It's time to break up the monopoly of this board.

I know candidate Phil Whittmann would not have sat there and let a citizen be arrested like his incumbent opponent did.

Second, the School Board members who are up for re-election need to be replaced by people who care more about the children's education than using our tax dollars to pick winners and losers in the private sector.

Third, and most important, we need to protect our personal property rights. Once we lose them its hard to get them back. The Planning Board's Article 2, Amendment 1 is an attempt to do just that. They even admit it. In their rationale statement it's called the missing link. If Article 2 passes it has the potential to cost you thousands of dollars more just to put a shed or small barn on your existing property. Please help defeat this government overreach of power and vote "No" on Article 2. Thank you.

Raymond Howard, Jr.


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As a selectman, Karen Ober is a friend to all Sanbornton residents

To The Daily Sun,

Please vote for Karen Ober for selectman of the town of Sanbornton. Karen is dedicated to the employees, taxpayers, citizens, and hard-working to the benefit of the town. Karen has a genuine love for Sanbornton.

As health officer I have enjoyed working with Karen as she involves herself in all town issues. Karen is also a good friend, but as selectman she is a friend to all. I am proud of her record in the past and we need her expertise in the future.

Bill Tobin


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