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Liz Merry has a wealth of experience & a background in business

To The Daily Sun,

We are fortunate to have a wide range of choices when voting for state House representatives from Laconia.

Having recently attended the candidates forum at the Taylor Home, I heard Liz Merry clearly articulate her priorities and approach, while the incumbent state representatives continued to promote the status quo. I am tired of the lack of collaboration at the state and federal levels, leaving important issues unaddressed. That is why I am voting for Liz Merry.

She offers a wealth of experience as a former representative from Sanbornton, with a background in business, now wanting to put her skills to use for Laconia. Liz will make common sense, practical decisions regarding funding for education, healthcare, roads and bridges, and other things that ensure quality of life for all people, regardless of where they are on the economic ladder. She is known for her collaborative approach to problem solving which is exactly what we need in Concord these days.

Please join me in voting for Liz Merry on Nov. 8.

Kay M. Anderson

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Hillary Clinton's purpose in life is to be the president. Period.

To The Daily Sun,

For many this election presents a regretful choice of which perhaps we should not be proud. Many people think the presidential election before us amounts to picking the lesser of two evils ... again. When we allow our parties to give us only evil choices, can the outcome can be anything but evil? Truly, the individuals running in the presidential race are less than perfect human beings but the real question we are being asked is: what political path should the nation follow?

We have created and are responsible for this moment. Looking at these candidates, we are looking at our society in the mirror. We must soon choose: Do we want continued decline from another socialist candidate? Or, do we want an extremely flawed individual, who at least talks like he would apply conservative principles to government in attempting to improve our lives.

Earlier this week I was reading an article which contained a paraphrase of comments the article attributed to the first lady. I'm not sure the attribution was correct but I liked the observation. She was said to have pointed out a significant difference between the two presidential candidates. Trump she was said to have described as a candidate who is called to the presidency for the purpose of repairing America. Clinton she was said to have described as a candidate whose purpose in life is to be president. The distinction seems worth considering.

One is risking his name, reputation and finances to run for president. Regardless what we think of him personally, there appears to be reason to hope that Trump wants to be president out of concern for this nation. Most of us are distraught, watching our country spiral into a morass of regulation, compliance, division and cultural decline. Trump's avowed purpose seems to be about legacy. Say what you will about him, the man has put his money where his mouth is. He also calls it the way he sees it. He has everything to lose in running for president.

The other candidate has been running for president since law school. Her purpose is to fulfill her legacy as the first female president. Her resume of 40 years in public service proves she's not going to improve poverty numbers, not going to help minorities, not going to empower women,​ nor will she move society in a positive direction. At every step in her resume she has made everything she has touched worse. Clinton's purpose is to leverage gender to advance her desire for additional personal power and enrichment. Her values are punitive to hard-working Americans. She has everything to gain in running for president.

Should we believe Trump? I do not know, ​but we know we cannot believe Clinton. This election is about direction. If our purpose is to continue the current course, if we want to continue navigating away from the economic principles, the values and truths that built America, then we should vote for Hillary. But, if our purpose is to change the direction of America, to steer her toward a return to belief in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, then a different choice is required. Perhaps we could all benefit from rereading Robert Frost's poem, "The Road Not Taken ... Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both..."

Please vote Nov. 8.

Marc Abear


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