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A sincere thank you from the Batchelder family

To The Daily Sun,

Words cannot explain how thankful I am to receive all the help and generosity from the people of my community and other communities who came together to help rebuild my family's house after it caught fire on Dec. 8. Without the quick responses of the local fire department, the house my family and I grew up in would have been a total loss.

This is truly a gift from God that no one was hospitalized or lost their lives in this fire. If this fire would have started any later in the night my family would have been asleep and the damages would have been more substantial then what they are now.

I cannot thank the men and women of the local fire departments enough for their bravery and response time in this life changing event. You will forever be in mine and my family's prayers and graces. Thank you.

Also a very special thanks goes out to the Salvation Army, Rob McAllister of Rhode Island, Mike O'Neil, New Hampton Fire Chief Michael Drake, Police Chief George Huckins, Firefighter Steve Hansel, Superior Insulation, Metro Walls Incorporated, Home Depot, Lowe's, Lakes Region Chimney, Rowell's Sewer and Drain, Alex Ray of the Common Man Restaurants, the 104 Diner, the volunteer Belknap County inmates (4-H Fairgrounds), and inmate Dave R. Nelson.

To everyone else who I may have not mentioned thank you for your time and togetherness in this time of need. You have all be so very helpful and uplifting. My family's thoughts and prayers go out to all of you. Thank you.

Norman R. Batchelder, Jr.


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A Not So Merry Christmas for Northern Grinch


To The Daily Sun,

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the House,

The Rep’s had gone home, you could hear a church mouse.

With the new Speaker’s gavel, all snug in its rack.

Northern Grinch is still struggling, its future unclear.

And Quinlan’s now pres, he’s the new “go-to guy,”

The bills were all filed in a neat little stack,

Tom May is still fighting, still spouting hot air.

But no one is listening. He doesn’t know why!

The answer’s real simple; the project’s a hoax.

It won’t get approved, it’s damaging folks.

The project’s not needed; it will soon be defeated.

New Hampshire says no way, Northern Grinch must go way.

Martin Murray’s been hiding, on the vine he’s been dying,

But the copter’s still flying, PSNH keeps on trying.

They just do not get it, Northern Grinch needs an obit.

Just put it down under or we’ll tear it asunder.

Down through the Whites, surely you jest,

That’s a non-starter, a certified bummer.

We don’t need your power, we refuse to cower.

Our viewscapes you shan’t wreck, keep your towers in Quebec.

Now Susan, now Robert, now Martha and Tommy.

Through Grafton and Carroll, through Coos we travel,

The fight must not waver, till they’re over a barrel.

The opponents are growing. NG’s progress is slowing.

More folks are knowing, Northern Grinch has stopped crowing.

This project will end soon or sing a brand new tune.

Of this please be certain; soon down comes the curtain.

On Jimmie and Georgie, On Jeanie and Bobby.

The firm, Public Service, has become a disservice.

They don’t tell the truth, their tactics uncouth,

It’s all very cunning, this show they are running,

But soon t’will be ending, untruths and rule bending.

The SEC clearly, won’t give in very easily.

The Forest Society will react very nimbly.

We hope that Tom Wagner will decide very quickly,

So we’ll soon be done with all the Tom Foolery.

If NG goes forward, it will have to start listening.

To its foes and its enemies it will have to start bending.

Or its future will come to a very quick ending,

This is the message we want to be sending.

Merry Christmas to NG, to HQ and NU.

We hope that by now our message has got through.

We hope that our fight has shown you our might,

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!

Tom Mullen, Former Owner

Owl’s Nest Resort & Golf Club



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A Tale of Two Towns: One fixes a bad road & the other does not

"A Tale of Two Towns"

To The Daily Sun,

To borrow a phrase: "It was the best of roads, it was the worst of roads."

To borrow another phrase: "Gilmanton and Loudon, they are the two best towns in New Hampshire."

However, these towns are not mirror images of one another.

Bear with me while I narrate an enlightening and exemplary tale:

Once upon a time, there was a cross-town road, called, on one end, Gilmanton Road, and on the other, Meadow Pond Road. One part of the road lies in Gilmanton, the other, in Loudon. It is a pretty scenic drive way, but also it is among one of the worst roads, condition-wise, in our state.

Loudon town officials, requested to repair Loudon's portion of the road, did so promptly, and well, without any comment.

