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Thank you for the compassion you visit on Christine & our family

To The Daily Sun,

I'm writing to express my deepest gratitude to all citizens of state Senate District 2 who have offered prayers and support since my beloved Christine was stricken on Jan. 18. For those many who have sent cards, cooked meals for us, cared for our pets, plowed our driveway, helped with groceries, and babysat our home, please know that you have greatly eased the difficulties we faced early on. It is at times like this that you prove time and time again the love, care and concern of neighbor for neighbor here in our great state of New Hampshire.

Our family has been present at Chrissy's bedside all day, every day at DHMC, and we know that she is receiving the finest care possible from the world-renowned teams that have been treating her. While she has made some minor gains, our road to recovery is going to be long and arduous. We accept whatever the future may bring, and remain firm in our faith and undiminished in our resolve.

As your state senator, please know that I will continue to fulfill my obligation to represent you in Concord. My Senate colleagues, the Senate staff and Gov. Sununu have been superb in working with me to ensure that I am fully engaged, and you are fully represented on the issues important to you and to our state. Just as I continue to honor my oath to love, honor and cherish Christine, I will continue to honor my oath of office in service to you.

I close with gratitude and humility for the prayers, kindness and compassion you continue to visit on Christine and our family. And I ask you to please remember to cherish your loved ones, each and every day of your life.

Bob Giuda

State Senator, District 2


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Ashland needs to put money aside to pay for new police cruisers

To The Daily Sun,

Voters in Ashland, I am asking for your support on Article 15, to put $30,000 in the Police Capital Reserve Fund to repair and replace Police Department vehicles.

In the eight years that I have been the chief here, I have tried many different ways to keep our vehicles in tip-top shape and to replace them when needed. I have attempted to keep them on a rotation for replacement by working with the Capital Improvement Committee in an effort to stabilize the taxes and to avoid a significant spike in taxes. When smaller amounts of money are set aside in a capital reserve fund on a regular basis, the impact on taxpayers for vehicle repairs or replacement is a lot less than when there is no money set aside and a much larger amount of money must be found if a vehicle must be repaired or replaced entirely. Your support on Article 15 is very important to keep this from happening.

Another important, or maybe the most important, factor putting funds into the Police Capital Reserve Fund for the replacement and repair of our vehicles is so that we can effectively protect and serve the citizens of Ashland. Our cruisers are a vital piece of equipment when it comes to your protection. It is how we get to you quickly when you need help. Without reliable vehicles, your safety is jeopardized. My job is to make sure that the public is protected. The department needs your support in order for us to effectively do our jobs, so please vote "yes" on Article 15.

I thank you for your support on March 14.

Anthony L. Randall
Chief of Police


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