Charlemagne popularized Anno Domini calendar in 9th Century

To The Daily Sun,

Marie Ludwick makes all the common arguments about the historical Jesus. Firstly, I have to point out that Ms. Ludwick misread my letter. I said there are no "primary" historical sources for the existence of Jesus. I said scholars are increasingly theorizing he may not have existed. There is a major difference in types of historical sources. A primary one is a contemporary source, and the others are hearsay that require corroborating sources in order to be taken seriously. These are secondary sources and they come in all manner of species.

The BC/AD dating system was created by the monk Dionysius Exiguus in 532, who worked as an archive translator for Pope Gelasius. At that time they dated from the Emperor Diocletian (AD) who ruled from 284 to 305. In Dionysius' calendar, Anno Diocletiani 247 was followed by Anno Domini 532. Anno Domini was not popular until after Bede used it in his Ecclesiastical History of the England in 731. Seven decades later Emperor Charlemagne adopted it in 801 for dating the acts of government in Europe. So from AD Anno Diocletiani we went to AD Anno Domini and now we're moving to CE.

Now to Ms. Ludwick's sources. The historian Tacitus was born in the year 56CE so he is not a primary source. Being born nearly three decades after the alleged events is hardly a contemporary source. He wrote his "Annals of Tacitus" in 109CE which is nearly eight decades after the alleged incidents. The historian Josephus was born in 37CE so he, too is a hearsay source. His "Antiquities of the Jews" was written around 94CE which is long after the stories began to circulate in the time of Paul (50s), who never met Jesus. Seutonius is another secondary source because he was not born until 69CE. Seutonius was in diapers during the siege of Jerusalem. So Tacitus, Josephus, Seutonius and Paul are not primary, contemporary sources for a Jesus; they are hearsay sources colored by decades of hand-me-down stores, embellishments, exaggerations and alterations. The same can be said of the Synoptic Gospels which were written decades after the alleged events. With the Gospel of John the source is even weaker because it was not written until the end of the century.

Nor did I say archaeology disproves the Bible. I said archaeologists "make it clear there isn't any body of evidence supporting the Pentateuch" characters such as Abraham, Noah, Moses, or Joshua. The same lack of evidence for the events such as the flood, captivity, exodus, and conquest make them doubtful. The Bible is historical fiction, so actual places can appear, but with persons and events they are fabricated or wildly embellished through generations and ages of epic myth-making. Most ancient stories spread via the spoken word so they are highly vulnerable to constant changes. Archaeologist and professor at the University of Tel Aviv, Ze'ev Herzog, wrote in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz a few years ago:

"Following 70 years of intensive excavations in the Land of Israel, archaeologists have found out: The patriarchs' acts are legendary, the Israelites did not sojourn in Egypt or make an exodus, they did not conquer the land. Neither is there any mention of the empire of David and Solomon, nor of the source of belief in the God of Israel. These facts have been known for years, but Israel is a stubborn people and nobody wants to hear about it. This is what archaeologists have learned from their excavations in the Land of Israel: the Israelites were never in Egypt, did not wander in the desert, did not conquer the land in a military campaign and did not pass it on to the 12 tribes of Israel. Perhaps even harder to swallow is the fact that the united monarchy of David and Solomon, which is described by the Bible as a regional power, was at most a small tribal kingdom." Read the article at For an extensive education on where most Israeli archaeologists stand read the "THE BIBLE UNEARTHED" by Archaeologist Israel Finklestein and historian Neil Asher Silberman.

Marie Ludwick should know that quote mining invites quote mining. Einstein said, "I cannot imagine a God who rewards and punishes the objects of his creation, whose purposes are modeled after our own -- a God, in short, who is but a reflection of human frailty. . . Neither can I believe that the individual survives the death of his body, although feeble souls harbor such thoughts through fear or ridiculous egotisms."

James Veverka


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Gov. Jindal now wants to be High Priest of the 'Party of Stupid'

To The Daily Sun,

Welcome to a special "God Talks To Me" edition of Tea Party Potty Tricks. As you well know, we here at the Center for the Study of Absurdity do our very best to keep the best of the eye-rolling stupid in the news. The 2016 GOP clown car is about to board.

