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Thanks to voters in Gilford & Meredith for making my run successful

To The Daily Sun,

Thanks to the voters of Gilford and Meredith who made my run for state representative on Nov. 8 successful. I very much appreciate your support and confidence.

And to those who did not support my candidacy, I promise to try my best to earn your respect and confidence, and to represent the best interests of all the residents of our two towns and of our state.

I am always interested in hearing from any of my constituents, especially if you have questions about, or problems with, any aspect of state government with which I might be able to help. Suggestions, comments and criticisms are also welcome, believe it or not.

I generally try to answer my own telephone if I am nearby and I also try to respond to emails within 24 hours or less. Email is usually the best option to reach me, especially if you provide your name, address and telephone number with your email. My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and my telephone number is 603-293-0565.

Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Norman Silber

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I will not stop working, in another capacity, to help my community

To The Daily Sun,

I returned (Friday) from Veterans Square where many neighbors and others from Laconia turned out to remember those who served in the military and who sacrificed their lives for the betterment of all.

Some of those present approached me to thank me for running for office and to say that they were sorry I lost the election for state House of Representative. My response to them, and to the readers of the paper, is that even though I lost, I will not stop working in another capacity to help where I feel my skills can be of benefit.

There is a lot to do in Laconia and we can all, and must all play our part to keep it a safe, good place to live, and a good place to work and raise families. We owe this to those veterans and heroes from Laconia who gave their lives in military service. It's what they fought for and wanted to live for and so let's all do our part in honoring their memory by investing time and effort to make this the city they believed in.

Elizabeth "Liz" Merry

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