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To our annonymous provider of lunch, we say a heartfelt 'thanks'

To The Daily Sun,

Friday, the staff of the Meredith Public Library received an excellent treat! George's Diner dropped off a bagged lunch for everyone which included a turkey club BLT, chips, an apple and a soft-baked cookie. When I called to ask them who we had to thank for our surprise luncheon, they said that the person wished to remain anonymous.

To "anonymous" we all say thank you very much! Our library patrons are the best and they make coming to work a joy. They inspire us to learn something new every day while assisting them with their reference needs, give us an excuse to talk up a new great book or TV series we have on DVD, and some share with us stories from their lives that touch us or make us laugh. The library is a community within a community.

Thank you again to "anonymous" for thinking of us. Thank you to George's Diner for delivering the lunches. Everything was quite delicious.

Erin M. Apostolos, Director

Meredith Public Library


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Letter writers: Try making an argument and no just an enemy

To The Daily Sun,

In the Friday issue of this paper, Mr. Vervaeke berated Mr. Earle for using "pseudo facts" and stated, "You love your rhetoric, and I love my facts and data, and the two simply don't mix."

Mr. Vervarke then went on to say, "Violence by religion is the reason why we have a separation of church and state in this country."

I don't know if the school systems have rewritten history since I was a youngster, but a long, long time ago, we were taught that the First Amendment's words regarding freedom of religion were to ensure that there would not be any "state-run religion," as there was in England. That made sense because it matched up with the fact that the Pilgrims fled England, first to the Netherlands and then to America, because they didn't want to be forced to worship as Anglicans.

I would like to make a simple plea to those on the left and the right. Try making an argument and not an enemy. You don't have to besmirch another person's character because they don't agree with your opinion. Let the better argument win the day. Give civility a chance.

Bob Meade

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