Gilmanton town officials, requested to repair Gilmanton's portion of the road, did nothing except to respond in a "snit" — declaring that there is nothing wrong with the road, and declining to do any improvements.

This cross-town road is regularly traveled. Driving across the Gilmanton portion is like driving through a moonscape — or a minefield. Careful: to borrow a phrase: You might lose your Volkswagen in one of the potholes.

One would hope that the Town of Gilmanton would exercise a better public interest character than this — and promptly.

To borrow a final phrase: "New Year, New You?"

Michael Harris


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1 percenters are doing great under Obama; what about rest of us?

To The Daily Sun,

Flash! Professor George Maloof makes an astounding discovery.
Hey George, you notice it too; Wall Street and the big corporations are all doing fine under Obama. Must be why they are pumping hundreds of millions into the Democrats' coffers. Too bad the people Democrats say they are "for" aren't doing very well. You know, the elderly, the poor, working single moms or dads, working families and our rapidly shrinking middle class.

By the way, how are you and all the other tenured professors doing these days? Don't have to worry about layoffs or reduced hours? Oh forgot you're on salary, that's right.

Now I must have just misunderstood Obama back then when he was denigrating banks and Wall Street a few years ago. I thought they were the "bad guys." But the left has no problem taking their cash today.

So what's changed? CEOs are still getting hundreds of millions in salaries and bonuses. Still write off expenses, homes and limos, not to mention trips on a company's private jets. Oh wait, maybe those guys are only bad when Republicans are running things but are good when Obama and his gang are in charge.

Now what's that word I'm looking for? Hypocrisy I think it's called, yea that's it — hypocrisy.

Steve Earle


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Tim for Daily Sun letter writers to do some logical thinking

To The Daily Sun,

Now that the election season is behind us for at least a few months, perhaps the letters to the editor could be less confrontational. It's time for some logical thinking before putting pen to paper. In order to be effective you must have a persuasive argument. It is necessary to inject logic, not emotion.

Many of the letters I read in The Sun do not keep clear the difference between facts and statements about facts. Facts can be verified. Statements about facts are colored by the writer's point of view. Inferences without facts are fraught with potential errors especially if made while expressing a strongly held point of view.

It would be a wonderful world if we could make logic fit it perfectly. Alas, that will never be the case. Education and science have failed us because, once educated, we become emotional instead of approaching problems using the scientific method.

The primary tool of science is induction. That is, specific observations produce general truths. Observation may produce a number of possible conclusions. Therefore, each has to be tested before they rise to the level of truth based in fact.

Now, many people have a tendency to bend the truth to their own purposes. They inject emotion and point-of-view. Thusly, they create barriers to their reader's deductive abilities. Arguments occur when we don't define our terms. You must remember your English teacher emphasizing the absolute need for a subject and a predicate (the simple sentence). Take the following sentence: "Government is corrupt." It meets the basic sentence requirements but is a bit short on facts. When we start adding modifiers, informal logic errors abound because they lead to invalid conclusions.

Debaters know both sides of their arguments, so they must use some tricks to persuade. Some of the letter writers in The Sun were probably debaters in high school or college. In an effort to encourage them to keep the "debate tricks" to a minimum I will list a few frequently found in their letters:
1. Appeal to Ignorance — If you can't prove me wrong, then I must be right.
2. Card Stacking — Concealing or withholding evidence (facts).
3. Hasty Generalization — Drawing conclusions from too little evidence.
4. Appeal to force — (You fill in the blanks) Attack ads are a good example.
5. Personal attacks — Demeaning your opponent (see #4).
6. Appeal to prejudices — This is one of the most insidious because it gives birth to all sorts of personal attacks and slogans.
7. Bandwagon — A raw appeal to peer pressure.
8. Guilt by association — Employed by those who would smear the reputations of their opponents simply because of their opinions.

The foregoing are the most blatant tools of the persons who write opinion letters to The Sun. We, the readers, know that when a person writes a letter to the editor he/she has a strongly held opinion about the subject of his or her letter.

To conclude, the writer, if he/she wants to be effective, needs to employ logic, check the facts and use reason instead of emotion. Otherwise, the reader must be aware of the tricks being employed. A fellow by the name of Strunk had what he called his, "Fog Index." He used it to sort out the truth and logic and edit out the rest. The result was clear and unambiguous prose.

I will leave you with a quote from Oscar Wilde: "The truth is rarely pure and never simple."

Bill Dawson


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