As you may know, Mike Huckabee left Fox because God might talk him into a run for president. Huck says he knows God would bless him as president to end the "secular theocracy" ravaging America. Huck has magic dust for all of us: School shootings wouldn't take place if public schools organized daily prayers, religious assemblies, Bible readings and "chapel services". While on the Steve Deace Show, Pastor Huckabee noted that because "American Sniper" was a hit that proves conservatives are the electoral majority, so he can win. Trifecta! But wait! Huck's foreign policy is simple: If we don't fear God, nobody will fear us! Huck also claims marriage equality laws and rulings are like forcing Jews to eat pork.

In Iowa, Ben Carson was his usual vacuous self when he stated he'd be against Obamacare even if it worked. Because? Remember, this circus clown also said the ACA was worse than slavery and that progressives were like Nazis. Carson recently said the Congress should remove those judges who ruled in favor of marriage equality. Topping that off, America's foremost self-lobotomized brain surgeon noted that protests against police brutality helped ISIS and al-Qaeda. But God talks to ISIS and ISIS talks to God!

According to many conservative pundits, Sarah Palin has reached her "shelf life". Her speech at the summit was the finest display ever of her expertise in disconnected, meandering, syntax-free word salad. A National Review writer noted reports calling it a "bizarro" speech with others calling it "rambling" and "painful". You are just finding that out? Palin has told the Washington Post she is seriously interested in running in 2016.

Ted Cruz, America's very own Canadian jerky, also may be considering a run, too. Yay. Conspiracy nutter Alex Jones insisted the other day that a Cruz-Palin ticket is a sure winner. We hope, we hope, we hope.

Governor Bobby Jindal was the guy who told the GOP to stop being the "Party of Stupid." He now seems like the High Priest of the Stupid he railed at. Considering a 2016 run, Jindal boot-licked for the religious right and out-Christianed by holding a prayer rally. A purveyor of Muslim No-Go Zones lies, his prayer rally was a no-go zone for atheists, gays, and most forms of intelligent life. More than 3,000 gathered to save America from Sharia, homosexuality, pornography, and abortion. Natural disasters including Hurricane Katrina, as well as the national debt, were God's retribution for America's sins and we deserve punishments akin to the biblical wave of locusts! God told him so.

Do you remember good ole boy Justice Roy Moore of Alabama, who talks to God all the time? Moore is known for putting a five-ton Ten Commandments monument in his courthouse under the cover of darkness and getting removed from the bench for defying the U.S. District Court's order to remove it. Now he has written a letter to the governor of Alabama to say he will ignore federal same-sex marriage rulings because they don't apply to the state of Alabama. Moore's rant is that the institution of marriage that God ordained is under sustained attack from federal judges." Atheist theocracy! The Southern Poverty Law Center filed an ethics complaint. Popcorn, anyone?

Louie Gohmert is not about to be out-Christianed by Bobby Jindal or Mike Huckabee. A true example of the wide open spaces of Texas, Gohmert claims that God will punish (God told him of course) America because Obama dissed war-psycho Netanyahu and the USA no longer grovels for Israel. Louie is also upset with the GOP women in Congress. How dare them shut down the GOP's new abortion bill that lacked a sane exception for rape! Legitimate rape again.

Fundamentalist Christians aren't that much different than Islamists in core beliefs. They don't use swords, but like Pals For Allah, they want to use their government to enforce religion, intolerance, and injustice. But some do love the violence. Just the other day, Christian fundamentalist Pastor James David Manning praised the "wisdom and integrity" of Islamist extremist groups such as ISIS for executing gay people. ISIS recently executed gay men by throwing them off high buildings to their deaths with their hands tied behind their backs. This man who also talks with God is also known for calling for LGBT people to be stoned to death, claiming "Jesus would stone the homos" and that Ebola was being spread by gays.

Fox's most painfully doltish pundit, Pastor Todd Starnes, also knows what Jesus likes due to Skype. Starnes told his audience that Jesus would have loved "American Sniper," explaining how Jesus would tell "God-fearing, red-blooded" American snipers "well done" when they sent "godless" Muslims to the "lake of fire".

