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Candlelight Stroll committee asking Gilford taxpayers to help

To The Daily Sun,

Members of the Gilford Village Candlelight Stroll committee urge residents to vote "yes" on Article 28 on March 8. The Candlelight Stroll has been a Gilford Village tradition since 2012, when it was the culminating activity for our town's bicentennial celebration. This is the first time the committee has asked for financial help and the sum of $750 is requested. It costs $500 to book the horse and wagon that carries strollers between the library at one end of the stroll and the Rowe House at the other. We have discussed not offering the wagon ride, or charging a fee, but because it is so popular among families with children we would like to keep it free.

The Stroll Committee is very grateful for the dedicated volunteers and the stroll partners and sponsors that make this event possible. There are approximately 1,000 candles that light the street and they need to be replaced. A local family donates their time and wood to make the holders for the candles and a local business has been donating the waxed white bags to put them in. Volunteers meet at the library to put the sand and candles in the bags, and many, many volunteers place them along the street, light them, and pick them up afterward. Volunteers spend hours on their phones and emails contacting people and businesses for donations — and have done a marvelous job — but more is needed. We are now asking the residents of Gilford to show their financial support for the event.

I would like to emphasize that as a member of the Candlelight Stroll Committee, I do NOT consider the committee to be an outside agency, I consider the work we have done for the past four years to be as much a part of Gilford's recreational life as is the town's Park and Recreation Department. I have lived in Gilford for 49 1/2 years and have been to Gilford Town Beach only once, have never used the tennis courts and have had no children to make use of all the wonderful activities that are provided for Gilford residents. I do not begrudge a penny that has been spent on the above mentioned activities. I would hope that even if you never come to the stroll that you would still support it, just as we support the Parks and Recreation Department. In fact, I would hope that you plan on coming next year, the second Saturday in December, to experience the stroll first hand.

Every year more and more people have come and enjoyed the free cider and cookies that the Historical Society provides, the free crafts and activities that the Friends of the Gilford Library provides, the free chowder that the Bickfords provide, and the goodies that town homeowners provide along the route. Strollers also enjoy various activities such as Santa at the bandstand, a chance to make "samores" at the bonfire, and the music at the Community Church and at the Meetinghouse.

In conclusion, please vote "YES" on Article 28 on Tuesday, March 8. We have a great group of volunteers who donate their time and energy to make the Candlelight Stroll an enjoyable experience for all, but we need your financial support to continue the event.

Kathy Lacroix


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I would like to continue to work for residents of Center Harbor

To The Daily Sun,

Having had the honor of serving as selectman in Center Harbor for the past three years, I wanted to take an opportunity to thank town residents for their support during my term. I, and the other selectmen, have worked relentlessly to keep the town budget as flat as possible while maintaining the services and rural quality of life in Center Harbor. At the same time we have been very successful in working with the business community to create sustainable events like SkateFest and LobsterFest that help bring the community together for fun and recreation, while also bringing visitors to Center Harbor to sample what we have to offer in the way of shopping, dining and recreation.

Also, I would like to thank all the town employees and volunteers who work so diligently on behalf of the residents. We have a great team that works efficiently and well together and I would very much like to continue working with all of them in a second term. Finally, thank you again to the residents for your support and contributions to our efforts.
I am on the ballot for a second three year term as selectman, so please take a moment of your time and be sure to vote on March 8. It has been an honor and pleasure to serve you, and I humbly ask you for your support for a second term as selectman.

Harry Viens, Selectman

Center Harbor

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