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Maybe Gov. Scott of Florida can save Affordable Care Act

To The Daily Sun,
Here is a great new job for Gov. Rick Scott of Florida, whom we know to be an ardent supporter of President Trump. We KNOW how the President likes to reward his friends — right? Well, Gov. Scott's state has a history of stopping insurance companies from "pulling out" of the state after three hurricanes hit Florida in one season. Yes, insurance companies were leaving Florida in droves when they realized that they would have to pay out millions of dollars in claims to people whose homes, vehicles and businesses were damaged by those particular round of hurricanes.

Let's connect this above mentioned scenario to what's happening with the Affordable Care Act and Congress. Here is how Gov. Scott can and should play a pivotal role in keeping the ACA intact.
1. Congress should pass a law mandating insurance companies from trying to do the following:
a. Leaving state pools
b. Raising premiums
2. They must be required to place a cap on premiums which insurance companies are able to charge people who are covered by the ACA
Come on Gov. Scott! Get on those phones, call President Trump (one of your BFFs), let him know that you are more than willing to do this for the good of the ENTIRE country. Please make sure to let him know that if the insurance companies could be stopped from fleeing Florida, they sure as heck can be stopped from trying to get out of EVERY state in these United States. Please tell him that you are more than willing to be the "savior" and "white knight" who will save and keep intact the ACA! I'm holding out for a hero!
Bernadette Loesch

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Maybe God wants to teach us about compassion and tolerance

To The Daily Sun,

In his letter in Saturday's Daily sun, State Rep. Normal Silber thinks that the issues surrounding transgender individuals and sexuality are as simple as what God gives us in regards to our DNA makeup. Do we get the X or Y chromosome? Unfortunately the issue of sexual identity , and "transgenders" is not this simple. While it is true that the typical genotype of a female is 46XX and that of a male is 46XY, the phenotype (our characteristics and our physical attributes) is a much more complex issue. For example, some women are born with a 45XO genotype. This is called Turners syndrome. Some boys are born with a 47XXY or 48XXYY genotype called Klinefelters syndrome. Some girls can be born with a genotype 46 XY. How is this that they look and have the physical phenotypical characteristics of a female but the genotype of a male? There is a small area on the Y chromosome called the SRY gene. It is this gene which is responsible for the typical male features. If you have the Y chromosome but this area is deleted, than the embryo develops with female characteristics, since the gene to turn on the male characteristic is missing. Likewise one can be born with a genotype 46XX, genotypically a female, but can have this small piece of Y chromosome, the SRY gene, present, which then directs the embryo to develop as a male. Mr. Silber please tell us, based solely on these individuals' genotype, where should these individuals urinate?

If the answer per State Rep. Silber is in God's hand, then I foresee three different scenarios. First, was God asleep when the chromosomes were handed out? Either giving one too little or one too many or one defected one at conception? Or, secondly, God may have a warped sense of humor. No one, I think would enjoy being trapped in a body that they did not feel comfortable in. Or, finally, maybe God has an alternative plan. Maybe God does this to open our eyes to the uniqueness that we all are. He may do this to teach us all about compassion, tolerance and acceptance.

State Rep. Silber, maybe you should do some reading and research before you jump into an area you know little about. I think you owe your constituents at least that much... Now that is a radical thought.

Mirno C Pasquali


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