James Veverka


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Tea party members have been pinned to the wall & they don't like it

To The Daily Sun,

I want to give a high five to the letter writers who have got the parrots squawking out of control. The Daily Sun dated Jan. 31, should be passed on for future generations to read.

I say to those that complain about name-calling, that was going on high gear before I wrote my first letter. It seems the truth hurts.

Mr. Meade, who writes volumes of lies and says it's his right under free speech and First Amendment, has chastised Mr. Dawson for doing the same thing. The cute part is he now describes it as good, bad and ugly. The combination of Meade/Wiles/Earle say they don't have to prove anything; it's all on the Internet.

The tea party members have been pinned to the wall and they don't like it. (Tough.)

I will say Fox News twisted two stories to suit themselves. The arrest of Sgt. Tammirossi in Mexico last Friday, (and) the story of Lt. Clint Lorance serving 19 years for order he gave to open fire on two Afghans. (HS Hannity show) The whole story is in Army Times of Jan. 19.

I am glad to see Mr. Meade continue his constant love affair with Al Sharpton.

Henry Osmer


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Is there anyone who doesn't know taht Bill Maher is a liberal?

To The Daily Sun,

Wow and gee whiz, guess I struck a nerve with L.J. Siden. Four times he calls me a liar in his letter in Friday's paper. Actually Siden loves to sink to character assassination from afar when he has no reasonable response to opinions and facts that he can't fit into his narrow-minded leftist mind.

Let me debunk some of his letter  low hanging fruit, it's true, but it's his own fault). L.J. writes, "In the past, Earle's statement, "I don't have to prove a thing." In his letter he fabricates a story about President Obama and lies, when in actuality he was responding to my questioning his sources and integrity. He furthers his lie by attributing to me a statement I never made, but the world already knows." (Not only a little distortion, this is a huge pile of it. )

First my original letter was written shortly after the lie, "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. If you like your insurance you can keep your insurance." Obama was exposed by nearly every credible and responsible news organization on the planet. But as L.J. writes himself he wanted to challenger me to prove it. My response was "I don't have to prove it," and I don't because it was already an established fact and nothing has changed.

As for he not saying Obama didn't lie, whether or not he used those precise words or not is completely beside the point as his very challenge of the facts is as clear as a blue sky that he was saying it in meaning if not in an exact quote. Then he slips in the phrase "the world already knows," as though that was in response to his defense statement "that he didn't say," when it actually was my referring to the world already knowing that Obama lied. L.J. had to twist and distort the words and meaning to arrive at this crazy objective.

Is there anyone who doesn't know Bill Maher is a liberal? Is there anyone who can depute that Bill Maher is one of the left's most respected spokespersons, most often quoted and influential persons? Yet here is L.J. taking issue with Maher by saying I was getting my "facts" from "political satirist". Well, gee, L.J., guess what? Even a "comedian" has a right to express an opinion, which is exactly what he was doing. Just happens I agree with his opinion.

Apparently anyone who doesn't conform to the dim-witted, narrow minded world of L.J. Siden isn't safe from his character assassinations, not even a noted liberal like Maher.

Steve Earle


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Don't take money from nursing homes to pay for overspending elsewhere

To The Daily Sun,

Last Thursday, our state senator, Jeanie Forrester filed a late bill that would prevent Gov. Hassan from taking money that was supposed to go to nursing homes, to be used to offset the deficit that Gov. Hassan created by going on a spending spree when she was elected in her first term.

The State of New Hampshire raised all the money it expected to raise with taxes and fees that it expected to raise. It is just the governor spent more then what she was supposed to spend. So the state does not have a problem raising money, just a problem with how the governor spends money.

Well, now it is time to pay the piper and the governor wants the nursing homes and our citizens in the nursing homes to pay. The people in the nursing homes need care and cannot speak up for themselves. They need our help.

In the 2013 budget, it was specifically noted that the money to go to nursing homes actually had to go to nursing homes, and not for anything else.

So the Legislature creates a budget, and the governor signs the budget and then ignores it. Sound familiar. So the Legislature creates a budget and the president ignores the budget.

Gov. Hassan, do not take the money for nursing homes to spend on your out-of-control budget.

Go Jeanie!

Linda Riley


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