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I’m getting tired of Year-Round Library’s constant panhandling

To The Daily Sun,

Are you ready for another Gilmanton tax hike? Just vote "yes" on Articles 4 or 21 and you will get one.

I am getting tired of the Gilmanton Year-Round Library's nonstop panhandling. They built this private library with the assurance that they would fund it without being a burden to the taxpayers of Gilmanton. But, like Obamacare, they are here again for taxpayer money. Do they care if you're a senior on a fixed income? No. Do they care that the vast majority of folks in the town will not use it and don't want it? No. They will get their minions organized to coerce the polls to get what they want.

The GYRL had a poor business plan from the start and should not be rewarded with the town bailing them out again. The current selectmen are ready to spend your money and both support the GYRL. No surprise.

We should be funding essential town needs for the Fire and Police Departments. It would be nice if all the folks that want the GYRL get together and fund it and leave the rest of us alone.

Make sure to stand up and make your opinion count next Tuesday and vote "No" on Article and "No" on Article 21. Enough is enough.

And while you're voting, vote for the selectmen that will be better stewards of your tax dollars: Brett Currier and Don Guarino.

Kevin McCauley


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Beware: much, much taller wind turbines are coming to scenic N.H.

To The Daily Sun,

Ever been to Walmart in Plymouth? It's northeast of Tenney Mountain, west of Plymouth State University or just south of Rumney. It's right off Interstate 93 (mile marker 82); you can't miss it.

It's a place where many people shop. It's also a place where federal policy conflicts with the Constitution of New Hampshire (Article II).

If you've shopped in this area, visited here or have just driven by, you've seen the neighbors on the hill. They're tall and white with a mesmerizing motion. They cover a vast area. Its product is transported to distant metropolitan markets through transmission systems that cut through New Hampshire's landscape.

These neighbors, I am speaking of, came here bearing gifts with the promise of jobs, jobs, jobs. They made strong arguments on how they were "protecting the environment." Ironically, they destroyed it.

And much, much taller ones are coming.

It's time for all of us to take a stand against additional industrial wind turbine development in our community and say something straightforward: "Stop ruining our lands!" Say it loud and often.

Remember, New Hampshire's greatest resource is our fabulous scenery — mountains, lakes, rivers. This is why people come here.

Ray Cunningham

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