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Where's your tipping point on backing Trump? Will it take a war?

To The Daily Sun,

It has only been five weeks and Trump has proven beyond any doubt that he thrives on creating chaos and discord, that he surrounds himself with dangerous ideologues, that even the moderates in the Republican-controlled Congress are incapable and unwilling to question the madness and that the change he and his cronies seek is designed to benefit only themselves.

What will it take to reach your tipping point?

Will it take the closing of your local public school because charter schools have siphoned your tax dollars away and the policies of a strong, publicly supported education system are discarded? If that is your tipping point, take a look at Trump's (and our governor for that matter) picks to lead education.

Will it take losing your health care or the ability to make your own personal health care decisions? If that is your tipping point, you'd best take note of how Trump and the Republican Congress are preparing to gut what the Affordable Care Act has provided, and who Trump has put in charge of Health and Human Services.

Will it take a return to polluted waters and toxic air emissions? If that is your tipping point take note of the environmental protections being removed by Trump, Congress and the new pick to head the EPA.

Will it take losing your job, home or savings in another recession caused by unchecked bank and Wall Street dishonestly and speculative greed? If that is your tipping point, take note of Trump's words and actions as he circles himself with Wall Street and banking "friends" to dismantle the protections put in place to prevent another catastrophe like 2008 from happening again and Trump's pick to lead the Treasury Department.

Will it take the ugly resurgence of racism, white supremacy, homophobia and xenophobia that result in increasing wanton acts of cruelty? Will it take more people being hurt or excluded because of who they are, what they look like, where they came from or what they believe? Will it take courts that throw out long-standing civil protections? If these are your tipping points, look around, because Trump has embraced and emboldened those who thrive on hate and put our Justice Department in the hands of a man with a record of disdain for civil rights.

Will it take war? If that is your tipping point, take note of Trump's cavalier provocations to allies and enemies alike and to the statements and philosophies of Steve Bannon, Trump's senior "strategist" who has promoted the notion that crisis is needed to create a new order. Will Bannon's record of provoking a Judeo-Christian battle against Islam or another missile provocation provide the opportunity for Trump and Bannon to escalate that crisis to create their new order and start another war?

Or maybe what you care about is your cable bill. Well, look out for that too, because Trump's new head of the FCC is looking out for the cable companies, not you.

These threats are just the result of the first five weeks. Listen, learn, stand up, speak out, get involved and resist.

Rick DeMark

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