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This person took it too far; Bernadette was a target of hate

To The Daily Sun,

I do not know her but I thank Bernadette Loesch for her letter. It has been on my mind that what has happened to her would eventually happen to "someone" of this letter section. It is truly sad what she had to deal with. It should not have happened to her or her family in her own home. How scary is that!

I am glad nothing else "happened" and her husband reported it to the police and she went to the paper, good job! I hope whoever did this reads her letter (printed on Wednesday, Sept. 28) and will not do it again to her or anyone else.

This should not be taken lightly by anyone. This person took it too far. She was a target of "hate" because of her letter(s). That chills me to the bone of how far someone would/could go to get their point made.

As I said, the internet is a blessing and a curse. You can find out a lot of information about anyone for free, or go a step farther and pay for it to get more. It concerns me about how much information is out there about all of us for many to see. And yet people keep posting more and more daily without a care in the world or a concern who is looking. Is nothing in your life private any more? Why is there such a compelling need to post your every move of the day? Or someone else's? I just don't get that.

I have noticed the word "neighborly" is pretty much gone from our vocabulary. I have noticed a lot of people take/push their "freedoms" too far, carelessly and dangerously. I have noticed a lot of people forget about "others" around them so easily and focus only on themselves. And all of this has consequences as we read in the paper(s), or see on the news daily.

I thank Bernadette again for bringing this to our attention and I hope a few will listen. And that this will never happen again to anyone else. It is wrong to threaten someone because you simply do not agree with their views/beliefs. I am glad Bernadette is okay and I hope she keeps us posted on this matter.

To her I say take care and keep smiling, it is the most peaceful revenge of all.

Denise C. Burke

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I weep for the future in which this mentality desires to thrive and vote

To The Daily Sun,

I thought I'd seen it all. But when a letter comes in to this paper lauding Vladimir Putin as "the best Russian dictator yet!," and Syria's Assad — a man who used mustard gas against his own people — as a "nice eye doctor in a Western business suit," then it is indeed time to seriously contemplate the the damage being done to America by a presidential candidate who encourages this type of follower.

As a patriot, I weep for a future in which this particular mentality desires to thrive and vote. Maybe all this fresh air isn't as good for us as we've been led to believe.

Alan Vervaeke

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